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Word: AGE

The word AGE has appeared in at least 1475 clues on different crosswords.

AGE definition(s):

  • how long something has existed
  • begin to seem older; get older
  • an era of history having some distinctive feature
  • grow old or older
  • a time in life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises

"""... of the ___ of Aquarius"""
"""... of the ___ of Aquarius..."""
"""...for I have born him a son in his old ___"""
"""...for I have born him a son in his old ___"" (Gen 21:7)"
"""...of the ___ of Aquarius..."""
"""A very high price to pay for maturity,"" per Tom Stoppard"
"""Act your ___!"""
"""Act your ___, not your shoe size!"""
"""And thine ___ shall be clearer than the noonday"" (Job 11:17)"
"""Antiques Roadshow"" estimate"
"""Avengers: ___ of Ultron"""
"""Blue moon,"" figuratively"
"""Ice ---"" (2002)"
"""Ice ___"" (2002)"
"""Iron"" or ""Stone"" follower"
"""Just a number"", supposedly"
"""My ___ is as a lusty winter..."": Shakespeare"
"""The Awkward ___"": H. James"
"""The Ice ___,"" book by Margaret Drabble"
"""The ___ of Anxiety"": Bernstein"
"""The ___ of Innocence"""
"""The ___ of Innocence"" (1993)"
"""The ___ of Innocence"" (Edith Wharton book)"
"""The ___ of Innocence"": Wharton"
"""The ___ of Reason"" (Paine)"
"""The___ of Innocence"""
"""Thou shalt be buried in a good old ___"" (Ge 15:15)"
"""When I was your ___..."""
"""___ Ain't Nothing but a Number"" (Aaliyah)"
"""___ before beauty"""
"""___ cannot wither her"": Shak."
"""___ is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."" (Mark Twain)"
"""___ of Aquarius"""
"""___ of Consent"" (1969)"
"""___ of Innocence"""
"""___ of Reason"""
'old ___ sticks' (e.e. cummings poem)
"1, for one"
"10, for 1973 Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal"
"10, for Bart Simpson"
"100 or more, for a centenarian"
"13, for a bar mitzvah honoree"
"18 or 21, e.g."
"18+ to vote, e.g."
"18, e.g., as a minimum for voting"
"18, legally"
"19, for Britney Spears"
"2011 minus year of birth, roughly"
"21 for Britney Spears, e.g."
21 or 39
21 plus.
"21, after ""of"""
"21, for many new drinkers"
"21, for one"
"24, for Tiger"
"24, for Tiger Woods"
"28, for Eric Lindros"
"30, for one."
"34 for Ruth, in 1929"
35 is the minimum one to be U.S. president
35 is the minimum to be U.S. president
"35, as a minimum to be U.S. president"
"35, minimally, for a U.S. president"
"38, for the Crocodile Hunter"
"39, for Derek Jeter"
"39, for yours truly"
"39, in a typical Jack Benny skit"
"39, perpetually, to Jack Benny"
"39, to Benny"
"39, to Jack Benny"
"43, for Mark O'Meara"
"47, for Michael Jordan"
"48, for Joe Piscopo"
"52, for Hillary"
"60, for Dolly Parton"
"65, say, for retirement"
"74, for Alan Greenspan"
86 is a high one
A cause of grayness
A dog's ___ (long spell)
A dog's ___ (long time)
A dog's ___.
A long time.
A matter of time
A number of years
A partner of day
A/S/L datum
AARP membership concern
"Aaliyah's ""___ Ain't Nothin' But a Number"""
"Aaliyah's ""___ Ain't Nothing But a Number"""
Accrue years
"Acquire a patina, say"
Acquire lines maybe
"Acquire wisdom, so it's said"
Actuarial datum
Actuarial figure
Actuarial stat
Actuarial table heading
Actuary's concern
Actuary's datum
Actuary's subject
Add a candle to the cake
Add another candle to the cake
Add years
Add years to one's life
Add years to one's life?
