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Word: AHEM

The word AHEM has appeared in at least 443 clues on different crosswords.

AHEM definition(s):

  • An exclamation to call one's attention; hem.

"""Am I invisible over here?"""
"""Are you aware that...?"""
"""Aren't you forgetting something?"""
"""Attention please!"""
"""Attention please..."""
"""Attention, please!"""
"""Beg pardon"""
"""Beg pardon... """
"""Beg pardon..."""
"""Beg your pardon"""
"""Beg your pardon... """
"""Can I chime in?"""
"""Can I cut in?"" noise"
"""Can I get a word in?"""
"""Can I have your attention?"""
"""Can I say something?"""
"""Can we get back to the subject, please?"""
"""Could I interject?"""
"""Could I interrupt?"""
"""Could we get on with it?"""
"""Could we get started, please..."""
"""Could we move on?"""
"""Did you forget about me?"""
"""Do you mind?"""
"""Don't forget about me"""
"""Don't interrupt me, jackass"""
"""Don't you forget about me"""
"""Don't. Look. Now. But..."""
"""Excuse me
"""Excuse me!"""
"""Excuse me"""
"""Excuse me"" noise"
"""Excuse me, I was here first"" noise"
"""Excuse me, but..."""
"""Excuse me,"" nonverbally"
"""Excuse me... """
"""Excuse me..."""
"""Excuse me?"""
"""Hey, I was sitting there"" noise"
"""I beg your pardon"""
"""I couldn't help but overhear you say..."""
"""I hate to interrupt..."""
"""I need your attention"""
"""I want to speak!"""
"""I'd like to cut in..."""
"""I'd like to get a word in?"""
"""I'd like to say something to you!"""
"""I'd like to say something"""
"""I'm right here, you know"""
"""I'm standing RIGHT HERE"""
"""I'm standing right here!"""
"""I'm standing right here"""
"""I'm still in the room, y'know"""
"""I'm waiting!"""
"""If I may butt in..."""
"""If I may cut in..."""
"""If I may interject... """
"""If I may interject..."""
"""If I may interrupt..."""
"""If I may say something..."""
"""If I might suggest something..."""
"""May I get a word in?"""
"""May I have your attention, please?"""
"""May I have your attention?"""
"""May I interrupt"""
"""May I interrupt?"""
"""May I say something?"""
"""May I speak?!"""
"""May I speak?"""
"""Might I add a word?"""
"""Over here!"""
"""Over here"""
"""Pardon Me!"""
"""Pardon me!"""
"""Pardon me"""
"""Pardon me"" sound"
"""Pardon me..."""
"""Pardon the interruption..."""
"""Pay attention to me!"""
"""Pay attention!"""
"""Please direct all of your attention to the sounds coming from my throat area"""
"""Psst!"" alternative"
"""Psst"" alternative"
"""Psst"" relative"
"""Sorry to interrupt..."""
"""Sorry to intrude..."""
"""That's not really what you meant..."""
"""Uh, excuse me"""
"""Uh, excuse me..."""
"""Uh, excuse me?"""
"""Uh, pardon me"""
"""Uh... excuse me"""
"""Uh... pardon me"""
"""Uh...excuse me"""
"""Um, I hate to interrupt..."""
"""Um, I'm trying to talk here..."""
"""Um, excuse me"""
"""Um, excuse me..."""
"""Um, hello, I'm stading right here"""
"""Um, pardon me"""
"""Um, pardon me..."""
"""Um, pardon..."""
"""Um... excuse me"""
"""Ummm, hello?"""
"""What am I, chopped liver?!"""
"""What am I, invisible?"""
"""Will you let me finish?"""
"""You have food in between your teeth"""
"""Your attention, please!"""
"""Your fly is open"" noise"
"""Your slip is showing"""
"'Attention, please' noise"
'Beg pardon...'
'Could we get on with it?'
'Could we move on?'
'Don't forget about me'
'Excuse me'
'Excuse me...'
"'Hey, listen up'"
"'Hey,' in a way"
"'I'm still in the room, y'know'"
'If you'll just listen...'
'Listen up!'
'May I interrupt?'
'Pardon me'
'Psst' alternative
"'Uh, excuse me...'"
'Um... pardon me'
"'Un, excuse me?'"
"(""I say there!"")"
Affected cough to gain attention.
Alternative to 'psst'
Attention getter
Attention getter's word
Attention getter.
Attention word
Attention-attracting sound
Attention-attracting word
Attention-getter noise
Attention-getter of a sort
Attention-getting cough
Attention-getting interjection
Attention-getting noise
Attention-getting sound
Attention-getting sound.
Attention-getting utterance
Attention-getting word
Attention-getting word.
Attention-seeking utterance
Bid for attention
Breaking-in sound
Call for attention
Call for attention.
"Clearing, of sorts"
"Clock setting, for short"
Contrived cough
Conversation intro
Conversational sound.
Coughing sound
Coughlike utterance
Country music
Courteous interruption
Courteous intrusion
"Cousin of ""psst!"""
"Cousin of ""um"""
Cutting-in noise
Cutting-in word
Demure 'Hey!'
Doubt-conveying interjection
Doubting sound
Excuse me!
Faux cough
Guttural interruption
Guttural utterance?
Informal interrupter
Interjection to express doubt
Interjection to interrupt
Interrupter's exclamation.
Interrupter's interjection
Interrupter's sound
Interrupter's sound.
Interrupter's utterance
Interrupter's word
Interrupter.s interjection
Interrupting sound
Interrupting word
Interruption sound
Interruption starter
Interruptive sound
"Kin of ""psst!"""
"Kiss interrupter, maybe"
Lecturer's sound
Meaning of a meaningful cough
