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Word: BEN

The word BEN has appeared in at least 576 clues on different crosswords.

"""A friend to call my own,"" per a Michael Jackson hit"
"""Argo"" director Affleck"
"""Argo"" star Affleck"
"""Big"" London attraction"
"""Big"" London clock"
"""Big"" London landmark"
"""Big"" bell in London"
"""Big"" clock"
"""Big"" clock in London"
"""Big"" thing in London"
"""Bringing Down the House"" author Mezrich"
"""Bueller? Bueller?"" actor Stein"
"""Burn to Shine"" Harper"
"""Felicity"" character"
"""Fight for Your Mind"" Harper"
"""Gentle ___"""
"""Gentle"" TV bear"
"""Gentle"" TV bear of old"
"""He"" is Big in London"
"""Live From Mars"" Harper"
"""Look Homeward, Angel"" character"
"""Motley's Crew"" co-cartoonist Templeton"
"""On Language"" columnist Zimmer"
"""Reindeer Games"" star Affleck"
"""Sexy Beast"" star Kingsley"
"""Son of,"" in names"
"""The Graduate"" hero"
"""The Waltons"" son"
"""There's Something About Mary"" co-star Stiller"
"""Treasure Island"" pirate ___ Gunn"
"""Uncle"" on a food package"
"""Volpone"" author Jonson"
"""Volpone"" playwright Jonson"
"""Way to Normal"" singer Folds"
"""Willard"" sequel"
"""___ Hur"""
"""___-Hur"" (1926 film based on a Lew Wallace novel)"
'Argo' director Affleck
'The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti' painter Shahn
'Volpone' playwright Jonson
"*Michael Jackson, 1972"
*Old Texas rice grower of note
*Onetime Texas rice grower of note
1972 Michael Jackson hit
1972 Michael Jackson single
1972 horror film with rats
1973 Tony winner Vereen
1995 Masters champ Crenshaw
1998 AL Rookie of the Year Grieve
72 Ponderosa pop
A TV Cartwright
A name on an ice cream container
Act Gazzara
Actor Affleck
Actor Gazzara
Actor Kingsley
"Actor Murphy, born March 6"
Actor Piazza.
Actor Stiller
Actor Vereen
Actor who left one Jennifer for another
"Actor, Nixon administration speechwriter, and game show host Stein"
Actor/director Affleck
Affable Affleck
Affable Mr. Affleck
"Affleck of ""Armageddon"""
"Affleck of ""Chasing Amy"""
"Affleck of ""Daredevil"""
"Affleck of ""Good Will Hunting"""
"Affleck of ""Pearl Harbor"""
"Affleck of ""The Town"""
Affleck of 'Good Will Hunting'
Affleck of Hollywood
Affleck or Stiller
Alan's Fed successor
Alan's successor at the Fed
Artist Shahn
Author Burman.
Author Hecht
Bandman Bernie
"Bell that's ""Big"""
Bernanke of the Fed
Big --
Big English clock
Big London attraction?
Big London bell
Big London landmark
Big ___
Big ___ (London attraction)
Big ___ (London landmark)
Big ___.
Big attraction in London
Big bell
Big clock
Big name in Algeria.
Big name in London
Big name on the Thames?
