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Word: AFRO

The word AFRO has appeared in at least 748 clues on different crosswords.

"""Hair"" do"
"""Hair"" do?"
"""Hair"" hairstyle"
"""Hair"" style"
"""Natural"" hairstyle"
"""Super Fly"" do"
"""The Mod Squad"" coif"
"""The Mod Squad"" do"
"""The Wiz"" do"
"""Undercover Brother"" hairstyle"
"""What's Happening!"" hairstyle"
'60s coif
'60s continental hairstyle?
'60s do
"'60s do also called a ""natural"""
'60s hair style
'60s hairdo
'60s hairstyle
'60s rocker hairdo
'70's do
'70's rocker 'do
'70s 'do
'70s hair style
'70s hairdo
'70s hairstyle
'70s rocker 'do
'Do groomed with a pick
"'Do sported in ""Semi-Pro"""
'Hair' hairdo
'Hair' style
1960's activist's hairdo
1960s do
1960s hairstyle
1970's coif
1970's rocker 'do
1970s coif
1970s do
1970s hairdo
1970s hairstyle
60's 'do
60's coif
60's do
60's hair style
60's haircut
60's hairdo
60's-70's hairdo
60s do
70's do
70's hairdo
?uestlove's do
?uestlove's haircut
"A ""Hair"" do"
A 'do seen at Woodstock
"A coif on ""The Mod Squad"""
A continent: Comb. form.
A do seen at Woodstock
A geographical origin prefix
A hairdo
A pick may be placed in it
A young Michael Jackson had one
Age of Aquarius hairstyle
Alternative to a fade
Alternative to a fade haircut
Alternative to cornrows
American and pop starter
American opening
American prefix
Angela Davis trademark
Angela Davis' hairstyle
Beehive's cousin
Beehive's kin?
Beehive's relative
Big 'do of yesteryear
Big do
Big do of the '60s
Big do?
Big hair
Big hair style
Big hair-do
Big hairdo
Big hairdo type
Big hairstyle
Big round do
Big round haircut
Big top?
Big wig
"Big, round do"
"Big, round hairdo"
Billy Preston's hairstyle
Black Power haircut
Black culture: prefix
Black power do
Blown out haircut
Blown-out style
Bouffant do
Bouffant hair style
Bouffant hairdo
Bush not seen much nowadays
Bushy '60s do
Bushy '60s hairdo
Bushy 'do
Bushy coif
Bushy do
Bushy do of the '60s
Bushy hair style
Bushy hairdo
Bushy hairdo of the 1960's
Bushy hairstyle
Bushy top
Bygone coif
Bygone hair style
Bygone hairstyle
Cause of bigheadedness?
Certain coiffure
Certain hair style
Certain hairdo
Certain hairstyle
Certain perm
Circular hairdo
Cloudlike hairdo
Coif adjusted with a pick
Coif to stick a pick in
Coiffure style
Combing form for a continent.
Combining form for a continent
Combining form for a continent.
Common hair style in the '60s
Common hairstyle of the '70s
Conk's kin
Continent (comb. form)
Continental prefix
Continental prefix.
Cornrows alternative
Crew cut's antithesis
Crew cut's opposite
Cultural prefix
Curly coif
Curly coiffure
Curly do
Curly hairdo
Daring do?
Dated hairdo
Disco Stu's do on 'The Simpsons'
Disco Stu's hairstyle
Disco Stu's style
"Disco coif, for some"
"Disco coif, perhaps"
Disco do
Do Sly Stone sported
Do at Woodstock
Do for Dante de Blasio
Do for Erykah Badu
Do for Jimi Hendrix
Do groomed with a pick
Do seen at Woodstock
"Do seen on ""The Mod Squad"""
"Do sometimes called a ""natural"""
Do style
Do that Sly Stone sported
Do that may have a pick
Do that's picked
Do to pick
Do with a pick
"Do with a pick, maybe"
"Do, rarely done now"
Dome-shaped do
Domelike do
Don King's hair style
Don King's trademark
Dr. J had one
Dr. J hairstyle
Dr. J sported one
Dr. J style
Dr. J trademark
Dr. J wore it well
Dr. J wore one
Dr. J's do of yesteryear
"Dr. J's do, once"
"Dr. J's hair style, once"
Dude's 'do
Early Jesse Jackson 'do
Early Jesse Jackson do
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Early Michael Jackson 'do
Early Michael Jackson hairdo
Early Michael Jackson hairstyle
Early Michael Jackson style
Early do for Michael Jackson
Easy to spot hairdo
Ethnic coif
Ethnic hairdo
Ethnic hairstyle
Ethnic intro
Expansive do
Extra-large top?
