March 20 2017, Irish Times Simplex

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All acting the same way at the same time
Assembles in proper sequence
Away from the regular skiing runs
Bird of prey
Brick-shaped blocks of metal
Charm, captivate
Controller of machinery
Fast gait of a horse
Fuse, combine
Give moral or emotional strength to
Go away, leave
Go regularly to, church perhaps
Headdress worn by Sikh men
Highest point or tip
Hot and humid, near the equator
Inactive, motionless
Indolence, sloth
Institution for worship
It covers the eye
Large transport vehicles
Left to choice, not compulsory
Microscopic organisms
Of wooded regions
Overly concerned with minor details
Prefix denoting 'around'
Reserve to draw upon when needed
Rotating spindle
Stone such as amethyst or cairngorm
Submerged ridge of rock or coral
The Galapagos Islands are part of its territory
Unpicks or disentangles