January 12 2017, Washington Post

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Wyoming's official gemstone
Sold (for)
Rocky's foe in the first film
Sushi-wrapping seaweed
Wrap one's mind around
Coup de grâce
Reverential verse
Cook with intense heat
Veggies that become pickles
Exits angrily
Literary villain whose modus operandi is described by the ends of 20- 34- and 41-Across
"Coffee Cantata" composer
Parks who didn't stand for injustice
Tex-Mex treat
Format for 70mm films
Confident outfielder's cry
Makeup table item
Seeded bread variety
Rapturous review
Electric company client
Tanning salon units
"Bossypants" author Fey
Frosty flakes
Wimbledon barrier
The world to a go-getter
Parking garage features
"Silas Marner" novelist
Crusoe's creator
Unspoken but understood
Inventory-clearing event
Amble aimlessly
Catch a few winks
Distort deviously
Org. that certifies detection dogs
Crocodile's crusher
Pole-to-pole connection
UK channel
Ice rink maneuver
Studied (over)
Drop ___ (moon)
Sup sumptuously
Give the keynote address
Golfer's goof
Be the founder of
Keep from escaping
Jim's portrayer in "The Doors"
Sunday school stories
Futuristic 1994 Van Damme movie
1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival tune
Horse-and-buggy sect
Basketballs but not footballs
Baby beetle
"Will you permit me?"
2003 Tony winner Tharp
Camp Swampy to Beetle Bailey
Creatures in yokes
Graph prefix
Set aside
Rice on bookshelves
Valentine graphic
Pained outburst
Native Alaskan language
Access requirements
Send into a snit
Admission ticket colloquially
"Check it out!"
Vanishing sound
Tax submission option
Sault ___ Marie
On the heels of
Kitten's call