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The word AVAST has appeared in at least 301 clues on different crosswords.

AVAST definition(s):

  • Cease; stop; stay.

"""... ___ right-wing conspiracy"""
"""Belay there!"""
"""Cease!"" at sea"
"""Cease!"" on the seas"
"""Cease!,"" at sea"
"""Cease"" at sea"
"""Cease, sailor!"""
"""Cease, seaman!"""
"""Cease, you swabbies!"""
"""Cut it out, Sailor!"""
"""Halt!"" asea"
"""Halt!"" at sea"
"""Halt!"" from a salt"
"""Halt!"" on the seas"
"""Halt!"" to a salt"
"""Halt!,"" at sea"
"""Halt!,"" on the high seas"
"""Halt!,"" to Horatio Hornblower"
"""Halt!,"" to a salt"
"""Halt"" from a salt"
"""Halt, salt!"""
"""Halt, salts!"""
"""Halt, you tars!"""
"""Hold it, matey!"""
"""Sail no farther!"""
"""Stop the ship!"""
"""Stop your sloop!"""
"""Stop!"" at sea"
"""Stop!"" to a sailor"
"""Stop!"", to Ahab"
"""Stop!,"" at sea"
"""Stop!,"" in pirate-speak"
"""Stop!,"" to Popeye"
"""Stop, matey!"""
"""Stop, sailor!"""
"""Stop, ya swabs!"""
"""Stop, you tars!"""
"""Stop,"" in pirate-speak"
"""Stop,"" on the water"
"""Stop,"" to a pirate"
'Cease!' at sea
'Cease' at sea
"'Halt!,' asea"
"'Halt, sailor!'"
"'Halt, salt!'"
"'Halt,' to a salt"
"'Hold it, seaman!'"
"'Stop!,' asea"
'Stop' in pirate-speak
"'Stop, mate!'"
"'Stop, sailor!'"
A great stop on a cruise (5)
A large sailor's arresting cry (5)
A very big cry at sea
Antivirus software with a pirate-y name
Belay's cousin
Belay's partner
"Bligh's ""Halt!"""
"Bo's'n's ""Hold it!"""
Boatswain's command.
Call at sea
Call from a tar
Call on the main
Call to a swab
"Captain's ""Hold it!"""
"Captain's ""stop"""
Captain's call
Captain's command
Captain's cry
Captain's order
Captain's order to stop
Captain's warning
Cease at sea
"Cease!, at sea"
Cease!: Naut.
"Cease, afloat"
"Cease, asea"
"Cease, at sea"
Check from a deck?
Command at sea
Command from Bligh
Command to a sailor
Command to a swab
Command to swabs
"Cousin of ""Belay!"""
Crow's nest cry
Crow's-nest cry
Cry at sea
Cry from Captain Ahab
Cry from a crow's nest
Cry from the crow's-nest
"Desist, at sea"
Exclamation at sea
Gob's alert
Gob's stopper
Hail from a sailor
"Haiti, at sea"
Halt at sea
"Halt!, at sea"
"Halt!, nautically."
"Halt, nautically"
"Halt, on the high seas"
"Halt, to a salt"
Harbor halter
Helmsman's command
Hey you Bluto!
"Hold it, sailor!"
"Hook's ""halt!"""
"Hook's ""stop"""
How a salt says halt
Lubber's alert
Marine call
Marine command
"Mariner's ""Halt!"""
"Nautical ""Halt!"""
"Nautical ""Hold it!"""
"Nautical ""Knock it off!"""
"Nautical ""Stop!"""
"Nautical ""stop"""
Nautical call
Nautical call.
Nautical command
Nautical command.
Nautical cry
Nautical cry.
Nautical greeting
Nautical imperative
Nautical order
Nautical shout
Nautical shout.
Nautical term
Nautical term.
Nautical warning
Nautical warning.
Nautical word.
Nautical yell
