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Word: ANTE

The word ANTE has appeared in at least 1322 clues on different crosswords.

ANTE definition(s):

  • (poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot
  • place one''s stake
  • Each player's stake, which is put into the pool before (ante) the game begins.
  • To put up (an ante).

"""Cough up,"" in poker"
"""Deal me in"" indicator"
"""Give me a hand"""
"""I'm in"" indicator"
"""Post"" opposite"
"""___ up!"""
"""___ up!"" (game cry)"
"""___ up!"": ""Pay your share!"""
"A 10-cent stake, perhaps"
A chip before the deal
A chip for a kitty
"A chip in the pot, perhaps"
A chip or two to start with
"A chip, at times"
"A chip, maybe"
"A chip, sometimes"
"A couple of chips in the pot, maybe"
"A couple of chips in the pot, say"
"A couple of chips, maybe"
"A few chips in the pot, maybe"
"A few chips, perhaps"
"A few chips, say, in poker"
"A few poker chips, maybe"
A hand-holder may build on this
"A penny in a pot, perhaps"
A penny is a small one
"A penny, at times"
"A penny, sometimes"
A poker stake
"A single poker chip, sometimes"
A ten-cent contribution
A.M. word
A.m.'s 'a'
AM word
Active volcano near Messina
Add to the kitty
Add to the pot
Addition to the pot
Advance amount
Advance of a sort
Advance on a table
Advance payment
Alternative to blinds
Amount of money that can be raised?
Amount preceding a bet
Amount preceding bets
Amount to be raised
"Amount to be raised, maybe"
"Amount to be raised, perhaps"
Amount to be raised?
An anagram for neat
Anaconda payment
Anagram for neat
Arbitrary stake
At times it's upped
Attachment to a date?
Be up front with it to get a hand
Before bellum.
"Before, but after vigil"
"Before, to Brutus"
Before: Lat.
Before: Latin.
Before: Pref.
Before: Prefix
Before: Prefix.
Before: pref.
Before: prefix
Begin a pot
Beginning pot
Bellum beginning
Bellum or date preceder
Bellum or meridian preceder
Bellum preceder
Bellum prefix
Bet all players must make
Betting amount
Betting beginning
Bettor's starter
Blind relative?
"Blind supplement, sometimes"
"Blind, essentially"
Blind-bet alternative
"Blue chip, at times"
"Blue chip, maybe"
"Blue chip, perhaps"
"Blue chip, sometimes"
"Bread on the table, maybe"
Bread on the table?
Bread put down on some tables
Bring-in's cousin
"Brutus' ""before"""
Build the pot
Buy a hand
Buy a poker hand
Buy in
Buy into a poker game
Can t do it with a penny now
Card fee
Card game stake
Card player's stake
Card term.
Card-game stake
Card-game starter
Cards fare
Cards money
Cards pitch-in
Cards' cost
Cash for cards
Cash on hand?
Cash on the table
Cash on the table?
Casino word
Cause a pot to have a chip in it?
Certain entrance fee
Certain forced bet
Certain payment
Certain pile of chips
Certain stake
Chamber head?
Chamber lead-in
Chamber opening?
Chamber starter
Change into a kitty?
Charge for a hand delivery?
Charge for hand delivery?
Chip for a pot
Chip for the pot
Chip in
Chip in a chip
Chip in a chip for starters
"Chip in a chip, perhaps"
Chip in a new pot
Chip in a pot
"Chip in a pot, maybe"
Chip in a pot?
Chip in before deal
Chip in chips
Chip in for a hand?
Chip in for stud
Chip in some chips
"Chip in the middle, maybe"
Chip in the pot
"Chip in, literally"
Chip in?
Chip not dipped
Chip on the table
"Chip on the table, maybe"
"Chip on the table, perhaps"
Chip or coin
"Chip or two, maybe"
Chip that starts a pot
Chip to start
Chip without dip?
