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Word: AMOS

The word AMOS has appeared in at least 661 clues on different crosswords.

AMOS definition(s):

  • a Hebrew shepherd and minor prophet
  • an Old Testament book telling Amos''s prophecies
  • Air Force Maui Optical System
  • Automatic Meteorological Observation System
  • Automatic Meteorological Observation System

"""1,000 Oceans"" singer Tori"
"""1000 Oceans"" singer Tori"
"""A Perfect Peace"" author Oz"
"""A Sorta Fairytale"" singer"
"""A Sorta Fairytale"" singer Tori"
"""A Tale of Love and Darkness"" author Oz"
"""Abnormally Attracted to Sin"" Tori"
"""Amber Waves"" singer Tori"
"""American Doll Posse"" Tori"
"""And he said, ___, what seest thou?"" (Amos 8:2)"
"""Big Wheel"" singer Tori"
"""Bliss"" singer Tori"
"""Bouncing Off Clouds"" singer Tori"
"""Boys For Pele"" Tori"
"""Boys for Pele"" pianist"
"""Boys for Pele"" singer Tori"
"""Caught a Light Sneeze"" singer"
"""Caught a Lite Sneeze"" singer Tori"
"""Chicago"" husband ___ Hart"
"""Cornflake Girl"" girl"
"""Cornflake Girl"" singer"
"""Cornflake Girl"" singer Tori"
"""Cornflake Girl"" singer Tori ___"
"""Cornflake Girl"" woman"
"""Famous ___"" (cookie maker)"
"""Famous"" baker"
"""Famous"" chip maker"
"""Famous"" cookie brand"
"""Famous"" cookie creator"
"""Famous"" cookie guy"
"""Famous"" cookie maker"
"""Famous"" cookie man"
"""Famous"" cookie maven"
"""Famous"" cookie name"
"""Famous"" cookie pioneer"
"""Famous"" cookie purveyor"
"""Famous"" cookiemaker"
"""Famous"" entrepreneur"
"""Famous"" entrepreneur Wally"
"""Famous"" name"
"""Famous"" snack maker"
"""Famous"" snack-maker"
"""For Life the Dream to Live"" band"
"""From the Choirgirl Hotel"" Tori"
"""Good Times"" actor John"
"""Good Times"" star John"
"""Little Earthquakes"" Tori"
"""Mr. Cellophane"" singer in ""Chicago"""
"""Murder, She Wrote"" sheriff ___ Tupper"
"""My Michael"" author Oz"
"""My Michael"" writer ___ Oz"
"""Raspberry Swirl"" singer Tori"
"""Roots"" star on TV"
"""Scarlet's Walk"" Tori"
"""Shotgun Angel"" band Daniel ___"
"""Silent All These Years"" Tori"
"""The Beekeeper"" Tori"
"""The Beekeeper"" pianist/singer Tori"
"""The Beekeeper"" pop vocalist"
"""The Cookie Never Crumbles"" author"
"""The Cookie Never Crumbles"" author Wally"
"""The ___ 'n Andy Show"""
"""Time"" singer Tori"
"""To Venus and Back"" Tori"
"""Under the Pink"" singer"
"""Under the Pink"" singer Tori"
"""___ & Andrew"" (1993)"
"""___ & Andy"""
"""___ & Boris"" (William Steig book)"
"""___ 'n'Andy"""
"""___ Moses"" (Jerry Reed song)"
"""___ Moses"" (Jerry Reed)"
'-- 'n' Andy'
'70s All-Star ___ Otis
'70s All-Star outfielder ___ Otis
'70s all-star ___ Otis
'A Sorta Fairytale' singer Tori
'Crazy' singer Tori
'Duke of ___'
'Famous' cookie maker
'Famous' cookie man
'Famous' cookiemaker
'Flying Dutchman' singer
'Good Times' actor John
'My Michael' author Oz
'The Cookie Never Crumbles' author Wally
"*""Famous""... Andy... prophet"
1990's singer Tori
"1993 Samuel L. Jackson movie ""___ & Andrew"""
19th-century journalist/politician ___ Kendall
70's All-Star ___ Otis
8th-century B.C. preacher
"Actor John of ""Roots"""
"Actor John on ""The West Wing"""
Alphabetically first Minor Prophet
Alternative pop diva Tori
Alvin Childress TV role
Alvin Childress title role in 1950's TV
Alvin Childress's TV role
An Alcott
Andy s partner
Andy s sidekick
Andy's TV and radio pal
Andy's TV pal
Andy's TV partner of yore
Andy's associate.