Big one in London
Big one in Parliament
Big one in parliament
Big or Franklin
Big or Gentle
Big sight in London
Big thing in London
Blue or Cross
Blue or Gazzara
Blue or Hogan
Blue or Shahn
"Browning's ""Rabbi ___ Ezra"""
Burn slightly and superficially
Canadian tenor Heppner
Candidate Carson
"Carson whom Bill Maher once described as ""half brilliant brain surgeon, half Tea Party dumbass"""
Cartwright or Casey
Cartwright patriarch
Casey of County General Hospital
Cinematic rat
Classic TV attorney Matlock
Cohen of creamy consumables
"Colonial Franklin, familiarly"
Colorado senator ___ Nighthorse Campbell
Crenshaw of golf
Crenshaw or Hogan
"Cross of ""Chariots of Fire"""
Cross or Affleck
Cross or Blue
Cross or Crenshaw
Cross or Kingsley
Dancer Vereen
David ___- Gurion
David ___-Gurion
Deadpan Stein
Death Cab for Cutie singer Gibbard
Dedicatee of Michael Jackson's first #1 single
Director Affleck
Disqualified 1988 gold winner Johnson
Dramatist Jonson
"Dustin in ""The Graduate"""
Dustin in The Graduate
Early Michael Jackson hit
Early hit for Michael Jackson
Economist Bernanke
Entertainer Vereen
Ex-Fed head Bernanke
Famed nickname of '76
Famed rat
Famous Franklin
"Famous culinary ""Uncle"""
Fed head Bernanke
Fed head's first name
Federal Reserve Bank chairman Bernanke
Federal Reserve chief Bernanke
Film rat
First name at the Fed
First name at the Ponderosa
First name from 1776
First name in ice cream
First name of a Colorado senator
Folds in an iPod
Folds in music
Folds of music
Folds or Affleck
Folds or Franklin
Folds or Stiller
"Folds, Kweller or Lee"
Football's Roethlisberger
Former Fed chairman Bernanke
Founder of Israel's Mapai (later Labor) party David ___-Gurion (3)
Founding Father nickname
Founding Father's nickname
"Founding Father, familiarly"
Franklin or Affleck
Franklin or Bernanke
Franklin or Hecht
Franklin or Kingsley
Franklin or Vereen
"Franklin, to friends"
Game show host Stein
Gazzara or Blue
Gazzara or Stiller
Gazzara or Vereen
Gentle TV bear
Gentle ___.
Gentle bear
Gentle bear of filmdom
Gentle or Big
Gentle or Big.
Golf legend Hogan
Golf sensation Curtis
Golfer Crenshaw
Golfer Crenshaw or actor Affleck
Golfer Curtis
Golfer Hogan
Gordon who won the 2005 NBA Sixth Man Award
Grammy-winning singer/guitarist Harper
Gridder Roethlisberger
Guitarist Harper
"Gunn in ""Treasure Island"""
"Gunn of ""Treasure Island"""
Half an ice cream team
Half of a dessert duo
Half of an ice cream duo
Harper or Lee
"Harrison, to friends"
Hawaii Gov. Cayetano
He won an Oscar for playing Mohandas
He's a Hur
He's a reel rat
He's big overseas
He's really a Hur
Hecht or Hogan
Him that's a Hur?
Hogan of golf
Hogan or Crenshaw
Hogan or Franklin
Hogan or Hecht
Hollywood's Stiller
Horror film with rats
Hoss and Little Joe's dad
Hoss's dad
"Hoss's father, on 1960's-70's TV"
Hur or Franklin
Hur or Kenobi
Hur title
Inventor Franklin
Israel's David ___-Gurion
"Israeli's ""son of"""
"It's ""big"" in London"
It's Big in London
It's big in London
It's called Big
J.Lo's ex
Jackson 5 hit
Janet's predecessor as the Fed head
Jeb! rival
Jerry Stiller's son
Jerry's ice cream partner
Jerry's ice-cream partner
Jerry's longtime partner
Jerry's pal
Jerry's parfait partner
Jerry's partner
Jerry's partner in frozen treats
Jerry's partner in ice cream
"Jerry's partner, or Jerry's son"
Johnson or Jonson
Jonson of literary fame
Jonson or Franklin
Jonson or Vereen
Kind of Gay
"Kingsley in ""Gandhi"""
"Kingsley of ""Gandhi"""
Kingsley of Hollywood
Kingsley or Cross
Kingsley or Gazzara
Kingsley or Stein
Kingsley who played Gandhi
"Leader of the Others on ""Lost"""
Lee from Down Under
"Leslie's love interest on ""Parks and Recreation"""
"Leslie's love, on ""Parks and Recreation"""
Links legend Hogan
Little Joe's dad
"Little Joe's pa on ""Bonanza"""
"Little Joe's pa, on ""Bonanza"""
London s Big ___
London's 'Big' bell
London's Big ___
London's is Big
Man on the hundred
Matt's 'Good Will Hunting' costar
Memorable artist Shahn
"Michael Emerson, on ""Lost"""
Michael Jackson #1 song about a rat
Michael Jackson hit
Michael Jackson song
Michael Jackson song about a rat
Michael Jackson tune
Michael Jackson's film rat
Michael Jackson's first #1 hit
Michael Jackson's first #1 solo hit
Michael Jackson's first #1 song
Michael Jackson's first solo #1 hit
Michael Jackson's ode to a rodent
Michael Jackson's ratty hit
"Miles of Broadway's ""Wolf Hall"""
Mountain peak: Scot.
