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Word: AHS

The word AHS has appeared in at least 357 clues on different crosswords.

"""Eureka!"" alternatives"
"""I get it"" preceders"
"""I get it"" preceders, often"
"""I get it"" responses"
"""I see"" sounds"
"""Land of ___"" (old Kansas tourism slogan)"
"""Ooh"" companions"
4th of July cries
Adult film utterances
Appreciative responses
Appreciative sounds
Appreciative sounds.
Blissful sighs
Blissful sounds
Checkup responses
Checkup sounds
Comments made while depressed?
Concert firework cries
Content sounds
Contented comments
Contented responses
Contented sighs
Contented sounds
Cries at concert fireworks
Cries at fireworks
Cries of contentment
Cries of delight
Cries of delight.
Cries of relief
Cries of surprise
Cries of surprise.
Delighted interjections
Depressing sounds for doctors?
"Depressing sounds, to a doctor?"
Depressing sounds?
Depressing words?
Distinctive parts of a Boston accent
Doctors hear a lot of them
Doctors' requests
Drinker's sounds
Enlightenment utterances
Exam room noises
Exam room sounds
Exam utterances
Examination room sounds
Examining room sounds
Excited exclamations
Exclamations of appreciation.
Exclamations of content
Exclamations of contentedness
Exclamations of regret
Exclamations of satisfaction
Exclamations of satisfaction.
Exclamations of understanding
Exhaling sighs
Expressions of contentment
Expressions of delight or regret
Expressions of pain relief
Expressions of pleasure
Expressions of satisfaction
Frequent hot tub comments
Gasps of delight
Gasps of pleasure
Gift openers' sounds
Gift-openers' sounds
"Go w/ the ""oohs"" during solo"
Happy sounds
Hot tub comments
Hot tub sounds
Hot tub-entering sounds
Hot-tub reactions
Impressed comments
Impressed reactions
Insightful sighs
Interjections of surprise
Magic show reactions
Massage parlor exclamations
Massage parlor sounds
Massage reactions
Massage recipient's output
Massage recipient's sounds
Massage responses
Massage sounds
Massage table sounds
Masseuse's feedback
Medical office responses
Medical office sounds
Mystery-solution reactions
Nice sighs
Not ohs
Ohs' partners
Oohs and ___
Oohs and ___.
Oohs' companions
Oohs' mates
Oohs' partner
Oohs' partners
Partner of oohs
Partners of oohs
Patient remarks
Patient remarks?
Patient replies
Patient replies?
Patient responses
Patient sounds
Patient sounds?
Patients' utterances
Physical features?
Physical reactions?
Physical responses
Physical responses?
Physical sounds
Pleased expressions
Pleased sighs
Pleased sounds
Pleased sounds.
Pleasure sounds
Pre-sneeze sounds
Pronouncements of pleasure
Reacts with relief
Refreshed sounds
Relaxation sounds
Relaxed people emit them
Relaxed reactions
Relaxed remarks
Relaxed responses
Relaxed sighs
Relaxed sounds
Relaxed sounds?
Relaxing sounds
Relieved cries
Relieved exclamations
Relieved sighs
Relieved sounds
Remarks from the relieved
Replies to a doctor?
Replies to docs
"Responses meaning ""I get it"""
Responses of enlightenment
Responses to a massage therapist
Responses to a masseur
Responses to doctors' orders?
Responses to the doctor
"Rubdown sounds, perhaps"
Satisfied expirations
Satisfied reactions
Satisfied sighs
Satisfied sounds
Satisfied sounds.
Satisfied syllables
Sauna sounds
Settling-into-the-tub sounds
Sigh sounds
Sighed lines
Sighed sounds
Sighed sounds at spas
Sighed sounds during songs
Sighing sounds
Sighs from a massage table
Sighs of comfort
Sighs of content
Sighs of contentment
Sighs of delight
Sighs of pleasure
Sighs of relief
Sighs of relief.
Sighs of satisfaction
Sighs of the relaxed
Sighs of understanding
Sighs with delight
Signs of appreciation
Signs of comprehension
Sneeze lead-ins
Some patient responses
Sonds of bliss
Soothing sounds
Sounds at a bridal shower
Sounds at a doctor's office
Sounds at a fireworks display