Andy's buddy
Andy's cohort
"Andy's cohort, in old radio"
Andy's comedic partner
Andy's foil
Andy's friend
Andy's friend.
Andy's old radio pal
Andy's old radio partner
Andy's old-time pal
Andy's pal
Andy's pal on old radio
Andy's partner
Andy's partner in old radio
Andy's partner in radio
Andy's partner of long ago
Andy's radio and TV pal
Andy's radio pal
Andy's radio partner
Andy's radio partner of old
Andy's radio sidekick
Andy's radio sidekick of old
Andy's sidekick
Andy's sidekick of old radio
"Andy's sidekick, in old radio"
Author Oz
Baking entrepreneur Wally
Baking prophet?
Bible book
Bible book after Joel
Bible book before Obadiah
Bible book between Joel and Obadiah
Biblical book
Biblical book.
Biblical herdsman/prophet
Biblical monotheist.
Biblical prophet
Biblical prophet.
Biblical sheep-farmer
Biblical shepherd
Biblical shepherd-prophet.
Biblical shepherd-turned-prophet
Biblical sycamore fig farmer
Big name in cookies
Big name in old radio
Big name in snack food
Black who was really white
Boogie pianist Milburn
Book after Joel
Book after Joel (4)
Book after Joel.
Book before Obadiah
Book between Joel & Obadiah
Book between Joel and Obadiah
Book by a prophet
Book following Joel
Book of O. T.
Book of prophecies
Book of the Bible
Book of the Bible.
Book of the O. T.
Book of the Old Testament.
Bronson Alcott's first name
"Burke of ""Burke's Law"""
"Burke of ""Burke's Law."""
"Burke of TV's ""Burke's Law"""
"Burke's first name on ""Burke's Law"""
Cabbie of old radio
Cabbie of the 1930's.
Cabot Cove sheriff
Character Gosden portrayed
Character who sings 'Mr. Cellophane' in 'Chicago'
Chip producer Wally
Co-owner of radio's Fresh Air Taxicab Company
Coach Stagg
Coach Stagg.
College football coach ___ Alonzo Stagg
Comedy figure of 1930s radio
Contemporary of Isaiah and Hosea
Contemporary of Isaiah.
Cookie King Wally
Cookie baker of note
Cookie celebrity
Cookie entrepreneur
Cookie entrepreneur Wally
Cookie guy
Cookie guy Wally
Cookie king Wally
Cookie legend
Cookie magnate
Cookie magnate Wally
Cookie maker Famous ___
Cookie maker Wally
Cookie man
Cookie man Famous ___
Cookie man Wally
Cookiedom's Famous ___
"Cookies made him ""Famous"""
"Cuckolded husband in ""Chicago"""
Dartmouth's ___ Tuck School of Business Administration
Disney mouse
Disney's inventive mouse
Eighth-century B.C. prophet
Eliot's Rev. ___ Barton
F. F. Gosden role
F. F. Gosden role.
Famed coach Stagg
Famous ___
Famous ___ (cookie brand)
Famous ___ cookies
Famous ___ of cookiedom
Famous baker
Famous candymaker
Famous cookie creator
Famous cookie guy
Famous cookie king
Famous cookie maker
Famous cookie man
Famous cookie name
Famous cookie tycoon
Famous cookiemaker
Famous fellow?
Famous guy
Famous name in cookie sales
Famous name in the cookie business
Famous name?
