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Word: ELI

The word ELI has appeared in at least 1361 clues on different crosswords.

ELI definition(s):

  • Environmental Law Institute
  • Extra Low Interstitial

"""Ace ___ and Rodger of the Skies"" (1973 film)"
"""America's Got Talent"" season 3 runner-up Mattson"
"""Bingo ___ Yale"" (Cole Polter tune)"
"""Bingo ___ Yale"" (Porter song)"
"""Bingo ___ Yale"" (Porter tune)"
"""Bingo, ___ Yale"" (fight song)"
"""Bingo___Yale"" (Porter song)"
"""Boola Boola"" belter"
"""Boola Boola"" collegian"
"""Boola Boola"" singer"
"""Boola Boola"" student"
"""Boola boola"" cheerer"
"""Down the Field"" singer, at a football game"
"""Dubya,"" as a collegian"
"""Elm City"" student"
"""Football On Your Phone"" rapper Manning"
"""Hostel"" director Roth"
"""Hostel"" director ___ Roth"
"""Inglourious Basterds"" actor Roth"
"""L.A. Law"" lawyer"
"""Lord"" of the Hebrews."
"""My God!,"" as cried by King David"
"""My God,"" in the Scriptures"
"""NASCAR Live"" host Gold"
"""Once and Again"" son"
"""Out"" director Hollander"
"""Splat Pack"" director Roth"
"""The Book of ---"""
"""The Book of ___"""
"""The Book of ___"" (2010 Denzel Washington film)"
"""The Book of ___"" (2010 Denzel Washington picture)"
"""The Book of ___"" (2010 film)"
"""The Book of ___"" (2010 movie)"
"""The Book of ___"" (Denzel Washington film)"
"""The Book of ___"" (Denzel Washington movie)"
"""The Book of ___"": 2010 Denzel Washington film"
"""The Book of ___"": 2010 film"
"""The Book of ___"": Denzel Washington film"
"""The Ugly"" portrayer Wallach"
"""The Ugly"" to Clint's ""The Good"""
"""The Whiffenpoof Song"" singer"
"""Then ___ answered and said, Go in peace"" (1 Sam. 1:17)"
"""There Will Be Blood"" son"
"""Tough Guys"" actor Wallach"
"""Whiffenpoof"" singer"
"""Whiffenpoof"" warbler"
"""Y"" sporter"
"""Y"" wearer"
"""Y""-sporting collegian"
"""You can't spell 'elite' without ___"" (Super Bowl XLVI aphorism)"
"""___ Stone"""
"""___ Stone"" (ABC cancellation of 2008)"
"""___ Stone"" (ABC dramedy)"
"""___ Stone"" (ABC show with Jonny Lee Miller)"
"""___ Stone"" (short-lived ABC series)"
"""___ Stone"": ABC dramedy"
"""___ and the Thirteenth Confession"" (Laura Nyro album)"
"""___'s Coming"" (1969 top-ten hit for Three Dog Night)"
"""___'s Coming"" (Three Dog Night tune)"
"""___'s Coming"" (hit song)"
"""___, the Barrow Boy"" (Decemberists song)"
"""___, the Barrow Boy"" (The Decemberists song)"
"""___, the Barrow Boy"" (song by the Decemberists)"
'Boola Boola' singer
'Boola Boola'-belting alum
'Boola boola' singer
'Hostel' director Roth
'Nuts' actor Wallach
'The Book of ___' (2010 Denzel Washington film)
'The Whiffenpoof Song' singer
'Y' student
'Y'-sporting collegian
'Y'-wearing collegian
-- Lilly
-- Lilly (Prozac producer)
-- Lilly and Company
1794 patent awardee Whitney
1950 Nelly Sachs play
1951 play by Literature Nobelist Nelly Sachs
19th-century industrialist Lilly
2008 Super Bowl M.V.P. Manning
2008 Super Bowl MVP Manning
2010 Denzel Washington title role
2010 title role for Denzel
2010 title role for Denzel Washington
2010 titular role for Denzel
2012 Super Bowl MVP Manning
A brother of Peyton
A descendant of Aaron
A first name in gin lore
A high priest of Israel
A judge of Israel
"ABC dramedy ""___ Stone"""
AEI man Lehrer
Actor Marienthal
Actor Mintz
Actor Roth
Actor Wallach
"Actor Wallach of ""The Magnificent Seven"""
"Actor Wallach of ""The Misfits"""
"Actor Wallach of ""The Two Jakes"""
Actor Wallach.
"Alan Cumming's ""The Good Wife"" character"
"Alan Cumming's ""The Good Wife"" role"
An Ivy Leaguer
An NFL Manning
"Anderson Cooper, circa 1988"
Appropriately-named Yale grad Whitney
Archie Manning's youngest son
Archie's youngest
Arlo Guthrie song about enjoying life
Art collector Broad
Art collector/philanthropist ___ Broad
Art philanthropist Broad
Athlete in blue
"Athlete who's earned a ""Y"""
Auto pioneer Olds' middle name
"Beinecke Library user, probably"
Biblical Judge
Biblical Samuel's mentor
Biblical high priest
Biblical high priest.
