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Word: DELE

The word DELE has appeared in at least 324 clues on different crosswords.

DELE definition(s):

  • Erase; remove; -- a direction to cancel something which has been put in type; usually expressed by a peculiar form of d, thus: /.
  • To erase; to cancel; to delete; to mark for omission.
  • To deal; to divide; to distribute.

"""Drop this,"" editorially"
"""Get rid of it,"" in a manuscript"
"""Get rid of it,"" to a proofreader"
"""Get rid of this,"" to proofreaders"
"""Out"" to an editor"
"""Out,"" to an editor"
"""Pull it,"" in proofreading"
"""Remove,"" in a manuscript"
"""Remove,"" to a typesetter"
"""Take this out,"" in proofreading"
'Take this out' mark
A stet cancels it
Arab makes mark readable
Bit of editing marginalia
"Blue-pencil, maybe"
Cancel editorially
"Cancel, in printing."
Copy editor's mark
Copy editor's note
"Copy editor's note, perhaps"
Copyreader's mark
Copyreader's word.
Cross out
"Cross out, in printing."
"Cross out, in proofreader-speak"
Cross out.
Cut copy
Cut out
Cut text
Cutting comment?
Direction on galleys.
Direction to a printer
Do some editing
Don't stet
Drop a line
Drop a line?
Edit out
Editing mark
"Editor's ""remove"""
"Editor's ""strike"""
"Editor's ""strike-out"""
"Editor's ""take it out"""
"Editor's ""take out"""
Editor's direction
Editor's excision
Editor's mark
Editor's nix
Editor's notation
Editor's note
Editor's note to take from text
Editor's option
Editor's order
Editor's prerogative
Editor's remark
Editor's removal mark
Editor's strike-out
Editor's strikeout
Editor's takeout
Editor's takeout sign
Editor's verb
Editor's word
Editorial excision
Editorial mark
Editorial marking
Editorial note
Editorial strike-out
Editorial strikeout
"Excise, as text"
Expunge from a manuscript
Expunge in print
"Expunge, as text"
"Expurgate, editorially"
Galley command
Galley mark
Galley mark.
Galley word
Get out
Get out of a sentence?
Get out of the line
Kill a character?
Manuscript mark
Manuscript marking
Manuscript notation
Margin mark
Marginal direction
Marginal direction?
Marginal mark
Marginal marking
Mark for excision
Mark for omission
Mark for removal
Mark of omission
Mark of rejection
Mark on a manuscript
Mark on a ms.
Nixing mark
"Omit, in printing"
Opposite of stet
Order out?
Order take-out?
Paper cut?
"Printer's ""take out"""
Printer's delta
Printer's direction
Printer's directive
Printer's instruction
Printer's mark
Printer's notation
Printer's sign.
Printer's term.
Printer's word
Printer's word.
Printing direction
Printing directive
Printing mark
Printing mark.
Printing term
Printing term.
Proof mark
Proof word
"Proofer's ""remove"""
Proofer's mark
Proofer's takeout order
Proofer's word
Proofing instruction
Proofing mark
Proofing scribble
Proofing word
"Proofreader's ""forget it"""
"Proofreader's ""omit this"""
"Proofreader's ""strike"""
Proofreader's command
Proofreader's direction
Proofreader's elimination
Proofreader's instruction.
Proofreader's mark
"Proofreader's mark meaning ""remove"""
Proofreader's marking
Proofreader's notation
Proofreader's notation (4)
"Proofreader's notation, perhaps"
Proofreader's note
Proofreader's recommendation
Proofreader's sign
Proofreader's term.
Proofreader's word
Proofreading instruction
Proofreading mark
Proofreading notation
Proofreading sign
Proofreading symbol
Proofsheet word
"Put a line through, maybe"
Removal directive
Removal mark
Remove a typo
Remove an erratum
Remove entirely
Remove from a manuscript
Remove from copy
Remove from copy.
Remove from print
"Remove from print, briefly"
Remove from text
Remove from the manuscript
Remove from the text
Remove print
Remove text
Remove type
"Remove, as a typo"
"Remove, as from a galley."
"Remove, as printed matter"
"Remove, as text"
"Remove, before printing"
"Remove, in a way."
"Remove, in editing"
"Remove, in printing"
"Remove, to a proofreader"
"Remove, to a typesetter"
"Remove, to an editor"
"Remove, to the printer"
Request to remove from a galley
Reversal of stet
Reverse a stet
Scratch mark?
Stet's antithesis
Stet's antonym
Stet's opposite
"Stet's opposite, perhaps"
Stet's opposite.
Stet's relative
Strike at the printer's
Strike from a manuscript
Strike from the text
Strike mark
Strike order?
Strike out
Strike out to proofreaders
Strike out while editing
"Strike out, as copy"
"Strike out, as text"
"Strike out, to a typesetter"
Strike out.
"Strike, to an editor"
"Strike, to editors"
Strike-out notation
Symbol on a printer's proof.
Take a letter?
Take from the text
Take out
Take out of context?
Take out of print
Take out of the text
"Take out, editorially"
"Take out, in editing"
Take out.
Take-out order
Take-out order?
Take-out order? (4)
Take-out sign
Takeout for an editor?
Takeout order?
Takeout sign
Takeout sign?
Text-removal directive
Text-removal mark
To-go order?
Typographer's strike
Undo a stet
"What ""stet"" might countermand"
"What ""stet"" undoes"
Word often written in red
Write off?
X out
Proofreader's instruction
Editor's notation sometimes
Take-out order?
Drop, to an editor
Editor's "remove it"
Take out, to an editor
Editor's mark
Takeout order?
Take-out order?
Takeout order?
Drop by order of an editor
Mark for removal
Proofing mark
Bit of editing marginalia, sometimes
Bit of editing marginalia, sometimes
What a stet cancels
Removal mark of editors
Takeout order?
Takeout order?
Take-out order
Take-out order?
Editor's nix
Mark for removal
Computer key
Takeout order?
Editor's mark
Proofreader's notation
Editor's removal mark
Takeout order?
Certain editor's mark
Mark for excision
Direction undone by "stet"
Editor's mark
Strike out, in proofing
Editorial strike-out
Proofreader's mark
Takeout order?
Edit out
Editor's "cut it"
What a stet cancels
Editor's notation
Takeout order?
Takeout order?
Proofreader's "drop this"
Proofreader's mark
Editorial removal
Take-out order?
Editorial mark
Editor's mark
Take-out order?
Proofer's mark
Editorial mark
"Remove," in proofreading
Proofreading symbol
Edit out
"Take this out," in editing
Strike out
Remove from a manuscript
Edit out
Take out
Marginal mark
Takeout order?
Mark for removal
Editor's notation
Remove in editing
Remove from a manuscript
Printer's term
Editor's mark
Proofreader's notation

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