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Word: DELI

The word DELI has appeared in at least 620 clues on different crosswords.

DELI definition(s):

  • a shop selling delicatessen (as salads or cooked meats)

"""Take a number"" place"
"""Take a number"" site"
"""Take a number"" site, possibly"
A hero may be on display here
A place for heroes
Bagel and lox purveyor
Bagel depot
Bagel shop
"Bagel source, often"
Bagels and lox seller
Bagels and lox supplier
Baloney boutique
Best place for wurst
Bite site
Bite-grabber's stop
Blondie's business
Bodega's competitor
Bologna home
Brat's place
Carnegie ___
Carnegie ___ (famous eatery)
"Caterer, at times"
"Caterer, maybe"
"Caterer, sometimes"
Cheese counter
Cheese locale
Chicken salad site
Chop shop?
Club room?
Club spot
Coffee shop cousin
Cold cut cutting locale
Cold cut store
Cold cuts emporium
Cold cuts purveyor
Cold cuts section
Cold cuts shop
Cold cuts store
Cold cuttery
Cold turkey purveyor
Cold-cut department
Cold-cut mart
Cold-cut palace
Cold-cuts center
Cold-cuts ctr.
Cold-cuts emporium
Cold-cuts section
Cold-cuts shop
Cold-cuts store
Corned beef seller
Corner store
"Corner store, for short"
"Corner store, often, in New York"
"Corner store, perhaps"
Dagwood creator?
Department with a slicer
Eatery with scales
Egg-salad purveyor
Estab. with cuts
Ethnic eatery
Fast-food place
Fast-food shop
Food shop
"Food shop, for short"
"Food shop, for short."
Food store
"Food store, for short"
Frank maker
Frank server
Frank's place
Frank's place?
Franks' place?
Grinder maker
Grocery section
Grocery store section
Ham home?
Ham salad seller
Ham store
Ham's frequent surroundings
Ham's showcase
Have a hero here
"Hello ___, shop frequently seen on Letterman"
Hero creator
Hero locale
Hero maker
Hero producer
Hero purveyor
Hero server
Hero setting found in the four longest Across answers
Hero shop
Hero source
Hero's birthplace
Hero's hangout
Hero's home
Hero's home?
Hero's origin?
Hero's place
Hero's place?
Hero's spot
Hoagie maker
Hoagie shop
Home for heroes
Home of heroes?
Hot dog server
House of lox
Indira Gandhi International Airport site
It can make you a hero
"It has slices, but no hooks"
It may be New York-style
It may be full of baloney
It may be kosher
It may stock lox
It stocks lox
It'll slice baloney and cut the mustard
It'll slice bologna and cut the mustard
It's full of baloney
Jewish ___
"Katz's, e.g."
"Katz's, for one"
"Katz's, notably"
Kind of counter
Kind of loaf
Kind of sandwich
"Kind of store, for short"
Knish emporium
Knish noshery
Knish purveyor
Knish seller
Kosher ___
Kosher eatery
"Kosher eatery, perhaps"
Kosher place
"Kosher place, maybe"
Links locale
Local food shop
"Local food store, for short"
Lox server
Lox stocker
Lunch hour destination
Lunch location
"Lunch location, sometimes"
Lunch meat shop
Lunch meat supplier
Lunch place
Lunch spot
Lunch-break stop
Lunch-meat shop
Lunchmeat emporium
Lunchtime queueing spot
Maker of heroes
Manhattan's Carnegie ___
Many a Manhattan business
Market area
Market section
Meat market?
Meat shop
Meat slicer locale
Meat slicer site
Meat source
Meat-treats mart
Mini meat market
Mosquito genus
NYC eatery
Nabe store
Nabe store for cold cuts
Native Canadian
Neighborhood food shop
Neighborhood shop
Neighborhood store
New York City's Carnegie ___
"New York restaurant, often"
New York's Carnegie ___
Nosh pit?
One may carry the best of the wurst
Panini preparer
Panini seller
"Parkway in Silver Spring, e.g."
Party platter preparer
"Party platter preparer, perhaps"
Party platter producer
Party platter source
Party tray preparer
Pastrami emporium
Pastrami locale
Pastrami on rye place
Pastrami palace
Pastrami parlor
Pastrami peddler
Pastrami place
Pastrami purveyor
Pastrami seller
Pastrami source
"Pastrami spot, for short"
Pickle parlor
Pickle place
Pickle purveyor
Pickle's place
Place for a BLT
Place for a New York nosh
Place for a bagel and a schmear
Place for a bagel with a schmear
Place for a counter claim?
Place for a ham
Place for a hero
Place for a knish
Place for a pastrami sandwich
Place for a slicer
Place for a sub?
Place for hero worshipers?
Place for heroes
