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Word: ATOM

The word ATOM has appeared in at least 772 clues on different crosswords.

ATOM definition(s):

  • (physics and chemistry) the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element
  • (nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything
  • An ultimate indivisible particle of matter.
  • An ultimate particle of matter not necessarily indivisible; a molecule.
  • A constituent particle of matter, or a molecule supposed to be made up of subordinate particles.

"""Ararat"" director Egoyan"
"""Smallest unit of matter"" Ani DiFranco sings about"
"""Smallest unit of matter""Ani DiFranco sings about"
"""The Ghost in the ___: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics"""
"""Up and ___!"" (Radioactive Man's battle cry)"
"""Up and ___"" (Radioactive Man's catchphrase)"
"""We have split the ___"""
"""___ Heart Mother"" (Pink Floyd album)"
'The Sweet Hereafter' director Egoyan
19 Basic particle
"1950s filmstrip, ""Our Friend, the ___"""
20th-century word.
A bit of chemistry?
A bit smashed?
A bit that can be split
A little bundle of energy
A.E.C. concern
A.E.C.'s concern
AEC logo
Accelerated bit
Accelerator item
Alpha bit
An Emmy features a winged woman holding one
An energy source
Anagram for moat
Ant or bomb
Ant who once teamed with Secret Squirrel
Auteur Egoyan
Basic biological building block
Basic bit
Basic building block
Basic component
Basic elemental unit
Basic particle
Basic physics focus
Basic unit
Basic unit for the elements
Basic unit of matter
"Basis of all, to Lucretius"
Betatron bit
Bit for Fermi
Bit of beryllium
Bit of matter
Bit of nuclear physics
Bit of physics
Bit of science
Bit or whit
Bit part
Bit that can be split
Bit that may be split
Bit that might be split
Bit to be split
Bit to split
Bit with a nucleus
Bohr model depiction
Bohr study
Bohr subject
Bohr theory subject
Bohr topic
Bohr's bailiwick
Bohr's bit
Bohr's study
Bohr's subject
Bohr-ing study
Bomb material
Bomb type
Bond bit
Bond component
Bond holder?
Bond part
Building block of matter
Building block of molecules
Building block of nature
Building block of physics
Canadian film director Egoyan
Canadian film director ___ Egoyan
Carbon 12 e.g.
Cartoon character ___ Ant
Cartoon crime-fighter ___ Ant
Certain smasher input
Certain smasher's target
Chemical building block
Chemistry 101 study
Chemistry bit
Chemistry book chapter
"Chemistry book chapter,with ""the"""
Chemistry class model
Chemistry class subject
Concern for Edward Teller
Concern of Compton and Fermi
Concern of Niels Bohr
Controversial energy source
Controversial power source
Cracked open
"Cyclotron ""fodder"""
Cyclotron bit
Cyclotron fodder
Cyclotron input
Cyclotron particle
Cyclotronic bit
Democratus' unit
Democritus postulated it
Democritus speculated on its structure
Democritus' indivisible unit
Democritus' unit
Depiction on an Emmy
Diagram subject in a chemistry text
Diminutive DC Comics superhero
"Diminutive DC Comics superhero, with ""The"""
Diminutive DC superhero
"Diminutive superhero (with ""The"")"
Director Egoyan
"Director Egoyan of the upcoming ""Adoration"""
Dispenser of sawbucks (or... basic unit of matter)
Dr. Teller's field.
Echobelly song about physics?
"Einstein's wake-up call, ""Up and ___!"""
Electron home
Electron's home
Electron's place
Electrons' place
Element bit
Element component
Element element
Element particle
Elemental bit
Elemental building block
Elemental combiner
Elemental particle
Elemental unit
Elementary bit
Elementary particle
Energetic elementary particle?
Energy particle
Energy producer
Energy source
Energy source in a small package
Energy symbol
Excitable one
Fermi interest
Fermi's fascination
Fermi's study
Film director Egoyan
First half of the alphabet
First half of the alphabet?
First half of the files?
