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Word: ACT

The word ACT has appeared in at least 816 clues on different crosswords.

ACT definition(s):

  • a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body
  • perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
  • something that people do or cause to happen
  • behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself
  • a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet

"""America's Got Talent"" entrant"
"""America's Got Talent"" feature"
"""British North America ___"""
"""Clean up your ___!"""
"""Don't just sit there!"""
"""Hamlet"" part"
"""Hamlet"" segment"
"""Hard ___ to Follow"" Brother Cane"
"""How Would a Patriot ___?"" (2006 Glenn Greenwald book)"
"""If you ___ now..."""
"""It's all an ___"""
"""Just ___ naturally"""
"""No Exit"" has one"
"""Sister ___"": Whoopi Goldberg film"
"""The Gong Show"" offering"
"""The Gong Show"" segment"
"""You need to clean up your ___!"""
"""___ Naturally"""
"""___ Naturally"" (Beatles song)"
"""___ Naturally"" (Beatles)"
"""___ Naturally"" (Buck Owens song)"
"""___ One."""
"""___ natural"""
"""___ now!"""
"""___ well your part... """
"""___ your age!"""
A doing.
"A fifth of ""Hamlet"""
A fraction of some plays
A good way to wind up in a cast
"A penny, in short"
A play may have one
A play might have one
A small amt. of money
A subdivision of a play
A third of some plays
A.C.A. part
Affected behavior
Ape Garbo
Appear (in)
Appear in a movie
Appear in a picture
Appear in a play
Appear in the school play
Arrive at a decision
Bacon is known to do it
Ballet division
"Band at a festival, say"
Be Romeo
Be a major player?
Be a thespian
Be decisive
Be in a cast
Be in a cast?
Be in a play
Be on a role?
Be part of the picture
"Beatles ""___ Naturally"""
"Beatles' song ""___ Naturally"""
Become someone you aren't
"Behave badly, with ""out"""
"Behave badly, with up"
Behave in a Spacey way
Behave in a Spacey way?
Behave in a certain manner
Behave like.
Bestir oneself
"Bill Murray did it in ""Caddyshack"""
Bill's possible future
Bill's possible future status
"Bill, once passed"
Bit of legislation
Bit of pretense
"Bit of song and dance, e.g."
Brand of fluoride rinse
"Brave face, maybe"
"Brave face, sometimes"
British North America ___
Broadway division
Broadway play segment
Burlesque show performance
Capitol Hill product
Caught in the ___
Circus bit
Circus performance
Circus routine
Circus segment
Circus unit
"Civil Rights, for one"
Class ___
"Clean Air, e.g."
Cleanup target?
Club routine
Collection of scenes
Comic's routine
Comport oneself
Comport oneself.
Congress creation
Congressional business
Congressional creation
Congressional decision
Congressional measure
Congressional output
Congressional passage
Congressional statute
Counter finish?
Create a role
Create some drama
Creation of Congress
"Cult classic, '___ from Outer Space'"
"Division of ""Billy Budd"""
Division of a play
Division of play?
Do Hamlet
Do a part?
Do a portrayal
Do a skit
Do a thespian's job
Do film work
Do lines?
Do not delay
Do one's part
Do one's part?
Do some film work
Do some lines?
Do some role playing
Do something
Do something dramatic
Do something.
Do stage work
Do studio work
Do summer stock
Do your part
"Dog ___, in vaudeville"
Don't hesitate
Don't just sit
Don't just sit there
Don't just stand there
Don't just talk
Drama division
Drama part
Drama unit
Dramatic division
Dramatic excerpt
Dramatic unit divided into scenes
"Dramatize (with ""out"")"
"Dramatize, with ""out"""
Elaborate ruse
Emmulate Emma Thompson
Emulate Arnold Moss
Emulate Ben Kingsley
Emulate Brando
Emulate Cruise
Emulate De Niro
Emulate Diaz
Emulate Duse
Emulate Eastwood
Emulate Hanks
Emulate Howard
Emulate Irons
Emulate Laurence Olivier
Emulate Meryl
Emulate Olivier
Emulate Paltrow
Emulate Roscius
Emulate Sarah Siddons
Emulate Sydney Greenstreet
Emulate Washington or Ford
Emulate Will Smith
Emulate William Hurt
End up in a cast?
Eschew apathy
Exert force
Exert influence.
"Exploit, e.g."
Extended lie
Fake being
Fake it
False face
False front
False presentation
False pretense
False representation
False show
Fill in (for)
Follow direction?
Follower of Jobs or Patriot
Formal decision
"Former bill, maybe"
"Freedom of Information, for instance"
"Function improperly, with ""up"""
Get a foul without being fouled
Get busy
Get dramatic
Get going
Get going.
Get in on the ___
Get off one's butt
Get off the fence
Get off your butt
Get one's ass in gear
Get up on stage
Glass-Steagall ___ (measure passed in 1933 that created a division of financial power)
Go before the camera
Go for it
Go in the movies
Go into character
Grace the proscenium