"Chip, maybe"
"Chip, often"
"Chip, perhaps"
Chips before the poker hand
Chips for cards
"Chips in a pot, sometimes"
Chips in the pot
Chips to play
Chips up front
Chips which you shouldn't eat
"Chips, e.g."
"Chips, without dip?"
Clever wager
Commitment to the game
Compulsory bet
Compulsory bet.
Contribute at cards
Contribute to the kitty
Contribute to the pot
"Contribute, with ""up"""
Contribution before the deal
Contribution of a sort
Contribution of sorts.
Contribution to a pot
Contribution to the pot
Contribution toward the pot
Cost at poker
Cost for a deal?
Cost of a hand
Cost of cards
Cost of getting a hand
Cost of playing
Cost of staying in
Cost to be dealt in
Cost to get in on the deal
Cost to go up and down the river
Cost to play
"Cost, at cards"
Cough (up)
Cough up
Cough up a chip?
Cough up a poker chip
Cough up for a kitty
Cough up for the kitty
"Cough up, for a hand"
"Couple of chips, e.g."
Cousin of pre-
Create a pot
"Cut follower, maybe"
"Cut follower, often"
Date heading?
Date introduction?
Date leader?
Date opener
Date opening?
Date or lope leader
Date or room starter
Date preceder
Date starter
Dated leader?
Deal investment?
Deal preceder
Deal prelude
"Deal prelude, often"
"Deal prerequisite, maybe"
Deal prerequisite?
Dealer's call
"Dealer's call, perhaps"
Dealer's choice
Dealer's choice?
Dealer's demand
Dealer's request
"Dealer's request, perhaps"
Dealer's requirement
Demand a hand
Deserve a hand?
Dewey Decimal user
Do this and you'll get a hand
Do this if you want to get a hand
Draw payment
Earlier: Prefix.
Early bet
Enter a deal
Entrance fee of a sort
Entrance price in poker
Entry fee
Entry fee for a poker hand
Entry fee of a sort
Entry fee?
European defense assn.
Expense share
Fee before a hand
Fee of a sort
Fee of sorts
Feed a kitty
Feed the kitty
Feed the kitty a penny?
Feed the kitty.
Feed the kitty?
Feed the pot
First cabbage in the pot?
First chip
First chip in
First chip in a pot
First chip thrown in
First chip tossed in
"First chip, maybe"
"First chip, often"
"First chip, perhaps"
First chips
First contribution to the pot
"First few chips, usually"
First move at the card table
First of the pot
First poker stake
First pot contribution
First round of chips
Fixed bet
Fixed stake
Flip a chip
Folder's loss
Folder's minimum loss
Forced bet
Fork over for a hand
"Fork over, with ""up"""
Front money
Front money?
Gambler s stake
Gambler's input
Gambler's obligation
Gambler's payment
Gambler's stake
Gambling word
Game admission
Game opener
Game stake
Game starter
"Game starter, perhaps"
Game term.
Gaming stake
Gaming table fee
Get a hand for this*
Get a pot going
Get in a hand
Get in on a deal
Get in on the deal
Get in on the pot
Get in the game
"Get in the game, perhaps"
Get in the pot
Get into the game
"Get into the game, in a way"
Get it up!
Get the kitty going
Get the pot going
Get the pot started
Give some money to the pot
Go in on a hand
Guts payment
Hand contribution
Hand cost
Hand demand?
Hand prerequisite
Hand price
Hand requirement
Hand starter
Hand-delivery charge?
"Handful of chips, maybe"
Handover for a hand
Help make a pot
Help to create a big pot
Help to create a nice pot
Help to create a pot
Hold 'em fee
Hold 'em opener
Hold 'em ritual
Hold'em payment
Hold-'em ritual
Homophone for Mame's title
Homophone for auntie
In front of: Prefix.
Indicate you plan on going down the river?