Add years to your life
"Admission factor, at times"
"Admission restriction, usually"
Advance in years
Allow to ripen
Antique dealer's estimate
"Antique, say"
Application blank info
Application blank stat
Application factor
Application form box
Application form datum
Application form info
Application form question
Application information
Application inquiry
Application query
Application question
"Application question, often"
Approach AARP eligibility
Approach maturity
Approach retirement
"Aquarius, e.g."
"Aquarius, for one"
Archaeologist's determination
Archaeologist's reckoning
Archeological datum
"At least 30, for a senator"
Atomic ___
Atomic or Space
"Auden's ""The ___ of Anxiety"""
Average ___ (demographic stat)
"Ayesha will show hers (and how) by the end of H. Rider Haggard's ""She"""
Baby boomer's bane
Bagel middle?
Barrier to some websites
Bartender's concern
Basis for discrimination
Basis for some discrimination
Basis of illegal discrimination
Basis of some discrimination
Basis of some divisions
Basis of some ticket discounts
Be unlike Dick Clark?
Be unlike Peter Pan
Beauty antecedent?
Beauty leader
Beauty preceder
"Beauty preceder, in a phrase"
"Beauty preceder, in a saying"
"Beauty preceder, proverbially"
Beauty preceder?
Beauty's preceder
"Become better, as Brie"
Become gray
Become hoary-headed
Become mature
Become more mature
Become old
Become older
Beer seller's concern
"Benny's 39, so he claimed"
"Benny's 39, so he said"
Benny's 39?
Better to do this than not?
Big bashes
Big time
Bio bit
Bio datum
Bio figure
Bio info
Bio stat
Biographical bit
Biographical datum
Biographical info
Birth-certificate item
Birthday cake number
Birthday candle giveaway
Birthday candle number
Birthday card figure
Birthday card subject
Birthday count
Birthday figure
Birthday figure.
Birthday marker
Birthday number
Birthday query
Birthday secret?
Birthday spec
Birthday subject
Birthday topic
Birthday-candle count
Bit of Facebook info often entered facetiously
Bit of biographical info
"Blink 182's ""What's My ___ Again?"""
"Blink-182 ""What's My ___ Again?"""
"Blue moon, with an"
Bouncer's concern
Bracketing criterion
Bronze ___
Bronze ___ (time when metal weapons first appeared)
Bronze for one
Bronze or Golden
Bronze or Iron
Bronze or Stone
Bronze or golden follower
"Bronze, Copper or Iron"
"Bronze, for one"
Cake candle count
Cake number
Cake's candle count
"Cake's candle count, frequently"
Calculation from tree rings
Candle count
Candle count less one
"Candle count, often"
"Candle count, on many cakes"
"Candle count, perhaps"
Candle representation
Candle total
"Candle total, perhaps"
Candles tell this
Candles' representation
Candles' signification
Carbon dater's calculation
Carbon dating datum
Carbon dating determination
Carbon dating estimate
Carbon dating result
Carbon-14 determination
Carbon-dating calculation
Carbon-dating estimate
Carbon-dating estimation
Carbon-dating revelation
Carder's concern
Carder's request
Carnival guess
Carnival worker's guess
Category of discrimination
"Cause for discrimination, sometimes"
Cause of a new wrinkle
Cause of many unwelcome lines
Cause of some lines
Cause of some spots
Cause of some wrinkles
Cause of wrinkles
Cause of wrinkling
Census datum
Census info
Census query
Census question
Census stat
Census statistic
Census taker's query.
"Century, say"
Chapter of history
Cheese factor
Cheese sharpener
Children's contest division
Chronological period
Chronology datum
Coloring contest division
Come of ___.
Come of.
Coming of ___
Coming-of-___ film
Competitor of a Maytag
Consent concern
Consent e.g.
Consent measure
Coon's ___.
