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Word: APU

The word APU has appeared in at least 271 clues on different crosswords.

APU definition(s):

  • Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Acid Purification Unit (acid Recovery System)
  • Auxiliary Power Unit

"""Chutney Squishee"" seller on ""The Simpsons"""
"""Kwik-E-Mart"" owner on ""The Simpsons"""
"""Much ___ About Nothing"" (""Simpsons"" episode)"
"""Much ___ About Nothing"" (""The Simpsons"" episode)"
"""Much ___ About Nothing"" (title of a ""Simpsons"" episode)"
"""Much ___ about Nothing"" (""Simpsons"" episode)"
"""Semi-legal immigrant"" on ""The Simpsons"""
"""Simpsons"" character who debuted in the episode ""The Telltale Head"""
"""Simpsons"" character with multiple bullet wounds"
"""Simpsons"" dad"
"""Simpsons"" shopkeeper"
"""Simpsons"" storekeeper"
"""Thank you, come again"" speaker"
"""Thank you, come again"" speaker, on ""The Simpsons"""
"""The Simpsons"" Kwik-E-Mart operator"
"""The Simpsons"" Squishee seller"
"""The Simpsons"" character"
"""The Simpsons"" character ___ Nahasapeemapetilon"
"""The Simpsons"" character who befriends Paul and Linda McCartney in an episode"
"""The Simpsons"" character who belts out part of ""Sgt. Pepper's"" in an episode"
"""The Simpsons"" character who debuted in ""The Telltale Head"" episode"
"""The Simpsons"" character who graduated first in his class of seven million at the Calcutta Institute of Technology"
"""The Simpsons"" character who sang ""Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?"""
"""The Simpsons"" character who sang with the Be Sharps"
"""The Simpsons"" character who sings Cheap Trick's ""Dream Police"" in an episode"
"""The Simpsons"" character who works extremely long hours"
"""The Simpsons"" character whose favorite baseball squadron is the ""Nye Mets"""
"""The Simpsons"" character whose last name has 18 letters"
"""The Simpsons"" character with an 18-letter last name"
"""The Simpsons"" clerk"
"""The Simpsons"" convenience store clerk"
"""The Simpsons"" convenience store manager"
"""The Simpsons"" convenience store owner"
"""The Simpsons"" grocery owner"
"""The Simpsons"" guy"
"""The Simpsons"" merchant"
"""The Simpsons"" regular"
"""The Simpsons"" role"
"""The Simpsons"" shop owner"
"""The Simpsons"" shopkeeper"
"""The Simpsons"" small business owner"
"""The Simpsons"" small businessman"
"""The Simpsons"" store owner"
"""The Simpsons"" storekeeper"
"""The Simpsons"" storekeeper voiced by Hank Azaria"
"""The ___ Trilogy"" (1955-59 film series)"
"""Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?"" singer"
'The Simpsons character'
'The Simpsons shopkeeper'
'The Simpsons storekeeper'
'The Simpsons' character
'The Simpsons' clerk
'The Simpsons' merchant
'The Simpsons' shopkeeper
'The Simpsons' store clerk
'The Simpsons' storekeeper
A member of Springfield's Be Sharps
Animated clerk
Bart's Squishee provider
Bart's favorite mart owner
"Brahmin ""Simpsons"" character"
"Brother of Sanjay on ""The Simpsons"""
Business-owning toon Nahasapeemapetilon
"Calcutta Tech grad on ""The Simpsons"""
Cartoon character married to Manjula
Cartoon character who fathered octuplets
Cartoon character who graduated first in his class of seven million at the Calcutta Institute of Technology
Cartoon character with an 18-letter surname
Cartoon convenience store owner
Cartoon father of octuplets
Cartoon shopkeeper
Cartoon storekeeper
"Character on ""The Simpsons"""
"Character on ""The Simpsons"" married to Manjula"
"Character on ""The Simpsons"" who works at the Kwik-E-Mart"