Indicate you're in
Indication of serious intent
Indication that you want a hand
Individual share
Ingredient in a pot
Initial bet
Initial chip
Initial contribution
Initial contribution of a sort
Initial money for the pot
Initial offering?
Initial payment
Initial poker cost
Initial poker payment
Initial poker stake
Initial stake
Initial wager
Initiation fee?
It always comes before a flop
It can be a single chip
It can be upped
It can lead to raises
It can show interest in a deal
It comes before the deal*
It could precede a good deal
It follows penny
It gets the pot going
It goes in the center of the table
It goes in the middle of the table
It goes in the pot
It goes to pot
It helps a kitty grow
It leads to a deal
It makes a kitty grow
It may be accompanied by a blind
It may be raised at a table
It may be upped
It may follow a cut
It may force a hand
It may lead to a good deal
It may precede a deal
It might be a blue chip
It might be a penny
It might get your kitty going
It often precedes a deal
It precedes the first bet
It promotes growth in a pot
It'll give you a hand
It's a start
It's a starter
It's for openers
It's handed over for a hand
It's in the pot
It's just for openers
It's often put in before a deal
It's often upped
It's pitched into the pot
It's put in a pot
It's put in the pot before a hand
It's seen by the blind
It's tossed in a pot
It's upped at times
It's usually one chip
Item for a pot
Jack pot stake.
Join a poker game
Join the game
Join the poker game
Kick in
Kick in a chip
Kick in a chip for a pot
Kick in a poker chip
Kick in for a hand
Kick in on a deal
Kick in to a pot
"Kick in, in poker"
"Kick in, say"
Kick into a pot
Kick into the kitty
Kick into the opening pot
Kick into the pot
Kick off a poker hand
Kind of bet.
Kind of chamber
Kind of room
Kind of room or chamber
Kind of room.
"Kitty ""food"""
Kitty bit
Kitty builder
Kitty cash
Kitty chip
Kitty contribution
Kitty feed
Kitty feed?
Kitty feeder
Kitty food?
Kitty initiator
Kitty insert
Kitty stake
Kitty starter
Kitty sweller
Kitty's birth?
Kitty's contributor
Kitty's due
Las Vegas opener
Lead-in to room or chamber
Let go to pot?
Let them know you're in
Make a pot
Make a ten-cent contribution
"Make pots, in a way"
Minimum poker loss
Minimum risked
Minute stake?
Money before a hand
Money before a poker hand
Money for a hand
Money for pot?
Money for the pot
Money in the pot.
Money on the table
"Money on the table, maybe"
Money put up front
Money to play
Money to play with
Money to secure a deal?
Money up front
"Morning's start, in old Rome?"
Neat anagram?
No one's in until this is put in
Nominal poker bet.
Not post
Not post-
Obligatory contribution of a sort
Omaha payment
One chip
"One chip, maybe"
"One chip, often"
"One chip, perhaps"
One kind of bet.
"One or two poker chips, maybe"
One way to get a hand
"One white chip, often"
Open the pot
Opening amount
Opening bet
"Opening bet, in poker"
Opening bit
Opening chip
"Opening chip, in poker"
Opening pay-in
Opening payment
Opening poker bet
Opening poker contribution
Opening stake
Opening wager
"Opposite of ""post"""
Opposite of post
Opposite of post-
"Part of ""a.m."""
Part of A.M.
Part of AM
Part of a large pot
Part of a pot
Part of a.m.
Part of the pot
Pay (up)
Pay (up).
"Pay (with ""up"")."
Pay for a hand
Pay for a poker hand
Pay for a round
Pay for cards
Pay for play
Pay in
Pay in a way.
Pay in advance
Pay one's part.
Pay one's share
"Pay one's share, with ""up"""
Pay one's share.
Pay the kitty
Pay the pot
Pay to deal
Pay to get in
Pay to hold a hand
Pay to hold hands
Pay to hold one's hand?