Sounds at a masseur's
Sounds at a shower
Sounds at doctors' checkups
Sounds at medical checkups
Sounds at physicals
Sounds at spas
Sounds at the clinic
Sounds at the doctor's office
Sounds during a massage
Sounds during backrubs
Sounds during doctor's exams
Sounds during medical checkups
Sounds from a general practitioner's office
Sounds from a general practitioner's office (3)
Sounds from a hot bath
Sounds from a hot tub
Sounds from depressed patients?
Sounds from spas
Sounds from the doctor's office
Sounds from the examining room
Sounds from the hot tub
Sounds heard by otolaryngologists
Sounds in a coffee ad
Sounds in a dentist's office
Sounds in a physician's office
Sounds leading up to a sneeze
Sounds made by patients with tongue depressors
Sounds made by patients with tongue depressors in their mouths
Sounds made during a fireworks display
Sounds made for a doctor
Sounds made while entering a hot tub
Sounds of appreciation.
Sounds of approval
Sounds of comprehension
Sounds of contentedness
Sounds of contentment
Sounds of delight
Sounds of delight.
Sounds of discovery
Sounds of enjoyment
Sounds of happiness
Sounds of joy
Sounds of pleasure
Sounds of recognition
Sounds of relaxation
Sounds of relief
Sounds of satisfaction
Sounds of surprise
Sounds of understanding
Sounds over depressed tongues
"Sounds that go with ""oohs"""
Spa sighs
Spa sounds
Starts of sneezes
Stomach muscles
Surprised sounds
Surprising sounds
Therapeutic sounds
These go with ohs
They accompany oohs
They go with ohs
They go with oohs
"They often mean ""I see"""
They're often heard in doctors' offices
Things said during a physical
Throat-exam sounds
Tongue depressor preludes
Tonsil-checking sounds
Understanding responses
Understanding sounds
Utterances of contentment
Utterances of pain relief
Utterances of pain relief etc.
Utterances of relief
Utterances of understanding
What M.D.'s hear
"What an M.D. hears, sometimes"
What this puzzle is designed to elicit
Wistful sounds
Words expressed for a D.D.S.
Words of delight
Words of relief
Words of understanding
Words to dentists
Words to masseuses
Sounds of understanding
Sounds of understanding
Sighs of relief
Reactions of wonderment
Sighs of relief
Satisfied sounds
Spa sounds
Sounds of pleasure or discovery
Satisfied sounds
"I get it" sounds
Sounds of relief
Sounds at spas
Sighs of relief
Sushi bar beverage
Loose, now
Sounds made during medical checkups
Sounds of contentment
Sounds of relaxation
Sounds of satisfaction
"I get it" sounds
Sighed sounds
Sighed sounds
Sigh sounds
Relaxed sounds
Expresses relief
Enlightened responses
"Eureka!" relatives
Spa sounds
Sounds showing revelation
"That's pleasurable" sounds
Sounds of contentment
Sounds before sneezes
Doctors' orders?
Spa sounds
Checkup sounds
Sounds of satisfaction
Spa sounds
They accompany "ohs"
Sounds at spas
Contented sighs
Satisfied sounds
Exclamations of contentment or surprise
Cries of surprise
Cries of surprise
Sighs of pleasure
Spa sounds
Scary FX series, for short
Sounds at doctors' checkups
Sounds of relief
Sounds of satisfaction
Relaxed sighs
Checkup sounds
Sigh sounds
Sigh sounds
Sounds of relief
Sigh sounds
Spa sounds
Contented sighs
Sigh sounds
Sounds of understanding
Massage reactions
Sigh sounds
Sounds that doctors sometimes ask patients to say
Sighs of pleasure
Sigh sounds
Tonsils-checking sounds
Satisfied exhalations
Spa sounds
Oohs and __
Checkup sounds
Physical responses
Contented sounds
Cries of surprise
Sounds during a strep test
Starts of sneezes
Sighs of relief
Annual checkup sounds
Sigh sounds
Happy sighs
Spa sounds
Starts of sneezes
Starts of sneezes
Checkup sounds
Sounds of satisfaction
Sneeze starts
Sounds in a dentist's office
Sounds at a fireworks display
Spa sounds
Sounds of satisfaction

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