Biblical judge
Biblical judge and priest
Biblical judge.
Biblical mentor of Samuel
Biblical name
"Biblical name meaning ""high"""
Biblical priest
Biblical priest at Shiloh
Biblical priest of Shiloh
Biblical priest who trained Samuel
Biblical priest.
Biblical prophet
Big Green opponent
Big Red opponent
Big Red rival
Big name in New Haven
"Bill Clinton, collegiately"
"Bill Clinton, once"
Billionaire Broad
"Billionaire Broad, who has donated $1 million to the Democratic National Convention committee"
Billionaire ___ Broad
Billionaire philanthropist Broad
Blue rooter.
"Blue-eyed soul singer ___ ""Paperboy"" Reed"
Book of Samuel character
Book of Samuel figure
Book of Samuel judge
Boola Boola boy
Boola Boola player.
Boola-Boola student
Boola-boola boy
Booster of the Bulldogs
Braves outfielder Marrero
Broad of the Broad Foundations
Brother of Cooper and Peyton
Brother of Peyton
Brother of Peyton Manning
"Buckley or Bush, e.g."
Bulldog Days participant
Bulldog backer
Bulldog booster
Bulldog of Connecticut
Bulldog of the Ivy League
Bulldog player
"Bulldog, perhaps"
"Bulldog, schoolwise"
Bulldogs backer
Bulldogs booster
Bulldogs fan
"Bulldogs fan, perhaps"
Bush e.g.
Bush or Clinton
Bush or Clinton at 20
"Bush or Clinton, in college"
"Bush or Clinton, once"
"Bush or Kerry, collegiately"
"Bush or Kerry, for example"
"Bush or Kerry, in college"
"Bush or Kerry, since college"
Bush or Taft
Bush was one in '48
"Bush, circa 1948"
"Bush, collegiately"
"Bush, e.g."
"Bush, for one"
"Bush, in the '40s"
"Bush, once"
"Bush, was one in the '40s"
California multibillionaire ___ Broad
Canadian poet Mandel
Cantab rival
Cantab rival.
Cantab s rival
Cantab's rival
Cantabrigian's rival
Cardinals catcher Marrero
Cards catcher Marrero
Carmaker Olds's middle name
Carmaker Ransom ___ Olds
Catcher Marrero
Certain Connecticut collegian
Certain Constitution State collegian
Certain Ivy League alum
Certain Ivy League athlete
Certain Ivy League student
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Certain New England collegian
Certain New England student
Certain New Havener
Certain bulldog
Children's book by Bill Peet
Civil War colonel/pharmacist Lilly
Clint : the Good :: ___ : the Ugly
"Clint's ""ugly"" co-star, in a western"
Clint's Ugly co-star
Clinton or Bush at one time
"Clinton or Bush, once"
"Clinton, Ford, or either Bush, e.g."
Clockmaker Terry
Clockmaker ___ Terry
"Co-star with Clint and Lee in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
"Co-subject of the sports meme ""Manning Face"""
Cohen or Wallach
Cole Porter s Bingo ___ Yale
"Cole Porter song ""Bingo___Yale"""
Cole Porter was one
"Cole Porter's ""Bingo ___ Yale"""
"Cole Porter, collegiately"
"Cole Porter, schoolwise"
College man
College student who might win the Tyng Cup
"Collegiate ""Bulldog"""
Collegiate Bulldog
Colonel Lilly
Common Hebrew name
Competitor Balas*
Conn. collegian
Connecticut Bulldog
Connecticut Hall collegian
Connecticut Ivy Leaguer
Connecticut co-ed
Connecticut collegian
Connecticut's ___ Football Camp
Constitution State student
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Cotton gin inventor Whitney.
Cotton gin inventor ___ Whitney
Cotton gin maker Whitney
Cotton gin name
Cotton gin pioneer Whitney
Cotton-gin inventor Whitney
Cotton-pickin' guy
Country act ___ Young Band
Country music's ___ Young Band
Country rockers ___ Young Band
Country's ___ Young Band
Crimson booer
Crimson foe
Crimson opponent
Crimson rival
Crimson's foe.
Crimson's rival
Crimson's rival.
