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Word: ABET

The word ABET has appeared in at least 834 clues on different crosswords.

ABET definition(s):

  • assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing
  • Accreditation Board For Engineering And Technology
  • Accreditation Board For Engineering And Technology
  • To instigate or encourage by aid or countenance; -- used in a bad sense of persons and acts; as, to abet an ill-doer; to abet one in his wicked courses; to abet vice; to abet an insurrection.
  • To support, uphold, or aid; to maintain; -- in a good sense.

"""It's ___!"""
"""It's ___."""
"""Not on ___!"""
"""Not on ___!"" (""No way!"")"
"""Not on ___"""
"""That's ___!"" (You're on!)"
"""Wanna make ___?"""
"""Wanna make ___?"": 2 wds."
"""You wanna make ___?"""
'Not on ___!'
'Not on ___'
Accompany a stickup
Act as a fence for
"Act as a fence for, e.g."
"Act as a getaway driver, e.g."
Act as a henchman
Act as a lookout
Act as a lookout for
Act as a lookout or a fence
"Act as a lookout, e.g."
"Act as a lookout, perhaps"
"Act as a lookout, say"
"Act as a shill for, e.g."
Act as accomplice
Act as accomplice to
Act as an accessory
Act as an accessory to
Act as an accomplice
Act as an accomplice for
Act as lookout
"Act as lookout for, e.g."
"Act as lookout, e.g."
"Act as lookout, perhaps"
"Act as lookout, say"
Act the accessory
Act the accomplice
"Act the lookout, e.g."
"Act the lookout, say"
Actively encourage
Actively support a felon
Advance the cause of
Aid Gotti
Aid a criminal
Aid a crook
Aid a felon
Aid a hood
Aid a thug
Aid an arsonist
"Aid an arsonist, e.g."
"Aid an arsonist, say"
Aid and ___
Aid and ___ (assist a criminal)
Aid and ___.
Aid arsonists
"Aid by being a lookout, e.g."
"Aid by serving as a lookout, perhaps"
Aid companion
Aid criminally
Aid feloniously
Aid illegalities
Aid illegally
Aid illicitly
Aid in a caper
Aid in a crime
Aid in a felony
Aid in a heist
Aid in a plot.
Aid in a scam
"Aid in a scam, e.g."
Aid in a swindle
Aid in crime
Aid in criminality
Aid in evil
Aid in evildoing
Aid in illegal activity
Aid in illegality
Aid in larceny
Aid in mischief
Aid in wrongdoing
Aid nefariously
Aid partner
Aid the felon
Aid the shady
Aid's companion.
Aid's go-with
Aid's mate
Aid's partner
"Aid's partner, in crime"
Aid's partner.
"Aid, as in crime"
"Aid, as in wrongdoing"
"Aid, in a way"
Arm thugs
Assist a cat burglar
"Assist a cat burglar, e.g."
Assist a criminal
Assist a crook
Assist a felon
Assist a hood
Assist a hooligan
Assist a prankster
Assist a robber
Assist a wrongdoer
Assist a yegg
Assist an arsonist
Assist an arsonist e.g.
"Assist an assassin, e.g."
Assist an offender
Assist arsonists
Assist badly?
Assist criminally
Assist crookedly
Assist feloniously
Assist illegally
Assist illicitly
Assist in a bad way
Assist in a crime
Assist in a felonious manner
Assist in a felony
Assist in a scam
Assist in an assault
Assist in bad doings
Assist in crime
Assist in criminal activity
Assist in criminality
Assist in evil
Assist in high jinks
Assist in illegal activities
Assist in illegality
Assist in lawbreaking
Assist in malfeasance
"Assist in malfeasance, e.g."
Assist in shady business
Assist in shady doings
Assist in shenanigans
Assist in wrongdoing
Assist larcenously
Assist nefariously
Assist shadily
Assist unadvisedly
Assist with a crime
Assist with a heist
"Assist with a heist, say"
Assist with a job
Assist with a wager (4)
"Assist with an inside job, say"
"Assist with the arson, say"
"Assist, as a criminal"
"Assist, as an assailant"
"Assist, as an outlaw"
"Assist, as in a heist"
"Assist, as in wrongdoing"
"Assist, as with crime"
"Assist, criminally"
"Assist, in a way"
"Assist, in crime"
"Assist, usually in some wrongdoing"
"Assist, usually nefariously"
Back a bad guy
Back a baddie
Back a burglar
"Back the mob, e.g."
Back up
Back up a bad guy
Back up a lawbreaker
Back up.
Be a bad acessory
Be a bad helper?
Be a cohort in a caper
Be a confederate of
Be a fence for
Be a henchman
"Be a lookout for, e.g."
