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Word: EGG

The word EGG has appeared in at least 829 clues on different crosswords.

EGG definition(s):

  • animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds
  • throw eggs at
  • oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food
  • coat with beaten egg
  • one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens

"""Back to the ___"" (1979 Wings album)"
"""Bluebeard's ___,"" Margaret Atwood collection"
"""Good"" guy"
"""Hard-boiled"" breakfast"
"""Hard-boiled"" snack"
"""Hen fruit"""
"""Is there any taste in the white of an ___?"" (Job 6:6)"
"""Joe ___,"" Orton play"
"""Or if he shall ask an ___, will he offer him a scorpion?"""
"""Rotten"" missile"
"""The ___ and I"""
"""The ___ and I"" (Colbert movie)"
"""This is your brain on drugs"" prop"
"""Which came first..."" alternative"
"""Which came first?"" choice"
"""Which came first?"" item"
"""Which came first?"" option"
"""Your brain on drugs,"" in ads"
"""Your brain on drugs,"" in the ads"
"""___ Man"" (Beastie Boys song)"
'The -- and I' ('47 film)
"'The Herne's ___,' Yeats play"
'The ___ and I': 1947 film
-- foo yung
--- on: urge
"1979 Wings album ""Back to the ___"""
2011 Lady Gaga Grammy outfit
A chick may be seen coming out of one
A reproductive body.
A robin's is blue
A snake may swallow one whole
Adam or Eve on a raft
Aerial bomb
Aerie deposit
Aerie object
Albumen container
An ostrich's weighs about three pounds
Attack a house a la pranksters
"Attack a house, high school-style"
Baby carrier
Baby carrier?
Bacon accompanier
Bacon contemporary?
Bacon go-with
Bad or good
Bad thing to have on one's face
Bad thing to have on your face
Bagel filling
Bagel selection
Baker's need
Basket filler
Batter ingredient
Batter's need
"Beastie Boys song ""___ Man"""
Beater beginning
Bird of the future
Bit of hen fruit
Bread pudding ingredient
Breakable food
Breakfast breakable
Breakfast buffet item
Breakfast burrito filler
Breakfast burrito ingredient
Breakfast cracker
Breakfast fare
Breakfast food
Breakfast food.
Breakfast item
Breakfast item.
Breakfast staple
Brioche ingredient
Brooder item.
Brunch staple
Cadbury confection
Cadbury goodie
Cadbury treat
Caesar salad dressing ingredient
Cake ingredient
Cake ingredient.
Cake leavener
Can be good or bad
Candler's concern.
Challah need
Chap; fellow
Chick holder
Chick of the future
Chick's first home
"Chicken follower, maybe"
"Chicken preceder, maybe"
Chicken preceder...or follower
Chicken preceder...or not...
Chicken's counterpart
Clutch component
Clutch constituent
Clutch item
Cobb salad ingredient
Coddled item
Coddled thing
Coddles item.
Container for an unhatched chick
Coop deposit
Coop find
Coop item
Coop ovoid
Coop product
Cracked food item
Custard base
Custard component
Custard ingredient
Custard need
Darning ___.
Dart's partner
Default Twitter avatar (because birds because Twitter)
Demonstration missile
Deviled ___
Deviled delight
Deviled food item
Deviled item
Did it come first?
Dinosaur's origin
Dinosaur's start
Dominique's donation
Doodle order
Early bird
Early bird's abode?
Early bird's home
Early bird's home?
Early bird's place?
Early bird's spot
Early bird?
Easter ___
Easter ___ hunt
Easter basket item
Easter candy shape
Easter decoration
Easter find
Easter hunt item hidden in this puzzle's seven longest answers
Easter item
Easter oval
Easter roller
Easter token
Easter-basket item
Edible item.
Embarrassing facial covering?
Embarrassing thing to have on one's face?
Embryonic dinosaur
Embryonic fowl
Faberge art object
Faberge collectible
Faberge creation
Faberge item
Faberge objet
Faberge objet d'art
Faberge prize
Faberge-fashioned item
Facial embarrassment
Farm product
Farm product.
"Fellow, good or bad."
"Fellow, in slang"
Find in an annual hunt
First debate option
Flan ingredient
Flip ingredient
Foo yong ingredient.
Foo-yong base
Food from a shell
Food in a Liz Phair album title
Food in a shell
"Food prepared ""over easy"""
Food staple.
Food used to make brioche
Fowl ball?
