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Word: ENE

The word ENE has appeared in at least 1178 clues on different crosswords.

ENE definition(s):

  • the compass point midway between northeast and east

"""Acetyl"" add-on"
"""Acetyl"" ending"
"""Ethyl"" or ""benz"" finish"
"""Ethyl"" or ""methyl"" ending"
"""Methyl"" ending"
112.5 degrees away from S
112.5 degrees from S
14th Spanish letter
16th letter of the Spanish alphabet
180 deg. from WSW
180 degrees from WSW
180 from WSW
45 degrees + 22.5 degrees
50 Peoria
67 1/2 degrees
67 degrees 30 minutes
"67 degrees, 30 minutes"
67.5 deg.
67.5 deg. on a compass
67.5 deg. on the compass
67.5 deg. to a pilot
67.5 degrees
67.5 degrees on a compass
67.5 degrees on a compass (Abbr.)
"67.5 degrees on a compass, briefly"
67.5 degrees on a compass: abbr.
"67.5 degrees, as the wind blows"
"67.5 degrees, direction-wise"
"67.5 degrees, in directions"
"67.5 degrees, in terms of dir."
"67.5 degrees, in terms of direction"
"67.5 degrees, on a compass"
"67.5 degrees, to a vane"
"67.5 degrees, to mariners"
67.5 degs.
"67.5, directionally"
"757 heading, perh."
"757 heading, sometimes"
7th compass pt.
>From S.F. to Wyo.
A Carbon compound suffix
A carbon compound suffix
A direction.
A way to go: Abbr.
ATC's point
Abilene-to-Fort Worth dir.
About 2 o'clock on a compass
"About 2 o'clock, on a compass"
About two o'clock on a compass
"About two o'clock, on a compass"
About-face from WSW
Acetyl add-on
Acetyl addition
Acetyl ender
Acetyl ending
Acetyl finish
Acetyl suffix
Acetyl tail
Adelaide-to-Brisbane dir.
Air-current rte.
Albany-to-Bangor dir.
Albuquerque-to-Santa Fe dir.
Alexandria-to-Annapolis dir.
Algeria-to-Turkey dir.
Amarillo-to-Tulsa dir.
"America's Cup heading, perhaps"
Amsterdam-to-Berlin dir.
Anchorage-to-Fairbanks dir.
Anemograph abbr.
Ariz.-to-Kan. dir.
Arizona-to-Kansas dir.
"As the crow flies, perhaps?: Abbr."
"At the end of it, ""my alien"" would be a dangerous person"
Atlanta-to-Athens dir.
Atlanta-to-Myrtle Beach dir.
Atlanta-to-Raleigh dir.
Atlanta-to-Richmond dir.
Atlanta-to-Wilmington dir.
Atlas abbreviation
Austin-to-Boston dir.
Austin-to-N.Y.C. path
Austin-to-NYC dir.
Away from WSW
Baghdad-to-Teheran dir.
Baghdad-to-Tehran dir.
Bakersfield-to-Vegas dir.
Baltimore- Wilmington dir.
Baltimore-Philadelphia dir.
Baltimore-to-Phila. direction
Baltimore-to-Philadelphia dir.
Baltimore-to-Wilmington dir.
Bath-to-London dir.
Baton Rouge-to-Montgomery dir.
Benz add-on
Benz attachment
Benz back?
Benz chaser
Benz chaser?
Benz end
Benz ender
Benz ender?
Benz ending
Benz finish
Benz finish?
"Benz follower, frequently?"
Benz or butyl ender
Benz suffix
"Benz suffix, but not Mercedes"
Benz tail
Benz tail piece
Benz trailer
Benz trailer?
Benz- finish
Bikini-to-Oahu dir.
Billings-to-Bismarck dir.
Biloxi-to-Mobile dir.
Birmingham-Roanoke dir.
Birmingham-to-Nottingham dir.
Bismarck-to-Grand Forks dir.
Blizzard heading: Abbr.
Boat race dir.
Boise-to-Billings dir.