Pay to join the hand
Pay to play
Pay to play poker
"Pay to play, as poker"
"Pay to play, in a way"
Pay up
Pay up to get in on
Pay up.
Pay with up
"Pay your share, with ""up"""
"Pay, at poker"
"Pay, with ""up"""
"Pay, with 'up'"
Pay-to-play fee
Payment at a table
Payment before a deal is made
Payment for a hand
Payment for a poker hand
Payment made by hand?
Payment to play
Payment to play cards
Payment up front
Payment up-front
"Pennies in a pot, perhaps"
Penny ___
Penny ___ (low-stakes game)
Penny ___ poker
Penny ___.
Penny bet
Penny ending
Penny fee
Penny follower
"Penny in a pot, sometimes"
Penny in a small game
"Penny or matchstick, in some poker games"
Penny wager
"Penny, in some poker games"
"Penny, maybe"
"Penny, maybe, in poker"
"Penny, perhaps"
"Penny, perhaps, is mountain-climbing (4)"
"Penny, sometimes"
Penny-___ (insignificant)
Penny-___ (low-stakes)
Penny-___ (rinky-dink)
Penny-___ (small-time)
Penny-___ (trivial)
Penny-___ poker
Penny-___: small-time
Place one's stake
Play money
Play money?
Play opener
Play to pay
Player's contribution
Player's entry
Player's payment
Player's pot
Player's stake
Players may up it
Poker action
Poker admission
Poker bet
Poker buy-in
Poker chip
"Poker chip, maybe"
"Poker chip, sometimes"
Poker chip-in
Poker contribution
Poker cost
Poker dealer's demand
Poker dealer's requirement
Poker dues
Poker fee
Poker game starter
Poker hand fee
Poker hand starter
Poker money
Poker move
Poker necessity
Poker necessity.
Poker night pot
Poker opener
"Poker opener, perhaps"
Poker opening
Poker pay-in
Poker payment
Poker payment.
Poker penny
Poker pitch-in
Poker pittance
"Poker pittance, possibly"
Poker play.
Poker player's must-do
Poker player's payment
Poker post
Poker pot
Poker pot basis
Poker pot builder
Poker pot input
Poker pot money
Poker pot primer
Poker pot starter
Poker pot-builder
Poker precursor
Poker prelude
Poker price
Poker requirement
Poker ritual
Poker stake
Poker stake.
Poker staple
Poker starter
Poker table payment
Poker term
Poker term.
Poker throw-in
Poker word
Poker-hand entrance fee
Poker-hand starter
Poker-pot builder
Poker-pot item
Poker-pot part
Poker-pot starter
Poker-pot sweetener
Pony (up)
Pony up
Pony up for a hand
"Pony up, in poker"
Pool starter
Post opposite
Pot addition
Pot additive
Pot booster
Pot builder
Pot builder*
Pot builder?
Pot chip
Pot chips
Pot component
Pot content
Pot contents
Pot contribution
Pot enhancer
Pot entrance fee
Pot entry
Pot fee
Pot feeder
Pot filler
Pot for gamblers
Pot foundation
Pot grower?
Pot ingredient
Pot ingredient?
Pot initiative
Pot item
Pot maker
Pot money
Pot money?
Pot opener?
Pot part
Pot payment
Pot portion
Pot starter
Pot starter*
Pot sweetener
Pot sweetener.
Pot sweller
Pot-building payment
Pre-bet move
Pre-deal chip
Pre-deal money
Pre-deal payment
Pre-deal poker requirement
Pre-deal request
Pre-deal ritual
"Pre-hand money, in poker"
Pre-hand requirement
Pre-play pay
Predeal chip
Predeal payment
Predeal requirement
Prefix for bellum
Prefix for bellum or date
Prefix for cede
Prefix for cede or date.
Prefix for chamber
Prefix for date or cede
Prefix for date or diluvian
Prefix for diluvian
Prefix for penultimate
Prefix for room
Prefix for room or date
"Prefix meaning ""before"""
Prefix used with room and date.