"Character on ""The Simpsons"" who's the father of octuplets"
Character on 'The Simpsons' whose last name is Nahasapeemapetilon
Character on America's longest-running animated TV series
Clerk at a mart frequented by Bart
Clerk for Homer
"Clerk on ""The Simpsons"""
Clerk on 'The Simpsons'
Clerk on The Simpsons
"Convenience store clerk on ""The Simpsons"""
"Convenience store owner on ""The Simpsons"""
Desi toon
Drawn Desi
"Father of octuplets on ""The Simpsons"""
"Father of octuplets, on TV"
Fictional father of octuplets
Hank Azaria character
"Hank Azaria voices him on ""The Simpsons"""
Hank voices him
"He once scolded, ""I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise. You leave me no alternative but to ask you nicely again."""
"He pioneered the ""Chutney Squishee"""
"He sells Squishees on ""The Simpsons"""
He sells Squishees to Bart
He sells the Simpsons Squishees
"He sings ""Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?"""
"He sings Cheap Trick's ""Dream Police"" in an episode of ""The Simpsons"""
He warned against the all-syrup Squishee
He was questioned by Homer about the theoretical product Skittlebrau
"Hero of Satyajit Ray's ""Pather Panchali"""
Hindu vegan on 'The Simpsons'
Homer Simpson's Indian friend
Homer Simpson's donut supplier
Homer Simpson's friend
Homer's Squishee supplier
Homer's donut supplier
Homer's doughnut supplier
"Homer's employer, in one episode of ""The Simpsons"""
"Husband of Manjula on ""The Simpsons"""
Indian character in Springfield
"Indian immigrant on ""The Simpsons"""
Indian in Springfield
Indian toon
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
"Kwik-E-Mart clerk on ""The Simpsons"""
Kwik-E-Mart clerk on 'The Simpsons'
"Kwik-E-Mart employee on ""The Simpsons"""
Kwik-E-Mart franchisee
Kwik-E-Mart guy
"Kwik-E-Mart guy on ""The Simpsons"""
Kwik-E-Mart operator
Kwik-E-Mart owner
"Kwik-E-Mart owner of ""The Simpsons"""
"Kwik-E-Mart owner on ""The Simpsons"""
Kwik-E-Mart owner on 'The Simpsons'
Kwik-E-Mart owner on The Simpsons
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor of TV
"Kwik-E-Mart proprietor on ""The Simpsons"""
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor on 'The Simpsons'
Kwik-E-Mart storekeeper
Kwik-E-Mart's owner
Kwik-E-Mart's proprietor
"Maker of an all-syrup Squishee, once"
"Manjula's husband on ""The Simpsons"""
Manjula's husband on 'The Simpsons'
"Manjula's husband, on ""The Simpsons"""
"Manjula's spouse on ""The Simpsons"""
"Mart owner on ""The Simpsons"""
Mart owner on The Simpsons
Matt Groening's shopkeeper
"Member of the B-Sharps, on ""The Simpsons"""
"Member of the Be Sharps on ""The Simpsons"""
"Member of the Pin Pals on ""The Simpsons"""
"Member of the The Be Sharps on ""The Simpsons"""
"Member of the barbershop quartet ""The B-Sharps,"" on ""The Simpsons"""
"Member of the barbershop quartet The B-Sharps on ""The Simpsons"""
Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon
"Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon of ""The Simpsons"""
"Mustachioed character on ""The Simpsons"""
"Nahasapeemapetilon of ""The Simpsons"""
Nahasapeemapetilon of Springfield
Noted convenience store owner
Noted immigrant on TV
Owner of the Kwik-E-Mart
"Owner of the Kwik-E-Mart, on ""The Simpsons"""
Satyajit Ray hero
Satyajit Ray trilogy
"Satyajit Ray's ""The World of ___"""
"Satyajit Ray's ""The ___ Trilogy"""
"Satyajit Ray's ""World of ---"""
Satyajit Ray's ___ Trilogy
Satyajit Ray's ___ trilogy
Seller of Duff six-packs on 'The Simpsons'
"Seller of Squishees on ""The Simpsons"""
Seller of Squishees to Bart
Seller of slushies on 'The Simpsons'