Boise-to-Bismarck dir.
Boise-to-Bozeman dir.
Bordeaux-to-Lyon dir.
Buffalo to Syracuse dir.
Buffalo-to-Burlington dir.
Buffalo-to-Rochester dir.
Buffalo-to-Syracuse dir.
Butyl ender
Butyl ending
Butyl follower
Butyl or propyl ender
Cairo-to-Baghdad dir.
Calgary-to-Saskatoon dir.
Camden Yards-Veterans Stadium dir.
Capt.'s course
Captain's heading
Carbon based suffix
Carbon compound suffix
Carbon-compound suffix
Casablanca to Tunis dir.
Casablanca-to-Tunis dir.
Caspar-to-Pierre dir.
Casper-to-Pierre dir.
"Certain bearing, briefly"
Certain compass dir.
Certain compass direction
Certain compass point
Certain direction
Chad-to-Egypt dir.
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Charlottesville to Arlington dir.
Chelsea Park-to-Bryant Park dir.
Chem. ending
Chem. suffix
Chemical conclusion
Chemical ending
Chemical ending.
Chemical suffix
Chemical suffix with ethyl or butyl
Chemical suffix.
Chemist's ending
Chemistry suffix
Chemistry suffix.
Chicago-Detroit dir.
Chicago-to- Detroit dir.
"Chicago-to-Augusta, Maine dir."
Chicago-to-Detroit dir.
Chicago-to-Flint dir.
Chicago-to-Kalamazoo dir.
Chicago-to-Toronto dir.
Chicago___Detroit dir.
Cincinnati-to-N.Y.C. direction
Cincinnati-to-New York dir.
Cincinnati-to-Pittsburgh dir.
Coastal storm dir.
Columbus-to-Pittsburgh dir.
Comp. pt.
Comp. reading
Compass abbr.
Compass card abbr.
Compass dir.
Compass dir. near 2 o'clock
Compass dir. near 3 o'clock
Compass direction
Compass direction (Abbr.)
Compass direction opposite WSW
Compass direction.
Compass hdg.
Compass heading
Compass letters
Compass pnt. (abbr.)
Compass point
Compass point 180 degrees from WSW
Compass point opposite WSW
Compass point.
Compass point: Abbr.
Compass pt.
Compass pt. opposite WSW
Compass rdg.
Compass reading
Compass reading opposite WSW
Compass reading.
Compass reading: Abbr.
Compass rose abbr.
Compass-card notation
Compass. dir.
Copenhagen-to-Riga dir.
Cordoba-to-Valencia dir.
Cork-to-Kilkenny dir.
Course on the sea.
Course setting: Abbr.
Cyclone's heading: Abbr.
D.C. to Dover
D.C. to Dover dir.
D.C. to NYC dir
D.C.-N.Y.C. dir.
D.C.-N.Y.C. direction
D.C.-N.Y.C. heading
D.C.-to-Atlantic City heading
D.C.-to-Baltimore dir.
D.C.-to-Dover dir.
D.C.-to-Dover direction
D.C.-to-Dover heading
Dakar to Timbuktu dir.
Dallas-to-Little Rock dir.
Dallas-to-Memphis dir.
Dallas-to-Nashville dir.
Dallas-to-Nashville direction: Abbr.
Dallas-to-Texarkana dir.
Dayton-Columbus dir.
Dayton-to-Columbus dir.
Dead south minus 135 degrees
Delta Shuttle's La Guardia-to-Logan heading; Abbr.
Denver-Chicago dir.
Denver-to-Chicago dir.
Denver-to-Des Moines dir.
Denver-to-Detroit dir.
Denver-to-Omaha dir.
Des Moines-to-Cedar Rapids dir.
"Desirable dir. from home to second base, according to the baseball rulebook"
Detroit-to-Montreal dir.
Detroit-to-Toronto dir.
Dickinson to Minot dir.