Prefix with bellum
Prefix with cede
Prefix with cede and date.
Prefix with cede or date
Prefix with cede or date.
Prefix with chamber
Prefix with chamber or bellum
Prefix with chamber or chapel
Prefix with chapel
Prefix with date
Prefix with date or cede
Prefix with date or chamber
Prefix with date or nave
Prefix with date or room.
Prefix with diluvian
Prefix with fix or type.
Prefix with natal
Prefix with penultimate
Prefix with room
Prefix with room or date
Preliminary stake
Prelude to a deal
"Prelude to a deal, perhaps"
Prepare for a deal
Prepay the pot
"Prepay, with ""up"""
Previous prefix
Price at poker
Price for a hand
Price for hand delivery?
Price for playing
Price for poker
Price of a hand
Price of a stud hand
Price to be paid
Price to play
Price to play a hand
Prime the pot
Prior (to)
Prior to: Prefix
Prior to: Prefix.
Prior: Prefix
Prior: Prefix.
Prior: prefix
"Produce, with ""up"""
Prove that you want a hand
Put (up)
Put a chip in the pot
Put a few chips in the pot
Put a stake on the table
Put down some chips
Put down stakes
Put down stakes?
Put in a chip
Put in a stake
Put in chips
Put in one's chips
Put in some chips
Put in the pot
Put in to get in
Put into the pot
Put one's chips on the table?
"Put one's two cents in, perhaps?"
Put one's two cents in?
Put up
Put up a poker chip
Put up a stake
Put up stakes
Put up stakes.
Put up.
"Put your money down, with ""up"""
Put your one cent in?
"Put your two cents in, perhaps"
Put your two cents in?
Qualify for a hand
Relative of 73. Down
Relative of pre-
Reno opening
Request after a cut
Request after cutting
Required bet
Required investment of a kind
Required payment
"Requirement for a hand, say"
Requirement for some games
Requirement in a game of dealer's choice
Ripen the pot
Room lead-in
Room opener
Room opening?
Room or chamber
Room or chamber preceder
Room or chamber starter
Seven-card stud start
Share of expenses
Share of group expenses
Share of the cost of a venture
Show interest in a deal
Show that one's in?
Show that you want a hand
Show that you're in
Show that you're in the hand
Show you're in
Shuffler's request
Small stake.
"Some chips, maybe"
Something that's just for starters?
Something to give a kitty?
Something to raise
Something to raise at poker
Sometimes it's a penny
Sometimes it's one cent
Sometimes it's upped
Sometimes its upped
Stake at cards
Stake for a hand
Stake in a game
Stake in a pot
Stake in the game
Stake in the pot
Stake of a sort
Stake on a table
Stake on the table
Stake that might get you jacked up?
Stake to partake
Stakes before the deal
Start a Texas Hold 'em hand
Start a Texas hold 'em hand
Start a hand
"Start a hand, maybe"
Start a poker game
Start a poker hand
Start a poker pot
Start a pot
Start a pot going
Start at poker
Start for a kitty
Start for date or room
Start for date?
Start of a pot
Start stud
Start the kitty
Start the poker pot
Start the pot
Start the pot going
Start the pot off
Start to date
Start to date?
Start to fill a pot
Start to make a pot
Start-up cost
Starter chips
Starter for date or cede
Starter stake
Starting chip
Starting money of a sort
Starting pay?
Starting poker stake
Starting stake
Startup cost
Status quo --
Status quo ___
Status quo ___ bellum
Status quo ___.
Stud buy-in
Stud fee
Stud fee?
Stud money
Stud player's stake
Stud requirement
Stud stake
Stud stakes
Stud starter
Sum for a hand
Sweeten the kitty
Sweeten the pot
Sweeten the pot a little?
Sweeten the pot.
Sweeter the pot
Table center piece?