"Mountain, in Scotland."
Movie or song about a rat
Movie rat
Mr. Franklin
Mr. Kingsley
NFLer-turned-actor Davidson
Name after Gentle or Uncle
Name linked to J.Lo
Nebraska senator Nelson
Newspaper editor Bradlee
Obi-Wan Kenobi's first name
"Obi-Wan, on Tatooine"
Oglivie or Ayala
Oglivie or Grieve
One of an ice cream duo
One of the Cartwrights
One of the Jonsons.
Oscar winner Kingsley
"Owen's ""Starsky & Hutch"" costar"
Painter Shahn
Pet rat in a 1972 #1 song
Piano man Folds
Poet Jonson
Ponderosa patriarch
"Poor Richard, really"
Post man Bradlee
Quarterback Roethlisberger
Rat featured in a movie
Rat in a Michael Jackson tune
Rat-themed movie or song
Relative of Mac.
"Remove drapes from, as a room"
Revolutionary Franklin
Revolutionary statesman Franklin
Rock's ___ Folds Five
Rocking Lee
Role for a rat
"Rosamund's ""Gone Girl"" co-star"
Sci-fi author Bova
Science fiction writer Bova
Scotland's ___ Nevis
"Sequel to ""Willard"""
Sexy Beast actor Kingsley
Shahn or Vereen
Silent comedian Turpin
Singer E. King
Singer Folds
Singer Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie
Singer/pianist Folds
Slide maestro Harper
"Son (of), in Hebrew names."
Son of Stiller and Meara
"Son of, in Hebrew names"
"Son of, to an Israeli"
Start of an edict?
Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger
Stein of the Comedy Channel
Stein or Stiller
Stiller but not Meara
"Stiller in ""Zoolander"""
"Stiller of ""Duplex"""
"Stiller of ""Meet the Fockers"""
"Stiller of ""There's Something About Mary"""
Stiller of Hollywood
Stiller of film
Stiller of films
Stiller or Kingsley
Stiller or Silverstone
Stiller or Stein
"Stiller, but not Meara"
"Stiller, the son"
Surgeon Carson
Sweet Alice's beau.
Sweet Alice's hero.
TCM host Mankiewicz
TV attorney Matlock
TV bear
TV quizmaster Stein
TV's Matlock
Title rat of a 1972 film
Tony winner Vereen
Turpin or Vereen
Two-time Masters champ Crenshaw
Uncle ___
Uncle of rice fame
Uncle who makes rice
Vaudevillian Blue
"Vereen of ""Roots"""
Vereen or Blue
Vereen or Franklin
Wallace of the Pistons
Willy Loman's brother
Writer Hecht
___ & Jerry's Strawberry Kiwi Swirl
___ Bella.
___ Folds Five
"___ Gunn (""Treasure Island"" character)"
___ Harper
"___ Nevis, highest peak in Great Britain"
___ Nevis.
___ Nevis: highest peak in Great Britain
"___ Savage, player of the boy on ""Boy Meets World"""
Carson of neurosurgery
Matt’s ‘Good Will Hunting’ co-star
Affleck of ‘Argo’
Golfer Hogan
__ Gurion Airport
Jerry's partner in ice cream
Stiller of "Meet the Fockers"
"Big" clock in London
1972 Michael Jackson album
London's Big ____
Jerry's partner
1972 horror film starring Lee Harcourt Montgomery whose title character is a rat
"Big" landmark in London
Dramatist Jonson
Founding Father nickname
London's Big ____
"Gone Girl" co-star Affleck
Cohen who co-founded an ice cream company
Mr. Franklin
Mr. Franklin
Mr. Franklin
HUD secretary Carson
Golfer Hogan
Early Michael Jackson hit
London's Big ...
Quarterback Roethlisberger
Golfer Hogan
The Cartwright patriarch
Oscar winner Kingsley
Vereen or Stiller
Carson in the cabinet
London's Big ...