"Be a lookout for, maybe"
"Be a lookout for, say"
Be a lookout perhaps
Be a partner in a crime
Be a partner in crime
Be a party to
Be a wheelman for
Be an accessory
Be an accessory before the fact
"Be an accessory before the fact, e.g."
Be an accessory to
Be an accessory to the crime
Be an accomplice
Be an accomplice or wager?
Be an ally
Be behind a lawbreaker
Be criminally helpful
Be good at helping be bad
Be guilty by association?
Be in cahoots with
"Be liable, in a way"
Be on the lookout for?
Be partly culpable
Be partly responsible for a holdup
"Be the lookout for, maybe"
"Be the lookout man, e.g."
"Be the lookout, e.g."
"Be the lookout, maybe"
"Be the lookout, say"
Burgle beside
"Carry the gas and the matches, say"
"Case the joint, e.g."
"Case the joint, say"
"Case the place for, say"
Co-conspire with
Coach a criminal
Coach a thief
Collude with
Collude with.
Connive with
Connive with a con
Connive with a criminal
"Connive with, as a crook"
Conspire with
"Conspire, in a way"
"Contribute to, as a crime"
"Contribute, as to criminality"
Cooperate with in a caper
"Cooperate, as in a crime"
Countenance by aid.
Countenance or connive
Countenance wrongdoing.
"Countenance, as a crime"
Cover for a crook
Cover for a hood
"Create a distraction during, maybe"
Criminally aid
Criminally assist
Criminally help
"Cut the electricity to the bank, say"
Deter's opposite
"Disable a surveillance camera for, say"
"Disable the alarm, perhaps"
"Disable the alarm, say"
"Disable the security system for, say"
"Distract the guard, say"
"Distract the security guard, say"
"Distract the security guards for, say"
Do an accessory's job
Do hood work
"Don't tell, perhaps"
Drive a getaway car
Drive a getaway car?
Drive a thief away?
"Drive away, as a thief?"
Drive for the felon
Drive getaway
Drive getaway cars
"Drive the get-away car, maybe"
Drive the getaway car
Drive the getaway car for
"Drive the getaway car for, say"
"Drive the getaway car, e.g."
"Drive the getaway car, maybe"
"Drive the getaway car, perhaps"
"Drive the getaway car, say"
Egg on
Egg on a felon
Egg on a misdemeanant
Egg on.
Eliminate in a tournament
Enable a felon
"Enable, as a felon"
Encourage a criminal
Encourage a felon
Encourage a yegg
Encourage bad behavior
Encourage burglary
Encourage criminality
Encourage criminally
Encourage evildoing
Encourage in a way that should be discouraged
Encourage in crime
Encourage in illegality
Encourage in iniquity
Encourage in wrongdoing
Encourage the commission of a crime
Encourage when one should discourage
"Encourage, in a way"
Facilitate a felony
Facilitate feloniously
"Facilitate, as a felon"
"Facilitate, as a felony"
Felonious verb
Feloniously encourage
Fence for a felon
"Fence for a felon, say"
Fence the loot
"Fence the loot for, say"
"Fence the loot, e.g."
Foster a felon
Foster a felony
Foster feloniousness
"Foster, as wrongdoing"
"Furnish with a false alibi, e.g."
Further a felon
Further a felony
Further crooked interests
Further feloniously
Further the plot
"Further the plot, in a way"
Further wrongdoing
"Get away with murder, maybe?"
"Get hush money from, for instance"
Give a bandit a hand
Give a footpad a hand
Give a hand to a footpad
Give a leg up to a yegg
Give a yegg a leg up
Give aid
Give aid to
Give an underhanded hand?
Give backing to
Give help to
Give illegal aid to
Give relief to a thief
"Give shelter, perhaps"
Give support
Give support to
Gourd fruit
Harbor (as a fugitive)
Harbor a fugitive
"Harbor a fugitive, e.g."
"Harbor after a heist, say"
"Harbor, perhaps"
"Harbor, say"
Have a hand in
Help (a felon)
Help a con
Help a criminal
Help a crook
Help a crook out
Help a felon
Help a fugitive
Help a heister
Help a hood
"Help a hood, e.g."
Help a hoodlum
Help a hooligan
Help a hustler
Help a lawbreaker
Help a miscreant
Help a perp
Help a thief
Help a thug
Help a yegg
Help along
Help an outlaw
Help at a heist
Help at a holdup
Help badly
Help badly?
Help commit a crime
Help complete a job
"Help create a racket, say"
Help criminally
Help do bad
Help do dirty work
Help do wrong
"Help download music, say"
Help escapees
Help feloniously
Help hold up
"Help hold up, for example"
"Help hold up, say"
Help hold up?
Help hoods
"Help hoods, e.g."