Count of candles on a cake
Cultural period
Curriculum vitae item
Dark or iron
Dating concern
Dating datum
Dating info
Dating revelation
Dating service datum
Dating site datum
Datum for a bouncer
Datum for a sommelier
Day partner
Day's partner.
Delicate subject
"Delicate subject, for some"
"Delicate subject, to some"
Demographic datum
Demography item
"Develop flavor, perhaps"
"Develop wrinkles, say"
Developmental period
Digital ___
"Discount determiner, maybe"
Distinctive period
Dog's ___
Dog's ___: long time
Drinking ___
Drive's license datum
Driver's license datum
Driver's license info
Driver's license information
Driver's-license deduction
Earn another candle?
"Edith Wharton's ""The ___ of Innocence"""
Eligibility factor
Elizabethan or Victorian
Elizabethan or Victorian.
Epoch division
Epoch subdivision
Ever-increasing number
Facebook datum
Factor in life insurance premiums
Factor sometimes in deciding which court to try someone in
Fake ID info
Fatigue factor
Figure often lied about
Figure on a birthday card.
Fine wine attribute
Fine wine concern
"Five, for a typical kindergartner"
Focus of many birthday-card jokes
Follower of new or old
"Form datum, often"
Form query
Forty to one?
Fossil feature
"Francis Bacon said it ""will not be defied"""
Frequent admission price factor
Frequent subject of fibbing
Gain another candle?
Gain maturity
Geologic period
Geriatric concern
Get a little grayer
Get along
Get along in years
Get better in barrels
Get better in the bottle
"Get better, as a ros
"Get better, as cheddar"
"Get better, as much wine"
"Get better, as wine"
"Get better, like Sutton or O'Meara"
"Get better, like wine"
"Get better, maybe"
Get gray
"Get gray, maybe"
Get grayer
Get hoary
Get less green
Get long in the tooth
Get mature
Get mellow
Get mellower
Get more mature
Get older
Get on
Get on in years
"Get saggy, say"
Get up there
Get up there?
"Get wiser, so they say"
"Get wrinkled, in a way"
Get wrinkled?
"Go from 0 to 60, say"
Go from octogenarian to nonagenarian
Go gray
"Go gray, maybe"
"Go gray, say"
Go grey
Go over the hill?
Go through life
Golden ___
Golden ___.
Golden or Bronze
Golden or dog's
Golden or teen
"Golden, for one"
"Grandma's ""secret"""
Gray gradually
Gray naturally
"Gray, in a way"
"Gray, or this puzzle's theme"
"Gray, say"
"Green Day ""The Static ___"""
"Greeting card figure, maybe"
Grow gray
"Grow gray, perhaps"
Grow long in the tooth
Grow mature
Grow old
Grow older
Grow sharper
"Grow sharper, perhaps"
Grow up
Grow up?
Grow wizened
Growing number
"Guarded secret, for some"
Guessing game target
Have a b-day
Have a birthday
Have another birthday
Hazlitt's 'The Spirit of the ___'
Historic period
Historic time
Historic time in music
Historical chapter
Historical period
How old a washer maker is
How old you are
I.D. checker info
I.D. datum
I.D. info
ID checker's concern
ID checker's info
ID datum
ID info
ID item
Ice ___
"Ice is one, information another"
Ice or Iron
Ice or Stone
Ice or Stone chaser
Ice or teen
"Ice, Iron or Bronze follower"
"Ice, e.g."
"Ice, for one"
Identity card tidbit
Important consideration when buying a boat
Important time
Improve cheese
"Improve, as beef"
"Improve, as cheese"
"Improve, as scotch"
"Improve, as steak"
"Improve, as whiskey"
"Improve, as wine"
"Improve, as wine and cheese"
"Improve, as wine, perhaps"
"Improve, in a way"
"Improve, in the wine cellar"
"Improve, perhaps"
Inaccurate info on many online dating profiles
"Increasingly touchy subject, as it increases"
Industrial ___
Inference from an ID
Info deducible from a driver's license
Info on a day-care application
Info on an ID
Information ___
Information from tree rings
Insurance application datum
Insurance application stat
Insurance concern
Insurance rate consideration
Intelligence test factor
Iron ___
Iron for one
Iron or Bronze
"Iron or Bronze, e.g."