Boy's name
What's big in London?
London's Big —
Writer Hecht
Oscar winner Kingsley
Affleck of "Gone Girl"
Actor Affleck
Jerry's partner
___ Lomond
Stein of Comedy Central
Mr. Franklin
"Roots" actor Vereen
Man's name
Singer Folds
Steeler Roethlisberger
Dad at the Ponderosa
Mountain man?
He has to live, a man with no master
Big thing in London?
Author of novels The Famished Road and In Arcadia
London's Big ____
Stiller or Stein
Man's name
Michael Jackson's rat
Golfer Hogan
Writer Hecht
Batman player Affleck
Actor Stiller
Man mountain?
TV bear
"Big" London attraction
London's Big ____
Actor who portrayed Harold Abrahams in 1981 biopic Chariots of Fire
Mr. Franklin
Name on Bourbon Pecan Pie pints
He has to live at central Greenwich
Bradlee in "The Post"
Northampton Saints rugby union fullback; 2009 England Test debutant against Italy
Editor Bradlee of The Washington Post
"Gandhi" star Kingsley
Stiller or Stein
Uncle on rice boxes
Writer Hecht
Golfer Hogan
Boy's name
Dramatist Jonson
London's Big —
QB Roethlisberger
Surgeon-turned-politico Carsonend
Affleck or Stiller
Sir __ Kingsley
Affleck or Vereen
Actor/director Affleck
Actor Kingsley of "Iron Man 3"
"Gentle" TV bear
Founding father Franklin, for short
Dramatist Jonson
"Willard" sequel
"Big" Londoner
Big ___
Big ___
Patriot Franklin
Singer-songwriter Folds
Oscar winner Kingsley
Golfer Hogan
$100 bill, in slang
Actor Stiller or Affleck
It's big in London
Ponderosa patriarch
Mr. Franklin
Boy's name
Statesman-inventor Franklin
___ & Jerry's ice cream
Affleck of "Argo"
Golfer Hogan who won the U.S. Open four times between 1948 and 1953
Dramatist Jonson
He's big at Westminster
"Brick" band ___ Folds Five
Little man with bigheaded ways
"House of Sand and Fog" star Kingsley
Boy's name
Actor Affleck
"The Accountant" actor Affleck
Actor Affleck of "Gone Girl"
Hollywood's Stiller
NFL quarterback Roethlisberger
Big ___
Man mountain?
Patriot Franklin
Rock's Harper or Folds
Former Fed chair Bernanke
London's Big ___
London's Big ____
Singer Gibbard of indie rock's Death Cab for Cutie
1972 horror film starring Lee Harcourt Montgomery whose title character is a rat
Big ___ (London tourist attraction)
Quarterback Roethlisberger
Actor Affleck
Ross's son, on "Friends"
Anna's "The Accountant" co-star
"Brick" sung by the __ Folds Five
Actor Affleck with two Oscars for writing and producing
Boy's name
Hogan of golf
Stiller or Stein
Affleck of "Surviving Christmas"
Big ____, London clock
Big ___
Patriot Franklin
Jerry's partner
Actor Kingsley who starred in "Gandhi"
Dutch motor racing driver who competed in the 1962 F1 Dutch GP
Gridder Roethlisberger
Actor Kingsley
Big ___ (London landmark)
London's Big ___
Stiller who directed "Zoolander" and "Zoolander 2"
Actor Kingsley who won an Oscar for playing Gandhi
Actor Affleck
Actor Stiller of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
Golfer Hogan
Dramatist Jonson
Patriot Franklin
London's Big ____
Stiller of films
Affleck of "Gone Girl"
Poor Richard, really
Peak District initially not visible from curve in road
Boy's name
Founding father Franklin
Mr. Franklin
Jerry's partner
Founding father Franklin, for short
Uncle ___ (commercial figure)
Dramatist Jonson
Has he to live at central Greenwich?
Israel striker at Chelsea FC from 2006-09
Big ____, London clock
Actor Affleck
Author of novels The Famished Road and In Arcadia
Franklin, informally
Part of some Hebrew men's names
"Captain Marvel" actor Mendelsohn
Golfer Hogan who won the U.S. Open four times between 1948 and 1953
Michael Jackson's second album

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