David Duchovny or Jodie Foster
David ___ Lilienthal
David ___ Lilienthal of A.E.C. fame
"Denzel Washington film ""The Book of ___"""
"Denzel Washington film, 'The Book of ___'"
"Denzel Washington film: ""The Book of ___"""
"Denzel Washington's ""The Book of ___"""
Descendant of Aaron
"Descendant of Aaron, in the Bible"
Deseeder's prename
Director Roth
Director Roth whose cousin is a crossword constructor
"Divine healer in ""Xena"""
Double this for a Hebrew hymn
Double this for a Hebrew song
Drug company founder Lilly
Drug giant Lilly
Drug magnate Lilly
Drug manufacturer ___ Lilly
Drug mogul Lilly
Druggist Lily
Drugmaker Lilly
Drugmaker Lilly who have spent over $100 million marketing Cialis
Dubya classmate
"Dubya, as a collegian"
"Dubya, once"
Dunkin' Donuts pitchman Manning
Dweller in Shiloh
Early American Whitney who invented the cotton gin
Eastern collegian
Eastern student
"Eero Saarinen, for one"
Either 2004 candidate
"Either Clinton, at one time"
Either George Bush
Elm City collegian
Father of Hophni and Phinehas in the Bible
"Father of Hophni and Phinehas, in the Bible"
Father of Hophni.
Father of Phineas
Father of Phineas.
Father of Phinehas
Fellow in Celia's heart
Film director Roth
Film star Wallach
"First name among ""The Magnificent Seven"""
First name among NFL quarterbacks
First name in cotton gins
First name in gin
First name in gin-making
First name in gins
First name in gins?
First name in pharmaceutical giants
First name in pharmaceuticals
First name in the NFL
First name of a farm-machine inventor
"First name of the only two-time Super Bowl MVP who, both times, beat another two-time Super Bowl MVP"
First name on Broadway.
First over-all NFL draft pick between Carson and Alex
Football player Manning
Football's Manning
Footballer Manning
Ford or Bush
Former Ole Miss quarterback Manning
Former Yankee Grba
"Fucile of ""The Incredibles"""
G. Bush in '48
George Bush once
George Bush or Jodie Foster
George Bush was one
"George Bush, collegiately"
"George Bush, for one"
"George Bush, in his college days"
"George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush, once"
"George W. Bush, as a collegian"
"George W. Bush, for one"
Giant Manning
Giant first name
"Giant with a strong arm, familiarly"
Giants QB Manning
Giants quarterback Manning
Giants teammate of Tiki
Gin inventor Whitney
Gin inventor's first name
Gin maker
Gin maker Whitney
Gin maker?
Gin name?
Gin-maker Whitney
Gin-maker's first name
Gin-promoting Whitney
Gin-touting Whitney
"Goldsworthy of ""Degrassi"""
"Good, Bad, Ugly / Clint, Lee, ?"
Grid star Manning
Gridder Manning
Gridiron great Manning
"Harvard hater, perhaps"
Harvard hater?
Harvard man's rival
Harvard student's rival
Harvarder's rival
Harvardian rival
Harvardite's rival
He beat Tom in Super Bowl XLII
He followed Peyton as Super Bowl MVP
He followed his brother Peyton as Super Bowl MVP
He may get citation
"He played ""The Ugly"" opposite Clint's ""The Good"" and Lee's ""The Bad"""
"He played Calvera in ""The Magnificent Seven"""
He ruined Tom's perfect season in Super Bowl XLII
He schooled Samuel
He threw the game-winning pass in Super Bowl XLII to Plaxico
"He was ""the Ugly"" opposite Clint's ""Good"" and Lee's ""Bad"""
"He's ""coming,"" in a Laura Nyro song"
He's 0-3 against Peyton
"He's coming, in a Laura Nyro song"
"He's coming, in a Three Dog Night title"
Hebrew high priest
Hebrew judge
Hebrew judge of old
Hebrew judge.
"Hebrew name meaning ""height"""
Hebrew priest
Hebrew word for Lord
"Henderson, NV, competitor Balas*"
"High Priest of Shiloh, in the Bible"
High priest
High priest at Shiloh
High priest in 3D
High priest of Israel
High priest of Shiloh
High priest.
"High, in Hebrew"
High: Heb.
"Hillary Clinton, e.g."
"Hillary or Bill, but not Chelsea"
"Hirer of the stunt man in ""The Stunt Man"""
Hollywood's Wallach
Hophni's father
"Hophni's father, in the Bible"
Horologist Terry
Horror director Roth
Horror film director Roth
Horror filmmaker Roth
Horror-film director Roth
Hugh's companion?
Indiana's Colonel ___ Lilly Civil War Museum
Industrialist Lilly
Ingalls Rink attendee
Ingenious Whitney
Installation artist Sudbrack
Inventive Whitney
Inventor Terry
Inventor Whitney
Inventor Whitney or actor Wallach
Inventor Whitney.
Inventor ___ Whitney
Inventor's first name
Inventor's name
Inventor-clockmaker Terry
Israeli spy Cohen
Israelite judge
Ivy League alum
Ivy League athlete
Ivy League bulldog
Ivy League man.
Ivy League name.
Ivy League nickname
Ivy Leaguer
Ivy Leaguer in New Haven
Ivy Leaguer.
Ivy leaguer
Ivy man
"Jodie Foster, e.g."
"John Kerry or George Bush, once"
"John Kerry, once"
Judge in 1 Samuel
Judge in I Samuel
Judge in Samuel
Judge in the Old Testament
Judge of Israel
Judge of Israel (1 Sam 4:18 )
Judge of Israel.