Fission bit
Fission particle
Fission subject
Fissionable item
Fissionable particle
Fissionable unit
"Fluke: ""___ Bomb"""
Focus for Fermi
Focus of Heisenberg's research
Focus of physics
Food thickener
Fundamental matter?
Gold unit
Hadron's place
"Half of a two-volume encyclopedia, say"
Half the alphabet?
Half the dictionary?
Hanna-Barbera's heroic Ant
Hard thing to split
Hard-to-divide object
Heart of the matter?
Home to a muon or pion
Home to a neutron
Indivisible particle of matter
Infinitesimal bit
Infinitesimal bit.
Interest of Fermi
"Ion, e.g."
"Ion, for instance"
Iota's cousin
Iota's cousin.
"Isotope, e.g."
It can be viewed with a scanning tunneling microscope
It can get smashed
It gets smashed
It has a nucleus
It has a nucleus that electrons are bound to by electrical attraction
It has a valence
It has its quarks
It has one or more shells
It may be ionized
It may be smashed
It may be split
It may be split or smashed
It may get smashed
It may get smashed or split
It might be smashed or split
It might be split
It might get smashed
It splits energetically
It splits when it's smashed
It was modeled by Rutherford and Bohr
It was once thought to be indivisible
It was smashed in the 40's
It's a little matter
It's a small thing
It's been split
It's dangerous when split
It's elementary
It's just a little bit
It's little matter
It's made of electrons and protons
It's often split
It's small but lethal
It's smaller than a molecule
It's smashed in a cyclotron
It's smashed in a lab
It's smashed in a particle accelerator
It's split at CERN
It's split in a lab
It's split in nuclear fission
It's tiny and it may get smashed
Item at Oak Ridge
Item discussed by Lucretius
Item for Bohr
Item of interest to Niels Bohr
Item once thought indivisible
Item studied by Niels Bohr
Its diameter is measured in picometers
Itsy-bitsy bit
Jot half the alphabet (4)
Jot or bit
Kind of bomb
Kind of cat.
Kind of smasher
"Label on the first of two file drawers, maybe"
"Label on the first of two file drawers, often"
Label on the first of two file drawers?
Lepton site
Lepton's locale
Lepton's place
"Literally ""indivisible"""
"Literally, ""indivisible"""
Little bit
Little bit of matter
Little building block
Little bundle of energy
Little matter
Little powerhouse
Locus of a quark
Lord Rutherford's concern
Maker of bonds
Matter constituent
Matter unit
Microphysics particle
Microscopic bit
Microscopic building block
Microscopic particle
Midget with mass
Might split at best show of your life?
Mighty bit
Mighty midget
Mighty mite
Mighty mite.
Mighty particle
Minimal amount of gold or platinum
Minimal matter
Minimum amount of an element
Miniscule amount
Minuscule bit
Minuscule particle
Minute amount.
Minute bit
Minute matter
Minute particle
Minute particle of matter
Minute particle.
Minute quantity
Minute quantity.
Mite that might blight
Moat anagram
Model in physics class
Molecular bit
Molecular building block
Molecular component
Molecular constituent
Molecular matter
Molecular part
Molecular particle.
Molecular unit
Molecule bit
Molecule builder
Molecule building block
Molecule component
Molecule constituent
Molecule element
Molecule maker
Molecule member
Molecule mite
Molecule part
Molecule piece
Molecule portion
Molecule unit
Money dispenser holding out a very small quantity (4)
Mote of matter
"Mr. ___, radioactive enemy of Captain Marvel"
N preceders?
N.R.C. concern
Nanotechnology concern
Nanotechnology subject
Nature's building block
Neutrino's place
Neutron's place
Niels Bohr's concern
Niels Bohr's study
Niels Bohr's subject
Nuclear component
Nuclear energy source
Nuclear fission target
Nuclear particle
Nuclear physicist's concern
Nuclear-energy source
Nucleus + electrons
Nucleus + electrons etc.
Nucleus locale
"Nuclide, e.g."
Oft-smashed particle
Oft-split item
One fifth of a methane molecule
One is depicted in the Emmy statuette
One of 24 in a glucose molecule
One of three for H20
One of three in a water molecule
One source of energy
Oppenheimer subject
Orbit site
Part of a molecule
Part of a molecule.
