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Word: ADE

The word ADE has appeared in at least 628 clues on different crosswords.

ADE definition(s):

  • a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice
  • Adverse Drug Event

"""Artie"" author"
"""Doc' Horne"" author"
"""Fables in Slang"" author"
"""Fables in Slang"" author George"
"""Fables in Slang"" author George ___"
"""Fables in Slang"" author."
"""Fables in Slang"" humorist George"
"""Fables in Slang"" writer"
"""Forty Modern Fables"" writer"
"""Gator"" or ""Power"" attachment"
"""Hand-Made Fables"" writer"
"""Lemon"" attachment"
"""Lemon"" end"
"""Lemon"" or ""lime"" ender"
"""Lemon"" or ""lime"" ending"
"""Lemon"" or ""orange"" ending"
"""Lemon"" suffix"
"""Modern Fables"" writer"
"""Orange"" attachment"
"""Peggy From Paris"" playwright George"
"""Peggy from Paris"" playwright"
"""Pink Marsh"" author"
"""Power"" suffix"
"""The Aesop of Indiana"""
"""The College Widow"" author"
"""The College Widow"" man."
"""The College Widow"" playwright"
"""The County Chairman"" dramatist"
"""The County Chairman"" playwright"
"""The County Chairman"" playwright, 1903"
"""The Sultan of Sulu"" author"
"""The Sultan of Sulu"" playwright"
"""The Sultan of Sulu"" writer"
'Doc' Horne' humorist
'Fables in Slang' author
'Fables in Slang' author George
Action: Suffix
Add-on for Gator
African juju musician
Alternative to iced tea
American fabulist
American fabulist.
American humorist
American humorist George
American humorist.
American humorist: 1866-1944
American humorist: 1866
American writer
American writer.
Author George
"Author of ""Fables in Slang"""
"Author of ""The College Widow"""
"Author of ""The College Widow,"" 1904."
Author related to Drinkwater?
Beverage ending
Beverage suffix
Big name in juju music
Block add-on
Block attachment
Block attachment?
Block back?
Block end
Block ending
Block extension
Block finish
Block follower
Block or cannon ender
Block or lemon suffix
Block or stock ender
Block or stock follower
Block or stock suffix
Block trailer
C-rich quaff
Cannon attachment
Cannon attachment?
Cannon conclusion
Cannon ending
Cannon or stock follower
Cannon's end?
Certain pitcherful
Citric cooler
Citric drink
Citric quencher
Citric suffix
Citrine cooler
Citrine quaff
Citrous cupful
Citrus beverage
Citrus cooler
Citrus cooler ending
Citrus drink
Citrus drink suffix
Citrus fruit drink
Citrus punch
Citrus quaff
Citrus quaff suffix
Citrus quencher
Citrus suffix
Citrusy cupful
Citrusy drink
Citrusy quaff
Citrusy refresher
Citrusy suffix
Cold quaff
Colored drink
Commercial ending with Power
Commercial suffix with Gator
Commercial suffix with Gator or Power
Commercial suffix with Power
Commerical suffix with Power
Cool drink
Cooler cooler
Cooler in August
Cooler in a cooler
Cooler in the summer
Cooling quaff
Cooling summer drink
Country Time suffix
Cousin of a smash
Crush cousin
Curb-side quaff
Dog-days drink
Drink add-on
Drink additive?
Drink at a summer stand
"Drink dunked on Super Bowl-winning coaches, often"
Drink ending
Drink for a hot day
Drink for the dog days
Drink from a packet
Drink made from a packet
Drink made from a powder
Drink name suffix
Drink served at a stand
Drink stand buy
Drink suffix
Drink suffix for Gator and Power
Drink that may have vitamin C
"Drink that says ""Help""?"
Drink that sounds helpful
Drink with C
"Drink with a straw, maybe"
Drink with fruit juice and sweetener
Drinking suffix
End of the block?
Ending for AriZona flavors
Ending for Gator or Power
Ending for Power or Gator
Ending for block
Ending for block or brig
Ending for block or stock
Ending for brig or dec
Ending for cock or block
Ending for lemon or Power
Ending for lemon or block
Ending for lemon or lime
Ending for lime
Ending for lime or lemon
Ending for orange
Ending for orange or Gator
Ending for orange or lemon
"Ending for orange, lime or Gator"
Ending for some beverages
Ending for stock or block
Ending of some drinks
Ending on lemon
Ending on lime
Ending with Gator
Ending with Gator or Power
Ending with Gator or orange
Ending with block or stock.
Ending with lime or lemon
Ending with stock or block
Fables in Slang author
Fables in Slang writer
Fabulist George
Finish of a lemon or lime?
Fountain order
"Frappe base, perhaps"
Fruit beverage
Fruit concoction