Famous or Tori
Famous snack maker
Fictional cabbie of old radio
"First Old Testament book, alphabetically"
First name in cookies
Follower of Joel
Football coach ___ Alonzo Stagg
Football's ___ Alonzo Stagg
Former K.C. outfielder Otis
Former KC outfielder Otis
Former Philippine president Fidel
Former Royals outfielder Otis
Freeman F. Gosden role
Freeman Gosden
Freeman Gosden radio role
Freeman Gosden role
Freeman Gosden's radio role
Friend of the Kingfish
"Gene's ""Burke's Law"" character"
General Halftrack's first name in 'Beetle Bailey'
"General Halftrack, of ""Beetle Bailey"""
Good Times star
Gosden role
Grandpa McCoy
Grandpa ___ McCoy
Grid coach ___ Alonzo Stagg
"Gridiron great, --- Alonzo Stagg"
Half a 1950s TV duo
Half a radio team
Half an old radio duo
Half an old radio team
Half of a 50's TV duo
Half of a noted old radio duo
Half of an old radio comedy duo
Half of an old radio duo
Hawaiian cookie tycoon
He follows Joel
"He was ""among the herdmen of Tekoa"""
"He's ""Famous"" for cookies"
Hebrew prophet
Hebrew prophet and writer
Hebrew prophet.
Herdsman of Tekoa
Herdsman of Tekoa.
Herdsman prophet.
Herdsmen of Tekoa.
His cookies are famous
His cookies are famous!
Isaiah contemporary
Israeli author Oz
Israeli author ___ Oz
Israeli novelist Oz
Israeli short story writer Oz
Israeli writer Elon
Israeli writer Oz
Israeli writer ___ Oz
Israeli writer___Oz
It follows Joel
It's after Joel
Joel follower
Joel's biblical follower
Joel's follower
Joel-Obadiah linkup
Joel-Obadiah separator
"John ___, star of ""Roots"""
"John of ""Coming to America"""
"John of ""Good Times"""
"John of ""Roots"""
John of 'Good Times'
Journalist Kendall
Journalist Oz
Judean prophet
Kunta Kinte portrayer John
Last name in cookies
Latin love words?
"Lee with the 2011 #1 album ""Mission Bell"""
Literary Oz
Long-run radio role
Major Hoople
Major Hoople's first name
Man's name.
Memorable radio character.
Minor Biblical prophet
Minor Old Testament prophet
Minor Prophet
Minor prophet
Minor prophet in the Old Testament
"Minor prophet who said ""I was no prophet"""
Minor prophet.
Monotheist of 8th cen. B.C.
Mr. Hoople
Music-making Tori
Musical Tori
Musical name after Tori or before Lee
NPR foreign correspondent Deborah
Name in old radio shows
"Name meaning ""a burden."""
"Name meaning ""burden."""
Novelist Oz
O. T. book
O. T. book.
O.T. Book.
O.T. book
O.T. book.
O.T. prophet
OT book
OT book after Joel
OT prophet
Obadiah neighbor
Obadiah preceder
Old Testament book
Old Testament book after Joel
Old Testament book that follows Joel
Old Testament book.
Old Testament prophet
Old Testament shepherd
Old radio character
Old radio title character
"Old radio's ""___ 'n' Andy"""
One of a Biblical twelve
One of a radio pair
One of a radio twosome
One of the Alcotts
One of the Minor Prophets
One of the minor prophets
One with a cookie fortune
One-time outfielder Otis
Onetime Royals outfielder Otis
Otis of baseball
Otis of baseball fame
Otis of the K.C. Royals
Otis of the Kansas City Royals
Otis or Strunk
Otis who handled centerfield for Kansas City
Outfielder Otis
Oz in fiction
Oz in literature
Oz of book fame
Oz of letters
Oz the writer
Pal for Andy
Pal of Andy
Pal of Andy.
Partner in an old radio comedy duo
Partner of Andy
"Partner of Andy, in classic radio"
Pastoral prophet
Pianist Tori
Pianist/singer Tori
Pittsburgh running back Zereoue
Plumb-line prophet
Pop diva Tori
Pop singer Tori
Pop star Tori
Private eye Walker in Loren D. Estleman books
Prophet after Joel
Prophet from Tekoa
Prophet from Tekoa.