Iron or Golden
Iron or Ice
Iron or Stone
Iron or bronze
Iron or ice
Iron or ice follower
Iron or teen
"Iron, for one"
Issue raised in a Reagan-Mondale encounter
"It ""ain't nothin' but a number,"" as Aaliyah sang"
"It ""goeth its way on triple feet"": Aeschylus"
It ain't nothin' but a number
It always increases
It brings wisdom and drinking privileges
It can be concealed cosmetically
It can't go down
It changes on your birthday
It comes before beauty
"It comes before beauty, it's said"
It comes up on someone's birthday
It couldn't wither Cleo
It creeps up on one
It goes before beauty
"It goes before beauty, in a saying"
"It goes before beauty, so they say"
It goes up annually
It goes up every year
It increases annually
It increases on a birthday
It may be Golden
It may be advanced
It may be awkward
It may be concealed cosmetically
It may be golden
It may be indicated by candles
It may be understated
It may bring wisdom
It may follow drinking
It may start to show
It might be checked at the door
It might be golden
It never gets lower
It separates the men from the boys
It takes years to do it
"It's ""just a number"""
It's 'just a number'
"It's 'not important unless you're a cheese,' per Helen Hayes"
It's a matter of time
It's always increasing
It's brought up on your birthday
It's just a matter of time
It's just a number
It's just a number to some
"It's just a number, so they say"
It's measured from birth
It's occasionally lied about
It's often lied about
Item on a questionnaire
Item revealed on a driver's license
Jack Benny's 39
Jack Benny's secret
Jack Benny's was 39
Jack Benny's was 39 for several years
Jack Benny's was 39 perenially
"Jack Benny's was 39, so he claimed"
"Jay-Z's ""Coming of ___"""
Jazz ___
"Jazz ___ (period from 1918 to 1929, roughly)"
Jeff can tell a tree's by the number of rings it has
Jim Croce song about growing?
"Just a number, it's said"
Keep in a barrel
"Keep in a barrel, perhaps"
Keep in a cellar
"Keep in a cellar, maybe"
"Keep in an oak barrel, perhaps"
"Kid Rock ""Half Your ___"""
Kind of discrimination
Kind of group
Kind of group or limit
Kind of limit
Kind of old
"Lady's secret, often"
"Lady's secret, perhaps"
Leave in the wine cellar
Legal ___
License info
License number?
Life insurance factor
Life time
Life time?
Limiting factor
Line in a day care application
Line on a day-care application
Little League eligibility criterion
Little Orphan Annie's is 11
Live another 365 days
Live longer?
Live on
Long duration
Long period.
Long time
Long time.
"Long, long time"
Lose freshness
Major span
Majority indicator
"Make better, as cheddar"
Make cheddar better
Make like Dorian Gray's picture
Make wine divine
Mark another birthday
Match.com datum
Matter of time
Mature or ripen
Mature wine
"Mature, as Brie"
"Mature, as cheese"
"Mature, as wine"
Medical form datum
Medical-record info
Mellow out
"Mellow, as cheese"
"Mellow, as wine"
"Mellow, in a way"
"Mellow, maybe"
"Mellow, perhaps"
"Mellow, say"
"Mellower, maybe"
Memorable time
Mental or middle follower
"Mesozoic, for one."
Methuselah's claim to fame
Middle ___
"Minor concern, maybe"
Minor drinking problem?
Month of Sundays
"Movie restriction, at times"
Moyen ___.
Named period
Near death?
Negotiate a figurative hill?
New ___ music
New or old follower
"New, old or nuclear follower"
Notable era
Notable span
Nothing but a number
Novelty birthday card topic
"Number entered on a questionnaire, maybe"
Number in PG-13 or NC-17
Number in an obituary headline
Number of a birthday
Number of birthdays
Number of candles on a cake?