Fruit cooler
Fruit drink
Fruit drink ending
Fruit drink suffix
Fruit juice
Fruit juice drink
Fruit juice suffix
Fruit punch
Fruit-drink ending
Fruit-drink suffix
Fruit-flavored drink
Fruity beverage
Fruity beverage suffix
Fruity cooler
Fruity drink
Fruity drink from a mix
Fruity drink suffix
Fruity finish?
Fruity glassful
Fruity quaff
Fruity quaff ending
Fruity quaff suffix
Fruity quencher
Fruity refresher
Fruity refreshment
Fruity slaker
Fruity suffix
Fruity summer quaff
Fruity thirst quencher
Gator add-on
Gator chaser
Gator chaser?
Gator follower
Gator follower?
Gator or Power follower
Gator or Power suffix
Gator or orange follower
Gator tail
Gator tail?
Gator's tail
Gator's tail?
George ___.
George of humor
"George who wrote ""Fables in Slang"""
George's drink?
"George, the humorist"
Grape drink
Grape or lemon drink
"He wrote ""Doc' Horne"""
"He wrote ""Fables in Slang"""
"He wrote ""Pink Marsh"""
"He wrote ""Sultan of Sulu"""
"He wrote ""The College Widow"""
"He wrote ""The Sho-gun"""
"He wrote ""The Sultan of Sulu"""
Home-stand offering
Honest ___ (drink brand)
Honest ___ (organic juice brand)
Hoosier George.
Hoosier author.
Hoosier fabulist
Hoosier humorist
Hoosier humorist George
Hoosier humorist.
Hoosier writer
Hoosier writer.
Hot weather cooler
Humorist George
Humorist George ___
Humorist George.
Humorist famous for juicy stories?
Humorous writer
Iced tea alternative
Indiana humorist
Indiana town
Indiana wit
It may be at the end of a block
It's fruit-flavored
It's made in a squeeze
It's sweet and not strong
Juice bar drink
Juice drink
Juice drink suffix
Juice relative
Juice suffix
Juju musician King Sunny ___
July drink
Kid's concoction
Kid's curbside offering
King Sunny ___
King Sunny ___ (Nigerian musician)
King Sunny ___ (noted juju musician)
"King Sunny ___, Nigerian pop star"
King Sunny of Nigerian music
Last of a drink
Last of a drink?
Last piece of orange?
Last three letters of a drink
Lemon add-on
Lemon addition
Lemon additive
Lemon additive?
Lemon appendage
Lemon attachment
Lemon attachment?
Lemon cooler
Lemon drink
Lemon drink ending
Lemon end
Lemon ending
Lemon finish
Lemon finish?
Lemon or lime drink
Lemon or lime ender
Lemon or lime ending
Lemon or lime finisher
Lemon or lime follower
Lemon or orange
Lemon or orange ending
Lemon or pom
Lemon suffix
Lemon trailer
Lemon's end
Lemon- or lime-flavoured summer cooler
Lemon/lime addition
Lemony drink
Lemony quencher
Less-nutritious juice alternative
Lime add-on
Lime addition
Lime additive
Lime cooler
Lime drink
Lime drink suffix
Lime ender
Lime ending
Lime follower
Lime or lemon
Lime or lemon ender
Lime quaff
Lime suffix
"Lime, lemon or grape ___"
"Lime, lemon, or orange add-on"
Lime-flavored drink
Line of defense
Liquid suffix
Midsummer cooler
Moppet's sidewalk offering
Nigerian Afro-beat master King Sunny ___
Nigerian music legend King Sunny ___
Nigerian musical legend King Sunny ___
Nigerian musician King Sunny
Nigerian musician King Sunny ___
Non-wine cooler
Noncarbonated drink
Noun suffix of action.
Noun suffix.
Orange add-on
Orange drink
Orange drink add-on?
Orange end
Orange ender
Orange or lemon additive
Orange or lemon attachment
Orange or lemon drink
Orange or lemon drink suffix
Orange or lemon end
Orange or lemon finisher
Orange punch
Orange tail
Part of many an energy drink name
Part of many beverage names
Picnic beverage
Picnic cooler
Picnic cooler cooler
Picnic cooler?
Picnic cupful
Picnic drink
Picnic punch
Picnic quaff
Picnic quencher
Picnic thermos fill
Picnic treat
Pop star from Nigeria
Porchfront drink
Power chaser?
Power or Gator ending
Power suffix
Product at a stand
Product of: Suffix.
"Pulpy drink, perhaps"
Punch choice
Punch cousin
Punch kin
Punch relative
Punch with no punch
Punch without punch
Punch's cousin
Punch's kin
Punchless punch
Purdue's Ross-___ Stadium
Quench ___ (sports drink brand)
Refreshing drink
Roadside beverage
Roadside stand offering
Sailors' saint
Sidewalk stand beverage
Sidewalk stand buy
Sidewalk stand drink
Sidewalk stand offering
Sidewalk stand product
Sidewalk stand purchase
Sidewalk stand quaff
Sidewalk stand soft drink
Sidewalk stand suffix
Sidewalk-stand drink
Sidewalk-stand product
Sidewalk-stand quaff
Soft drink
Soft drink ending
Soft drink suffix
Soft drink.
Sports drink
Sports drink ender
