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Word: AUTO

The word AUTO has appeared in at least 775 clues on different crosswords.

"""Car Talk"" subject"
"""Car Talk"" topic"
"""Carma Sutra: The ___-Erotic Handbook"""
"""Das ___"" (Volkswagen slogan)"
"""Gone in 60 Seconds"" prop"
"""Grand Theft ___"""
"""Grand Theft ___"" (video game)"
"""Graph"" or ""pilot"" starter"
"""Indy 500"" entry"
"""Little Red Corvette"" or ""Little Deuce Coupe"""
"""Mat"" or ""mate"" beginning"
"""Self "" starter"
"""Self"" starter"
"""Self"" starter?"
"""___ Focus"" (2002)"
'Car Talk' subject
300M or 300C
A camera may be set on this
A factory worker might make a dash for it
"Accord, say"
Airport rental
Aries or Taurus
"Aries or Taurus, e.g."
Assembly line item
Assembly-line product
"Aston Martin, for one"
Auburn or Marmon
Aurora or Saturn
Bahn beginner
Bahn leader?
Bahn preceder
"Beeper, at times"
"Beetle, Jaguar or Mustang"
"Beetle, Jaguar, or Mustang"
"Beetle, for one"
Beginning of Chrysler's biography?
Biographical beginning
Biographical beginning?
Biographical opener?
Biographical opening
Biographical opening?
Biographical start?
Biography beginning
Biography beginning?
Biography input?
Biography opener?
Biography opening?
Biography predecessor
Biography's beginning?
"Bricklin or Corvette, e,g,"
Brickyard 400 conveyance
Bronco or Charger
"Brougham, e.g."
Bus: Colloq.
"By itself, to start with"
CART is Championship ___ Racing Teams
"Cab, for one"
Caddy or Jag
"Caddy, e.g."
Camcorder setting
Camera setting
"Camera setting, for short"
"Car, for short"
Car: Colloq.
Chevy or Olds
"Chevy, e.g."
Chop shop item
Chop-shop delivery
"Chrysler, e.g."
Civic or Accord
Cobra or Viper
Commercial prefix with -Tune
Common camera setting
Common carrier
Common transport
Compact or coupe
"Compact, e.g."
Convertible or compact.
Convertible or coupe
Cord or Ford
Cord or Opel
Cougar or Jaguar
Cougar or Mustang
"Cougar, for example"
Coupe or convertible
Coupe or sedan
"Coupe, e.g."
Crat or mat lead-in
"Crate, so to speak"
Crate: sl.
Crosley or Nash
Daytona entry
De Soto or Hudson
DeSoto or LaSalle
"DeSoto, Hudson, or LaSalle"
DeVille or Seville
Demolition derby entry
Detroit assembly line product
Detroit export
Detroit offering
Detroit product
"Detroit product,"
Detroit product.
Digital camera mode
Digital camera setting
Digital-camera setting
Duesenberg or Duryea
"Duesenberg or Duryea, e.g."
"Duesenberg, e.g."
Durango or Monterey
Durant or Kissel
Durant or LaSalle
"Durant, e.g."
Edsel or Reo
Edsel was one
Erotic opening?
Erskine of 1927
Erskine or Durant
Erskine or Essex
Erskine or Nash
Erskine or Oakland
Essex or Hudson
Essex or Maxwell.
Essex or Mercer
Essex or Nash
Family transportation.
Family vehicle
"Ferrari, e.g."
"Ferrari, for one"
"Firebird, e.g."
Focus opening
Focus opening?
Ford or Chevy
Ford or Lincoln
"Ford, Lincoln or Pierce"
"Ford, Lincoln, or Pierce"
"Ford, but not Reagan"
G.M. or MG product
GM or MG product
Garage contents
Garage dweller
Garage filler
Garage man's concern.
Garage occupant
Garage occupier
Geo or Reo
"Golf, for one"
"Graham, e.g."
Grand Theft ___
Grand theft ___
Grand theft target
Graph intro
Graph or harp starter
Graph or mat lead-in
Graph or pilot starter
Graphic beginning
Gridlock component
Gridlock participant
Hands-free setting
"Hatchback, e.g."
