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Word: ELF

The word ELF has appeared in at least 780 clues on different crosswords.

ELF definition(s):

  • (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous
  • below 3 kilohertz
  • Extremely Low Frequency
  • Extremely Low Frequency
  • Electron Localization Function

"""A Midsummer Night's Dream"" extra"
"""A right jolly old ___"""
"""Fred Claus"" extra"
"""Polar Express"" extra"
"""Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice ___ Agin)"""
"""Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice ___ Agin)"" (#1 hit of 1970)"
"""Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice ___ Agin)"" (#1 hit of 1970)"
"""The Hobbit"" being"
"""The Hobbit"" extra"
"""The Lord of the Rings"" figure"
"""The Polar Express"" extra"
"""The Santa Clause"" extra"
"""The Santaland Diaries"" occupation"
"""The Silmarillion"" being"
"""The ___ on the Shelf"" (Christmas book sold with a toy)"
"""___ needs food, badly"" (Classic line from the video game Gauntlet)"
"""___ needs food, badly"" (classic video game line)"
'... a right jolly old ___'
"'02 Cadillac Escalade SUV/pickup hybrid (1,1,1)"
'60s Riley model for Santa's helper
11: Ger.
2003 Christmas film
2003 Christmas movie
2003 Ed Asner film
2003 Ferrell movie
2003 Will Ferrell film
2003 Will Ferrell flick
2003 Will Ferrell holiday comedy
2003 Will Ferrell holiday film
2003 Will Ferrell holiday flick
2003 Will Ferrell holiday movie
2003 Will Ferrell movie
2003 Will Ferrell title role
2003 comedy co-starring Bob Newhart
2003 film directed by Jon Favreau
2003 holiday film
2003 holiday flick
"2003 movie in which Zooey Deschanel sings ""Baby, It's Cold Outside"""
2003 role for Will Ferrell
2010 Broadway musical in which George Wendt played Santa
"2010 Broadway musical with the song ""Nobody Cares About Santa"""
"2010 hit Broadway musical with the song ""Sparklejollytwinklejingley"""
Aide to Santa
Annual bag packer found in six of this puzzle's Across answers
Another Halloween costume possibility
Arctic aide
Arctic assistant
Arctic drudge
Arctic toymaker
Assistant for Santa
Assistant to Santa
Assistant way up north
Being that has no soul.
"Bernard, in ""The Santa Clause"""
Bit of pole support?
Brownie ___ (mascot of the Cleveland Browns)
"Brownie, e.g."
"Brownie, for one"
Busy December worker
"Busy sort, this time of year"
"Capricious, magical figure"
"Character in a Christmas special, often"
Character in children's tales
Character in the Harry Potter books
"Chips Deluxe baker, in ads"
"Christmas carol singer, maybe"
Christmas chreature
Christmas creature
Christmas helper
Christmas movie starring Will Ferrell
Christmas present wrapper
Christmas toymaker
Christmas wrapper?
Claus aide
Claus assistant
Claus helper
Claus subordinate
Common D&D character
Cookie company character
Creature in children's Christmas books
"David Sedaris was one in ""SantaLand Diaries"""
December helper
Desert owl
Diminutive being
Diminutive creature
Diminutive creature of folklore
Diminutive seasonal helper
Diminutive trickster
Dio's early band
Dobby or Winky
"Dobby or Winky, in Harry Potter"
"Dobby, e.g."
"Dobby, e.g., in the Harry Potter books"
"Dobby, in ""Harry Potter"""
Dungeons & Dragons character
Dungeons & Dragons figure
Dungeons & Dragons player option
Dungeons & Dragons race
Dwarflike mischief-maker
Dweller in fairyland.
"Eleven, in Essen (3)"
"Eleven, in Germany."
Eleven: Ger.
Employee of Santa
Enchanted creature
"Ernest J. Keebler, for one"
Ernie of Keebler ads
"Ernie of Keebler, e.g."
Essen 11
Ethereal being
"Extra in ""The Polar Express"""
Extra in animated Christmas specials
Fairy kin
Fairy relative
Fairy tale creature
Fairy tale creature.
Fairy's cousin
Fairy-tale creature
Fairy-tale night worker
Fantasy novel character
Fantasy race
Fantasy sprite
Ferrell comedy
Ferrell film
Ferrell film of 2003
Ferrell holiday film
Fey creature
Figure in Santa's workshop
Figure often dressed in green
Film in which Ed Asner plays Santa
Folklore being
Folklore being.