Judge served by Samuel
Judge-priest in Samuel
Klezmer master Mellul
Larry Kelly was one
Late actor Wallach
"Laura Nyro album ""___ and the Thirteenth Confession"""
Laura Nyro saw him comin'
"Laura Nyro's ""___'s Coming"""
"Lawyer in both ""Civil Wars"" and ""L.A. Law"""
"Lawyer on TV's ""Civil Wars"""
Left fielder Marrero
"Letter ""Y"" wearer"
Letter Y sporter
Lie told at Yale
Lilly in pharmaceuticals
Lilly native to Maryland
Lilly of Lilly Pharmaceutical
Lilly of drugs
Lilly of insulin fame
Lilly of pharmaceutical fame
Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Lilly or Manning
Lilly or Mintz
Lilly or Terry
Lilly or Wallach
Lilly or Whitney
Lilly the pill pusher
Lilly who founded a pharmaceutical company
"Lilly, the drug maker"
Man's name
"Man's name meaning ""high."""
"Man's name meaning ""the highest."""
Man's name that becomes another man's name when you put an F and X on its ends
"Man's name that's Hebrew for ""my God"""
Man's name.
Manly Manning
Manning at quarterback
Manning brother who has the newest Super Bowl ring
Manning in the Meadowlands
Manning in the NFC
Manning manning the offense
Manning of Big Blue
Manning of an offensive line
Manning of football
Manning of the Giants
Manning of the N.F.L.
Manning of the NFL
Manning of the gridiron
Manning or Marrero
Manning or Wallach
Manning or Whitney
Manning taking a hike
Manning the Giant
Manning the QB
Manning the quarterback
Manning up on the JumboTron
Manning who beat Tom Brady in two Super Bowls
Manning who has won multiple Super Bowl M.V.P. awards
Manning who wears #10
"Manning who'd better throw fewer interceptions this year, damn it"
Manning whose team missed the playoffs in 2010
Manning with a Super Bowl ring
Manning with a ring
Manning with two Super Bowl MVPs
Manning with two Super Bowl championships
Manning with two Super Bowl rings
"Marienthal in ""Tucker"""
Mark and Tim's cross-town rival QB
Marrero of the Mets
Marrero of the St. Louis Cardinals
Member of The Whiffenpoofs
Member of college music's Whiffenpoofs
"Member of the Whiffenpoofs, e.g."
Member of the a capella group Spizzwinks(?)
"Meryl Streep, circa 1974"
Michael Costa oratorio
Michigan's ___ Broad College of Business
Mintz or Whitney
Mossad spy Cohen
Mr. Lilly
Mr. Manning
Mr. Wallach
Mr. Whitney
"Mr. Whitney, inventor of cotton gin"
Musician/record producer Bobby
N.F.L. star ___ Manning
N.F.L.'er Manning
NFL QB Manning
NFL first name
NFL notable Manning
NFL star Manning
NFL-er Manning
NFLer Manning
"Name derived from the Hebrew for ""ascension"""
Name in a Laura Nyro album title
Name in gin articles
"Name meaning ""high"""
"Name meaning ""high."""
"Name meaning ""the highest"""
"Name meaning ""the highest."""
Name meaning 'high.'
Name meaning high.
Name that comes from the Hebrew word for 'height'
Nelly Sachs play
"Network that used to feature ""Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater"": Abbr."
New England collegian
New England student
New Haven Bulldog
New Haven Ivy Leaguer
New Haven alum
"New Haven alum, Whitney"
New Haven coed
New Haven college student
New Haven collegian
New Haven collegian hidden in this puzzle's longest entries
New Haven collegiate
New Haven grad
New Haven name
New Haven nickname
New Haven reuner
New Haven scholar
New Haven student
"New Haven, CT collegian"
"New Havener, sometimes"
New Havenite
"New Havenite, say"
New Havenite.
New York Giants quarterback Manning
Nickname for a Yale student
"Noah Webster, circa 1777"
"Noah Webster, while in college"
"Noah Webster, while living in Connecticut Hall"
Nordic nickname for Helena
Noted gin-maker
"Nucky's brother, on ""Boardwalk Empire"""
Nutmeg State Ivy Leaguer
Nutmeg State collegian
O. T. teacher
Oater actor Wallach
Obama: Crimsonite :: Clinton : ___
Old Testament high priest
Old Testament judge
Old Testament priest
Old Testament priest who taught Samuel
Old ___ (Yale)
"Old ___ (Yale, affectionately)"
Old testament judge
"One ""coming"" in a Three Dog Night hit"
One Super Bowl-winning Manning
"One adopting the motto ""Lux et veritas"""
One attending Yale
One of Archie Manning's kids
One of Archie's three sons
"One of Marilyn's ""Misfits"" co-stars"
One of certain Bulldogs
One of football's Manning brothers
One of football's Mannings
One of quarterback Archie's boys
One of the Manning NFLers
One of the Manning brothers
One of the Manning quarterbacks
One of the Mannings
One of the NFL Mannings
One of the NFL's Mannings
One of the Super Bowl-winning Mannings
One of the Whitneys
One of the football-playing Mannings
One of the gridiron Mannings
One of two NFL brothers
One of two passing sibs
One of two sibling NFL quarterbacks
One of two sibling quarterbacks
One sporting a blue cap with a white Y
"One wearing a ""Y"" shirt, perhaps"
One wearing a Y
"One who goes to school up in New Haven (no, not Albertus Magnus... Yale, I mean Yale)"
One who roots against the Crimson
Outfielder Marrero
Part of R.E.O.