Table money
Table payment
Table stake
Tableau prop
Temporal prefix
Texas Hold 'em start
Texas Hold
Texas Hold'em stake
"The ""A"" in A.M."
"The ""a"" in a.m."
The A in AM
The A of A.M.
The a in a.m.
"The first chip, usually"
The first few chips
The price to play
This precedes bellum
Throw a chip in the pot
Throw a coin in a volcano the wrong way (4)
Throw in a chip
"Throw in a few chips, say"
Throw in the first chips
"Throw some coins on the table, maybe"
Token at the table?
Toss a chip in the pot
Toss in a chip
"Toss in a chip, say"
Toss in some chips
Toss in the pot
Try pot luck?
"Two chips, e.g."
Type of room
Up the ___
"Up the ___ (make things more interesting, in a way)"
Up the ___: raise
Up the pot
Up-front amount
"Up-front amount, in poker"
Up-front fee
Up-front money
Up-front poker payment
Upfront amount
Upfront money
Upfront payment
Upfront stake
Vegas opening
Venture capital
Venture capital?
"Vide ___ (see before, in Latin)"
Vigil's end
Wanted outsiders to drop off money in advance (4)
Way to get a deal started
Way to get a guaranteed hand
What Unc put up at the casino?
What a player may risk first
What seals the deal?
What to do before the deal
What you may do to get a hand
What you may need to do to get a hand
"What you need to get a hand, often*"
What you pay to play
"What's required to be ""in"""
Where the chips may fall
"White chip, often"
"White chip, perhaps"
White chip.
Wine valley
Word heard in the back room
Word in the a.m.?
Word on a Caribbean Stud Poker table
Word with bellum
Word with bellum or date
Word with bellum or meridiem
Word with date or chamber
Word with room or chamber
World Poker Tour contribution
World Poker Tour payment
You have to be up front with it
You have to be upfront about this
You have to be upfront with it
You might add it to the pot
You might get a hand for it
You'll get a hand for it
You're not in until it's in
You're out unless you put this in
You're out until this is put in
You're out until you put this in
___ bellum
___ bellum.
___ meridiem
___ meridiem (morning: Lat.)
___ meridiem.
___ omnia (first of all): Lat.
___ up
___ up (pay one's share)
___ up (pay)
___ up: pay
Starting poker pot contribution
Opening stake
Player’s fee
Player's fixed contribution
Start a poker pot
At times it’s upped
First chip in the pot
Opening chip
Front money?
Pay for a hand
Pay for a hand
Pay for a hand
Pay for a hand
Pay for a hand
Card-game stake
Card-game stake
Poker pay-in
Initial poker payment
Opening stake
Poker buy-in
Kitty builder
Pony up in poker
Feed the kitty
Poker chip sometimes
Chip in a chip
Pre-deal payment
Pay to play
Stud starter
Hand's cost
Pot starter
Charge for hand delivery?
Poker hand requirement
Player's fee
Price of hand delivery?
Initial poker payment
Pay to play
Pay to play
Price to play
Poker payment
Feed the kitty
Stud stake
Gaming stake put up before the deal in poker
Poker pot starter
Pot starter
Poker bet that's not optional
Poker stake
Poker stake
Pot part
Payment before a deal is made
It's just for openers
AM, ... meridiem
Initial chip
Opening bet
It's for starters
Stake on a table
Starting bet
Opening wager
Pay for a hand
Prefix with room or date
Poker pot starter
AM, ... meridiem
Poker opener
Initial stake
Put up
Poker word
Card-player's stake
Poker payment
Poker bet
Poker paying
Pot starter
Put up a stake
Chip in
Prefix for date or room
Pot starter
Raise bid, up the ...
