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Word: ASST

The word ASST has appeared in at least 450 clues on different crosswords.

#2: Abbr.
21 Kind of mgr.
2nd banana
2nd in charge
2nd in command
A fast plane for staff mem.
"A.D.C., e.g."
"A.D.C., for one"
ADC for one
"ADC, e.g."
Abbr. before 'D.A.'
Abbr. before D.A.
Abbr. in an office title
Abbr. in job titles
Abbr. in many govt. job titles
Abbr. in many job titles
Abbr. in some office titles
Abbr. on an office door
Abbr. on an underling's business card
"Adjt., e.g."
"Adjt., for one."
Adjutant: Abbr.
Adm. aide
Admin. ___
Admin. aide
Administrative aide: Abbr.
Administrative helper: Abbr.
Aid: Abbr.
Aide (abbr.)
Aide for a D.A.
Aide for short
Aide to a Sec.
Aide to a prin.
Aide to an exec.
Aide to the DA
"Aide, briefly"
"Aide, for short"
"Aide, in ads"
"Aide-de-camp, briefly"
Aide-de-camp: Abbr.
Aide: Abbr.
Aide: Asst.
Aide: abbr.
"Amanuensis, e.g.: Abbr."
Assoc.'s subordinate
Aux. one
Auxiliary: Abbr.
Auxilliary: abbr.
Back-up fig.
Backup to a D.A.
Beleaguered exec.'s need
Below assoc.
"Bob Cratchit to Scrooge, e.g.: Abbr."
Brief aide?
Business associate: Abbr.
Busy ed.'s request
Busy exec's hire
"Busy mgr.'s need, perhaps"
C.E.O.'s subordinate
CEO helper
CEO supporter
CEO's aide
CEO's helper
"Caddie, for example: abbr."
"Call screener, perh."
Celeb's personal helper
Civilian A.D.C.
"Clerk, to a bus. owner"
Co-worker: Abbr.
Coach's aide (abbr.)
Coach's helper (Abbr.)
Coach's helper: abbr.
"Coat carrier, perh."
Colleague: abbr
Corp. office gofer
"D.A. preceder, perhaps"
D.A. type
D.A.'s aide
"D.A.'s aide, e.g."
D.A.'s helper
"D.A.'s second chair, e.g."
D.A.'s staff member
D.A.'s underling
DA's aide
"DA's aide, e.g."
"DA's second chair, for one"
Dept. helper
Deputy (abbr.)
"Deputy, for short"
Deputy: Abbr.
"Dwight Schrute, e.g.: Abbr."
Editor's helper: abbr.
"Elf, to Santa (abbr.)"
Entourage part: Abbr.
Entry level pos.
Entry-level job abbr.
Entry-level pos.
Entry-level position: Abbr.
Exec's aide
Exec's aide: Abbr.
Exec's perk: abbr.
Exec.'s helper
Executive helper: Abbr.
Executive's helper: Abbr.
"Executive's subordinate, for short"
Gal Fri.
"Gal Fri., e.g."
"Gal Friday, e.g."
"Gal Friday, e.g. (abbr.)"
"Gal Friday, e.g.: Abbr."
Girl Fri.
Girl Friday: Abbr.
Glorified intern: Abbr.
Gofer (abbr.)
"Gofer's title, for short"
Gofer: Abbr.
Gofer: abbr.
Guy Fri.
Harried bus. owner's need
Harried exec's need
Harried exec’s need
Help for a busy mgr.
Help for a mgr.
Help: Abbr.
Helper (abbr.)
Helper for a D.A.
Helper for a prin.
Helper in want ads
"Helper, briefly"
"Helper, for short"
"Helper, in ads"
"Helper, in brief"
"Helper, in want ads"
"Helper, shortly"
Helper: Abbr.
Helper: Asst.
Helper: abbr.
Helpful indiv.
Helpful mate: Abbr.
Helpful one: Abbr.
Helping hand: abbr.
Hoping to be assoc.
"Igor, e.g."
"Igor, e.g.: abbr."
"Igor, to Dr. Frankenstein"
"Igor, to Dr. Frankenstein: Abbr."
"Intern, for instance: Abbr."
"Job after an internship, maybe: Abbr."
Job title abbr.
Job-title modifier: Abbr.
Jr. exec
Jr. in an office
Junior exec
Junior prof.
Kin of dep.
Kind of D.A.
Kind of DA
Kind of Prof.
Kind of V.P.
Kind of branch manager: Abbr.
Kind of coach: Abbr.
Kind of dir.
Kind of ed.
Kind of fire marshall: Abbr.
Kind of mgr.
Kind of principal: Abbr.
Kind of producer (abbr.)
Kind of producer: Abbr.
Kind of prof
Kind of prof.
Kind of prof. or D.A.
Kind of professor: Abbr.
Kind of secy.
Lab helper
Lab worker: abbr.
"Lauren Weisberger's title, once: Abbr."
Lead-in for prof. or D.A.
Legislative helper: Abbr.
Li'l helper?
Lieut.'s lieut.
Lieutenant: Abbr.
Like a V.P.
Like a VP
Like certain profs.
Like some D.A.'s
Like some DAs
Like some coaches: Abbr.
Like some eds.
Like some mgrs.
Like some profs.
Lil' helper
Little help?
Little helper
Little helper?
Lower than Assoc.
Lower-rank prof.
Man Fri.
"Man Friday, say (abbr.)"
Man Friday: Abbr.
Man Friday: abbr.
Manager's helper (Abbr.)
Manager's helper (abbr.)
Manager's helper: Abbr.
Member of a d.a.'s staff
Mgr.'s aide
Mgr.'s colleague
Mgr.'s helper
Mgr.'s right-hand man
Mgr.'s subordinate
NBA stat
"Next in command, often (abbr.)"
No. 2
No. 2: Abbr.
Not a full prof.
Number two: Abbr.
Off. aide
Off. helper
Off. underling
Office abbr.
Office aide (Abbr.)
Office aide (abbr.)
Office aide: Abbr.
Office coffee fetcher: Abbr.
Office figure: Abbr.
