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Word: AXIS

The word AXIS has appeared in at least 367 clues on different crosswords.

AXIS definition(s):

  • a straight line through a body or figure that satisfies certain conditions
  • the center around which something rotates
  • the main stem or central part about which plant organs or plant parts such as branches are arranged
  • in World War II the alliance of Germany and Italy in 1936 which later included Japan and other nations
  • a group of countries in special alliance

"""Evil"" Bush grouping"
"""Spinning On an ___"" Paul McCartney"
"""The ___ of Evil"""
"""Them"" of the 40's"
'40's foes
'40s foe
'45 losers
1940's ___ Pact
"1940's foe, with ""the"""
1940s foes
1941 alliance.
20th-century side
40's foe
A certain line.
About which the Earth turns
About which the earth turns
Alliance against Allies
Alliance of 1911.
Alliance of 1941.
Alliance of W. W. II
Alliance of nations
"Alliance of powers, 1936
Allies foe
Allies opponent
Allies' adversary
Allies' enemy
Allies' foe
Allies' foe in W.W. II
Allies' foes
"Allies' foes, in WWII"
Allies' opponents
Allies' opposition
Allies' rival
Allies. opposition
Asian deer
Astronomical turning point
Bad guys in W.W. II films
Base line on a graph
Baseline on a graph
Berlin-Rome ___
Bisecting line
"Bush's ""___ of Evil"""
"Bush's ""___ of evil"""
Bush's ' ___ of evil'
Bush's --- of Evil
Bush's ___ of Evil
Bygone alliance
Cartesian plane divider
Center line
Center of a revolution
Center of a rotation
Center of revolution
Center of rotation
Central line
Central line.
Centre of rotation
Certain line through the origin
Certain line.
Coalition in 1941
Coalition of 1941
Coalition of WW2
Coordinate system line
"Corncob, for one"
Earth line
Earth turns on it
Earth's turning line
Fascist alliance
Fascist alliance of 1941.
First word of a Hendrix title
Geometric line
Geometric reference line
Geometry line
Geometry term
Germany and Italy once
"Germany, Italy and Japan, in W.W. II"
"Germany, Italy and Japan, once"
Globe's turning point
Graph baseline
Graph divider
Graph line
Graph line through the origin
Graph's x or y
Group of W.W. II.
Gyroscope component
Gyroscope feature
Gyroscope part
Gyroscope's center
Heavy graph line
"Hendrix ""___: Bold as Love"""
Hungary was a member of it
Hungary was in it
Imaginary Earth line
Imaginary line
Imaginary line about which the Earth turns
Imaginary line between poles
Imaginary line through the Earth
Indian deer
Infamous alliance
International alliance
It may be evil
It may be labeled x or y on a graph
It's fixed for Mars
Italy was in it
"Italy's side, once"
"Italy, Japan and Germany in WWII"
"Japan's side, once"
"Japan, Germany and Italy"
"Jon Butcher ""Along the ___"""
Jon Butcher ___
Line about which a body rotates
Line about which a planet spins
Line about which a rotating body turns
Line about which a rotation occurs
Line about which the earth turns
Line between poles
Line between two poles
Line crossing the origin
Line in a coordinate system
Line in algebra
Line in geometry
Line in math class
Line in plane geometry
Line of a kind.
Line of reference on a graph
Line of revolution
Line of rotation
Line of rotational symmetry
Line of symmetry
Line on a graph
Line on a plot
Line through the origin
Line to revolve around
Main line
Main line of motion.
Main line?
On what the Earth turns
On what the earth turns
One of two on a coordinate graph
Partnership in W.W. II
Pivot point
Pivotal graph line
Pivotal line
Pivotal point.
Pivotal shaft.
Planet's turning point
Plant stem
"Plant stem, to botanists"
Plot line
Plot line?
Pole connection
Pole connector
Pole position?
Pole-to-pole line
Pole-to-pole link
Poles' connector
Powers that fought in Egypt during WWII
Reference line on a chart
Reference line on a graph
Revolutionary line
Revolving point
Rod in a globe
Rome-Berlin ___.
Rome-Berlin-Tokyo group