Dir. On a vane
Dir. from Albuquerque to Denver
Dir. from Asheville to Winston-Salem
Dir. from Austin to Boston
Dir. from Bath to London
Dir. from Bern to Basel
Dir. from Dal. to NYC
Dir. from Dallas to Philly
Dir. from Denver to Chicago
"Dir. from Fort Worth, Tex. to Fort Lee, N.J."
Dir. from L.A. to K.C.
Dir. from Lansing to Flint
Dir. from Liverpool to Manchester
Dir. from Madrid to Barcelona
Dir. from Majorca to Minorca
Dir. from Manhattan to Montauk
Dir. from Memphis to Nashville
Dir. from Milan to Udine
Dir. from NYC to Boston
Dir. from NYC to the Hamptons
Dir. from Nantes to Angers
Dir. from New York City to Providence
Dir. from Paris to Reims
Dir. from Phoenix to Albuquerque
Dir. from Phoenix to Santa Fe
Dir. from Piglet's House to Pooh Bear's House
Dir. from Pittsburgh to N.Y.C.
Dir. from Reno to Niagara Falls
Dir. from S.F. to Wyo.
Dir. from Sevilla to C
Dir. from Springfield to Boston
Dir. from S
Dir. from Versailles to Paris
Dir. from Vladivostok to Olga
Dir. from Zurich to Munich
Dir. from part of Geneva
Dir. of I-64 going up Ky.
Dir. of Rennes from Paris
Dir. of some rainstorms
Dir. on a compass
Dir. on a map
Dir. opposite WSW
Dir. opposite of WSW
Dir. taken by Moses
Dir. the Wichita River flows
Dir. to Rochester from Buffalo
Dir. with a heading of 67.5 degrees
Direction amid scenery
Direction at sea
Direction away from WSW
Direction for Benz to take
Direction from JFK to the Hamptons
Direction from K.C. to Detroit
Direction from KC to Detroit
Direction from L.A. to K.C.
Direction from L.A. to KC
Direction from L.A. to N.Y.
Direction from L.A. to N.Y.C.: Abbr.
Direction from LA to KC
Direction from L
Direction from N.Y.C. to Boston: Abbr.
Direction from NY to RI
Direction from Okla. City to Tulsa
Direction letters
Direction opposite WSW
Direction opposite of WSW
Direction or suffix
Direction: Abbr.
Directional inits.
Directional letters
Dodge City-to-Topeka dir.
Double bond suffix
Easterly dir.
Easterly point.
Ecuador-to-French Guiana dir.
Elmira - Utica dir.
Elmira-to-Albany dir.
Elmira-to-Syracuse dir.
End for ethyl or methyl
Ending for Benz not Mercedes
"Ending for Benz, but not Mercedes"
"Ending for Benz, not Mercedes"
Ending for acetyl
Ending for butyl
Ending for butyl or propyl
Ending for ethyl
Ending for phenyl
Ending for propyl
Ending in buckyball's alias
Ending of some hydrocarbons
"Ending on ""benz"""
Ending on acetyl
Ending on benz
Ending on ethyl
Ending with acetyl or butyl
Ending with butyl
Ending with butyl or propyl
Ending with ethyl
Ending with ethyl or methyl
Ending with methyl
Enron's former NYSE symbol
Epic ending?
Erie-to-Buffalo dir.
Ethyl addition
Ethyl additive
Ethyl chaser
Ethyl end
Ethyl ender
Ethyl ending
Ethyl finish
Ethyl follower
Ethyl or Benz finish
Ethyl or acetyl ender
Ethyl or methyl ending
Ethyl trailer
Ethyl's adherent
Ethyl's end
Exeter-to-London dir.
Explosive finish
Fiji-to-Samoa dir.
Final direction for a Benz?
Fort Worth
Framingham-Boston dir.
From Austin to Boston (abbr.)
From Ft. Myers to Ft. Pierce
From K.C. to Detroit
From KA to ME
From LA to Barstow
From La. to N.C.
From Okla. City to Tulsa
From Pitts. to Boston
From S.F. to Tahoe
Fuel finish
Fuel suffix
Fuller suffix
GPS heading
"GPS heading, sometimes"
GPS reading
Gaithersburg-to-Columbia dir.