"Henry J, for one"
Highway roller
"Highway roller, for short"
Highway sight
Highway vehicle
Horseless carriage.
Hudson or DeSoto
Hudson or Essex
Hudson or LaSalle
"Hudson, e.g."
Hupmobile or Kissel
Hybrid or hatchback
Hyundai or Honda
Immune opening
Immune opening?
Imported item found in eight answers (in the letters indicated)
Indy entry
Indy racer
Insurable item
Insurance category
Insurance variety
"Isotta Fraschini, e.g."
It can be in a jam
It can get into a jam
It gets you to a destination
It has a primed and painted body
It has body parts
It has many body parts
It may be detailed
It may end up in a chop shop
It may get in a jam
It's body is painted
It's chopped in a chop shop
It's found in some jams
Item from Flint.
Item in a chop shop
Item in a garage
Its body gets primed
Its body is painted
Its body is primed
Its body is waxed
"Jag, e.g."
"Jag, for one"
Jaguar or Cougar
Jaguar or Mustang
"Jaguar, e.g."
"Jaguar, for one"
"Jalopy, e.g."
Jam component?
Jam ingredient
Jam ingredient?
Jam unit?
Kia or Cadillac
Kin of self-
Kind of camera focus
Kind of hypnosis
Kind of insurance
Kind of mechanic
Kind of mechanic Jeff Gordon uses
Kind of pilot
Kind of pilot?
Kind of show that's full of models
Kind of suggestion
"King's Christine, for one"
La Salle or De Soto
La Salle or DeSoto
"La Salle, e.g."
LaSalle or DeSoto
Landau or phaeton
Lead-in to correct
"Legacy, e.g."
"Legacy, for one"
Licensed vehicle
Lincoln or Ford
"Lincoln or Ford, e.g."
"Lincoln, for one"
Lot purchase
Lot sight
Malibu or Monte Carlo
Manual alt.
Manual alternative
"Manual alternative, briefly"
Manual's opposite
Marmon or Kissel
Marmon or Maxwell
Mat or crat prefix
Mat or graph beginning
Mat or mate beginning
Mat or mate preceder
Matic starter
Means of travel.
Mercedes or Buick
"Mercer, for one"
Mercury or Saturn
"Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars"
"Mercury or Saturn, e.g."
Mercury or Spark
"Mercury, for example"
"Mercury, for one"
Mobile attachment?
Mobile beginning
Mobile intro
Mobile leader
Mobile leader?
Mobile opening
Mobile opening?
Mobile start
Mobile starter
Mobile starter?
Model T
Model T or Stanley Steamer
Model T or T-bird
"Model T, e.g."
Modern camera setting
Modern prefix with fill
"Monte Carlo, e.g."
Motor Trend focus
Motor vehicle
Motoring unit
Mustang or Viper
"Mustang or Viper, e.g."
"Mustang, for one"
Nader subject
Nader subject.
Not manual
"Not manual, for short"
"Not manually, after ""on"""
"Oakland, for one"
Olds or Geo
On ___ (needing no human intervention)
On ___ (proceeding independently)
One for road?
One for the road
One for the road?
One might get stuck in a jam
One with a painted body
One with a waxed body
One's wheels
Opel or Aston Martin
Opel or Citro
Opel or Cord
Opening to suggestion?
Opposite of manual
"Opposite of manual, briefly"
Packard or Kaiser
Packard or Saxon
Packard or Stutz
Parking lot filler
Parking problem
Parking problem.
Part of AAA
Part of NASCAR
Part of U.A.W.
Part of UAW
Photographer's setting
Photographer's setting?
Pilot lead-in
Pilot opening
Pilot or mobile starter
Pilot or mobile starter?
Pilot starter
Pilot starter?
Pilot's setting
"Pilot's setting, perhaps"
Plane alternative
"Power control, for short"
"Prefix for ""erotic"""
"Prefix for ""gamy"" and ""graph"""
"Prefix for ""pilot"""
Prefix for focus
Prefix for mate or graph.