Fowl product
Fowl source
Fragile decoration
Fragile food
Frangipane ingredient
French toast ingredient
Fridge-door item
Fried food
Fried or Easter
Fried rice ingredient
Frittata base
Frittata component
Frittata ingredient
Frittata necessity
Frittata need
Fruit of the coop
Fruit of the loon
Future chick
Future chicken
Future eagle
Future falcon
Future finch
Future fowl
Future hawk?
Future sea tortoise
"Goad, with ""on"""
Golden goose goodie
Good ___
Good fellow
Good fellow?
Good or bad
Goose ___
Goose ___ (no score)
Goose ___ (zero on the scoreboard)
Goose ___ (zero)
Grade A item
Graded item
"Guy, good or bad."
Halloween missile
Halloween prank projectile
Halloween prankster's aid
Halloween prankster's missile
Halloween prankster's projectile
Halloween projectile
"Hard-boiled Jill Sobule song ""Barren ___"""
Hard-boiled Mr. Bungle song?
Hard-boiled item
Hard-boiled one
Harry Potter took one from a dragon
Hatch site
Hatchery item
Hatchling's former home
He may be good or bad
Head or nog leader
Head or plant
Head shape
Head start?
Heckler's missile
Heckler's projectile
Hell Night grenade
Hen concern
Hen fruit
Hen house find
Hen product
Hen's pride
Hen's product
Hen-hen link
Henhouse find
Henhouse object
High-cholesterol food
High-protein breakfast food
"Home to a future flier, maybe"
Horton hatched one
Horton's concern
Horton's responsibility
Horton's worry
Huevos rancheros ingredient
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty was one
Humpty Dumpty's shape
"Humpty Dumpty, e.g."
"Humpty Dumpty, for example"
"Humpty Dumpty, for one"
Humpty Dumpty.
Hunt subject
Hunted sphere
Hunted spheroid
Incipient chick
Incipient omelet
"Incite (with ""on"")"
Incite (with 'on')
Incite to action
"Incite to action, (with on)"
Incite with on
"Incite, with ""on"""
"Incite, with 'on'"
Incubator item
Ingredient for a flip
Ingredient in Caesar salad dressing
Ingredient in a Tom and Jerry
Ingredient in a flip
Ingredient in an omelette
Ingredient in some salads
Ingredient of a flip
Ingredient of a flip.
It came before the chicken--or maybe after?
It can be scrambled
It gets laid for procreation
It has a yolk
It may be beaten
It may be candled
It may be coddled
It may be cracked in the kitchen
It may be fertilized
It may be hard-boiled or poached
It may be hen-pecked
It may be on an embarrassed person's face
It may be poached
It may be poached or deviled
"It may be rolled, tossed, or hunted"
It may be rotten
It may be rotten or poached
It may be scrambled
It may be served sunnyside up
It may get whipped in the kitchen
It may have come first
It may take a beating
It might be a jumbo
It might get beaten in the morning
It runs when broken
It usually needs breaking
It's a chick thing
It's beaten only when it's good
It's blue for a robin.
It's broken when it's used
It's cracked in the kitchen
It's found nesting in Greek Easter bread
It's graded
It's legal to poach one
It's most useful when cracked
It's often beaten in the morning
It's often coddled
It's on an embarrassed face
It's produced from a single layer
It's rolled in the springtime
It's scrambled
It's usually broken before use
Item for an oologist
Item for candling
"Item graded AA, A or B"
Item in a nest
Item in a spoon race
Item in an embarrassment metaphor
Item laid by Wall Street in 1929
Item on Sam-I-Am's plate
Item scrambled or poached
Item thrown by Justin Bieber
Its lowest possible grade is a B
Its yolk is used in mayonnaise
Kind of basket
Kind of cream
Kind of cup
Kind of cup.
Kind of head
"Kind of man John Lennon was, besides being a ""Walrus"""
Kind of plant or head
Kind of roll
Kind of roll or salad
Kind of roll or toss
Kind of salad
Kind of sandwich
Kind of timer
Kind of white
Lady Gaga's Grammy transport
Lead-in to drop or roll
Leghorn's largess
Leghorn's largesse
Leghorns' largesse
"Margaret Atwood short story, ""Bluebeard's ___"""
Matzo brei ingredient
Mayo ingredient
McMuffin ingredient
McMuffin stuff
McMuffin stuffin'
Menu item
Meringue base
Meringue ingredient
Meringue need
Metaphorical facial embarrassment
Mischief night projectile
Missile of sorts.