Office helper: Abbr.
Office title (Abbr.)
Office title abbr.
Office underling: Abbr.
Officer's aide: Abbr.
"One climbing the corp. ladder, perhaps"
One in a D.A.'s office
"One of 7,238 associates"
One of a support grp.
One of the D.A.'s people
One on a D.A.'s staff
One taking tel. messages
One whose job is backing up: Abbr.
Overwhelmed worker's request: Abbr.
Overworked mgr.'s hire
Overworked mgr.'s need
P.D.A. part: Abbr.
"Paralegal, for ex."
"Paralegal, for example: Abbr."
"Paralegal, for one (abbr.)"
"Paralegal, for one: Abbr."
"Paramedic, for ex."
Part of A.D.
Part of ADA
Part of ADA: Abbr.
Part of P.A.
Part of P.D.A.: Abbr.
Part of PDA: Abbr.
Part of T.A.: Abbr.
Part of TA
Part of TA (abbr.)
Part of TA: Abbr.
Part of TA: abbr.
Part of many a job title: Abbr.
"Personal secy., for example"
Prin.'s aide
Prin.'s helper
Prof. rank
Prof.'s rank
"Professor without tenure, perhaps (abbr.)"
Pt. of ADA
Quick #2?
R.N. to M.D.
Rank for a prof.
Rank of some profs.
Relief for a beleaguered exec.
Right hand: Abbr.
Right-hand guy (abbr.)
Right-hand man (Abbr.)
Right-hand man (abbr.)
"Right-hand man, for short"
Right-hand man: Abbr.
Right-hand person (abbr.)
Right-hand person: Abbr.
Rt.-hand person
Sec'y e.g.
"Sec'y, e.g."
Second banana: abbr.
Second fiddle
Second hand: Abbr.
Second in cmd.
Second in command: abbr.
Second-in-command: abbr.
Second: Abbr.
Secondary: Abbr.
"Secretary, e.g. (abbr.)"
"Secretary, e.g.: Abbr."
Secretary: Abbr.
Secy.'s cousin
"Secy., e.g."
"Secy., for one."
"Secy., say"
Short aide
Short aide?
Short helper?
Short right hand?
Short second
Short sidekick?
Short staffer?
Shortened helper
"Sidekick, for short"
Small chore doer?
Sort of secy.
Staff man: Abbr.
Staff mem.
Staff member: Abbr.
Staff person: Abbr.
Staff subordinate: Abbr.
Staffer (abbr.)
Staffer: Abbr.
Subordinate person: abbr.
Subordinate pos.
Subordinate title (Abbr.)
Subordinate title (abbr.)
Subordinate title: Abbr.
Subordinate: Abbr.
"Successor, perhaps (abbr.)"
Support staffer (Abbr.)
Support staffer: Abbr.
TA part
Teacher's helper: Abbr.
"Tel. message taker, maybe"
The ___ D.A.
Type of D.A.
Type of DA
Type of Prof.
Type of coach (Abbr.)
"Type of coach, briefly"
"Type of coach, shortened"
Type of coach: Abbr.
Type of mgr.
Type of principal: abbr.
Type of prof
Type of prof.
Type of professor (Abbr.)
Type of professor (abbr.)
Type of sec'y
"Uncredited subeditor who does a lot of my work for me (but not enough that I'm not still of it), e.g.: Abbr."
Underling (abbr.)
Underling: Abbr.
V.I.P.'s aide
V.I.P.'s helper
"V.P., e.g."
VIP's helper
VIP's staffer
Vice prin.
"Vice prin., e.g."
"Vice prin., for one"
Watson to Bell (Abbr.)
Watson to Bell: abbr.
Wd. in many government positions
Wd. in many job titles
What an A.D.C. is.
Word in many business titles: abbr.
Worker on the way up the ladder (abbr.)
___ D.A.
___ Dist. Atty.
___ General Manager (abbr.)
___ Prof.
___ Prof. (university title)
___ Sec. of State
___ Sec. of the Navy (F.D.R.: 1913-20)
___ Secy.
___ Secy. of State
___ U.S. atty.
___ city atty.
___ mgr.
___ prof.
___ secy. of commerce
___ secy. of state
___ supt.
Aide: Abbr
Second for short
Subordinate: Abbr.
Subordinate for short
Lead-in for prof. or V.P
One on a D.A.'s staff
Aide: Abbr
__ mgr
Helper: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Start of a subordinate title: Abbr.
Kind of prof.
Kind of D.A.
Kind of D.A.
Mgr.'s underling
Aide: Abbr.
Brief second?
No. 2
Deputy: Abbr.
Aide: Abbr
Like some profs.
___ prof.
No. 2
''Star Trek'' officer
Little helper?
Mgr.'s helper
Helper: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Aide: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Helper: Abbr.
__ prof.
Backup source: Abbr.
Helper: Abbr.
Secy., e.g.
Admin. aide
Admin. aide
Helper: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Rt.-hand person
Helper: Abbr.
Second hand: Abbr.
Helper: Abbr.
Helper: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Entry-level job abbr.
Vacation fill-in: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Helper: Abbr
Helper: Abbr.
Admin. aide
Right hand, for short
Helper: Abbr.
__ director
Admin. aide
Sec'y, e.g.
Mgr.'s subordinate
Admin. __
Admin. aide
Aide: Abbr.
Helper: Abbr.
Certain prof.'s designation
Exec's hire, perhaps

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