Place for knishes
Place for lunch
Place for pastrami
Place for take-out goods
Place of hero worship?
Place of heros
Place that buys large containers of mayo
Place to buy a sub
Place to buy cold cuts
Place to buy snacks
Place to find a hero
Place to find a submarine and a torpedo
Place to get a BLT
Place to get a Reuben
Place to get a ham and Swiss
Place to get a sandwich
Place to get an egg salad sandwich
Place to get corned beef
Place to ham it up?
Place to order a ham on rye
Place to pick lox
Place to pick up a sandwich
Place to pick up brats
Place to pick up some Swiss?
Place to purchase a party platter
Place to purchase pickles
Place to take a number
"Place to take a number, maybe"
Place to take out a sandwich
Place where people pick lox?
Place where workers sometimes cut the cheese
Place where you might find a Larry David sandwich
"Place with ""Now Serving"" numbers"
"Place with a ""Now Serving"" board"
Place with a counter
Place with a takeout line
Place with slicers and cuts
Platter seller
Poor boy provider
Poor boy purveyor
Poor boy seller
Popular NYC takeout
Prepared-foods shop
Prosciutto place
Prosciutto purveyor
Purveyor of prosciutto
Quick food shop
Ready-to-eat food products
Ready-to-eat food store
Ready-to-eat-food store
Reuben s home
Reuben server
Reuben shoppe
Reuben's home
Reuben's home?
Reubens home
Rupert Gee owns one
Rye offerer
Rye place
Rye server
Salad seller
Salami and pastrami seller
Salami dispenser
Salami emporium
"Salami emporium, for short"
Salami hanging site
Salami hangout?
Salami haven
Salami purveyor
Salami salon
Salami seller
Salami shop
Salami source
Salami spot
Salami-slicing department
Sandwich place
Sandwich purveyor
Sandwich seller
Sandwich shop
"Sandwich shop, for short"
Sandwich shoppe
Sandwich source
Sandwich store
Sandwich supplier
Sausage seller
"Schlotzsky's, notably"
Schmeer shop
"Schwartz's of Montreal, e.g."
Section in many a grocery
Section in some supermarkets
Section of some supermarkets
Shop that slices meat
Shop with a slicer
Shop with cold cuts
Shop with egg salad and cold cuts
Shop with salamis
Shop with scales
Short order store: prefix
Site for slicers
"Site of a memorable ""When Harry Met Sally"" scene"
Site with a slicer
Slaw seller
Slice shop
Slicer locale
Slicer site
Slicing site
Snack joint
Snack stop
Source of lunch meats
Specialty-food store
Spot for a nosh
Spot for lunch
Spot for sandwiches
Spot to grab a bite
Store in which wares are weighed
"Store supplied by Boar's Head, say"
Store that is full of bologna?
Store that's full of bologna?
Store where you might take a number
Store with a slicer
Store with cold cuts
"Store, for short"
Sub assembler
Sub assembly location
Sub base
Sub base?
Sub builder
Sub builder?
Sub contractor?
Sub depot?
Sub launcher?
Sub maker
Sub manufacturer?
Sub offerer
Sub outlet
Sub seller
Sub shop
Sub site
Sub source
Sub spot
Sub station
Sub station?
Sub's base?
Sub-assembly site
Submarine base
Submarine base?
Submarine creator
Submarine maker
Supermarket counter
Supermarket department
Supermarket dept.
Supermarket feature
Supermarket part
Supermarket section
Supermarket work station
Swiss and Dijon locale
Swiss locale
Swiss section
Swiss vendor
Swiss vendor?
Take-a-number place
Take-out place
Take-out shop
Takeout purveyor
Takeout shop
Takeout site
Takeout spot
This may be kosher
Tongue purveyor
Tongue store
Torpedo's place
"Venue for a memorable ""When Harry Met Sally..."" scene"
What may have the makings of a hero?
Whence a hero comes?
Whence comes a hero?
Where Swiss may be found
Where a hero's journey might begin
Where a submarine might be spotted
Where a tongue can be found
Where cold cuts are cut
Where cuts might be treated with salt
Where heroes are created
Where heroes are made
Where heroes are made and borne
Where heroes are made?
Where heroes come into existence?
Where heroes may be found
Where heroes may be made
Where heros are made
Where heros are made?
Where many subs are assembled
Where many takeout containers are weighed
Where one might pick lox
Where people pick lox
Where rye is ordered
Where rye may be requested
Where some cut the mustard?
Where some heroes are made