Gazetteer letters
"General dir. of Sal Paradise's return trip in ""On the Road"""
General dir. of the St. Lawrence River
Georgia-to-Maine direction
Gettysburg-to-York dir.
Giza-to-Gaza dir.
Graceland-to-Nashville dir.
Grand Rapids-to-Saginaw dir.
Greenwich-to-New Haven dir.
Hartford-Boston dir.
Hartford-to-Providence dir.
Heading abbr.
Heading away from WSW
Heading for Lindbergh
Heading from Okla. City to Tulsa
Heading from Wellesley to MIT
"Heading from the Southwest, sometimes"
Heading opposite WSW
Helm dir.
Helm heading
Helm heading (abbr.)
"Helm heading, perhaps"
"Helm heading, sometimes"
Helm position letters
Helmsman's course.
Hollywood-to-Pasadena direction
Houston-to-Atlanta dir.
Houston-to-Baltimore dir.
Houston-to-Beaumont dir.
Houston-to-Boston dir.
Houston-to-Charleston dir.
Houston-to-NYC flight path
Houston-to-Raleigh dir.
How some rivers run: abbr.
How the Rangers fly to play the Red Sox
How to go from L.A. to N.Y.
Hurricane dir.
"Hurricane dir., perhaps"
"Hurricane dir., sometimes"
Hurricane hdg.
"Hurricane hdg., perhaps"
Hurricane heading
"Hurricane heading, perh."
"Hurricane heading, sometimes"
Hurricane heading: Abbr.
Hydrocarbon ending
Hydrocarbon finish
Hydrocarbon suffix
Hydrocarbon suffix.
Indianapolis-to-Muncie dir.
It ends benz
"It follows Benz, but not Mercedes"
It's opposite WSW
JFK-to-Heathrow heading
Jackson-to-Birmingham dir.
K.C.-to-Chicago direction
K.C.-to-Detroit dir.
KS-ME direction
Kansas-to-Maine dir.
Kansas-to-Michigan dir.
Kansas-to-Ohio dir.
L.A. to Boston dir.
L.A. to Denver dir.
"L.A. to Denver, e.g."
L.A.-NYC direction
L.A.-NYC flight path
L.A.-to-Arcadia heading
L.A.-to-Bangor dir.
L.A.-to-D.C. direction
L.A.-to-Denver dir.
L.A.-to-N.Y. dir.
L.A.-to-N.Y. direction
L.A.-to-N.Y. flight path
L.A.-to-N.Y.C dir.
L.A.-to-N.Y.C. dir.
L.A.-to-N.Y.C. heading
L.A.-to-NYC dir.
LA-NY flight path
LA-NYC flight path
LA-to-NYC flight path
La Crosse-Green Bay dir.
La Crosse-to-Green Bay dir.
Lagos-to-Addis Ababa dir.
Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario dir.
Lansing-to-Flint dir.
Laredo-to-Galveston dir.
Las Cruces-to-Roswell dir.
Last three letters of TNT
Lawrence-to-Kansas City dir.
Letter under a tilde
Letters indicating a double bond
Like some courses: Abbr.
Lima-to-Georgetown dir.
Lincoln-to-Des Moines dir.
Lisbon-to-Madrid dir.
Little Rock to Memphis: abbr.
Little Rock-Memphis dir.
Little Rock-to-Memphis dir.
Liverpool-to-Hull dir.
Livorno-to-Florence dir.
Lodz-to-Warsaw dir.
Log entry
Los Angeles-to-NewYork dir.
Macon-to-Augusta dir.
Majorca-to-Minorca dir.
Mali-to-Libya dir.
Map abbr.
Map dir.
Map letters
Map letters.
Mariner's dir.
Mariner's direction
Mariner's heading (abbr.)
Meatpacking District to Gramercy Park dir.
Mecca-to-Kabul dir.
Mecca-to-Karachi dir.