Help illegally
Help illicitly
Help in a Ponzi scheme
Help in a bad way
Help in a burglary
Help in a crime
Help in a criminal act
"Help in a getaway, e.g."
Help in a heist
"Help in a heist, say"
Help in a heist^ABE
Help in a holdup
Help in a scam
Help in a stickup
Help in a swindle
Help in a way
Help in a way one shouldn't
Help in crime
Help in evildoing.
Help in heinous activities
Help in holding up
Help in hooliganism
Help in mischief
"Help in piracy, e.g."
Help in the getaway
Help in the holdup
Help in ways one shouldn't
Help in wrongdoing
Help make a no-no a go-go
Help on a heist
Help out
Help out a perp
Help out in a bad way
Help out in a scam
Help out on a heist
Help out on a hold-up
Help out on a job
Help out with
Help pull a job
Help pull off a crime
Help pull off a heist
Help the wrong way?
Help to do wrong
Help to escape
Help to harm
Help to hold up
Help to perpetrate
"Help to the hideout, e.g."
Help when one shouldn't
Help with a bank job
Help with a felony
Help with a heist
"Help with a heist, e.g."
Help with a holdup
Help with a job
Help with a prank
"Help with an inside job, maybe"
Help with heists
Help with the heist
Help with the job
Help with wrongdoing
"Help with, as a crime"
Help wrongly
"Help, as a cat burglar, say"
"Help, as a confederate"
"Help, as a criminal"
"Help, as a crook"
"Help, as a fugitive"
"Help, as a hoodlum"
"Help, as a lawbreaker"
"Help, as a prankster"
"Help, as in a heist"
"Help, as in the getaway"
"Help, as in wrongdoing"
"Help, especially in wrongdoing."
"Help, in a bad way"
"Help, in a way"
"Help, in a way."
"Help, usually in wrongdoing"
"Help, wrongly"
"Hide a fugitive, say"
"Hide from the cops, e.g."
"Hide the loot, maybe"
Illegally lend a hand
Incite criminal activity
Incite in crime
Incite in infraction
Incite to wrongdoing.
It is a crime to do this for a criminal
It is a crime to do this to a criminal
It's illegal to do it
Keep an eye out for?
"Keep hidden, perhaps"
"Knowingly shelter a fugitive, e.g."
"Launder money for, e.g."
"Launder money, say"
Lend a dirty hand to
Lend a dirty hand?
Lend a hand
Lend a hand to a hood
Lend a larcenous hand
Lend aid to
Lend assistance
Lend support to
Lend support to a lawbreaker
Look out for a looter
"Look out for a looter, e.g."
"Look out for, e.g."
"Look out for, in a way"
"Look out for, maybe"
"Look out for, say"
Look out for?
"Look out, perhaps"
"Look out, so to speak"
"Look the other way, e.g."
"Lookout, perhaps"
Lookouts do it
Make --- (wager)*
Make ___ (wager): 2 wds.
Make ___: wager
"Meet ___ (see), in poker."
"Misdirect the police, perhaps"
"Misdirect the police, say"
More than promote criminal activity
Not on ___
Not on ___!
Not on ___.
Obey the lawbreaker
Obey the lawbreaker?
Offer support to
"Opposite of ""discourage"""
Opposite of deter
Opposite of hinder
Participate in a crime
Partner of aid
"Partner, in crime"
Pitch in at a crime scene?
Pitch in at the crime scene
Place ___ (wager on a game)
"Play lookout for, for example"
Play the henchman
Prime for a crime
Promote a crime
Promote criminal activity
"Promote criminal activity, in a way"
Promote felonious acts
Promote peccancy
"Promote, as criminal intent"
"Promote, as criminality"
Prop a perp
"Provide a bank blueprint, e.g."
"Provide a bank floor plan for, perhaps"
"Provide a fake alibi for, e.g."
"Provide a gun for, maybe"
Provide a hideout for
Provide a hideout for a crook
"Provide a hideout for, perhaps"
"Provide a hideout for, say"
"Provide an alibi for, maybe"
"Provide an alibi for, say"
"Provide the bank layout to, say"
"Provide with a hideout, e.g."
"Provide with a hideout, perhaps"
Put a hood up?
"Put oneself at risk, in a way"
"Run interference during a heist, say"
"Run interference during a robbery, say"
Sanction a crime
Sanction in wrongdoing
Sanction misdeeds
"Sanction misdeeds, perhaps"
Sanction wrongdoing
"Say ""They went that-a-way"" when they didn't, say?"
"Scope out escape routes, e.g."
Second a felon
Second a second-story man
Second in crime
Second in evildoing
Second; support.
Serve as an accomplice
Serve as henchman
Shelter a fugitive
"Shelter a fugitive, e.g."