Where submarines are assembled
Where subs are assembled
Where subs are built
Where the beef is
Where the butcher LIED?
Where the workers cut the mustard?
Where to find a hero
Where to find a hero?
Where to find a sub
Where to find idle shoppers
Where to get a corned beef on rye
Where to get a hoagie
Where to get a hoagy
Where to get a melt down
Where to get a melt down?
Where to get cold cuts
Where to get into a pickle or find a hero
Where to get into a pickle?
Where to land lox
Where to nosh on a knish
Where to order egg salad
Where to pick lox
Where you might buy Dr. Brown's soda
Where you might get good lobster salad
"Word with ""kosher"" or ""corner"""
Word with counter or slicer
Word with kosher or corner
Wrap maker
Wurst place in town
___ meat
Where a hero’s journey might begin
Section with a slicer
Supermarket area
Neighborhood sandwich shop
Sub outlet
Pastrami provider
Section with slicers
Knish purveyor
Supermarket section
Place to get a Reuben
Cold meats %26 cheeses shop
Place for a hero
Supermarket section
Sub shop
Cold-cuts department
Food store specialist in Dandelion Market
Sandwich shop
Food shop
Sandwich store
Department near many bakeries
Hero shop
Pastrami purveyor
Cold cut emporium
Sub store
Store with a meat slicer
Sub shop
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Pastrami purveyor
Place to grab lunch
Sub store
Sub shop
Supermarket department
Sub shop
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Supermarket section
Food shop
Sub station
BLT source
Sandwich shop
Sandwich shop
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Sandwich store
Sandwich store
Sandwich shop
Pastrami sandwich supplier
Type of shop that made lip-smacking sandwiches
Hero shop
Hero shop
Sub store
Sub store
Food shop
Food shop
Sub station?
Sub shop
Sub shop
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Sandwich shop
Ham-slicing department
Sandwich shop
Place with a slicer
Lied about speciality grocer
Food shop
Smallgoods shop
Food shop
Food shop
Sandwich shop
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Sandwich store
Sandwich store
Supermarket section
Local sandwich shop
Sandwich shop
Party platter purveyor
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Hero shop
Hero shop
Supermarket section
It's meaty
Sub store
Sub store
Where heros are made
Sub shop
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Take-a-number supermarket section
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Sandwich shop
Sandwich store
11-Down seller
Sub shop
Food shop
Supermarket section
"Bagel and a schmear" shop
Supermarket department
Sandwich store
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Sandwich shop
Supermarket section with slicers
Hero shop
Sub store
Supermarket counter
Who had a 17, 21, 1 in store?
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Shop with a meat slicer
Grocery section
Sandwich shop
Food shop
Sandwich shop
Sub station
Slicer spot
Sandwich store
"Take a number" market aisle
Hero shop
Cold-cuts seller
Place to grab lunch
Smallgoods shop
Sub store
Local food shop
Smallgoods shop
Sandwich shop
Dutch priest found in shop
Local sandwich shop
Market section with a self-service kiosk
Hero creator
Sandwich shop
Sub shop
Supermarket section
Sandwich shop
Store with a scale
Sub store
Smallgoods shop
Place to order a Reuben
Sub shop
Sub shop
Salami seller
Sandwich shop
Knish purveyor
Sandwich shop
Food shop
Sandwich shop
Purveyor of soups and salads
Sandwich store
Hero shop
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Luncheon meat purveyor
Sub store
Brat's place
Store with slicers
Food shop
Sub spot
Location of shopping arcade? Likely in the centre
Sub shop
Sandwich shop
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Sandwich shop
Food shop
Place to order a ham on rye
Sandwich store
Cold meats & cheeses shop
Party platter purveyor
Salami vendor
Where some cut the mustard?
Hero shop
Charcuterie purveyor
Sub station?
Salami shop
Salami seller
Place to buy a ham on rye
Sub store
Sub station?
Sandwich shop
Sub shop
Kosher ___
Supermarket section

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