Number of years
Number of years you've been alive
Number often lied about
Number on a birthday card
Number some are not straight with
Number sometimes represented by candles
Number that changes once per year
Number that everyone has
Numbered days for a newborn?
Obit bit
Obit number
Obituary datum
Obituary info
Obsolete term for the player immediately to the left of the dealer in games that use an automatic betting scheme*
"Obsolete term for the player immediately to the left of the dealer in games that use an automatic betting scheme; also called ""edge,"" ""elder hand,"" or ""eldest hand""*"
Oenologist's concern
Oenophile's concern
Of ___ (old enough to know better?)
Of ___.
Oft-lied-about personal stat
Old information?
Old or middle.
One cause of discrimination
One of man's seven
One of the seven.
One thing candles represent
One's time on this planet
"One, for little ones"
"One, for one."
"Paine's ""The ___ of Reason"""
"Paleolithic, e.g."
Paleontologist's estimate
Part of A/S/L
Part of Satchel Paige's playing fame
Part of Strom Thurmond's fame
Part of Strom's fame
Part of an epoch
Period in history
Period of history
Period of time
"Personal ad info, often"
Personal datum
Personal identification number?
Personnel datum
Pile on birthdays
Point in life
Pollster's query
Possible basis of discrimination
"Preceder of beauty, in a saying"
Prepare tobacco
Process in a way
Progress toward maximum drinkability
Put in a barrel
Put on years
Qualifier sometimes
Queens of the Stone ___
Questionnaire datum
Questionnaire info
Questionnaire item
Questionnaire question
Questionnaire topic
Racehorse classification
Ramp's end
Ready whisky for market
Reason to retire
"Reason, for one"
Request of a bar patron maybe
Retirement calculator variable
Retirement factor
"Ripen, as cheese"
"Ripen, as fruit"
"Ripen, like cheese"
"Ripen, like cheese or wine"
"Ripen, say"
"Rocker's secret stat, sometimes"
Scotch bottle datum
Scotch concern
Scotch datum
Season firewood
Secret for some
"Secret of the vain, perhaps"
"Secret stat, sometimes"
"Secret, sometimes"
See 66A
"Sensitive piece of personal data, sometimes"
Sensitive point for many
"Sensitive subject, often"
"Sensitive subject, to some"
Sequoia's specialty.
Show growth
Show one's years
Show signs of wear
Show wear
Show wear and tear
Significant time
Single-malt datum
Sit at the winery
"Sit in a barrel, maybe"
"Sit in a cellar, perhaps"
Sit in the cellar
Sit in the wine cellar
"Six, say, for a first-grader"
"Sixty-five for retirement, often"
Social Security criterion
Social Security determination
Social Security matter
Some claim it's before beauty
Some do it gracefully
Some get better with it
Some keep it secret
Some lie about it
Some lie about theirs
Some people do it gracefully
Some people lie about theirs
Some people prefer to keep it secret
Something held in a bracket
Something often guessed
Something often lied about
"Sore point, for some"
Sore spot for some
Sore subject for Jack Benny
Space ___
Space ___ (era that started with the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957)
Space or Stone follower
Space-___ (modern)
Span of time
Stage of existence
Stage of life
Stage of life.
Stand in a barrel
Star's worry
Statistical figure.
Stone ___.
Stone or Bronze
Stone or Iron
Stone or Iron ___
"Stone or Iron, e.g."
Stone or coon's
Stone or dog's
Stone or teen
"Stone, Iron, or Bronze"
"Stone, e.g."
"Stone, for one"
"Store in a cask, say"
Store in a cellar
"Store, as wine"
"Strokes ""The Modern ___"""
Strom Thurmond's will soon have three digits
Student datum
Subject of a guessing game
Subject of an ID check
Subject of many lies
Suffix for units of length and weight
Suffix with block
Suffix with peon or break
Sum of all years?