"Naval ""Stop!"""
Naval command
Naval command?
Old sailor cry
Order at sea
Pirate shout
"Pirate's ""Halt!"""
"Pirate's ""Stop!"""
Pirate's interjection
Pirate's warning word
Pirate's word
"Popeye's ""Stop!"""
"Popeye's ""halt"""
Popeye's 'Stop!'
Port stopper
"Queeg's ""Halt!"""
"Relative of ""belay."""
"Sailor's ""Halt!"""
"Sailor's ""Knock it off!"""
"Sailor's ""Stop!"""
"Sailor's ""halt!"""
"Sailor's ""halt"""
"Sailor's ""stop!"""
Sailor's 'Stop!'
Sailor's call
Sailor's call.
Sailor's cry
Sailor's cry.
Sailor's shout
Sailor's stop
Sailor's stopper
Sailor's term.
Sailor's warning.
Salt stopper
Salt stopper?
"Salt's ""Hail!"""
"Salt's ""Halt!"""
"Salt's ""halt!"""
Salt's 'halt!'
Salt's cry
Salt's shout
Salty greeting?
Sea call
Sea call.
Sea command
Sea prompt?
Seafarer's interjection
Seagoer's shout
"Seagoing ""Cease!"""
Seagoing command
"Seaman's ""Halt!"""
"Seaman's ""Stop!"""
"Seaman's ""whoa"""
Seaman's 'Stop!'
Seaman's cry.
Seaman's shout
Seaman's term.
Ship command
"Shipboard ""Stop!"""
Shout at sea
Shout from the crow's-nest
Shout on Talk Like a Pirate Day
"Sinbad's ""Stop!"""
"Skipper's ""Cease!"""
"Skipper's ""Halt!"""
"Skipper's ""Stop!"""
Skipper's order
Something that makes stops on the ocean?
Starbuck's order?
Starbuck's shout?
Stop at sea
Stop for a sailor
Stop in the middle of the ocean?
Stop nautically
"Stop order, asea"
Stop order?
Stop! At sea
"Stop!, at sea."
Stop!: Naut.
"Stop, at sea"
"Stop, at sea."
"Stop, off land"
"Stop, on a sub"
"Stop, on a tub"
"Stop, to a mate"
"Stop, to a sailor"
Stop: Naut.
Stopper from a tub?
Swabbie's warning
Talk Like a Pirate Day shout
Tar's 'Stop!'
Tar's arresting cry
Tar's warning
Tub's stopper?
Warning to landlubbers
Whoa on the Pinafore
"Word before ""ya swabs!"""
"Word before ""ya swabs"""
Word before ya swabs!
Word from Popeye
Nautical stop
“Stop!” at a port
"""Halt!"" at sea"
"Cease!" on the seas
"Halt!" from a salt
Nautical ''Halt!''
"Halt" to a salt
"Halt!" from a salt
Salt's "Halt!"
Sailor's cry
Order to swabs
Order to swabs
Stop! (nautical)
Sailor's "Halt!"
Stop at sea
Matey's cry
"Halt, matey!"
"Cease!" at sea
"Cease!," on the seas
Seaman's shout
Salt's "Stop!"
Seaman's "Stop!"
Sailor's 'Stop!'
Stop, sailor!
'Halt!,' to a sailor
Order to a sea dog
Sailor's cry
"Stop this ship!"
Stop, to swabs
"Cease!" kin
"Halt," to a salt
Sailor's "Halt!"
Stop on the briny
Sailor's cry
"Drop anchor now"
Cease, to a sailor
"Halt!" to a pirate
Port "Stop!"
Cease, to a sailor
Sailor's "Cease!"
Stop while floating?
Pirate's "Stop!"
"Halt, salt"
Salt's "Halt!"
Cease, to a sailor
Sailor's arresting cry?
Sailor's cry
Nautical 'Stop!'
Sailor's "Halt!"
"Halt!" to a salt
Salt's "Halt!"
"Cease!" on the water
Sailor's "Stop!"
"Halt, matey!"
"Halt!" to a salt
"Halt!" to a salt
Seaman's "stop"

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