Side with
Stand behind
"Stand lookout for, perhaps"
"Stand lookout, perhaps"
"Stand lookout, say"
"Stand watch for, say"
"Stand watch, perhaps"
"Stand watch, say"
Succor a con
Support a felon
Support a felony
Support a seditionary
Support a stickup
Support crookedly
Support in a swindle
Support in chicanery
Support in crime
Support in evildoing.
Support in misdeeds
Support in shenanigans
Support in skullduggery
Support in wrongdoing
Support sedition
Support the scofflaw
Support when one shouldn't
"Support, in a bad way"
"Support, in a criminal way"
"Support, in a way"
"Take money with, e.g."
"Take out the security cameras, e.g."
"Tie up the guard, say"
To coach a thief?
To crutch a thief
Urge and help.
Urge on
Urge on.
"Vigoda of ""Barney Miller"""
"Watch for cops, e.g."
"Watch for cops, perhaps"
"Watch for cops, say"
"Watch for the cops, e.g."
"Watch for the cops, maybe"
"Watch for the cops, perhaps"
"Watch for the cops, say"
"Watch for the watchman, e.g."
"Watch for the watchman, maybe"
"Watch out for the cops, perhaps"
"Watch out for the cops, say"
"Watch out for, maybe"
What Butch did for Sundance
What a crook's accomplice will do
What accomplices do
What an accomplice will do
What henchmen do
What you may place on Super Bowl Sunday
"Whistle at the sight of a cop, perhaps"
Whistle when a cop comes
"Whistle when a cop comes, e.g."
"Whistle when the cops come, e.g."
Withhold evidence
"Withhold evidence, e.g."
"Withhold information about, say"
Work for the mob
"Work for the mob, perhaps"
"Work on a ""job"""
Work on a job
Work with The James Gang
Assist in crime
Assist an arsonist e.g.
Help with a job
Assist in wrongdoing
Assist in wrongdoing
Collude with
Stand watch for say
34 Across in wrongdoing
Help unadvisedly
Harbor e.g
Help a hood
Act the henchman, say
Help in a bad way
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Act as lookout, e.g.
Illegally help
Help with, as a crime
Assist a robber, e.g.
Help a hood
Support in criminality
Drive the getaway car, e.g.
Aid illegally
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Be complicit in, as a caper
Help in a heist
Spur on
Help with, as a crime
Help in criminal doings
Provide an alibi for, e.g.
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Illegally assist
Help a hood
Aid in crime
Aid illegally
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Aid (felon)
Be criminally liable in a way
Assist feloniously
Help a hood
Assist others in a criminal activity
Act lookout for, say
Help with a heist
Assist in a crime
Aid and ____
Harbor say
Aid in escape, perhaps
Criminally assist
Aid in a felony
Help someone in a bad way
Drive a getaway car for, say
Help a crook
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Assist a crook
Be a lookout for, say
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Provide with a hideout say
Provide an alibi for, e.g.
Help a crook
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Lend a hand in holding up?
Assist in a crime
Be an accomplice to
Partner in crime?
Help in a heist
Help to do wrong
Conspire with
Assist in crime
Collaborate with a criminal, in a way
Assist in wrongdoing
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Spur on
Assist a robber, e.g.
Assist in a crime
Spur on
Help a hood
Drive the getaway car, say
Be an accomplice
Help in a heist
Help in crime
Help with, as a crime
Help a hood
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Provide a bank floor plan for, say
Aid in a scam
Collude with
Assist in crime
Help in a heist
Provide a fake alibi for, say
Assist in a crime
Aid in crime
Aid in crime
Provide an alibi for, e.g.
Aid in crime
Help on the job?
Aid illegally
Egg on
Egg on
Penal code verb
Help to do something wrong
Help make a wager
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Aid in crime
Aid illegally
Help a hood
Act as lookout for, say
Assist a crook
Assist a crook
Help make a wager
Aid in crime
Aid in crime
Help in a bad way
Aid illegally
Help a crook
Be an accomplice to
Be a wheelman for, say
Assist a crook
Echolocation (5)
Navigation aid that looks both ways (5)
Spur on
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Aid in crime
Act as lookout, say
Help when one shouldn't
Help in mischief
Egg on
Assist in a crime
Aid and ____
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Attract pigeons for, say
Help with a job?
Assist in a crime
Assist illegally
Assist a crook
Enable a criminal
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Distract the security guards for, say
Aid in crime
Assist badly?
Be the lookout for, say
Help a crook
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Assist in crime
Facilitate in felony
Assist in wrongdoing
Aid in crime
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Assist in a crime
Aid in mischief
Act as lookout for, e.g.
Provide cover for, say
Aid in crime
Help make a wager
Aid (felon)
Help with, as a crime
Spur on
Help out in a punt
Aid in crime
Help make a wager

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