Prophet in the Old Testament
Prophet of Tekoa.
Prophet of the eighth century B.C.
Prophet whose book is between Joel and Obadiah
Prophetic shepherd
Psychologist ___ Tversky
Radio character
Radio name of yore
Radio role for Freeman Gosden
Radio-TV name.
Red-headed singer Tori
Redhead Tori
"Roxie's husband in ""Chicago"""
Roxie's husband in 'Chicago'
Roxie's husband in 'Chicago'
Roxie's husband in Chicago
Royals longtime centerfielder Otis
Rusie of baseball
Rusie of fastball fame
"Sang about ""Little Earthquakes"""
See 43D
Shepherd of Tekoa
Shepherd prophet
Shepherd with an Old Testament book named for him
"Sheriff Tupper of ""Murder, She Wrote"""
Singer Tori
"Singer Tori with the album ""Little Earthquakes"""
Singer ___ Lee
Singer-songwriter ___ Lee
Singer/pianist Tori
Singer/songwriter Tori
Snack brand creator Wally
Songstress Tori
Songwriter Tori
"Source of ""Woe to them that are at ease in Zion"""
Stagg of coaching fame
Steelers RB Zereoue
Steelers running back Zereoue
TV role for Alvin Childress
TV sheriff Tupper
TV's Captain Burke.
Tekoa prophet
The 'A.' in A. Bronson Alcott
The Cookie Never Crumbles author
The Famous cookie guy
Third of the Minor Prophets
This precedes Obadiah
Three-time A.L. Gold Glove winner Otis
Three-time Gold Glove winner ___ Otis
Tom Wargo's real first name
Tori ___
Tori at the piano
Tori of pop music
Tori of pop/rock
Tori or Wally
"Tori who did ""Cornflake Girl"""
"Tori who did ""To Venus and Back"""
"Tori who did the album ""Little Earthquakes"""
"Tori who sang ""Cornflake Girl"""
"Tori whose ""Under the Pink"" went platinum"
"Tori with the album ""The Beekeeper"""
Tuneful Tori
Wally of cookie fame
Wally of cookiedom
Wally of cookies
Wally the cookie maker
Well-known radio character.
Whitney of Pratt & Whitney
Writer Elon
Writer Oz
___ 'N Andy
___ Alonzo Stagg
"___ Alonzo Stagg, famed football coach"
"___ Alonzo Stagg, huddle developer"
"___ Alonzo Stagg, inventor of the huddle"
___ Alonzo Stagg.
___ Bronson Alcott
___ Bronson Alcott.
"___ Hart (neglected ""Chicago"" husband played by my uncle on Broadway in 2009)"
___ Jacobs (Danny Thomas)
___ Jones of old radio comedy
"___ Lee, singer with the 2011 #1 album ""Mission Bell"""
___ Otis (AL player named to the 1972 All-Star team)
___ and Andy
Singer-songwriter Tori
Oz in the bookstore
Surname among the "Good Times" cast
Follower of Joel
Israeli writer ___ Oz
Singer Tori
Trio who released the 1994 album Under the Pink
Wally of cookies
Writer Oz
Singer Tori
Singer Tori
Pop singer Tori
'Famous' snack maker
Old Testament book that asks 'Does a lion roar in the thicket when it has no prey?'
Famous cookiemaker
Israeli author Oz
Operator of cookiekahuna.com
'Famous' cookie magnate Wally
"Famous" cookiemaker
"The Cookie Never Crumbles" co-author Wally
"Famous" cookie man
Andy's partner of old radio
Baker/literacy advocate Wally who hosted "Learn to Read"
"Jews and Words" coauthor Oz
Wally who played himself in the "Taxi" episode "Latka's Cookies"
Prophet who got Thomas most upset?