Sum of one's time?
Survey blank
Survey datum
Survey info
Survey question
"Sweet 16, e.g."
Sweet sixteen
"Sweet sixteen, e.g."
Sweet sixteen.
Take on years
"Talking Heads ""From the ___ of the dinosaurs"""
Teen follower
Teen or dog's
Teen or golden
That old thing?
"The ""17"" in NC-17"
"The ""a"" in ""a/s/l"""
The Big Board
"The Big Four-O, for one"
The Gilded ___
"The Jazz, e.g."
"The Jazz, for one"
The Nuclear ___
"The Nuclear, for one"
The ___ of Innocence
"The big 4-0, e.g."
"The big 4-0, for example"
"The big 4-0, for one"
"The big four-oh, e.g."
The time of one's life
The time of one's life?
The time of your life
The time of your life?
"Thirteen, for a bar mitzvah honoree"
"Thirty, for one."
Three score and ten.
"Three, for Kentucky Derby horses"
Three-score years and ten.
"Ticket pricing factor, often"
Time for a certain brand of appliance
Time in history
Time of existence
Time of life
Time of one's life
Time of one's life.
Time of one's life?
Time of your life
Time of your life?
Time period
Topic of many a lie
Touchy subject for Benny
"Touchy subject, for some"
"Touchy subject, to some"
"Touchy subject, to some people"
Travel through time?
"Tree ring count, e.g."
Tree ring indication
Tree ring revelation
Tree rings indicate it
Tree rings indication
Tree-ring count
"Tree-ring count, say"
Tree-ring indication
Tree-ring stat
Tree-rings indication
Turn gray
"Turn gray, say"
"Turn two, e.g."
"Twain's ""The Gilded ___"""
"Twain's ""issue of mind over matter"""
Twain's Gilded ___
Type of discrimination
Type of group
"Vain movie star's secret, perhaps"
Vital stat
Vital statistic
Vital statistic.
Voter's qualification
Voting issue
Voting qualification
We all do this
"Well-guarded secret, sometimes"
"Well-kept secret, for some"
"Well-kept secret, for some rockers"
"Wharton's ""The ___ of Innocence"""
"Wharton's ""The
What Benjamin Button does backwards
What Dorian Gray didn't do
What Pan never did
What a fake ID might misrepresent
What birthday candles signify
What cake candles may indicate
What candles at a party signify
What candles may represent
What candles may reveal
What candles may signify
What candles might indicate
What candles on a cake represent
What candles signify
What candles sometimes represent
What candles sometimes reveal
What candles symbolize
What comes before beauty
What comes before beauty?
What could not wither Cleopatra
What counting candles may reveal
What liver spots may be a sign of
What may improve wine
What rings may signify
What rings reveal about a tree
What some golfers use as a scoring goal
What some older golfers use as a scoring goal
What the number of birthday candles indicates
What the number of birthday candles signifies
What the rings signify on a tree
What tree rings denote
What tree rings indicate
What tree rings show
What wines must do
Wine buyer's concern
Wine concern
Wine consideration
Wine factor
Wine improver
"Wine improver, say"
Wine or cheese concern
Wine selection concern
"Wisdom bringer, perhaps"
Woman's secret
Woman's secret.
Word after Iron or Stone
"Word before or after ""old"""
Word before or after old
Word following Bronze or old
"Word with ""middle"" and ""school"""
Word with Victorian
"Word with information, new or old"
Word with mental or middle
Word with middle and school
Word with old or group
Word with teen or old
"Year-long period, for a human"
Years on earth
Years since birth
Years to date
Years you've been around
Yellow in a way
Yellow or gray
"Yellow, maybe"
You do it every day and you can't stop it
You may not want to show yours
You might act yours
Your number of years
Yours changes once a year
Yours gets a yearly increase
Zsa Zsa's secret
___ before beauty
___ group
___ limit
___ of Aquarius
___ of Enlightenment
___ of Reason
___ of consent
___ of discretion
___ of reason.
___ progression
___ restriction
___ spot
eHarmony datum
Mellow as cheese
Information __
Common survey question
Wikipedia bio datum
Carbon-dating estimate
Wrinkle maker
Match.com datum
Census question
Cause of wrinkles
Timeline unit
Historic time
Candle count
Turn gray, maybe
Digits in icing, perhaps
Dating datum
Wisdom bringer
Get on in years
ID checker's concern
Time of one's life?