Group of scenes
Ham it up
"Hart's ""___ One"""
Have a part
Have a role on stage
Have a role to play
Have an effect
Have work in Hollywood
"Headliner is the ""main"" one"
Homestead ___
Hop to it
House product?
House work
House work?
How to end up in a cast?
Hurt can do it
Imp end
Insincere display
It fills festival slot
It may be hard to follow
It may be heroic
It may be passed on the Hill
It may be put on
It may be staged
It might be courageous
It might need to be cleaned up
"It precedes ""of God"" or ""of war"""
It separates two breaks
It's been passed
It's divided into scenes
It's often put on
It's put on
It's the law
Join a troupe
Just do it
Legal instrument
Legal passage?
Legislation creation
Legislative decision
Legislative edict
"Legislative product, perhaps"
Legislative product.
Legislator's creation
Main ___
Make a decision
Make a move
Make a poker play at the required time*
Make a scene
Make a scene?
Make believe
Make it happen
Make things happen
Make up one's mind
Make your move
"Malfunction, with ""up"""
Mann is one
"Mann, for one"
"Matt Damon did it in ""The Legend of Bagger Vance"""
Memorize lines and hit the stage
Might be a warm-up one
"Misbehave (with ""up"")"
"Misbehave, with ""out"""
"Misbehave, with ""up"""
More than plan
More than talk
Moss Hart's ___ One
Musical ___ (group)
Musical performance
Musical section
Nightclub bit
Nightclub routine
"Nirvana ""Lounge ___"""
"Nirvana: ""Lounge ___"""
Not be idle
Not be passive
"Not behave, with ""up"""
Not delay
Not hesitate
Not just sit by
Not sit on one's hands
Not stay idle
Not wait
"Obamacare, e.g."
Odets output
"One fifth of ""Hamlet"""
One may be hard to follow
One may have several scenes
"One of five in ""Hamlet"""
"One of five in ""Julius Caesar"""
"One of five in ""Macbeth"""
"One of five in ""Othello"""
"One of two in the play ""Shylock Returns"""
One way to draw an NBA foul?
One way to earn an Emmy
One way to earn an Oscar
One way to enjoy being in a cast
"One-fifth of ""Hamlet"""
One-third of some plays
Opening ___ (warmup band)
Opera division
Opera or ballet part
Opera part
Operetta division
Operetta part
Palace performance.
Parliamentary output
Parliamentary procedure
Part of a Euripides opus
Part of a circus.
Part of a play
Part of a talent agency's stable
Participate in an ensemble
Patriot ___
"Patriot, for one"
People don't do it in documentaries
Perform a part
Perform in a cast
Perform in a movie
Perform in a play
Perform in a skit
Perform in plays
Perform lines
Perform on TV
Perform on a TV show
Perform on stage
Perform on the stage
Perform one's scenes
Performance piece?
Piece of legislation
Play (a) part
Play Hamlet
"Play Othello, for example"
Play Romeo
Play a character
Play a part
Play a part or play part
"Play a part, or play part"
Play a part?
Play a role
Play charades
"Play dead, e.g."
Play division
Play on Broadway
Play one's part
Play part
"Play part (or, play parts)"
Play part or play parts
"Play part, or play a part"
Play part.
Play parts
Play piece
Play piece inserted into this puzzle's longest answers
Play section
Play segment
Play subdivision
Play the part
Play the part of.
Play the part?
Play the role
Play thing?
Play unit
Play within a play?
"Play, in part"
Portray others
Pose (as)
Pre-college test
Pretend to be
Pretend to be someone you're not
Pretend to be someone you're not?
Pretend to be.
"Produce an effect, as medicine"
Production part
Prologue's follower.
Put on a false front
Put on a happy face?
Put on a performance
Put on a show
Put on an ___
Put up a front
Put-on behavior
Quit delaying
Quit stalling
Read the riot ___
Recite lines
Riot follower?
Riot or Homestead
Riot or Stamp
Rise to action
"Scream ""Stella,"" for instance"
Section of a play
Sequence of scenes
"Series of articles, maybe"
Series of scenes
Set in motion
Set of scenes
Shakespearean quintet member?
Shakespearean segment
Show biz group
Show division
Show piece
Show piece?
"Skid Row ""Riot ___"""
Something to put on
"Song and dance, sometimes"
"Spiel, e.g."
Stage doing
Stage entertainment
Stage performance
Stage turn.
Stallone tries to do it
Stamp ___
Stamp or Mann
Stamp or Riot
Stamp or Volstead
Stamp or riot word
"Stamp, for example"
Star in a musical
Stars can do it.
State lines?
Step into character
"Step into character, e.g."
Stop being apathetic
Stop stalling
Story division
"Taft-Hartley, for one"
Take a part
Take a part?
Take a stand
Take effect
Take measures
Take necessary steps.
Take steps
Take steps.
Take the initiative
Take the stage
Take to the stage
Talent show entrant
Talent show hopeful
"Tea ___ of 1773, a cause of the Boston Tea Party"
"The Backstreet Boys, e.g."
"The Backstreet Boys, for example"