Biblical prophet
Israeli author Oz
Israeli author Oz
Writer Oz
Spicy samosa is too much for him
Bible book between Joel and Obadiah
Old Testament prophet
Book after Joel
Book before Obadiah
Andy's chum
Andy's chum
Israeli author Oz
Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th century BC
Hosea contemporary
Tori who sang "Cornflake Girl"
"Famous" cookie man
Old Testament book
Cookie man who became "Famous"
Singer Tori
Book after Joel
Old Testament prophet
"God" singer Tori
Israeli novelist Oz
Radio and TV partner of Andy
Andy's partner of old radio
Israeli author Oz
Old Testament book
"Famous" cookie guy
Old Testament prophet
"Chicago" simpleton ___ Hart
"Famous" cookie maker
Tori with eight Grammy nominations
"My Michael" author Oz
Book after Joel
Book after Joel
Old Testament book
"A Perfect Peace" author Oz
''The Cookie Never Crumbles'' autobiographer
Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th-century BC
"Famous" cookie maker
Old radio teammate of Andy
"Famous" cookie maker
Cookie magnate Wally
Andy's TV and radio partner
Singer Tori
Cookie monster?
Hebrew prophet
Novelist Oz
"Famous" cookie name
Andy's partner in old comedy
"A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori
"Flavor" singer Tori
Roxie's husband in "Chicago"
Did he prophesy nothing for Sam to get upset about?
Roxie's husband in "Chicago"
Author Oz
Tori of pop
Tori at the piano
Andy's radio partner of old
Cookie maker Wally
Old Testament book
Andy's pal of radio and TV
Singer Tori
"Black Box" novelist Oz
Hebrew prophet
Israeli author Oz
"Famous" cookie man
"Famous" cookie maker
Prophet who reformed some dipsomaniacs
Book between Joel and Obadiah
Singer Tori
Famous ___ cookies
Football's ___ Alonzo Stagg
Pop singer Tori
Book after Joel
"Famous" cookiemaker
Oz who wrote "Black Box"
Writer Oz
"God" singer Tori
Andy's pal of old TV and radio
Hall of Fame pitcher Rusie
Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th century BC
''Famous'' sweet-snack guy
Singer Tori
Contemporary of Hosea
Andy's old partner
John who played an older Kunta Kinte on 'Roots'
'Famous' cookie name
Singer Tori
"Raspberry Swirl" singer Tori
"Famous" cookie dude
Famous cookie man
"Famous" cookie maker
Book after Joel
Musical Tori
____ and Andy of early TV
Writer Oz
"A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori
"A Tale of Love and Darkness" novelist Oz
Half of an old radio duo
"Famous" snack guy
"Famous" cookie maker Wally ___
Cookie monster?
Andy's TV and radio pal
Alternative rock singer Tori
Hebrew prophet
Biblical shepherd-turned-prophet
Andy's radio partner
Andy's radio partner
"A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori
Famous ___ (brand of chocolate chip cookies)
Singer and pianist Tori
"God" singer Tori
Singer Tori
Andy's TV and radio pal
Singer Tori
Famous __
Tori of tunes
Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th-century BC
Commercial rhyme for 'Famous'
Actor John who plays Admiral Fitzwallace on "The West Wing"
His face ''launched a thousand chips,'' per his bio
'Famous' cookie name
"Professional Widow" singer Tori
Famous ___ (cookie brand)
Novelist Oz
Famous ___ cookies
"God" singer Tori
Old Testament book
"A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori
Andy's TV and radio partner
American folk/rock singer ___ Lee
Half of an old radio duo
"Famous" cookie maker
Old Testament book
Book after Joel
Wally of cookiedom
"Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby" singer Milburn
Famous cookiemaker
Hebrew prophet
"A Perfect Peace" author Oz
Prophet who said 'The Lord roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem'
___ Lee, singer with the 2011 #1 album 'Mission Bell'
Book before Obadiah
Biblical prophet
"Famous" cookie maker
"Cornflake Girl" singer Tori
Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th-century BC
Famous ___
Book after Joel
"In the Land of Israel" author Oz
Andy's radio and TV partner

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