"Just a number" to some
"Act your ___!"
Become old
Get grayer
Display longevity?
Bio stat
See 6-Down
Winery concern
Period of history
Census stat
Historical era
Grow old
Time of pageantry
Demographic datum
Wisdom bringer
Sensitive subject for some
Thirteen, for a bar mitzvah boy
Historic time
With 120-Across, 65 and older, e.g.
Historical period
Improve, as cheese
Grow older
Carbon dating calculation
Get older
Get older
Historic time
Get on
Middle __
Paleontologist's estimate
Bio stat
Time of pageantry
Candle count
Grow old
Epoch division
Weaken, perhaps
Scotch datum
What candles may indicate
Common thing to lie about
Application inquiry
Basis of some discrimination
Historic time
Time to show a bit of eagerness
Wisdom bringer, so it's said
Candle count
Historic time
Time of pageantry
Time of one's life
Scotch aficionado's concern
Bio stat
Application inquiry
Wisdom bringer
Archaeologist's estimate
Beauty preceder, in a saying
Vital statistic
Sit in a cellar, say
It's only a number, they say
Epoch subdivision
Chill order
Crude shelter
Improve, as steak
Subject of some youth sports fraud
Bart Simpson's is 10
Nine months, for some tots
Nine months, for some tots
Candles-on-a-cake indication
Candles-on-a-cake indication
Carbon dating estimate
Vital statistic
Common survey question
Time of one's life amongst The Plantagenets
Historical period
Stretch of history
Preceder of beauty?
Candle count
Word with Iron or Bronze
Get riper
Improve, in some cases
Long time
Hit 2002 animated film
Long time
Vital statistic
Scotch bottle datum
'___ before beauty'
Questionnaire datum
History bit
Factor in wine pricing
Grow old
Some of the ravages of time!
Sensitive subject, to some
Get older
Get older
Time of pageantry
The big four-O, for one
Wisdom bringer
Birthday count
Birthday card figure
Wisdom bringer
What candles may signify
Time of pageantry
Become old
Census stat
6 or so, for first graders
Grow old
Bio stat
Bio stat
Number that can never decrease
Sensitive conversation topic
Important time
Historical era
Voting ___ (Amendment XXVI concern)
Noteworthy years
Candle count
Have a birthday
Get older
Cake candle count
Wine buyer's concern
Biography figure
Birthday number
Application info
Time of pageantry
16/18? Just a number
A number for everyone
Bio stat
Personal number
Time of pageantry
Carnival worker's guess
Brandy statistic
Census stat
Historical period
Birthday count
Improve, as wine
Time of pageantry
Peter Pan didn't do this
Time in years
Candle count
Wisdom bringer
Get older
Bronze or Golden, historically
Word after golden or old
Candle count
Improve, as wine
Distinctive period
Become old
Ten, to Bart Simpson
Historic time
Actuarial table datum
Get older
Live another year
Basis for a senior discount
Time to remember
Mature, as wine
Scotch bottle datum
Historical era
Museum estimate, maybe
Get older
Historic time
Bio stat
Improve, as wine
Dating site datum
Period of history
Get older
Single-malt datum
5 or 6, for a kindergartner, typically
Number on many a birthday card
We all do this
What rings may indicate
Important period
Add years
Carbon dater's determination
Grow old
Important datum for Social Security eligibility
Birthday count
Get older
Candle count
Grow old
Birthday card number
Growing number
What tree rings indicate
Grow old
Historical span
Period of history
''Golden'' period
It's just a number, they say
What some prefer to keep secret
Census stat
It makes the elderly elderly