Seller of slushies on The Simpsons
"Seller of tofu dogs on ""The Simpsons"""
Shopkeeper known to Homer
Simpsons shopkeeper
Simpsons storekeeper
Simpsons' grocer
"Slushy seller on ""The Simpsons"""
Springfield Indian
Springfield clerk
Springfield dad
Springfield storekeeper
Springfield storekeeper on TV
Springfield's Squishee seller
"Springfielder who advised James Woods to ""try to take it in the shoulder"""
"Squishee purveyor on ""The Simpsons"""
"Squishee seller of ""The Simpsons"""
"Squishee seller on ""The Simpsons"""
"Squishee seller, on ""The Simpsons"""
Store clerk on 'The Simpsons'
"Store manager on ""The Simpsons"""
"Store owner on ""The Simpsons"""
"Store proprietor on ""The Simpsons"""
"Storekeeper in ""The Simpsons"""
"Storekeeper on ""The Simpsons"""
Storekeeper on 'The Simpsons'
Storekeeper who sells Squishees to Bart
"TV father of Anoop, Uma, Nabendu, Poonam, Priya, Sandeep, Sashi, and Gheet"
TV's Kwik-E-Mart clerk
TV's Nahasapeemapetilon
The Simpsons clerk
The Simpsons merchant
Toon for which Hank Azaria won a 1998 Emmy
Toon shopkeeper
Toon shopkeeper voiced by Hank Azaria
Toon storekeeper from India
Toon with a Ph.D. from the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology
"Toondom's convenience store owner who once said, ""Silly customer! You cannot hurt a Twinkie"""
"Uncle of Jamshed and Pahusacheta on ""The Simpsons"""
“The Simpsons” character in a green jacket
Vegan character on ‘The Simpsons’
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
"The Simpsons" clerk
Springfield businessman
"Simpsons" storekeeper
"Simpsons" storekeeper
Mustachioed clerk on "The Simpsons"
"The Simpsons" clerk
"The Simpsons" merchant
He sells Squishees to Bart
Cartoon shopkeeper
''The Simpsons'' storekeeper
Kwik-E-Mart operator
Toon Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Clerk on "The Simpsons"
''The Simpsons'' shop owner
"The Simpsons" shop owner
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor
TV character who says "Thank you, come again!"
"The Simpsons" storekeeper
TV's Kwik-E-Mart clerk
"The Simpsons" storekeeper
TV toon with an 18-letter surname
"The Simpsons" character who claims he can recite pi to 40,000 places
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
''The Simpsons'' shopkeeper
He sells Squishees to Bart
Cartoon seller of Squishees
"Simpsons" storekeeper
Indian-born storekeeper on "The Simpsons"
"The Simpsons" clerk
"The Simpsons" store clerk
"Simpsons" storekeeper
"The Simpsons" shopkeeper
"The Simpsons" storekeeper
Father of octuplets on "The Simpsons"
Clerk on "The Simpsons"
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor on "The Simpsons"
Springfield merchant
Father of octuplets on 'The Simpsons'
"The Simpsons" character who sings "Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?"
Manjula's husband on "The Simpsons"
Toon storekeeper
Squishee seller on "The Simpsons"
"Simpsons" character who has eight children
"The Problem With ___" (2017 documentary about a "Simpsons" character)
Hindu character on "The Simpsons"
''Simpsons'' shopkeeper
"The Simpsons" shopkeeper
Kwik-E-Mart clerk on 'The Simpsons'
Squishee seller on "The Simpsons"
Indian character voiced by Hank Azaria on "The Simpsons"
"The Simpsons" character who comes from West Bengal
"The Simpsons" storekeeper
Kwik-E-Mart minder on 'The Simpsons'
Devout Hindu clerk on "The Simpsons"
Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon, on "The Simpsons"
"Simpsons" storekeeper
''Simpsons'' shopkeeper
'The Simpsons' clerk

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