January 12 2017, La Times

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Buccaneers' home
Silly bird
Revolting word?
Plane read
Large grouping
Pen user
Miss America runner-up?
Part of a royal flush
Anastasia __, "Fifty Shades of Grey" character
Emergency signal
Frosted flakes
Called up
"Unsafe at Any Speed" author
Put in order
Fab alternative
Special Forces trademarks
Legendary horse tale setting
Passage for the birds?
Gold, in Granada
"My bad"
Wartime prez
Little Jack Horner's dream?
Proofreading mark
Biological building block
Flight-related prefix
Carrier that doesn't fly on the Sabbath
Order with tzatziki sauce
Some Samsung TVs
"Yay, me!"
Fishing __
Emulating the writing style of "The Quiet American"?
Weaken, perhaps
Jack's links rival
Start a correction process
Secret competitor
Ice cream purchases
Hardy heroine
Lawn disruption
"The parent of revolution and crime": Aristotle
Cub Scout leader
Miner matters
DuPont acrylic
Mexican buffet feature
Contact's spot
"Tell me about it"
Nickname for late-night host O'Brien
Didn't just think
Russo of "The Intern"
Feudal grunt
Shoot down
Ripped off
Longtime Utah senator Hatch
Area for urban growth
Get around
Potato, e.g.
Look after
Goddess of peace
Red cup brand
Like some oil rigs
Mark's successor
"Amadeus" narrator
Eccentric Sacha Baron Cohen persona
Twin Cities suburb that hosted the 2008 U.S. Women's Open
Madison Ave. agent
Discipline with poses
Big man on campus
Caltech, e.g.: Abbr.
Golf tournament souvenirs
Country miss