Folklore creature
Folklore sprite
"Galadriel in ""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
Gauntlet character
Gnome's kin
"Goblin, e.g."
Grimm character
Grimm shoemaker
Grimm tale figure
He has a Pole position
He wears very little clothing
Helper for Kringle
Helper for Santa
Helper in a cold workshop?
"Hermey of TV's ""Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,"" e.g."
Hobbit ally
Hobbit's friend
Holder of a pole position?
Holiday hammerer
Holiday help
Holiday helper
"Holiday movie that came out the same month as ""Love Actually"""
Imaginary being
Imaginary being.
Impish one
Impish sort
January unemployment collector?
"Job in ""The Santaland Diaries"""
Jolly old ___ (Santa)
Keebler baker
"Keebler baker, in ads"
"Keebler baker, supposedly"
Keebler baker?
Keebler character
Keebler commercial character
Keebler cook
Keebler cookie character
Keebler cookie cooker
Keebler cookie maker
Keebler cookiemaker
Keebler employee
"Keebler employee, in ads"
Keebler employee?
Keebler figure
Keebler mascot
Keebler pitchman
Keebler spokesman
Keebler staffer
Keebler tree-dweller
Keebler worker
Keebler worker?
"Keebler's Ernie, e.g."
"Keebler's Ernie, for example"
Kringle aide
LARP character
Legendary gift-wrapper
Legendary mischief-maker
Legendary nocturnal worker
Legendary toymaker
"Legolas in ""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
Legolas of Middle Earth
"Legolas of Middle Earth, e.g."
"Legolas, for one"
Leprechaun relative
Little being
Little creature
Little fellow without owl
Little green man
Little guy
Little help
Little help for the holidays?
Little help?
Little helper
Little helper found in the four longest Across answers
Little helper of Santa
Little mischief-maker
Little one
Little one of folklore
Little person
Little prankster
Little rascal
Little seasonal helper
Little toymaker
Little trickster
Little troublemaker
Little worker
Little wrapper
Lively little creature
Long-lived Middle-earth denizen
Longbow shooter of fantasy fiction
Lothlorien extra
Lowly worker?
Magic forest inhabitant
Magical being
Magical creature
Magical mischief-maker
Make-believe toymaker
"Many a ""Lord of the Rings"" character"
Member of Tolkien's 'Firstborn'
Middle Earth being
Middle Earth dweller
Middle-earth dweller
Middle-earth inhabitant
Middle-earth resident
Mischief maker
Mischief-maker with pointy shoes
Mischievous being
Mischievous child
Mischievous child.
Mischievous creature
Mischievous fairy
Mischievous imp
Mischievous kid
Mischievous little creature
Mischievous moppet
Mischievous one
Mischievous pixie
Mischievous sort
Mischievous spirit
Mischievous tyke
Mischievous wee one
Movie that starts getting TV play around this time every year
Movie where Will Ferrell played Buddy
Munchkin kin
Munchkin relative
Mythical magical midget
Mythical prankster
Night shift worker
Nixie or pixie
North Pole assistant
North Pole assistant?
North Pole denizen
North Pole dweller
North Pole employee
North Pole helper
North Pole hiree
North Pole laborer
North Pole peon
North Pole pixie
North Pole regular
North Pole resident
"North Pole resident, presumably"
North Pole resident?
North Pole shop foreman
North Pole staffer
North Pole toy maker
North Pole toymaker
North Pole underling
North Pole worker
North Pole worker?
North pole employee
Northern helper
Northern laborer
Noted toymaker
One in Santa's support group
One of Ernie Keebler's crew
One of Santa's Little Helpers
One of Santa's helpers
One of Santa's little helpers
One of Santa's team
"One of the ""little people."""
"One of the Noldor, in Tolkien"
"One of the four players in ""Gauntlet"""
One of the little people
"One on the shelf, in Christmas decor"
One with a Claus in his contract?
One with a Pole position
One with a pole position?
One with a regular pole position?
One with pointy ears
One with pointy shoes
One with pointy-toed shoes
One with very little clothing
One working hard before the holidays
Pixie kin
Pixieish one
Pixieish sort
Pointy shoe wearer
Pointy-eared being
Pointy-eared figure
Pointy-eared one
Pointy-eared sprite
Pointy-shoe wearer
Pointy-shoes wearer
Polar aide
Polar assistant
Polar drudge
Polar helper
Polar laborer
Polar peon
Polar pixie
Polar toiler
Polar toy maker
Polar worker
Pole drudge
Pole employee
Pole laborer
Pole position holder?
