January 12 2017, Universal

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Crouch in fear
Put up with
Monarchy in the South Pacific
Passover feast
Mausoleum container
___ to be tied
Aahs' counterparts
Enter, as a room
Kind of contrast
Legendary soprano Lily
"___ have to do"
Pronoun for a group
"Catholic" conclusion
Not just won't
Case for small toiletries
Make sock holes disappear
Bangkok currency
Australia's gemstone
Issue a challenge to
Some Yellowstone beasts
Has possession of
Colorado skiing mecca
Lab burner of old
Living expense, for many
Make an effort
Letters of inflation
Fowl gals
Use acid creatively
Word with "yesterday" or "again"
Engaged in a diatribe
Northern state
Lexington legend
Fir tree dripping
In fashion no more
Major happening
Music breaks
___ Minor
Hair removal option
Big car, briefly
"The Dukes of Hazzard" deputy sheriff
Herring kin
Ms. Gabor
Lock necessity
Long-running Broadway play
Strange vessels that take up space?
Sail-extending pole
Orchestra woodwind
Crowd disturbance
Site of indoor drilling
Captain Comeback couldn't get a light outdoors because of ...
Business parts of knives
Hardly in an abundant manner
Replaced guns
It's kept in a pen
Make impure
Be an omen of
Description used at the Vatican
Captain Comeback's "Jaws" villain wouldn't be dehydrated with ...
Gives a new name to
Mattress support
Buckaroo's bucking bucker
Large extinct bird
More on the ball
Discard the habit of
Popeye's time off?
Captain Comeback thought that two clouds in love would ...
"American Idol" judge Cowell
Residential overhang
Word with "that special"
Came up
Decisive time of 1944
Barriers in badminton