Flattop opposite
Flattop's antithesis
Fluffed-up hairdo
Fluffy coif
Fluffy do
Former Angela Davis do
"Foxxy Cleopatra's hairdo in ""Goldmember"""
Foxxy Cleopatra's hairstyle
Frizzy coif
Frizzy do
Frizzy hair style
Frizzy haircut
Frizzy hairdo
Frizzy hairdo popular in the 1960's
Frizzy hairstyle
Frizzy style
Full coif
Full do
"Full, bouffant hair style"
"Full, round coif"
Fuzzy do of the '70s
Fuzzy style
"Fuzzy, bushy hairstyle"
Geographic combing form.
Geographical prefix.
Global area: Prefix.
Hair Style
Hair do
Hair hairdo
Hair style
Hair style maintained with a pick
Hair style making a comeback
Hair style of SNL's Ladies Man
Hair style of the 1960s
Hair style of the past and present
Hair style seen at Woodstock
Hair style worn by millions
Hair-raising style
Haircut in Clinton's Parliament
Haircut of the
Hairdo for Ice Cube
Hairdo for Jimi Hendrix
Hairdo for Jimi Hendrix and Dr. J
Hairdo for a soul brother
Hairdo for any of the Jackson 5
Hairdo for many disco queens
Hairdo for the Jackson 5
Hairdo in Hair
Hairdo of LMFAO's Redfoo
Hairdo of the '60s
Hairdo of yore
Hairdo seen at Woodstock
"Hairdo seen in ""Hair"""
Hairdo seen in 'Hair'
Hairdo that sometimes bears a comb
Hairdo that's hard to miss
Hairdo that's picked
Hairdo type
Hairstyle also known as a natural
Hairstyle choice that's picked
Hairstyle for '70s soul groups
Hairstyle for Beyonc
Hairstyle for Hendrix
"Hairstyle for Huey from ""The Boondocks"""
Hairstyle for Macy Gray
Hairstyle for Questlove and Esperanza Spalding
Hairstyle for Questlove of the Roots
Hairstyle many picked?
Hairstyle of ?uestlove
Hairstyle of the Jackson Five
"Hairstyle on the cover of Funkadelic's ""Maggot Brain"""
Hairstyle once worn with platform shoes
Hairstyle prevalent in the '70s
Hairstyle seen at Woodstock
"Hairstyle seen in ""Hair"""
Hairstyle seen in 'Hair'
Hairstyle spotted at Woodstock
Hairstyle that became popular in the '60s
Hairstyle that may have a comb stuck in it
Hairstyle that's picked
Hairstyle that's rarely seen on blonds and redheads
"Hairstyle with a pick in it, perhaps"
Halolike hairdo
Hardly a buzz cut
Hardly a close-cut hairdo
Head of hair
Hendrix do
Hendrix haircut
Hendrix hairdo
Hendrix hairstyle
Hendrix sported one
Hendrix wore one
Hendrix' locks
Hendrix's do
Hendrix's hairdo
Hendrix's hairstyle
Hendrix's locks
High coif
High do
High hair
High hairdo
High hairstyle
High style
"High style, perhaps"
High style?
High top?
High-profile hairdo
Hippie hairstyle
Hivelike hair style
Ice Cube trademark
It can be picked or plaited
It got high at Woodstock?
It makes your hair stand up
It may be picked out
It may require a pick
It's also known as a natural
It's often picked
It's on Andre 3000's head
It's picked
It's rarely seen under a hat
It's styled with a pick
Its locks are tight
Jackson 5 coif
Jackson 5 hair style
Jackson 5 hairdo
Jackson 5 hairstyle
Jackson Five do
Jackson Five hairdo
Jackson Five hairstyle
"Jackson's do, once"
"Jesse Jackson hairdo, once"
Jesse Jackson once sported one
Jesse Jackson once wore it
"Jesse Jackson's do, once"
Jimi Hendrix do
Jimi Hendrix feature
Jimi Hendrix haircut
Jimi Hendrix hairdo
Jimi Hendrix picked his
Jimi Hendrix picked one
Jimi Hendrix wore one
Jimi Hendrix's do
Jimi Hendrix's style
Jimi's hairstyle
Kind of American
Kind of American or Cuban
Kind of Cuban
Kind of hairdo
Kinky coif
Kinky coiffure
Kinky locks
Large coif
"Large, round hairdo"
Lenny Kravitz's hairdo
"Linc's ""Mod Squad"" do"
Linc's 'do
"Linc's hairstyle in ""The Mod Squad"""
"Link's hairstyle in ""The Mod Squad"""
"Lionel Richie's do, once"
Locks that are often picked?