Prefix for mate or mobile
Prefix for pilot
Prefix for pilot or graph
Prefix for suggestion
"Prefix meaning ""self"""
Prefix meaning 'self'
"Prefix used with graph, mat, etc."
"Prefix with ""focus"""
"Prefix with ""pilot"""
"Prefix with ""suggestion"""
Prefix with -crat
Prefix with -mat or -crat
Prefix with biography
Prefix with complete
Prefix with correct
"Prefix with correct, in texting"
Prefix with crat or mat.
Prefix with crat or mation.
Prefix with focus
Prefix with graph or crat
Prefix with harp or pilot
Prefix with mat or mobile.
Prefix with mate or graph
Prefix with mobile
Prefix with pilot
Prefix with pilot or biography
Prefix with suggestion
Prelude or Sonata
"Prius, e.g."
"Prius, for one"
Private transport
"Rabbit, e.g."
Racing vehicle
"Ragtop, e.g."
Reo or Essex
Reo or Saxon
"Repo man's target, often"
Road runner
Road runner?
Road vehicle
Rolls or Willys
"SUV, e.g."
Saab or Subaru
Saturn or Mercury
"Saturn or Mercury, e.g."
Saturn or Neon
"Saturn, for one"
Sedan e.g.
Sedan or coupe
Sedan or wagon
"Sedan, for instance"
"Sedan, say"
Self starter
Self starter?
Self-propelled: Prefix.
Self: Comb. form.
Self: Prefix
Self: Prefix.
Self: prefix
"Sequoia, e.g."
Set of wheels
Setting without human assistance
Seville or DeVille
"Seville or DeVille, e.g."
Seville or Malibu
Short car?
Short medieval play
Showroom item
Showroom sight
Shutter speed setting
Solstice or Equinox
Some factory workers make a dash for it
Some workers make a dash for it
Something to go in... or on
Something to set a camera on?
"Sonata, e.g."
Stanley Steamer
"Stanley Steamer, e.g."
Start of a graph?
Start to correct?
Start to dial?
Start to focus?
Start to mate?
"Starter meaning ""spontaneous"""
State Farm logo word
"Station wagon, e.g."
"Stephen King's Christine, briefly"
"Stephen King's Christine, e.g."
"Stephen King's Christine, for one"
"Stolen item in ""Gone in 60 Seconds"""
"Stutz, for one"
Suburbanite's need
Suggestion opener?
Suggestion starter
Suggestive prefix
Take a ride
Talladega entry
Taurus or Aries
"Taurus or Aries, e.g."
"Taurus or Cirrus, e.g."
"Taurus, e.g."
"The ""A"" in U.A.W."
"The 'A' of UAW, briefly"
The car.
"The second ""A"" in NASCAR"
Thing made up of body parts
Touring car.
Trabant or Rambler
"Traffic jam ""ingredient"""
Train alternative
Tune-up recipient
Tuneup recipient
Turnpike roller
Turnpike traveler
Type of insurance
Type of part
Type of pilot
Type of show
United ___ Workers (group recognized by the Ford Motor Company in 1941)
VW or Volvo
"VW, e.g."
Vehicle for Foyt
"Vehicle, for short."
Vehicle: Colloq.
Volt or Leaf
Volvo or VW
What a garage protects
What drives on a parkway and parks on a driveway
What you may set a camera on
What you may set a camera on?
What's chopped in a chop shop
"Wheels, so to speak"
"Word with ""graph"" or ""mat"""
Word with bahn or mate.
Word with bus or truck
Word with focus or pilot
Word with graph or crat
Word with graph or giro.
Word with mat or mate
Word with suggestion or pilot
Workers in Detroit make a dash for it
Workers may make a dash for it
You may set a camera on it
You might encounter a jam in one
Yukon or Malibu
___ court (motel).
___ insurance
___ mechanic (car repairer)
___ parts
Pilot or a prefix with pilot
Digital camera setting
Bugatti or Maserati
Aries or Taurus
Sedan or coupe
Camera setting
Convertible or coupe
Start to focus?