Rotation line
Rotational line
Second cervical vertebra
Something to reflect on?
Something to turn on
Stem of a plant
Stick through the middle
Straight line of a kind.
Straight line.
Symmetry line
Symmetry-marking line
The Earth turns on it
"The Y, for one"
The earth turns on it
The second cervical vertebra
Tojo's side
Transnational cooperation
Trig lines
Turning point
Turning point?
W. W. II alliance
W. W. II group.
W. W. II losers
W. W. II powers
W. W. II powers.
W.W. II alliance
W.W. II coalition
W.W. II enemy
W.W. II entente
W.W. II foe
"W.W. II foe, with ""the"""
W.W. II group
W.W. II loser
W.W. II losers
W.W. II powers
W.W. II side
W.W.II foe
W.W.II losers
WWI side
WWII alliance
WWII bloc
WWII enemy
WWII faction
WWII foe
WWII foes
WWII group
WWII losers
WWII opponent
WWII power
WWII powers
WWII side
WWII triumvirate
What a mirror image has
What the Earth spins on
What the Earth turns on
White-spotted deer.
Word before the colon in the title of the second Jimi Hendrix Experience album
World War II alliance
"World War II alliance, with ""the"""
World War II faction
World War II foe
World War II foes
World War II partnership
X or Y
X or Y line
X or Y line on a graph
X or Y or Z
"X or Y, e.g."
"X or Y, in geometry"
"X or Y, in math"
"X or Y, on a graph"
X or y line
"X or y, e.g."
"X or y, on a graph"
"X, Y or Z"
"X, Y or Z, in a coordinate system"
X- or y- in geometry
"Y, for one"
"Z, in 3-D"
___ & Allies (board game)
___ & Allies (classic board game)
___ Powers
___ Sally
___ of Evil
___ of evil
___ of rotation
x or y
x or y line
x or y line on a graph
"x or y, e.g."
"x or y, on a graph"
"x or y, on graphs"
"x, for one"
"x, y or z"
X or Y line
1940s foes
Coordinate system line
Line on a graph
Quadrant separator
Earth's rotation line
Line of symmetry
Line on a graph
Line of rotation
Line of rotation
The —, name given to the alliance of Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan formalised by the 1940 Tripartite Pact
Graph line X or Y
WWII foes
Pole-to-pole connection
Geometry term
W.W. II foe
Graph line
Graph line
x or y follower
Line of rotation
One of three in a 3-D graph
Graph line
6, a revolting alliance
Graph line
Symmetry line
WWII alliance
x or y
WWII side
Genus of deer that includes the chital
x or y, on a graph
Name given to the countries who allied with Germany in the Second World War
Pivot line
x, y or z follower
Central line
Line of symmetry
Imaginary line through the Earth
Japan was a member of it
Centre around which something rotates
Line of symmetry
x or y, in plane geometry
x, y or z, on a 3-D graph
Central line
Centre of rotation
Throwing a six on the line
Rotation line
A Greek character joins southern alliance
Graph line
Central line
Line of rotation
Line a cub scout section up
Centre around which something rotates
Pivot line
Graph line
Line of symmetry
Bush 43's "___ of Evil"
Graph line
Centre around which something rotates
One of three in a 3-D graph
Line of rotation
Imaginary planetary line
Pivotal line
Line of rotation
Line of rotation
Throwing a six on the line
Centre around which something rotates
Line of symmetry
Graph line
Reference line
A number retiring from The Alliance
A line of taxis
Line of symmetry
Genus of deer that includes the chital
Any of three on a 3-D graph
Line of rotation
A big shot at Old Trafford backed league
Poles connector
Line of rotation
Throwing a six on the line
WWII bloc that included Hungary
Line of rotation
What the earth turns on
Graph line
Allies' enemy
X or Y line on a graph
When keeping a team in line
The Earth rotates on it
Line through a planet's center
x, y or z
Pivot line
Start of a Hendrix title
Rotation point
Straight line through a figure
Line of symmetry
Graph line
World War II partnership
Rod in a globe
X or Y 34-Down
Center of rotation
Planet's pivot
Allies' foe
Line of rotation
Line of symmetry

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