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The word ALIEN has appeared in at least 605 clues on different crosswords.

ALIEN definition(s):

  • a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country
  • transfer property or ownership
  • not contained in or deriving from the essential nature of something
  • anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
  • arouse hostility or indifference in where there had formerly been love, affection, or friendliness

""".... in tears amid the___ corn"": Keats"
"""Close Encounters of the Third Kind"" visitor"
"""District 9"" visitor"
"""Enemy Mine"" role"
"""First papers"" filer"
"""Futurama"" extra"
"""Guardians of the Galaxy"" extra"
"""Illegal ___"" (Genesis song)"
"""In space no one can hear you scream"" film"
"""In space no one can hear you scream"" movie"
"""Mars Attacks!"" attacker"
"""Men in Black"" character"
"""Men in Black"" creature"
"""Men in Black"" menace"
"""She stood in tears amid the ___ corn"": Keats"
"""She stood in tears amid the ___ corn..."": Keats"
"""She stood... amid the ___ corn"": Keats"
"""Signs"" villain"
"""Star Trek"" extra"
"""Star Wars"" extra"
"""Starman"" hero, e.g."
"""The War of the Worlds"" character"
"""The X-Files"" extra"
"""The X-Files"" subject"
"""The X-files"" extra"
"""V"" villain"
"""X-Files"" extra"
"""X-Files"" extra, maybe"
"""___ Corn"""
"""___ Corn,"" Howard play"
"""___ Corn."""
"""___ Nation"" (1988 sci-fi movie)"
"""___ Nation,"" 1988 film"
'... in tears amid the ___ corn'
'79 sci-fi thriller
'79 shocker
'Star Trek' extra
'___ Corn'
1979 Ridley Scott thriller
1979 Sigourney Weaver film
1979 Sigourney Weaver movie
1979 Sigourney Weaver thriller
1979 Weaver film
1979 Weaver thriller
"1979 film parodied in ""Spaceballs"""
1979 film set aboard the Nostromo
1979 film set on the spaceship Nostromo
1979 film that won an Oscar for visual effects
"1979 film with the tagline ""In space no one can hear you scream"""
1979 movie set on the spaceship Nostromo
1979 sci-fi blockbuster
1979 sci-fi classic
1979 sci-fi film with a gut-busting scene?
1979 sci-fi flick
1979 sci-fi hit
1979 sci-fi thriller
1979 sci-fi-horror film
1979 space thriller
1979 thriller set on the spaceship Nostromo
A 1979 Oscar winner
A claim against a foreigner
"ALF, for one"
Abductor in many a tabloid article
Abductor in tabloids
"Abductor, some claim"
Adverse (to)
Alf or E.T. e.g.
"Alf or Mork, e.g."
"Alf, e.g."
"Alf, for one"
"An American in Paris, e.g."
An Eli at Cambridge
"Appropriate anagram of ""Elian"""
Area 51 visitor?
Art Bell topic
Asylum seeker
Australian ___: outlander?
Averse (to).
Bearer of a green card or a green body
Being from beyond Earth
Being from outer space
Beyond one's ken
Beyond-earth being
Big job for the makeup department
Border crosser
Candidate for naturalization
"Character in some ""Twilight Zone"" episodes"
Citizenship seeker
Classic Sigourney Weaver film
Completely foreign
Completely strange
Completely unfamiliar
Creature feature of 1979
Creature from outer space
Creature in sci-fi movies
"Creature with two heads, maybe"
"Crop circle artist, some say"
Crop circle creator
Deportation victim
Different in nature.
Distant relative?
District 9 resident
"Doctor Who, notably"
Dramatic corn
E.T. or Alf
E.T. or Starman
E.T. visitor
"E.T., e.g."
"E.T., for one"
"E.T., say"
"ET, e.g."
Earth invader
Earth visitor
Ellen Ripley is this film's heroine
Ellen Ripley's film foe
Embassy worker
Ewok or Klingon
Exceedingly unfamiliar
Extra-terrestrial or extra-national
Far from familiar
Far removed
Far-out fellow?
Feature of many sci-fi films
Figure often depicted in green
Film set aboard the Nostromo
Film set on the spaceship Nostromo
Film that happens aboard the Nostromo
Film with a pluralized sequel
Flying saucer flier
Flying saucer occupant
Flying-saucer chauffeur
Flying-saucer driver
Flying-saucer passenger
Flying-saucer pilot
Foreign visitor.
Foreigner with a mortgage
From Mars
"From Mars, say"
From another planet
"Future citizen, perhaps"
Galactic visitor
"Genesis hit ""Illegal ___"""
"Genesis' ""Illegal ___"""
"Genesis's ""Illegal ___"""
Green card holder
"Green figure, in many depictions"
Green-card applicant
Green-card carrier
Green-card holder
Green-card possessor
Hardly local
He came from outer space
He's out of this world
Higher-up individual?