Locks that may be picked?
Macy Gray hairstyle
Michael Jackson had one
"Michael Jackson hairdo, once"
Michael Jackson once wore one
Michael Jackson wore one
Michael Jackson wore one once
Michael Jackson's '70s do
Michael Jackson's 1970s do
Michael Jackson's old do
Michael Jackson's onetime 'do
Mod hairdo
Modern hairdo
Natural coif
Natural do
Natural hairdo
Natural hairstyle
"Natural, in '70s lingo"
Naturally curly hairdo
Of a certain continent: Comb. form.
Of a continent: Comb. form.
Of a continent: Prefix.
Old American leader?
Old Michael Jackson do
Old Michael Jackson hair style
Old hairdo for Diana Ross
Old-fashioned do
Old-fashioned do on the comeback
One may use a pick to increase its height
One may use a pick to increase its volume
One-time Jackson do
One-trendy hairdo
Onetime Michael Jackson do
Onetime Michael Jackson hairstyle
Opposite of a buzz cut
Outstanding hairstyle?
Passe hairdo
Past do
Pertaining to black traditions
Pick it or plait it
Pick target
Picked bush?
Picked coif
Picked do
Picked hairdo
Picked hairstyle
Picked locks
Picked locks?
Picked style
Place for a pick
"Place for a pick, perhaps"
Place to park a pick
Place to stick a comb
"Place to stick a comb, once"
Place to stick a pick
Popular 1970s do
Popular Halloween wig
Popular hairdo
Popular hairdo in the '70s
Prefix for a continent
Prefix for a continent.
"Prefix with ""centric"""
Prefix with American
Prefix with Asiatic
Prefix with centric
Prominent '70s hairstyle
Prominent do
Puffed-up do
Puffy hairdo
Rainbow Man's hairdo
Randy Moss wore one
Really big hair
Redfoo's haircut
Retro coif
Retro coiffure
Retro do
Retro hairdo
Retro hairstyle
"Revolver's hiding place in ""Foxy Brown"""
Richard Roundtree sported one
Richie's erstwhile do
Round do
Round hairdo
Round hairstyle
"Round, bushy hairstyle"
"Round, full 'do"
"Round, full do"
Rounded hairdo
Roundish do
Roundish hairdo
Salon do
"Samuel L. Jackson sported one in ""Pulp Fiction"""
Shaft's hairdo
Shaggy do
Sight at Woodstock
Sixties coif
Sixties hairdo
Sixties hairstyle
Sly Stone style
Sly and the Family Stone hairdo
Sly hairdo
Spherical 'do
Spherical coif
Spherical do
Spherical hair
Spherical hair style
Spherical hairdo
Spherical hairstyle
Spheroid coif
Spheroid do
Spheroid hairdo
Start for American
Starter for American or Asiatic
Striking hairdo
Striped hairdo worn by Bengals linebacker Adrian Ross
Style involving a pick
Style that's picked
Style with a pick
Style you should pick
TV painter Bob Ross sported one
Tall hairstyle
Target of a pick
The bush up top
"The world's largest one has a circumference of 4' 4"""
Thick and shaggy hairdo
This was seen at Woodstock
Tightly curled do
Type of American
Type of hairdo
Very full hairstyle
View-blocking hairstyle
Voluminous do
Voluminous hairstyle
What Dr. J wore
What many a Woodstock attendee wore
What might give you a big head?
Where some stick a pick
Where to set a pick?
Where to stick a pick
Wig style
Wig variety
"Will Smith ""___ Angel"""
Wolfmother hairdo
Woodstock do
Woodstock hair style
Woodstock hairdo
Woodstock sight
Woodstock style
Woodstock-era hairdo
Word form for a continent.
Word with fusion
Young Michael Jackson's hairdo
___ - American
___ -American
___ -Asian
___ -Cuban
___ -Cuban music
___ Sheen (hair product)
___ Sheen (haircare line)
"___-American (Calvin Peete, for example)"
___-American (Toni Morrison or Richard Wright)
___-Caribbean music
___-Cuban (musical genre)
___-Cuban music
___-pop (music genre)
Hendrix hairdo
Pam Grier hairstyle
Round coif
___-Cuban (music genre)
Erykah Badu do
Jimi Hendrix 'do
Hairstyle for Disco Stu
Hendrix hairstyle
Spherical hairdo
Hairdo one picks out?