Start the pot
Poker term
A penny is a small one
Initial contribution
Pay (up)
Poker stake
Poker player's entrance fee
Gaming stake put up before the deal in poker
Poker stake
Pay (up)
Opening bet
Starting bet
Opening poker chips
Opening wager
Pot grower
Poker opener
Poker payment
Poker stake
Pay to play
Initial stake
Penny in the pot, say
Poker word
Kitty starter
What starts some games
Charge for a hand
Pot starter
It may be upped
Poker pot starter
Opening bet
It's for openers
Starting poker stake
Poker stake
The A of AM
First chip in the poker pot
Required bet, in poker
Pay to play
Raise stakes, up the ...
Poker payment
Pot addition
Poker payment
Poker payment
Poker bet
Starting stake
Draw money?
Poker bet
Chip in
Initial wager
Forced bet
Pre-deal chip
Poker opener
Feed the kitty
Feed the kitty
Gaming stake put up before the deal in poker
Start a pot
Initial bet
Initial bet
Pay for a hand
Poker term
Poker term
Poker fee
Poker fee
Player's fee
Pot starter
Penny ____
Penny ____
Feed the kitty
Feed the kitty
Initial chip
AM, ... meridiem
Required bet, in poker
Prelude to a deal
Hold 'em fee
Pay (up)
Stud fee?
Pay for a hand
Initial poker stake
Poker stake
Opening wager
Chip in
Poker stake
Kitty start
Chip in
Poker pay-in
Poker stake
Large pot supported with several hands
Pay for a hand
Poker stake
Opening bet
Predeal payment
Opening bet
Initial payment
Poker stake
Starting bet
Starting bet
Opening wager
Opening wager
Poker opener
Poker opener
Fee for hand delivery?
Poker payment
Blue chip, perhaps
Initial stake
Initial stake
Start the kitty
Gaming stake put up before the deal in poker
Mandatory bet
Required bet, in poker
Poker payment
Poker word
Poker word
Pay to play
Poker payment
Poker payment
Pot payment
Certain entrance fee
Start a pot
Poker bet
Poker bet
Poker cost
Texas Hold 'em start
Chip in
Chip in
Pay to play
Cost for a hand
Price for part of a deck?
Poker fee
Initial wager
Initial wager
Initial wager
Initial wager
Initial bet
Initial bet
Game admission
Get in on a deal
Poker hand starter
Price to play
Pot starter
Opening poker stake
Texas Hold 'em fee
Poker term
Poker term
Pot builder
Initial chip
Poker fee
First chip in the pot
Poker fee
Poker stake
Penny ____
Hold 'em fee
Penny ____
Prefix for before
Raise stakes, up the ...
Feed the kitty
Feed the kitty
Raise bid, up the ...
Poker stake
59 Across ritual
Initial chip
Cost of a hand
Poker stake
Join the poker game
Opening bet
Penny, in some poker games
Poker stake
Initial bet
Pot starter
Poker pot starter
Cost to get in
Starting bet
Initial cost
"I'm in" indicator
Pre-deal payment
Opening wager
Poker opener
Hold 'em fee
Pot starter
Initial stake
Penny in a pot, perhaps
Required bet in poker
Cards' cost
Poker chip, sometimes
Person who damages property
Poker pot component
Poker word
AM, ... meridiem
Poker payment
Pot starter
Add to the kitty
Thing to do before you raise
Penny-__ (trifling)
"___ up!" (card player's cry)
Poker bet
Chip in
Pot starter
Raise bid, up the ...
Poker player's payment
Card-player's stake
Poker payment
Pay to play
Start the kitty
Initial poker stake
AM, ... meridiem
Initial wager
Initial bet
The A of AM
Kitty feeder
Poker price
Poker hand starter
A bet that rises in height
Poker term
Poker stake
Initial poker payment
AM, ... meridiem
Hand cost
Poker fee
Poker pay-in
Poker hand starter
Cough up some chips?
It may be upped, in poker
Upfront bet
Penny ____
Poker pay-in
Hand outlay
Pay to play
Poker pot payment
Starting chip in poker
Penny-__: trivial
Initial poker stake
Poker stake

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