Pole worker
Pole worker?
Prankish fairy
Prankish imaginary being
Prankster with pointy shoes
"Present wrapper, maybe"
"Puck, e.g."
"Puck, for one"
Questor in the video game Gauntlet
Reindeer feeder?
"Reindeer tender, maybe"
Reindeer tender?
Renowned toymaker
"Rice Krispies' Snap, Crackle or Pop"
Rivendell dweller
Rivendell resident
"Rivendell resident, in Tolkien novels"
Ronnie James Dio's first band
"Rumpelstiltskin, for one."
"Santa Claus, for one."
"Santa Claus, in the Moore poem"
Santa assistant
Santa helper
Santa s other self
Santa sidekick
Santa staffer
Santa subordinate
Santa's Village employee
Santa's Workshop employee
Santa's aide
Santa's assistant
Santa's helper
Santa's helper.
Santa's helper?
Santa's little helper
Santa's sleigh loader
Santa's subordinate
Santa's toy shop employee
Santa's workshop gofer
Santa's workshop worker
"Santa, for example."
"Santa, in Moore's poem"
"Santa, in the Moore poem"
"Santa, per Moore"
"Santa, to Moore"
Santa.s helper
Seasonal Will Ferrell movie
Seasonal aide
Seasonal employee
Seasonal employee?
Seasonal help found in the four longest Across answers
Seasonal helper
Seasonal mall employee
Seasonal mall figure
Seasonal mall job
Seasonal mall worker
Seasonal sprite
Seasonal worker
Seasonal worker?
Sechs + f
Shelf life?
"Shoemaker helper, in a fairy tale"
Shoemaker s assistant
Shoemaker's aide?
Shoemaker's fabulous helper
Shoemaker's friend
Shoemaker's helper in a Grimm tale
"Shoemaker's helper, in a fairy tale"
"Shoemaker's helper, in story"
Shoemaker's storybook helper
Short subject?
Short worker
Sleigh filler
"Sleigh filler, once a year"
Sleigh labor?
Small being.
Small creature
Small creature in some fantasy novels
Small guy with a big role at the North Pole
Small prankster
Small sprite
Small sprite.
Small toy maker
Small toymaker
"Small wrapper, some say"
Small wrapper?
"Small, magical creature"
"Small, playful sort"
Smallest owl species
"Snap, Crackle or Pop"
"Snap, Crackle or Pop, e.g."
"Snap, Crackle, or Pop"
Species of Tolkien's Arwen Evenstar
Sprightly one
Sprite's kin
"St. Nicholas, in the poem"
"St. Nick, for one."
Subordinate Claus
Subordinate Claus?
Teeny toymaker
Tiny mischievous creature
Tiny one
Tiny sprite
Tiny toymaker
Tiny trickster
Tolkien being
Tolkien creature
Tolkien race member
"Tolkien's C
"Tolkien's Elrond, e.g."
"Tolkien's Galadriel, e.g."
"Tolkien's Galadriel, for one"
"Tolkien's Legolas, e.g."
"Tolkien's Legolas, for one"
Toon in a Keebler commercial
Top-of-the-world worker
Toy maker
"Toy maker, of lore"
"Toy maker, perhaps"
Toy manufacturer
Toy shop employee
Toy technician?
Toy-sized toymaker
Toymaker for Santa
Toymaker in Santa's workshop
Toymaker of myth
Toymaker up north
Toymaker's assistant
"Toymaker, maybe"
Versatile toy maker
Very busy worker in December
"Wannabe dentist Hermey, e.g."
Wearer of pointy footgear
Wearer of pointy shoes
Wearer of pointy-toed shoes
Wee creature
Wee creature.
Wee gift wrapper
Wee helper
Wee one
Wee one.
Wee toy maker
Wee toymaker
Will Farrell film
Will Ferrell Christmas comedy
Will Ferrell Christmas flick
Will Ferrell comedy
Will Ferrell comedy about Christmas
Will Ferrell film
Will Ferrell film of 2003
Will Ferrell flick
Will Ferrell holiday comedy
Will Ferrell holiday movie
Will Ferrell holiday movie of 2003
Will Ferrell movie
Will Ferrell movie made into a Broadway musical
Will Ferrell movie of 2003
Will Ferrell pic
Will Ferrell title role
Will Ferrell's shortest movie title
Woodland fairy
Worker for Santa
Worker in Santa's workshop
Worker in a noted workshop
Worker up north?