Highly unusual
His marriage might make him a citizen
Horror film of 1979
Immigrant at first
Immigration authorities concern
Immigration status
Incongruous (to).
Intergalactic traveler
It led to sequels for Sigourney
It's out of this world
"Its working title was ""Star Beast"""
January registrant
"Joe Satriani ""Surfing With the ___"""
Kind of race
Klingon or Ferengi
Klingon or Vulcan
"Klingon, e.g."
"Kryptonian, e.g."
Lacking citizenship
Like some landscapes
Little green guy
Little green man
"Little green man, maybe"
Little green man?
Man from Mars
"Man or woman, according to a Gray title"
"Many a ""Doctor Who"" character"
"Many a ""Roswell"" character"
"Many a ""Star Trek"" character"
"Many a ""Star Wars"" character"
"Many a ""Star Wars"" extra"
Many a Comic-Con costume
Many a day laborer
Many a sci-fi character
Many a slimy movie monster
Martian on Earth
Martian or Venusian
"Martian, e.g."
"Martian, for one"
"Martian, say"
Message sender SETI hopes to detect
"Mindy, to Mork?"
More than exotic
More than just unfamiliar
Mork from Ork
Mork of Alf
Mork or Alf
"Mork, e.g."
"Mork, for one"
Mos Eisley Cantina patron
Movie creature
"Movie with the tagline ""In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scream"""
Movie with the tagline 'In space no one can hear you scream'
Native's opposite
"Neptunian, e.g."
Newcomer to U.S.
Newcomer to the U.S.A.
Not at all familiar
Not from Earth
"Not from Earth, say"
Not from around here
Not from here
Not from this world
Not native
Not natural
Not of this Earth
Not of this earth
Not of this world
Not terrestrial
"Not terrestrial, perhaps"
Not too familiar
Of another land
Of another world
"One of ""Them"""
One out?
One that SETI hopes to hear from
One who's not from around here
One who's out of this world?
One with a big head?
Opposed (to).
Otherworldly type
Out of place.
Out of this world
Out of this world?
Out-of-this-world type
"Out-of-towner, maybe"
"Pacino, that is, 'n' E.T."
Perpetrator of an abduction
Predator's foe in a 2004 film
"Predator's opponent, in the movies"
Prospective citizen
Prospective citizen.
"Prot, for one"
Quarry for Mulder and Scully
Quite dissimilar
"Radiohead ""Subterranean Homesick ___"""
"Radiohead's ""Subterranean Homesick ___"""
"Ray Bradbury character, often"
Refuge seeker
"Reptilian, supposedly"
Reputed UFO pilot
Resident ___ (Sebastian Janikowski's status)
Ridley Scott classic
Ridley Scott film
Ridley Scott shocker
Ripley adversary
"Roswell ""tourist"""
"Roswell crash victim, supposedly"
Roswell regular?
Roswell visitor
SETI quarry
"Saturnian, e.g."
Saucer contents
Saucer creature
Saucer flyer
Saucer passenger
Saucer pilot
Saucer pilot?
"Saucer steerer, supposedly"
Scary Sigourney Weaver film
Scary flick
Sci-fi abductor
Sci-fi being
Sci-fi character
Sci-fi classic of 1979
Sci-fi figure
Sci-fi film extra
Sci-fi film of 1979
Sci-fi film with a gut-busting scene?
Sci-fi film with a hatching egg on its poster
Sci-fi film with an android named Ash
Sci-fi foe
Sci-fi heavy
Sci-fi horror film
Sci-fi horror film: 1979
Sci-fi invader
Sci-fi regular
Sci-fi role
Sci-fi staple
Sci-fi stranger
Sci-fi subject
Sci-fi thriller of '79
Sci-fi thriller starring Sigourney Weaver
Sci-fi villain
Sci-fi visitor
Seminal 1979 horror film
Set. E.T. straight
Sigourney Weaver classic
Sigourney Weaver film
Sigourney Weaver film: 1979
Sigourney Weaver flick
Sigourney Weaver hit: 1979
Sigourney Weaver movie
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi classic
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi film
"Sigourney Weaver sci-fi film, 1979"
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi flick
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi thriller
Sigourney Weaver shocker
Sigourney Weaver thriller
Space critter
Space freighter film
Space spooker of 1979
Space thriller of 1979
Space visitor
"Spacehog ""Resident"""
"Spacehog debut ""Resident ___"""
"Spacehog's 1st ""Resident ___"""
"Spacehog's debut ""Resident ___"""
Spaceship flier
Spaceship inhabitant
Spaceship passenger
"Spock's father, but not his mother"
"Starman, e.g."