Part of REO
Passing Manning
"Peabody Museum patron, perhaps"
"Person singing ""Boola Boola"" perhaps"
"Peter O'Toole's maniacal film-director character in The Stunt Man, ___ Cross"
Peyton Manning's bro
Peyton Manning's brother
Peyton Manning's brother/rival
Peyton Manning's younger brother
Peyton's NFL brother
Peyton's QB brother
Peyton's brother
Peyton's brother in the NFL
Peyton's brother on the gridiron
Peyton's gridiron brother
Peyton's kid brother
Peyton's little brother
Peyton's quarterback brother
Peyton's successor as Super Bowl MVP
Peyton's younger brother
Pharamaceutical giant ___ Lilly
Pharma giant ___ Lilly
Pharmaceutical chemist ___ Lilly
Pharmaceutical company ___ Lilly
Pharmaceutical founder Lilly
Pharmaceutical giant Lilly
Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly
Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly & Co.
Pharmaceutical giant___Lilly
Pharmaceutical mogul Lilly
Pharmaceutical pioneer Lilly
Pharmaceutical purveyor ___ Lilly
Pharmaceutical tycoon Lilly
Pharmaceuticals giant ___ Lilly
Pharmaceutic~al tycoon Lilly
Pharmacist Lilly
Philanthropist Broad
Philanthropist Lilly
Philanthropist/art collector ___ Broad
"Philip Roth's ""___, the Fanatic"""
Pill purveyor Lilly
Pioneering pharmaceutical chemist Colonel Lilly
Poker player Elezra
Popular Amish name for boys
President Bush was one
Priest at Shiloh
Priest in 1 Samuel
Priest in I Samuel
Priest in Shiloh
Priest of I Samuel
Priest of Israel who cared after Samuel
Priest of Shiloh
Priest who mentored Samuel
Priest who raised Samuel
Priest who taught Samuel
Princetonian's rival
Pro quarterback Manning
Prozac's Lilly
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Saslow
QB Manning
QB Manning who blah blah blah sports trivia whatever
QB who throws to Odell and Victor
QB with a QB brother
Quarterback Manning
Quarterback Manning of the Giants
Quarterback Manning with two Super Bowl rings
Quarterback Manning... or Nashville lawyer Richardson
R.E.O. middle
REO Speedwagon's E
REO component
REO part
Ransom -- Olds
Ransom Old's middle name
Ransom Olds' middle name
Ransom Olds's middle name
Ransom ___ Olds
Reo part
Resident of New Haven's ES Harkness Hall
Restaurateur Zabar
Reuner in New Haven
Rookie quarterback Manning
Roth behind the camera
"Roth of ""Inglourious Basterds"""
"Roth who directed the 2005 horror flick ""Hostel"""
Samuel figure
Samuel's caretaker
Samuel's guardian
Samuel's judge
Samuel's mentor
Samuel's mentor.
Samuel's predecessor
"Samuel's predecessor, in the Bible"
Samuel's teacher
Samuel's teacher in the Old Testament
"Samuel's teacher, in the Bible"
"Samuel's teacher, in the Old Testament"
Samuel's teacher.
Samuel's tutor
Samuel's tutor.
Samuel.s teacher
Samuels mentor
Saybrook College resident
Seed remover Whitney
Shark Week 2015 host Roth
Shiloh high priest
Shiloh priest
Shiloh resident
"Short-lived ABC drama ""___ Stone"""
"Short-lived series ""--- Stone"""
"Singer ___ ""Paperboy"" Reed"
"Singer of ""The Whiffenpoof Song,"" most likely"
Skull and Bones meeting attendee
Skull and Bones member
"Skull and Bones member, e.g."
"Skull and Bones member, for example"
"Skull and Bones member, for one"
Son of Archie Manning
"Streep, as a grad student"
Student inside ivied walls
Student of Yale
"Student of Yale University, informally"
"Student who might sing ""Boola Boola"""
"Student whose school motto is ""Lux et veritas"""
Super Bowl MVP after Peyton
Super Bowl XLII M.V.P. Manning
Super Bowl XLII MVP Manning
Super Bowl XLVI MVP Manning
Super Bowl-winning Manning
Swedish economist Heckscher
TV lawyer Stone
TV title lawyer Stone
"Taft, Ford, or Bush"
Taste restaurateur Zabar
Teacher of Samuel
Teammate of Tiki and Plaxico
Terre in the eau zone?