It's far from a flattop
Spherical hairstyle
Continental prefix
Spheroid hairdo
Roundish do
Coiffure style
Voluminous hairstyle
Bushy do
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Spheroid hairdo
Voluminous hairstyle
Hendrix hairdo
Hairstyle that's very big
One of the "Mod Squad" hairdos
Spherical hairdo
Roundish do
1970s hairstyle
Do once worn by Michael Jackson
Spherical hairdo
Hair-raising type emerging from seafronts
Large, round hairdo
Billy Preston wore one
Hairstyle characterised by thick curls
Do maintained with a pick
Feature of Jesse Jackson's younger years
Naturally voluminous hairstyle
Jackson Five do
Big do
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Circular hairdo
Jackson 5 hairdo
Roundish coif
Hendrix hairdo
Big, round head of hair
'70s hairdo type
Voluminous hairstyle
Spherical hairdo
Hendrix hairdo
What Rihanna sometimes wears
"Hair" hairdo
Hair-raising type emerging from seafronts
Bushy hairdo
Jimi Hendrix hairdo
Do sported by Dr. J
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Spherical hairdo
Back after a big shock
Spherical hairdo
Spherical 'do
High hairstyle
Roundish 'do
Spheroid hairdo
Hairstyle from the '70s
Hairstyle rarely seen in the military
Big do
Hair Beyoncé has had
Roundish 'do
Common hairdo at Woodstock
Roundish 'do
Spherical 'do
Hairstyle in "Hair"
Roundish 'do
Lead-in to -centric
Continental prefix
Hairstyle in which the hair is shaped into a wide frizzy bush
Hairdo in "Hair"
Hair style
Disco Stu's hairdo
Classic Diana Ross hairdo
Jackson 5 hair style
Spherical hairdo
'70s hairdo
Spherical hairstyle
Picked hairstyle
Bushy hairstyle
Spherical hairdo
Diana Ross do
Early Michael Jackson hairdo
Roundish hairstyle
Continental prefix
Hairstyle seen at Woodstock
Prefix with "American"
Jimi Hendrix feature
Roundish 'do
Wide hairstyle
Roundish 'do
Cut on a Jackson 5 album?
Spherical hairdo
Roundish 'do
Picked hairdo
Frizzy hairdo
Common '60s hairstyle
Roundish 'do
Big hairdo
Thick hairdo
Roundish hairstyle
___-Cuban (musical genre)
Big do
Hendrix style
Jackson 5 hairdo
Colin Kaepernick hairdo
Big top?
Bushy hairstyle
Picked do
Change for a hairstyle
Jackson 5 hairdo
Jimi Hendrix heightener
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Fluffy hairdo
Roundish do
Spherical hairdo
Roundish do
Voluminous hairstyle
Big do
Jackson 5 hairdo
Wide do
Bushy hairstyle
60's do
Roundish do
Hairstyle also called a "natural"
Bushy hairdo
Bushy 'do
Young Michael Jackson's hairdo
Bushy do
Roundish 'do
Hairdo that was sometimes sported by Prince
Bushy do
Flattop's antithesis
Alternative to a fade
Start of some hybrid music styles
Natural hairstyle
Do with a pick
Hendrix hairdo
Many a Woodstock hairdo
Big do
Frizzy coiffure
Circular hairstyle
Common '70s hairstyle
Hairstyle often worn by the young Aretha Franklin
Bushy hairdo
Lead-in to punk or Cuban, in music
Beyonce hairstyle, sometimes
Do for Jon Batiste
Thick do
Early hairstyle for Michael Jackson
Big top?
Picked hairstyle
Bushy do
Hairstyle of very tight curls
Frizzy hairstyle
Bushy do
Jimi Hendrix hairdo
Roundish hairdo
60's hairdo
Bushy hairstyle
Puffy, natural hairdo
Thick, rounded hairdo
Spherical hairdo
Spherical hairdo
Big hairstyle
Roundish 'do
Black Panther's hairdo
It was once big for Aretha Franklin
High hairstyle
60's hairdo
60's hairdo
Roundish 'do
Jimi Hendrix feature
Coif for Colin Kaepernick
Big top?
"The Mod Squad" hairdo
60's do
Big top?
Young Michael Jackson's hairdo
Retro hairdo
Ethnic hairdo
Colin Kaepernick's hairstyle
70s hair style
Tightly curled hairdo
__-Cuban (jazz genre)
Big hairdo
Tightly-curled hairstyle
Frizzy hairstyle
Disco-era hairstyle
'70s do
Jackson 5 hairdo
Spherical coif
A 'do seen at Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix do
Hairstyle prevalent in the '70s
Rounded hairdo
Far out old hairstyle
Hairstyle whose name is derived from a continent
Classic Diana Ross hairdo
Hairstyle in which natural ringlets are brushed out to surround the head

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