Starring vehicle for Sigourney Weaver
Stock sci-fi character
Story penned by an extraterrestrial (5)
"Strange, or stranger"
Stranger from a strange land
Stranger from a strange land?
Stranger in a familiar land?
Subject for an X-file
Superman or Martian Manhunter
"Superman, e.g."
"Superman, for one"
"Surveillance subject in ""Men in Black"""
Tabloid abductor
"Tabloid cover topic, maybe"
Tabloid creature
Tabloid figure
Tabloid photo subject
Tabloids abductor
"The ""A"" in ALF"
The A of ALF
"The Doctor, e.g."
Third Rock from the Sun cast member
Topic for an X-file
Totally unfamiliar
Tourist from space
Tramontane of sorts
U.F.O. crew member
U.F.O. pilot
UFO captain
UFO driver
UFO driver or passenger
UFO flier
UFO occupant
UFO occupant?
UFO operator
UFO passenger
UFO pilot
UFO rider
UFO visitor
"UFO visitor, perhaps"
Ufologist's study
Undocumented one
Undocumented person
Unearthly character
Unlike one's own
Unnaturalized resident
Utterly unfamiliar
Venusian or Venetian
"Venusian, e.g."
"Venusian, for one"
Very strange
Very unfamiliar
Video-game target
Visa applicant
Visitor from Mars
Visitor from Venus
Visitor from Venus or Venice
"Visitor from Venus, perhaps"
Visitor from afar
Visitor from afar?
Visitor from another planet
Visitor from another world
Visitor from beyond our solar system
Visitor from beyond the solar system
Visitor from far away
"Visitor from far, far away"
Visitor from outer space
Visitor from outerspace
Visitor from space
Visitor from the stars
"Visitor in ""District 9"""
Visitor on Earth
Visitor space
Visitor to Earth
Weaver vehicle
Weaver work on a screen
Weaver's work
"Weekly World News cover photo, maybe"
Weekly World News newsmaker
"Worf or Troi, e.g."
Wormhole traveler
Xenophile's friend
Xenophobe's aversion
Xenophobe's bugaboo
Xenophobe's concern
Xenophobe's dread
Xenophobe's fear
Xenophobe's focus
Xenophobe's thorn
Xenophobes concern
"Yank at Oxford, e.g."
"You, to E.T."
___ Ant Farm
___ Resurrection
___ and Sedition Acts of 1798
___ and Sedition Acts.
___ and Sedition Acts: 1798
___ being
___ to (incongruous).
___ to (inconsistent with).
___ to (not natural to).
Visitor from another world
"Men in Black" creature
Visa applicant
Sci-fi visitor
One facing deportation, maybe
UFO pilot
Xenophobe's dread
"Independence Day" invader
E.T., e.g.
Strange to send a line
1979 movie that took place aboard the spacecraft Nostromo
"Independence Day" invader
Visitor to Earth
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi film of 1979
Superman or Mork
Not of this world
Xenophobe's fear
Strange to send a line
"Little green man"
Strange to send a line
From another planet
Roswell crash victim, some believe
"Little green man"
UFO pilot
E.T., e.g.
One with legal right to make film
Disturbingly different
Sci-fi saucer steerer
E.T., e.g.
Extraterrestrial area one like Armstrong climbs
Distant and then some
1979 sci-fi blockbuster
UFO pilot
E.T., e.g.
Sci-fi figure
E.T. e.g.
An invention brought in by a foreigner
Strange to send a line
Vulcan, e.g.
Space visitor
Out-of-this-world creature
Quite unfamiliar
Abductor in tabloid stories
Unfamiliar (to)
1979 sci-fi thriller
Strange to send a line
Many a "Star Trek" character
UFO pilot
UFO pilot
Sci-fi being
Unnaturalised, foreign
UFO flyer
Creature from outer space
Venusian or Jovian
Foreigner, outsider
Strange to send a line
E.T., e.g.
E.T. e.g.
First of a series of sci-fi movies starring Sigourney Weaver
Very strange
Saucer traveler
Disturbingly different
Strange to send a line
From Mars, perhaps
UFO pilot
E.T., e.g.
Far from familiar
Foreign, very strange
From another world
Being from a distant world
Creature from space
1979 sci-fi film starring Tom Skerritt and Sigourney Weaver
Sci-fi staple
Visitor from outer space
Area 51 corpse, some believe
Martian, for example
UFO creature
UFO pilot
UFO pilot
Not from around here
E.T., e.g.
Tabloid abductor
Foreigner, outsider
Sci-fi invader
Weaver sci-fi classic
Disturbingly unfamiliar
"The X-Files" subject
1979 sci-fi film starring Tom Skerritt and Sigourney Weaver
Sci-fi being
A legal right to be foreign
Any ''Star Wars'' person

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