"The ""E"" in REO"
"The ""E"" of R.E.O. Speedwagon"
"The ""E"" of REO"
"The ""E"" of the REO Speed Wagon"
"The ""ugly"" to Clint's ""good"" and Lee's ""bad"""
"The Decemberists' ""___, the Barrow Boy"""
The E in REO
"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are Clint, Lee, and he"
The Manning with the most Super Bowl wins
The younger Manning brother
The youngest Manning brother
Thespian Wallach
"This puzzle's constructor, e.g., for the next 3-4 months anyway :("
"Thornton Wilder, while earning his B.A."
"Three Dog Night hit ""___'s Coming"""
"Timothy Omundson's role on ""Xena"""
Title character for Denzel in 2010
Title heartbreaker in a Three Dog Night song
Titular role for Denzel in 2010
"Tom's QB opponent, in Super Bowl XLVI"
Tom's outgunner in two Super Bowls
Tony winner Wallach
"Top 10 hit for Three Dog Night ""___'s Coming"""
Top pick in 2004 NFL draft
Tournament expert Balas*
Two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning
Typical Bulldogs fan
US inventor Whitney
"W, for a while"
"W., in his college days"
Wallach from Brooklyn
"Wallach in ""Lord Jim"""
"Wallach in ""Night and the City"""
"Wallach in ""Sam's Son"""
"Wallach in ""The Associate"""
"Wallach in ""The Godfather, Part III"""
"Wallach in ""The Magnificent Seven"""
"Wallach in ""The Two Jakes"""
"Wallach in ""Tough Guys"""
Wallach in The Misfits
"Wallach of ""Baby Doll"""
"Wallach of ""Cinderella Liberty"""
"Wallach of ""Lord Jim"""
"Wallach of ""The Associate"""
"Wallach of ""The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"""
"Wallach of ""The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"""
"Wallach of ""The Magnificent Seven"""
"Wallach of ""The Misfits"""
"Wallach of ""The Tiger Makes Out"""
"Wallach of ""The Two Jakes"""
"Wallach of ""Tough Guys"""
"Wallach of ""Wall Street"""
"Wallach of ""Winter Kills"""
Wallach of 'Lord Jim'
Wallach of 'The Deep'
"Wallach of 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'"
"Wallach of 2010's ""Wall Street"""
Wallach of Hollywood
Wallach of film
Wallach of films
Wallach of movies
Wallach of the movies
Wallach of the screen
Wallach of the silver screen
Wallach or Lilly
Wallach or Manning
Wallach or Whitney
Wallach who passed in 2014
"Wallach who wrote ""The Good, the Bad, and Me"""
Wallach with an honorary Oscar
"Wallach, for one"
"Wearer of a ""Y"" sweatshirt"
Well-known Whitney
"Whiffenpoof, e.g."
"Whitney after whom Whitneyville, Conn., is named"
Whitney known for his gin
Whitney of cotton gin fame
Whitney of gin fame
Whitney of inventing
Whitney of the cotton gin
Whitney of the gin
Whitney or Lilly
Whitney or Manning
Whitney or Terry
Whitney or Wallach
Whitney or Yale
Whitney the inventor
Whitney who invented the cotton gin
"Whitney who went to Yale, appropriately"
Whitney with a gin
Whitney with the gin
"Whitney, but not Houston"
"Whitney, by birth and by education"
"Whitney, for one"
"Whitney, the creative one"
William F. Buckley was one
"William F. Buckley, notably"
"With Marilyn and Clark, a Misfits star"
"Word repeated before ""lama sabachthani"" by Jesus on the cross"
World Series of Poker star Elezra
Y sporter
Y wearer
Y-sporting collegian
Yale Blue wearer
Yale Bowl cheerer
Yale Bowl fan
Yale Bowl player
Yale Bowl rooter
Yale Bowl yeller
Yale Bulldog
Yale Club member
Yale Daily News reader
Yale Daily News staffer
Yale alum
Yale alum.
Yale alumnus
Yale athlete
Yale attendee
"Yale benefactor, familiarly"
Yale booster
Yale collegian
Yale fan
Yale grad
Yale grad Whitney
Yale graduate
Yale graduate Whitney
Yale male
Yale man
Yale man.
