January 12 2017, Thomas Joseph

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Piccolo's cousin
Old antacid
Amorous archer
Slow passage
Tugboat sound
Fresh start, as of a movie series
Radio receivers
Arthur on TV
Small porch
Man-mouse link
Some singers
Kind of question
Wee drink
Paleolithic time
Sizzling strip
Sirius or Polaris
Book worker
Clothing store section
Norwegian city
Greek cheese
Golf club
They relieve barking dogs
Think highly of
Loft setting
Worthy aims
Goes by taxi
In the past
Carnival spot
Web crawler
Carpet feature
Rural walks
Matador's foe
Health resorts
Do in
Body of law
Like some training
Weevil's target
Curry on TV
Rowing needs
Old France
Handful of
Athlete Thorpe