Lincoln for one
Lincoln, e.g
"Pilot" starter
Prefix for pilot
Immune lead-in
Passenger vehicle
Insurance specialty
Digital camera mode
One of a lot on a lot
Coupe or sedan
Motor vehicle
Sedan, for one
Sedan or coupe
Detroit product
Detroit product
Motor vehicle
Passenger vehicle
Passenger vehicle
Part of a Block Island Ferry load
Repo man's seizure
Showroom item
Lot buy
Furnace setting
Passenger vehicle
Part of NASCAR
Detroit product
Cutlass, e.g.
Motorcade unit
Convertible or coupe
Passenger vehicle
Lot buy
Convertible, for one
Sedan or coupe
Camera setting
Modern prefix with complete or correct
''Self'' starter
Hummer or Beemer
Car, briefly
Shutter speed setting
Prefix to denote self or same
One for the road
Convertible or coupe
Sedan or compact
Commuter vehicle
Passenger vehicle
Tucson or Santa Fe, e.g.
Many a repo
Assembly line product
A camera may be set on it
Tesla, e.g.
Lot sight
It eats up the road
Lot buy
One for the road
Focus on the road
UAW part
Sedan or convertible
Lane changer
Station wagon, for instance
Sedan or coupe
Showroom item
26-Across, e.g.
Repo man's seizure
Lot purchase
Lot buy
Motor vehicle
Common get-about
Detroit product
Passenger vehicle
Coupe or convertible
Convertible or coupe
Mercury, for one
Mercury, for one
One on a driveway
Garage occupant
Opposite of manual
Lot buy
Prefix with pilot
Focus beginning
Passenger vehicle
Limo, e.g.
Lot buy
Camera setting
It may get in a jam
Sonata, e.g.
Detroit product
Prefix with "graph"
Enterprise fleet unit
Lot purchase
Jam ingredient?
Insurable item
Passenger vehicle
Ford or Ferrari
Limo, e.g.
Grand theft ___ (vehicular crime)
Jaguar, e.g.
Motor car
It may be self-driving
Hatchback, for one
Not manual
Common vehicle
Airport rental
"Grand Theft ___" (video game)
Repo target
Insurable item
It might be parked on a driveway
Passenger car
Detroit product
Sedan or coupe
Passenger vehicle
Taurus or Touareg
Detroit product
Commuter vehicle
UAW part
Little red Corvette or little deuce coupe
Camera setting
Motor car
Garage occupant
Manual counterpart
"Grand Theft ___: Vice City" (video game)
Lot purchase
Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of __-Tune)"
Showroom display
Model T, e.g.
Passenger vehicle
"Grand Theft ___" (video game)
Ford or Lincoln
Lot purchase
Camera setting
Prefix with pilot
Showroom item
Detroit product
Limousine, for example
Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of ___-Tune)"
Aries or Taurus
Vehicle in a motorcade
Passenger vehicle
One for the road
"Car Talk" topic
Prefix with correct
Camera setting for amateur photographers
Garage occupant
Convertible, e.g.
Kind of mechanic
One for the road
Chrysler or Cadillac, for example
Bike lane encroacher
Detroit product
Indy racer
Sedan or coupe
Limo, for instance
Motor vehicle
Sedan, e.g.
Drive-in need
Honda or Hyundai, for example
Coupe or sedan
Convertible, e.g.
Station wagon, e.g.
Detroit export
___-Tune (vocal effect that became popular with Cher's "Believe")
Lot buy
Digital camera mode
Focus starter
Hatchback, et al
Mercury or Saturn
Prefix for mate or mobile
Grand Theft ___ V (2013 driving game)
Point-and-shoot camera mode
Motor car
"Christine" subject
Coupe or convertible
Common airport rental
___ parts store (place like NAPA or Carquest)
Convertible or sedan
Algorithm-driven camera mode
Detroit product
Coupe or convertible, for example
Beetle, Jaguar, or Mustang
King's Christine, for one
Prefix with biography
Passenger vehicle
Camera setting
Road runner
One with a painted body
Lot buy
Ford or Lincoln
Mercury, for one
Prefix for "complete" or "pilot"
Sedan or coupe
Mobile prefix
Sonata on the street, e.g.
On ___ (running by itself)
Garage occupant
"Grand Theft ___" (video game)
Lot buy
Passenger vehicle

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