Sports drink suffix
"Sports drink suffix, perhaps"
Sports-drink suffix
Stand beverage
Stand buy
Stand buy?
Stand product
Stock add-on
Stock addition
Stock attachment
Stock conclusion?
Stock ending
Stock ending?
Stock extension
Stock finish
Stock follower
Stock or block attachment
Stock or block ender
Stock or block extension
Stock or block follower
Stock suffix
Stock tip
Street stand buy
Suffix added to fruit names
Suffix for Gator or Power
Suffix for an orange drink
Suffix for block
Suffix for block or stock
Suffix for cannon or brig
Suffix for lemon
Suffix for lemon or lime
Suffix for orange or lemon
Suffix for stock
Suffix for stock or block
"Suffix meaning ""drink"""
Suffix of fruit drinks
Suffix on an AriZona can
Suffix on fruit names
Suffix on juice drinks
Suffix seen after names of fruit
Suffix similar to -tion
Suffix that follows many a fruit
Suffix used with lemon or lime.
"Suffix used with lemon, lime, etc."
"Suffix with ""lemon"""
"Suffix with ""lemon"" or ""lime"""
Suffix with Gator
Suffix with Power or Gator
Suffix with block
Suffix with block and brig
Suffix with block and brig.
Suffix with block or cannon
Suffix with block or stock
Suffix with cannon
Suffix with cannon or block
Suffix with cannon or lemon
Suffix with fruit names
Suffix with grape
Suffix with harlequin
Suffix with lemon
Suffix with lemon and lime.
Suffix with lemon or cannon
Suffix with lemon or lime
Suffix with lemon or orange
"Suffix with lemon, lime or orange"
"Suffix with lemon, lime, etc."
Suffix with lime
Suffix with lime or lemon
Suffix with lime or lemon.
Suffix with many fruit names
Suffix with orange
Suffix with orange or lemon
Suffix with orange or lime
Suffix with orange or stock
"Suffix with orange, lemon, etc."
Suffix with some fruit names
Suffix with stock
Suffix with stock or Gator
Suffix with stock or block
Sugary drink
Summer beverage
Summer citrus drink
Summer citrus soother
Summer cooler
Summer drink
Summer drink often made with lemons
Summer drink suffix
Summer offering
Summer pick-me-up
Summer quaff
Summer quencher
Summer refresher
Summer refreshment
Summer slaker
Summer soother
Summer thirst quencher
Summertime cooler
Summertime drink
Summertime drink ending
Summertime quaff
Summertime refresher
"Sunny ___, Nigerian pop star"
Sweet drink
Sweet fruit drink
Sweet quaff
Sweet slaker
Sweet-sour drink
Sweetened beverage
Sweetened citrus drink
Sweetened drink
Tart drink
The Aesop of Indiana
The act of: Suffix.
Thirst quencher
Thirst slaker
U. S. author
U. S. humorist
U. S. humorist.
U. S. humorist: 1866
U.S. humorist
U.S. humorist.
U.S. writer.
Uncarbonated soft drink
Vitamin C drink
Vitamin C provider
Vitamin C source
"Water, fruit juice, and sugar drink"
What turns a fruit to a liquid?
Wine cooler's nonalcoholic cousin
Word after Gator or Power
Word with lemon or lime
Word with lime or lemon
World Music figure King Sunny ___
World music great King Sunny ___
Writer George
Fruit drink suffix
Thirst quencher
Suffix with Gator or Power
Citrus suffix
Lemon drink
Sports drink suffix
Fruity drink
Summer cooler
Suffix with hater
Suffix with block
Soft drink suffix
Summer cooler
Citric beverage
Soft drink ending
Picnic punch
Summer cooler
Fruity refresher
Citrus drink
Sports drink suffix
Refreshing drink
Gator tail?
Fruity beverage
Lime drink
Sweet pitcherful
Citric beverage
Citrus drink
Citrus drink
Suffix for stock
Sugary drink
Fruit punch
Suffix with lemon or orange
Citric beverage
Picnic drink
Picnic drink
Suffix with Gator or Power
Citric beverage
Lemon beverage
Lemon beverage
Citrus beverage
Lemon beverage
Citrus beverage
Citrus drink
Orange drink
Citric beverage
Sports drink suffix
Orange drink
Ending for Gator
Citrus drink
Citrus drink
Citrus drink
Fruit beverage
Fruit beverage
Juice drink
Fruit drink
Fruit drink
Summer drink
Summer drink
Citric beverage
Drink suffix
Summer beverage
Sports drink suffix
Fruity quaff
Sweet drink
Suffix with lemon or lime
Summertime cooler
Summertime drink
Citrus drink
Suffix with lemon
Sports drink suffix
Summer cooler
Suffix for ''hater'' in a jokey consumable
Summer cooler
Sports-drink brand suffix
Sports drink suffix
Sports drink suffix
Fruity refresher
Citric beverage
Refreshing drink
Lime drink
Word after lemon

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