"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care ___, aka Obamacare"
The exertion of power
The whole song and dance?
Theatrical unit.
Thing done
This fills a festival slot
Tread the boards
Two or three scenes.
Unit for Shakespeare
"Use the Method, maybe"
Variety bit
Vaudeville bit
Vaudeville feature
Vaudeville routine
Vaudeville segment
Vaudeville specialty.
Vaudeville turn.
Vaudeville unit
Vegas attraction
Volstead ___
Volstead ___: Prohibition enabler
Warm-up ___
Warm-up or main
Wax histrionic.
"What Gere did in ""Pretty Woman"""
"What Tom Hanks was paid to do in ""A League of Their Own"""
What a brave face is sometimes
What a faker may put on
What a scene is seen in
What a star is paid to do
What some should clean up
What thespians do
When Hamlet dies
"With 35A, dramatize"
Word after sex or riot
"Word with ""riot"" or ""class"""
Word with Stamp or Riot
Word with class
Word with riot or Stamp
Word with riot or class
Word with second or class
Work as a thespian
Work between the wings
Work for a director
"Work in Hollywood, perhaps"
Work in a play
Work in a studio
"Work in a studio, perhaps"
"Work in summer stock, say"
Work on Broadway
Work on a Broadway stage
Work on a film
Work on a stage
Work the stage
Work with a cast
"Work within a company, say"
You may need to clean yours up
You may put one on to deceive
___ I
___ One : Hart biography
___ of Congress
___ of God
___ out: emulate
___ up
___ up (misbehave).
Get off the fence
It may be hard to follow
Take the initiative
Perform on stage
Perform on stage
Perform on stage
Perform on stage
Perform on stage
Just do it
Make one’s move
Do something
Take steps
See 35-Down
Drama division
Take steps
Revue segment
Make a scene?
Fake it
One of a pair in "Waiting for Godot"
Perform in Clacton
"America's Got Talent" segment
Perform in Clacton
Play a part
Perform on stage
Do something
Do something
Perform on stage
Creation of congress
Play part
Make a decision
Piece of legislation
Circus routine
To do the job in radioactive cloud
Play part
One of two in "Hamilton"
Play division
Vegas routine
Fake being
What Denzel Washington can do
Perform in Clacton
It may be tough to follow
Perform in Clacton
Don't just sit
Something done or performed
Law in Clacton
Cat made terrible performance
Have a role to play
Play a part
Coll. entrance exam
Work during play?
Have a moving part
Have a moving part
Something to clean up, in fact?
Perform in Clacton
With 15-Across, "Don't delay!"
Do some film work
Drama division
Be decisive
Play part
Play division
Play segment
Play division
Do a skit, say
Play section
Play section
Be in a cast?
False modesty, e.g
Stop stalling
Have a part in a play
Play a part
Perform a role
Play division
Work in a cast
Take the stage
Part of a play
Do something
Perform on stage
Perform in Clacton
Some character in play
Work with a company, say
Perform in Clacton
Be decisive
Opera segment
Do something
Perform in Clacton
It's only make-believe
Piece of legislation
Work in a factory
Perform in Clacton
Part of a musical
Perform role
Congress creation
Play division
Perform in Clacton
Play section
Play section
In practice, whatever you do
Work on a soap, say
False front
Play part
German digit
Drama division
Get off the fence
Drama division
Perform on stage
Drama division
Make a decision
Do one's part
One's turn to work?
Make a scene
Play part
"Hamlet" division
Curve (3)
Marched around bend (3)
Play part
Stop quibbling
Insincere show
Opera division
Play division
Play part
Play part
Opera segment
Get off the fence
Play before the camera
Get into character
Take the stage
Make a move
Do something
Play a part
Do behave
It's the law
Make a decision
Play a role
Be decisive
Play part
Have an onstage role
Play a role
Perform in Clacton
Take steps
Do something
Play segment
False show
Play division
Part of ACA
Appear in a film
Play a part
Make a move
"___ now!" (infomercial phrase)
Revue segment
One of five in "The Winter's Tale"
Concealed by characters in play
Play part
Perform in a play
You might clean yours up or put one on
Do something
Play a part . . . or a play part
Perform on stage
"Hamilton" segment
Play a part
SAT alternative
Perform in Clacton
Play section
Play a part
Not be idle
Perform a part
One of two in 'Hamilton'
Perform in a skit
Perform in Clacton
Don't just sit there
Part of ACA
Make one's move
Do something
Take measures
Play part
Drama division
Play a part
Play unit
Drama division
Concealed by characters in play
One of two in 'Waiting for Godot'
Perform in a play
Do something
Play division
Be decisive
Play section
Do film work
Work with a troupe
Play a role
Play a scene
A.C.A. part
Play a role

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