Worker with pointy shoes
Workshop employee with a green hat
Workshop sprite
Workshop temp
World of Warcraft character
Wrap artist?
Wrapper for Santa
Year-end helper
Yule aide
Yule figure
Yuletide worker
___ on the Shelf
___ on the Shelf (Christmas figure)
___-child (changeling)
___-locks (tangled hair)
Polar wee one
Keebler spokesman
Pointy hat wearer
Legolas of Middle Earth e.g.
Grimm character
Will Ferrell title role
Christmas cookie shape
North Pole helper
One of Santa's employees
North Pole worker
Tiny toymaker
One of Santa's helpers
North Pole toymaker
Little toymaker
Middle-earth inhabitant
Tiny present-wrapper
One working for Santa
One who's a "little" busy in December?
One of Santa's helpers
Ernest J. Keebler, e.g.
Helper of 73-Across
Keebler worker
Workshop worker
North Pole worker
2003 film comedy starring Will Ferrell and James Caan
102 Across being
Tiny toymaker
Shelf occupant of kid-lit
Christmas classic featuring Will Ferrell
Christmas classic featuring Will Ferrell
Santa's helper
Hobbit helper
Storied workshop worker
Keebler cookie creator in ads
Santaland worker
"On the shelf" Christmas figure
Polar drudge
Santa's little helper
Middle-earth inhabitant
Polar seasonal worker
One working hard before Christmas
2003 Will Ferrell title role
Hobbit helper
Santa's helper
Arctic assistant
North Pole worker
Santa's helper
Pole worker
One of Santa's helpers
Santa's helper
Santa's helper
North Pole worker
Pole toiler
Wee toymaker
Employee of Santa
Santa's helper
Santa's helper
North Pole worker
Movie with Ed Asner as Santa
Fantasy fiction staple
Folklore creature
Seasonal worker?
Santa's helper
Will Ferrell Christmas film
Feel fine about fairy
Supernatural being
Little toymaker
North Pole worker
Tiny toymaker
One with pointy ears and shoes
Santa's helper
Ego not foremost for Hob, possibly
Pixie, imp
Shoemaker's helper in a fairy tale
"The Lord of the Rings" figure
Pixie (3)
Sprite with pointy ears and shoes
Wee mischief-maker
Woodland fairy
Santa's helper
Santa's helper
Any of the Rice Krispies mascots
North Pole worker
Mischievous sprite
Pixieish type
Wee seasonal employee
Pixie (3)
Mall Santa's assistant
North Pole assistant
Santa's helper
Hobbit helper
"The Hobbit" being
Crackle, e.g.
Tiny fey sort
Helper in Santa's workshop
North Pole worker
Santa assistant
Polar laborer
Ferrell Christmas movie
Munchkin kin
Santa's assistant
Legolas, for one
Polar pixie
Dwarf cousin
Tolkien creature
Pole laborer
Reindeer handler?
Tolkien creature
Cookie baker in the Hollow Tree
Any of the Rice Krispies mascots
North Pole worker
Supernatural creature
Selfish about pixie
Subordinate to Claus
Santa's helper
2003 holiday film
Woodland fairy
33 Down worker
North Pole worker
Arctic toymaker
''Lord of the Rings'' being
Petite pixie
Diminutive toymaker
Ernest J. Keebler, e.g.
North Pole worker
Tiny toy handler
Hobbit helper
Santa's helper
Legolas in 'The Lord of the Rings,' e.g
Wee toy assembler
Storied toymaker
Pole worker
Legolas, for one
Pixie (3)
Shelf-sitter of kid-lit
''Lord of the Rings'' being
Will Ferrell character
Fairy's cousin
Seasonal toymaker
Mischievous sprite
Santa's helper
Fairy-tale creature
"The ___ on the Shelf" (Christmas book sold with a toy)
Santa's 13-Across
Christmas creature
Fairy tale creature is regularly well-off
Wearer of pointy shoes
Magical being in Dungeons & Dragons
Certain sprite
Mischievous moppet
Fictional worker at the North Pole
Keebler cookie maker
Rivendell regular
Keebler worker
Brownie, in folklore
North Pole worker
Santa's helper
Hobbit helper
Small fairy
Grimm character
"The Lord of the Rings" figure
Seasonal sprite
North Pole assistant
One with a pole position?
2003 holiday movie whose main character is Buddy
Little toymaker
North Pole denizen
Pointy-eared creature in Tolkien novels
Grimm character

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