Yale name
Yale of Yale
Yale partisan
Yale player
Yale rooter
Yale student
Yale supporter
"Yale, Old ___"
Yeller in the Yale Bowl
Younger quarterbacking son of Archie Manning
___ Broad College of Business
___ Dunbar (nom de puzzle/anagram of Patrick Blindauer)
___ Lilly
___ Lilly & Co.
___ Lilly (Fortune 500 company)
___ Lilly (big name in pharmaceuticals)
___ Lilly (maker of Prozac)
___ Lilly (pharmaceutical name)
___ Lilly and Co.
___ Lilly and Co. (maker of Prozac)
___ Lilly and Company
___ Lilly and Company (pharmaceutical giant)
___ Lilly of pharmaceuticals
___ Lilly pharmaceuticals
"___ Lilly, maker of Cialis"
"___ Lilly, maker of Prozac"
"___ Long, Union general in the Civil War"
___ Manning face (post-interception look)
"___ Wallach, actor from Brooklyn"
___ Whitney
___ Whitney.
___ Yale (pet macaw of Theodore Roosevelt)
___ Yale.
___ Young Band
Yale student
Yale rooter
Quarterback Manning
Wallach of “The Godfather Part III”
__ blue (crimson alternative)
QB Manning
Inventor Whitney
Wallach of "How the West Was Won"
Wallach of "How the West Was Won"
One of football's Mannings
Peyton's brother
'Boola Boola' singer
Certain Ivy Leaguer
"Boola Boola" warbler
Prozac maker __ Lilly
Peyton’s younger brother
Yale student
Inventor Whitney
Connecticut's ___ Whitney Museum
Peyton's brother
See 4 Down
Westerns veteran Wallach
Quarterback Manning
Ivy Leaguer
Entrepreneur/philanthropist Broad
Man's name
Delighted with priest
Yale Daily News staffer
Manning on the field
Quarterback Manning
Certain Ivy Leaguer
"Boola Boola" singer
Ivy League student
The "E" of REO
Yale Bowl fan
First name in New Haven
New Haven alum
___ Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Quarterback Manning
Yale attendee
Manning of the gridiron
Yale grad
Manning with two Super Bowl rings
Yale grad
Quarterback Manning
"Y"-sporting collegian
Peyton's bother
Inventor Whitney
Wallach of "Nuts"
Man's name
Delighted with name
Wallach of "Mystic River"
Peyton's brother
Taunting singer of ''Goodnight, Harvard''
Quarterback Manning
The "E" of 14-Across
Yale supporter
Wallach of the silver screen
Cole Porter's "Bingo ___ Yale"
Yale student
Yale grad
Yale rooter
Crimson rival
Gold on "The Good Wife"
Quarterback Manning
Quarterback Manning
Yalie's nickname
____ Whitney, gin inven-tor?
Yale Blue wearer
Quarterback Manning
Quarterback Manning
Peyton's quarterback brother
Manning on the field
Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Biblical priest
Delighted with name
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Man’s name
Delighted with name
Manning of the gridiron
"Hostel" director Roth
Man’s name
Delighted with name
"The Whiffenpoof Song" singer
Anderson Cooper, circa 1988
Gin inventor?
Yale collegian
Quarterback Manning
One of Archie Manning's boys
One of Archie Manning's boys
Inventor Whitney
Yale athlete
Quarterback Manning
Y-sporting collegian
Manning in the NFL
Biblical priest
Delighted with name
Wallach of "Mystic River"
Wallach of "Mystic River"
Pointer's reference
New Haven Ivy Leaguer
70-Across collegian
Manning who was twice Super Bowl M.V.P.
Wallach of "How the West Was Won"
Lilly of drugs
Cram, with ''up''
QB Manning
Y wearer
"My God!," as cried by Jesus
Yale student
Yale alum
Biblical priest
Collegian sporting a "Y"
Quarterback Manning
Peyton's brother
Quarterback Manning
Yale grad
Manning in MetLife Stadium
Wallach of Hollywood
Inventor Whitney
Quarterback Manning
Actor Wallach
Reader of the Bullblog
Ivy Leaguer
Yale rooter
Inventor Whitney
Yale student
One Manning of the NFL
Inventor Whitney
Quarterback Manning
Inventor Whitney
Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas or Sonia Sotomayor, schoolwise
Yale rooter
Yale moniker
Manning of the gridiron
Bulldog backer
Quarterback Manning
2010 role for Denzel
2010 title role for Denzel Washington
Yale rooter
Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Manning of the NFL's Giants
Whitney or Lilly
Inventor Whitney
Yale grad
Yale player
Peyton's brother
Manning the quarterback
Name that's Hebrew for 'my God'
Wallach or Whitney
Drug mogul Lilly
Yale backer
Connecticut collegian
Y-sporting collegian
Bush or Clinton, collegiately
Nutmeg State collegian
Quarterback Manning
Rooter for the Bulldogs
Yale fan
Billionaire Broad
Nutmeg State collegian
Yale grad
Skull and Bones collegian
___ Gold, chief of staff on "The Good Wife"
__ Lilly
High priest of Shiloh
QB Manning
Quarterback Manning
Yale rooter
Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly
Wallach who acted well into his 90s
Quarterback Manning
Old Testament teacher of Samuel
Manning of the NFL
Biblical priest
Delighted with name
Manning with two Super Bowl rings
Philanthropist Broad
Manning in MetLife Stadium
Inventor Whitney
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Yale alum
"Boola Boola" singer
Brother of Peyton
Yale student
"The Whiffenpoof Song" collegian
Connecticut's ___ Whitney Museum
Yale grad
Connecticut collegian
Man's name meaning "my God"
Manning in Dunkin' Donuts ads
Yale rooter
Manning with two Super Bowl wins
Broad with billions
Country music's ___ Young Band
Quarterback Manning
Tony winner Wallach
Quarterback Manning
Collegiate Bulldog
Ivy Leaguer
Gridiron star Manning
Manning in a huddle
QB Manning
Yale grad
Yale student
Peyton's brother
Wearer of a "Y" sweatshirt
Inventor Whitney
New Haven student
Apple of the Giants
Manning of the NFL
Cole Porter's "Bingo ___ Yale"
Yale student, informally
Actor Wallach
Manning on the gridiron
Yale grad
Crimson booer
Student wearing a Y
Wallach who was "the Ugly" in a 1966 movie
Quarterback Manning
Quarterback Manning
Yale student
Ivy Leaguer
"Bingo ___ Yale" (Porter song)
Inventor Whitney
Yale student
Super Bowl MVP after brother Peyton
Yale student
Inventor Whitney
Quarterback Manning
Wallach of film
Wallach of "Winter Kills"