Time of pageantry
Scotch bottle datum
Grow old
Bio stat
Time of pageantry
Grow old
Improve, as Scotch
Vital statistic
Cake candle count
Candle count
Census stat
Questionnaire info
Go gray, perhaps
Get older
Sit in a cellar, maybe
Bio stat
Actuarial figure
Wisdom bringer
Time of pageantry
Candle count
It goes before beauty, in a saying
Eligibility criterion, at times
Scotch bottle datum
Census stat
Pollster's query
Iron __
Ever-rising number
Get some seasoning
Census stat
Grow old
Become more mature
'Just a number,' according to a common saying
Bio stat
What candles may represent
Carbon dating guess
Grow older
Historic period
Get older
Bio stat
Time of pageantry
Get older
Important period
Acquire years
Get better, at the winery
In this day and ___ (nowadays)
Grow old
Become more mature
"What's My ___ Again?" (blink-182 song)
Get along in years
Become mature
Census stat
122 is a record one
''Golden'' period
Get older
Memorable time
Number on a birthday cake
35, as a minimum to be U.S. president
What a tree's rings signify
Develop over time
Beauty preceder?
Time period that can follow "Ice," "Stone," or "Bronze"
"Act your ___!"
39, to Jack Benny
Grow long in the tooth
Improve, as wine
Census question
Grow older
Grow old
21 or 50
Iron or Bronze
"Act your ___!"
"Like a fine wine, she got better with ___"
Yellow or gray
Birthday figure
Edith Wharton's "The ___ of Innocence"
Approach maturity
Have a birthday
Get older
Get older
Wisdom bringer
Iron or Bronze
It can be tender
The ____ of Aquarius
The time of your life
Historic time
Birthday number
"Avengers: ___ of Ultron" (2015 Marvel film)
Candle count
It may be golden
Grow older
Gray, in a way
How old you are
Grow older
Birthday card number
Sit in the cellar
Mesolithic ___
Biographical bit
Ripen, as cheese
Candle count
Grow old
Gain maturity
"Transformers: ___ of Extinction" (2014 blockbuster featuring Dinobots)
Ripen, as cheese
What the "13" in "PG-13" refers to
Grow long in the tooth
What goes before beauty?
It's just a matter of time
Beauty preceder
Birthday count
Mature, as a wine
Have another birthday
Birthday cake number
Get older
Time of one's life
Get on in years
Port ender
Become old
"The ___ of Anxiety" (Pulitzer-winning book-length poem by W.H. Auden)
Reflecting, for example, on a period of history
Bio stat
Sharpener of cheese
Improve pilsner
Number signified by how many candles are on a cake
Grow older
Grow older
Grow old
Start a gray mustache?
Bio stat
Birthday concern
Get older
Bronze or Iron
Time period
Grow older
Time of pageantry
Become old
Get on in years
Get on in years
"Act your ___!" ("Don't be so childish!")
10, for Bart Simpson
Get better, as much wine
Bio stat
"Avengers: ___ of Ultron" (2015 Marvel film)
Bio stat
Grow older
Slice of history
Get better, at the winery
"Act your ___!"
Candle count
History bit
"Transformers: ___ of Extinction" (2014 blockbuster)
Sensitive subject, to some
Length of life
Grow older
Time of pageantry
Word after Iron or Ice
Ever-increasing number
Well-kept secret, for some
18 or 21
____ before beauty
Figure on a cake
Time period
____ of Aquarius
Number on a birthday card
Grow older
Time of pageantry
Iron or Bronze
Wisdom bringer
Important time
Ice or Iron follower
Become mature
"When I was your ___ ..."
Grow older
Bio stat
Birthday count
Rude question, perhaps
39, to Benny
Length of life
Mature, as wine
Bio stat
Have more birthdays

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