Part of a smashing success?
Participant in a collision
Particle Ani DiFranco sings about
Particle accelerator particle
Particle depicted on an Emmy
Particle disputed by Aristotle
Particle for Bohr
Particle for a physicist
Particle of an element.
"Particle that may be ""smashed"""
Physicist's concern
Physicist's concern.
Physicist's focus
Physicist's study
Physicist's subject
Physicist's subject of study
Physicist's topic
Physics 101 topic
Physics bit
Physics class subject
Physics class topic
Physics focus
Physics particle
Physics subject
Physics tidbit
Pile particle
"Pink Floyd album ""___ Heart Mother"""
"Pink Floyd album, ""___ Heart Mother"""
Pion's place
Place for a proton
Place for protons
Popular group
Positron's place
Potent particle.
Power particle
Power source
Power source.
Powerful mite
Powerful particle
Proton and electron.
Proton place
Proton site
Proton's locale
Proton's place
Proton's spot
"Protons, neutrons, and electrons combined"
Quantum mechanics model
Quantum theory subject
Quark locale
Quark place
Quark site
Quark's locale
Quark's location
Quark's milieu
Quark's place
Quarky item?
Radical component
Reactor factor
Scene of bonding
Science class topic
Scientist's concern.
Site of tiny orbits
Small amount
Small amount of gold
Small amount of gold or silver
Small bit
Small building block
Small energy source
Small matter
Small matter?
Small particle
Small particle.
Small quantity.
Small thing.
Small wonder?
Smallest amount of gold?
Smallest conceivable portion
Smallest part of an element
Smallest unit of an element
Smashable bit
Smashable thing
Smashed item
Smashed mite of the 50'S
Smasher input
Smasher or bomb
Smasher particle
Smashing subject
Smashing target
Smidgen that's smashed
Something smashable
Something to smash
Sometimes it gets smashed
Sometimes it's smashed
Source of energy
Source of energy.
Source of nuclear energy
Source of power
Source of power.
Split bit
Split particle
Split target
Splittable bit
Splittable item.
Splitting it releases energy
Subject for Bohr
Subject for Fermi
Subject for John Dalton
Subject for Richard Feynman
Subject of Bohr's research
Subject of Bohr's theory
Subject of a split
Subject of fission
Supercollider bit
Supercollider collider
Supercollider projectile
"Symbol in the logo of ""The Big Bang Theory"""
Symbol of the post-1945 age
Symbol seen on Jimmy Neutron's shirt
Teensy bit
Teensy particle
Teeny bit
Teeny component
Teeny-tiny bit
Term in science.
The Bohr theory explained its structure
"The H, H or O in H2O"
"The ___, comics crime fighter"
"The first thirteen rows, perhaps"
The once indivisible.
Thing that might decay
Thing to smash
This might split at the best show of your life
Tidbit for Fermi
Tiniest bit
Tiny amount
Tiny amount.
Tiny bit
Tiny bit of matter
Tiny bit of physics
Tiny bit of physics homework?
Tiny bit to split
Tiny bit.
Tiny building block
Tiny bundle of energy
Tiny energy source
Tiny matter
Tiny nuclear-energy source
Tiny part
Tiny particle
Tiny particle.
Tiny portion
Tiny power source
Tiny power unit
Tiny powerhouse
Tiny quantity
Tiny source of energy
Tiny thing
Tiny thing.
Title on one of a two-volume encylcopedia?
Topic of elementary education?
Type of bomb
Unit for Democritus
Unit in a Brownian model
Unit in physics
Unit in physics class
Unit of a molecule
Unit of matter
Unit proposed by Leucippus
Unit quantified in a subscript
Universe minutia
Unseen energy source
Very small amount
Very small bit
Very small matter
Very small quantity
Volume 1 of a two-volume encyclopedia?
Walton and Cockcroft split it
Wee amount
Wee bit
Wee bit of physics
Wee energy source
Wee particle
Wee thing
"What Massive Attack will be ""Splitting"""
"What Massive Attack will be ""Splitting""?"