High priest in the Book of Samuel
Quarterback Manning
One of football's Mannings
Priest in I Samuel
Brother of Peyton
REO part
Inventor Whitney
Giant Manning
___ Lilly & Co.
Super Bowl MVP after Peyton
__ Bucks (Ivy Leaguers' dining certificates)
Yale student
Reuner in New Haven
Yale grad
Country music's Mike ___
Peyton Manning's brother
Quarterback Manning
Yale alum
Quarterback Manning
Quarterback Manning
Yale student
"Boola Boola" collegian
Yale student
Samuel's mentor, in the Bible
REO part
Play-planning Manning
"The Book of ___" (2010)
Yale supporter
Yale student
Yale grad
___ Lilly (Fortune 500 company)
Connecticut collegian
Ivy League student
Manning of football
Yale rooter
QB Manning
Manning of the gridiron
Quarterback Manning
Yale rooter
Wallach of "The Ghost Writer"
Inventor Whitney
Old ___ (Yale nickname)
The Yale Record staffer
New Haven collegian
Quarterback Manning
Yale supporter
"The Book of __": 2010 Denzel Washington film
Quarterback Manning
Bulldog backer
A son of Archie Manning
The younger Manning
Quarterback Manning
Wide receiver Rogers
Yale student
Mr Wallach?
Delighted with name
Yale grad
Gerald Ford, circa 1940
Odell's dance partner in a 2018 Super Bowl ad
Yale alum
Peyton's brother
Prozac maker ___ Lilly and Company
Bulldog backer
Quarterback Manning
Collegian who roots for the Bulldogs
Peyton's brother
Yale student
Peyton Manning's bro
Yale rooter
"Lux et Veritas" Ivy Leaguer
Inventor Whitney
Priest the typical rabbi backs
Automotive pioneer Ransom ___ Olds
Pharmaceuticals giant ___ Lilly
The "E" in REO
European nickname for Helena
Yale Bowl rooter
Samuel's biblical mentor
Manning with the second-longest QB starting streak in N.F.L. history
Billionaire Broad
Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Pastor role in 'There Will Be Blood'
Peyton's brother
Yale student
Fan of the Bulldogs
Wallach of "Sam's Son"
New Haven collegian
Manning of the NFL
Yale rooter
Archie Manning's youngest son
Country music's ___ Young Band
Yale grad
Yale student
Actor Wallach
Bulldog backer
Peyton's brother
Famous inventor Whitney
Man's name
Bible priest
Horror film director Roth
One of football's Mannings
One of the Manning brothers
Bulldog booster
Peyton's brother
When repeated, cry in Matthew 27
Inventor Whitney
Actor Wallach
Manning of football
Man's name
Delighted with name
New Haven Ivy Leaguer
Yale graduate
Giant Manning
NFL quarterback Manning
Wallach of "The Deep"
Inventor Whitney
Giants quarterback Manning
Yale student
Olivia's father, on "Scandal"
Yale grad
New Haven student
Rooter for the Bulldogs
Inventor Whitney
Quarterback Manning
Actor Wallach of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
Ivy League student
Football star Manning
Inventor Whitney
Wearer of a "Y" sweatshirt
Manning who was MVP of Super Bowl XLII and XLVI
Peyton's QB brother
Yale figure
Nutmeg State student
New Haven alum
Inventor Whitney
___ Lilly (pharmaceutical company that makes Prozac)
Part of REO
Connecticut alum
Actor Roth of "Inglourious Basterds"
Yale student
Boy's name
Manning of the NFL
Actor/director Roth
Biblical priest
Inventor Whitney
Manning manning the Giants' backfield
Longtime actor Wallach
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Manning with two Super Bowl M.V.P. awards
Drug giant ___ Lilly
Wallach or Whitney
Boy's name that's also the nickname for a Yale student
Priest in the Books of Samuel
Wallach or Whitney
Samuel's teacher
Boy's name
Two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning

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