Meaningful little cough
Notice-seeking sound
Oration interruption
Oration intro?
Pardon me
Pardon me!
"Pardon me, less politely"
Pause filler
Pause-filling interjection.
Pause-filling sound.
"Polite ""Excuse me!"""
Polite attention-getter
Polite cough
Polite interjection
Polite interrupter
Polite interruption
Polite interruption.
Polite way to interrupt someone
Possibly passive-aggressive reprimand
Prelude to a talk.
Psst relative
Purposeful clearing of the throat
Quiet cough
Slight interruption
Small clearing?
Social pause-filler.
"Sound before ""Your fly is open"""
"Sound before ""Your, um, fly is open"""
Sound from a speaker
Sound made before speaking
Sound of a break-in?
Sound of a frog?
Sound of hesitation.
Sound of interruption
Sound of throat clearing
Sound seeking attention
Sound to gain attention
Speaker's pause.
Speaker's sound.
Speech gambit.
Start of a break-in
Start of a break-in?
Status vehicle
Subtle 'Yo!'
Subtle warning sound
Tap-on-the shoulder alternative
Throat clearer
Throat clearing
Throat clearing sound
Throat sound
Throat sound used as an attention-getter
Throat-clearer's rebuke
Throat-clearer's sound
Throat-clearer's word
Throat-clearing noise
Throat-clearing onomatopoeia
Throat-clearing sound
Throat-clearing sound.
Throat-clearing utterance
Throaty attention getter
Throaty break-in
"Throaty cousin of ""psst!"""
Throaty interjection
Throaty noise.
Throaty notice
Throaty sound
Throaty sound at a border
Throaty sound.
Time-gaining sound.
Uh... pardon me
Uh.....pardon me!
Uh...pardon me
Uncouth excuse me
Unobtrusive attention getter
Verbal break-in
Vocal interruption
Warning cough
Warning cough.
Warning exclamation.
Warning sound.
Word of interruption
Word of pardon
Word to one who isn't listening
"Your attention, please"
"[""I'm standing here!""]"
"[Attention, please...]"
"[Attention, please]"
[I'm standing right here!]
[I'm standing right here]
[I'm talking here...]
[I'm trying to speak here]
[May I have your attention?]
[May I speak?]
[Think about what you're saying!]
[You've got a booger]
"[nudge, nudge]"
Throaty interruption
Throat-clearing word
Forgetting something?'
Guttural "Psst!"
"Excuse me"
“Um excuse me ..”
"Pardon me ..."
"Pardon me ..."
Throat-clearer’s sound
"Beg pardon ..."
‘If I might say something…’
'Um, pardon me'
Throat clearer
"If I could get a word in . . ."
Throat clearer
Throat-clearing sound
"Beg pardon ..."
Slight interruption
Throat clearer
Throat-clearing sound
Attention getter
"Uh excuse me ..."
Throat-clearing sound
''Excuse me . . .''
Attention-getting sound
"If I may cut in ... "
Excuse me!
Throat clearer
Interrupting cough
Interrupting cough
Throat-clearing sound
Excuse me!
Interrupting cough or throat-clearing sound
"May I speak?"
Sound made with fist-to-mouth
Quiet "Excuse me"
Excuse me!
"Pardon me..."
"Excuse me ..."
Pub drinks
Interrupting cough
Attention-getting sound
Attention-getting sound
''Beg pardon . . .''
Throat clearer
Throat-clearing sound
Throat-clearing sound
'Hello ... I'm right here'
"Um, pardon me..."
"Psst!" kin
"May I have your attention" sound
Cough to draw attention
Throat clearer
"If I may interject ... "
"Shh!" relative
Throat clearer
An edgy little cough?
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Attention-getting sound
Attention-getting sound
"Pardon me..."
Subtle "Excuse me . . ."
Throaty "beg pardon . . ."
Throat-clearing sound
''Excuse me . . .''
Throat-clearing sound
Throat clearer
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
"Excuse me . . ."
Attention-getting sound
Throat-clearing sound
Excuse me!
Attention-getting sound
Attention-getting sound
Contrived cough
Throat-clearing sound
Interrupting cough
''You forgot about me . . .''
"Excuse me"
"I'm standing right here"
Throat-clearing sound
Throaty "Excuse me . . ."
Interrupting cough or throat-clearing sound
Subtle ''Excuse me . . .''
Throat clearer
''Sorry to interrupt . . .''
"Pardon me there, buddy ..."
"I'm standing right here!"
''Excuse me . . .''
Throaty "Beg pardon . . ."
Interrupter's sound
Throat clearer
Polite interruption
Interrupting sound
''Beg pardon . . .''
Attention-getting sound
"Beg pardon . . ."
Throat clearer
Guttural break-in
Excuse me!
Interrupter's utterance
"Pardon me"
''Um, excuse me . . .''
Throat-clearing sound
Attention getter
Excuse me!
Interrupting cough or throat-clearing sound
'Um, don't look now, but ...'
"Beg pardon . . ."
"May I speak?"
Throat-clearing sound
'Uh, excuse me'
Throat-clearing sound
Excuse me!
Throaty "beg pardon . . ."
Menahem has a little cough
Interrupting cough
Attention-getting sound
"Pardon the interruption..."
"If I may say something ... "
Throat-clearing sound
"Uh, don't forget about me ... "
Throat clearer
Throat clearer
"If I may interject ... "
"May I speak?"
Polite interruption
"Excuse me"
Throat-clearing sound
Throat-clearing sound
Excuse me!
Attention-getting sound
Throat clearer

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