What a ball represents in a ball-and-stick molecular model
What the Bohr model depicts
What the Bohr model describes
What the Bohr model models
What the winged woman is holding in the Emmy statuette
Where a quark is located
Where a quark is parked
Where electrons orbit
Word coined by Democritus
"Word from the Greek for ""uncuttable,"" ironically"
"Word that comes from the Greek for ""indivisible"""
___ Ant
___ Ant ('60s cartoon hero)
___ Ant (cartoon superhero)
___ Ant of cartoons
___ bomb
___ bomb (means by which Drax intended to destroy London)
___ smasher
___ smasher.
Positron’s place
Electron’s home
Molecule part
Bit of physics
Teeny bit
Physicist’s study
Molecule part
Lepton's location
Molecular component
Fermi's bit
Nuclear energy particle
Teensy bit
Nuclear weapon, ... bomb
Physicist's bit
Fermi's bit
Tiny part of a cat
Potent particle
Particle of matter
Tiny particle
Minute particle
Energy source
Teensy bit
Molecule part
Quark's location
Molecule part
Molecule part
Tiny bit of a cat
Molecule component
Tiny particle
Teensy bit
Physics particle
Subject of study for Niels Bohr
Molecule part
Power source
Minute particle
Molecule component
Tiny bit
Potent particle
Nuclear weapon, ... bomb
Tiny part damaged moat
Power source
Minute building block
Minute amount
Bond component
Minute particle
Depiction on an Emmy
Molecule part
Molecule component
Particle of matter
Elementary bit
Particle of matter
Tiny particle
Minute particle
Bohr model depiction
Teensy bit
Tiny part of a cat
Not much of a cat
Splitting target
Tiny part of a cat
It's just a little bit?
Tiny part of a cat
Energy source
Pub brews
Molecule part
Particle in a smasher
Molecule part
Molecule part
Minute particle
Teensy bit
Molecule component
Tiny particle
Molecule component
Tiny particle
Molecule part
Tiny part of a cat
Molecule component
Power source
Power source
Potent particle
Potent particle
There's not much to be found during the morning
Nuclear weapon, ... bomb
Chemistry subject
Molecule part
Potent particle
Potent particle
Thing split in fission
Proton's place
Molecule component
Physics particle
The "H" or "O" of H2O
Invisible energy source
Molecule part
Microscopic building block
Particle of matter
Tiny portion
Quark's home
Bread supplier stocks nothing, or almost nothing
Minute particle
Minute particle
Energy source
Energy source
Particle of matter
Minute particle
Wee amount
Molecule part
Molecule part
Small part of a potato masher
Elemental unit
Invisible energy source
Teensy bit
___ smasher
Minute particle
Sometimes-smashed minuscule thing
Molecule part
Element unit
Molecule bit
Teensy bit
Minute particle
Mighty bit
Not much of a mouser maybe?
Minute particle
Half of a two-volume directory
Minute amount
Ion, at times
Particle of interest to Bohr
Type of nuclear bomb
Molecule part
Bit that can be split
Particle for Bohr
Tiny part of a cat
Tiny part of a cat
Physics particle
Type of nuclear bomb
Type of nuclear bomb
Molecule part
Elementary bit
Nuclear energy source
Molecule part
Minute particle
Molecule part
Proton's place
Minute energy source
Molecule component
Bond part
Tiny particle
Energy source
Type of nuclear bomb
Molecule part
Molecule part
Itty-bitty bit
Power source
Teensy bit
Type of nuclear bomb
Physics bit
Minute particle
Tiny bit
Particle for Niels Bohr
Molecule part
Nuclear weapon, ... bomb
Particle in a smasher
Super ant of cartoons
Potent particle
Nuclear particle
Physicist's focus
Particle of matter
One of three in a water molecule
Molecule part
Minute particle
Building block of physics
Energy source
Molecule part
Emmy statuette part
Molecule part
Split bit
Molecule part
Physics bit
Tiny particle
Molecule component
Tiny particle
Tiny physics bit
Proton's place
___ smasher
Small matter?
Tiny part of a cat
Tiny part of a cat
Power source
Molecular unit
Minute particle
Bomb variety
Thing whose size is measured in picometers

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