Monthly release [the American Values Club xword is at avxwords.com - subscribe now]
Mork's spaceship
"Mork's spaceship, basically"
Necktie hazard at breakfast.
Nest ___
Nest filler
Nest find
Nest item
Nest nugget
Nest occupant
Nest occupier
Nest or goose
Nest or rotten
Nog base
Nog ingredient
Nog ingredient.
Nog need
Noodle ingredient.
Object in an apocryphal story about Christopher Columbus
Object of a hunt
Object of a spring hunt
October 31 missile
Omelet base
Omelet ingredient
Omelet item
Omelet necessity
Omelet need
"On your face, it's embarrassing"
One in a dozen
One may be dropped in soup
One may be good or bad
One may be sunnyside up
One may get laid on the farm
One of a baker's dozen?
One of a dozen
One of a dozen at the grocery store
"One of a dozen, maybe"
One of an edible dozen
One of twelve
"One of twelve, often"
One side of a great debate
One source of protein
Oriole starter?
Oriole's origin
Ostrich's origin
Over-easy item
Pad thai ingredient
Pancake ingredient
"Party in a ""which came first"" debate"
Party in the chicken debate
"Person, bad or good"
"Person, colloquially"
"Person, informally"
"Person, slangily"
Plant or head
Poached fare
Poached food
Poached item
Poached thing
Poacher's acquisition?
Poacher's need
Poacher's target
Potential peacock
Poultry product
Prank projectile
"Prank someone's house, maybe"
Prankster's projectile
Prod with on
"Prod, with ""on"""
Prop for the San Diego Chicken
Protein food.
Protein source
Pudding ingredient
"Pudding ingredient, often"
"Pull a Halloween prank, perhaps"
Pysanky need
Quiche base
Quiche ingredient
Quiche need
Raw ingredient in a paleo smoothie
Recipe item.
Red face covering?
Refrigerator door item
Reproductive half
Rhode Island White's deposit
Robin's ___ blue
Robin's-___ blue
Roll or toss preceder
Rolled item
Rotten projectile?
"Saki's ""The Square ___"""
Salad ingredient
Salad ingredient.
Sausage McMuffin with ___
Scrambled fare
Scrambled item
Scrambled or fried item
Scrambled or poached item
Scrambled word?
Seasonal roller
Sex-education topic
Shampoo additive
"Shampoo ingredient, sometimes"
"Shape of Mork's spacecraft on ""Mork & Mindy"""
Shape of many an Easter candy
Shell content
Shell or head
Shell or head attachment
Shirred item
Sign of approval
Silly Putty container
Silly Putty holder
Silly Putty vessel
Size of coal.
Soft-boiled item
Something broken at breakfast
Something not good to have on one's face
Something to beat
Sometime missile.
"Song from '1776,' with 'The'"
Souffl ingredient
Souffle ingredient
Souffle ingredient.
Souffle need
Source of facial embarrassment?
Spring roll ingredient
Spur (on)
"Spur, with ""on"""
Squirrel's theft
Stuff on a red face?
Sunny-side-up item
Tempera ingredient
Tempera paint ingredient
Thing to hatch out of
This may have come first
Three-minute ___
Timer subject
Tortilla espa
Traditional White House lawn roller
Trickster's projectile
Type of roll
Type of roll?
Unpleasant face covering
Urge (on)
"Urge, with ""on"""
"Urge, with 'on'"
Vegan's no-no
Wall Street laid one in 1929
What might be cooked once over easy
Where you find albumen and a chalaza
Whisking target
"Wings album ""Back to the ___"""
"With ""goose,"" it's a zero"
"With ""head,"" an intellectual"
"With 33D, Yule beverage"
Word after good or goose
Word after goose or nest
Word before cream or white
Word before head or roll
Word before roll or plant
Word before timer or tooth
Word before white or cream
Word that can precede the starts of answers to starred clues
"Word with ""roll"" or ""shell"""
"Word with ""roll"" or ""white"""
Word with cream or roll
Word with drop or roll
Word with good or goose
"Word with good, bad or rotten"
Word with nest or rotten
Word with plant or head
Word with plant or roll
Word with roll or cream
Word with roll or rolling
Word with roll or toss
Word with salad or roll
Word with shell or head
Word with shell or on
Word with shell or plant
"Word with shell, head or on"
Word with timer or roll
Word with white or cream
Word with white or head
Word with white or shell
Yolk holder
Yolk's place
Yolk's site
Yolked thing
You can beat it
You don't want it on your face
"Your brain on drugs, in PSAs"
"Your brain, in a PSA"
Zabaglione ingredient
___ McMuffin
___ and dart
___ and dart (molding design)
___ and dart : carved ornamental design
___ and dart: ornamental design
___ cream (fizzy drink)
___ cream (fountain treat)
___ drop soup
___ foo young
___ foo yung
___ nog (holiday drink)
___ on (goad)
___ on (incite)
___ on (prod)
___ on (urge)
___ on one's face
___ on your face
___ on: incite
___ roll
___ roll.
___ salad
___ timer
___ white
___ whites
Component of 103-Across
Word after "goose" or "nest"
Easter basket item
Halloween projectile
Silly Putty container
Ingredient often added to cake mix
Easter find
Nest item
Cake mix need
"Which came first?" debate option
Nest item
Poached breakfast item
Early bird?
Meringue ingredient
Chick holder
Sausage and ___ McMuffin
Fertilization target
__ foo yung
Breakfast food
Encourage farm produce
Easter basket item
Easter find
Omelet ingredient
Quiche ingredient
Omelet need
Urge (on)
Encourage farm produce
Flan need
Money put by, nest ...
Encourage farm produce
Easter item
Encourage farm produce
Future tweeter
Breakfast staple
Common ingredient in pasta
Hen product
Ingredient in a Caesar salad
Easter-hunt link
Easter item
Encourage farm produce
Omelette ingredient
Omelet need
Silly Putty holder
McMuffin ingredient
Urge, ... on
Grade A item
Faberge collectible
Encourage farm produce
"Which came first" option
"Which came first" option
Easter gift
__ McMuffin
It runs when broken
Unborn chick
Soufflé need
Encourage farm produce
"Which came first?" option
Hard boiled ____ fu yong
It runs if cracked
Omelette ingredient
Nest occupier
Encourage farm produce
Easter basket item
Nog type
50-Across ingredient
Cracked food item
Faberge collectible
Reproductive unit
Grade A thing
Mayo ingredient
Béarnaise ingredient
Early bird for one of those types in Mayo
Chick container
Hatchling's former home
Part of some shampoos
Nest occupier
Urge, ... on
Home to an embryonic platypus
Custard base
Cobb salad ingredient
Omelet need
Easter find
One of a baker's dozen?
Custard ingredient
Easter candy shape
Frittata need
Meringue ingredient
Encourage farm produce
Nest occupier
Encourage farm produce
Souffle ingredient
Early bird
Poached breakfast item
Spur (on)
Omelet ingredient
Encourage farm produce
Souffle ingredient
Hen's creation
Reproductive unit
Hen's creation
It may be coddled
Hen product
Word with head or roll
Money put by, nest ...
Custard ingredient
Meringue ingredient
Encourage farm produce
Omelet ingredient
Meringue source
Protein source
Unborn chick
Breakfast food
Torte or tortoni ingredient
McMuffin ingredient
Nest item
Future fowl
It can be poached legally
Cobb salad ingredient
Nest item
Omelet ingredient
Quiche ingredient
Soufflé ingredient
Poached breakfast
Nest item
Breakfast sandwich ingredient
Frittata ingredient
Money put by, nest ...
Spur (on)
Platypus nest item
Future chicken
Fertilization target
__ white
Nog ingredient
Cadbury treat
Mayo ingredient
Hen product
Shape of a Silly Putty container
Nest sight
Frittata ingredient
You can break it and poach it
Encourage farm produce
French toast ingredient
Unborn chick
__ salad
___ salad
Fabergé creation
Encourage farm produce
Genealogist cuts toenails in 15 across, for example
Meringue start
Easter gift
Faberge creation
Easter find
Bad thing to have on one's face
Easter candy shape
Yolk holder
Urge farm produce
Omelette ingredient
Bagel flavoring
Easter ___
Mayo ingredient
Bit of hen fruit
What one may 57 Down
___ McMuffin
Mayo ingredient
Souffle ingredient
Shape of a Silly Putty container
It may be beaten and eaten
Breakfast staple
Omelette ingredient
Urge, ... on
Urge, ... on
Breakfast staple
Grade A item
Easter symbol
You might separate its white and yolk
"Which came first?" debate option
Breakfast favorite
Dinosaur's starting place

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