Melbourne-to-Snowy Mts. direction
Melbourne-to-Sydney dir.
Memphis-Nashville dir.
Memphis-to-Boston flight path
Memphis-to-Knoxville dir.
Memphis-to-Nashville dir.
Memphis-to-Nashville flight path
Methyl ending
Methyl or ethyl follower
Middle of the neck
Midland-to-Dallas dir.
Mile High Stadium-to-Lambeau Field dir.
Minsk-to-Moscow dir.
Missouri-to-Maine dir.
Mo.-to-Me. direction
Montgomery-to-Macon dir.
More E than N
N'Djamena to Khartoum dir.
N.M.-to-N.J. dir.
N.Y.-Boston direction
N.Y.-to-Bos. dir.
N.Y.-to-Boston dir.
N.Y.-to-N. Eng. dir.
N.Y.C.-to-Boston dir.
N.Y.C.-to-London dir.
NM-to-NJ dir.
NYC-Boston dir.
NYC-to-Boston dir.
NYC-to-Boston direction
NYC-to-Providence heading
NYC-to-Southampton dir.
NYC-to-The Hamptons dir.
NYC-to-the-Hamptons dir.
Nantes-to-Angers dir.
Nantes-to-Paris dir.
Napa to Reno dir.
Napa-to-Folsom dir.
Nashville-to-DC vector
Naut. direction
Naut. heading
Nautical course
Nautical dir.
Nautical direction
Nautical heading
"Nautical heading, briefly"
Nautical reading
Nav. reading
Navigation abbr.
Navigation abbreviation
Navigation dir.
Navigational dir.
Navigator's dir.
Needle point
Needle point?
Needle point? (abbr.)
Needle point?: Abbr.
Needle pt.?
New Haven-to-Boston dir.
New Orleans-to-Mobile dir.
New Orleans-to-Savannah dir.
"New York City-to-Newport, Rhode Island dir."
New York-to-Providence dir.
Newark to Cape Cod (dir.)
Newport News-to-Hampton dir.
Niger-to-Egypt dir.
Nigeria-to-Chad dir.
Nob Hill-to-Telegraph Hill dir.
Not quite to the right: Abbr.
Oakland-to-Stockton dir.
Ogden-to-Casper dir.
Okla. City-to-St. Louis direction
Okla. City-to-Tulsa direction
Okla.-to-Ky. direction
Oklahoma City-to-Louisville dir.
Oklahoma to Kentucky dir.
Oklahoma-to-Kentucky dir.
Olefin suffix
Omaha-to-Des Moines dir.
Omaha-to-Milwaukee dir.
One dir. a compass may point
One way to fly: Abbr.
One way to go
One way to go (abbr.)
One way to go: abbr.
One way to travel: Abbr.
One-eighty from WSW
Opp. WSW
Opp. of WSW
Opposite WSW
Opposite from WNW
Opposite of WSW
"Opposite of WSW on auto compass (1,1,1)"
Opposite of from WSW
Organic chemistry suffix
Organic compound suffix
Organic ending
Organic suffix
Osaka-to-Tokyo dir.
Osaka-to-Yokohama dir.
Ottawa-to-Halifax dir.
Oval BA-to-The Great Red Spot dir.
Pa. to Mass. direction
Pacific City-to-Portland dir.
Palindromic dir.
Palindromic fuel suffix
Palindromic suffix
Paris-to-Berlin dir.
Paris-to-Frankfurt dir.
Paris-to-Pargue dir.
Paris-to-Reims dir.
Paris-to-Warsaw dir.
Part of a compass box
Pasadena-to-Apple Valley dir.
Peoria-to- Cleveland dir.
Peoria-to-Cleveland dir.
Peoria-to-Detroit dir.
Peoria-to-Pittsburgh dir.
Peru-to-Venezuela dir.
Phenyl ender
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir.
Phoenix-to-Philly dir
Phoenix-to-Philly dir.
Phoenix-to-Santa Fe dir.
Pilot's hdg.
Pilot's heading
"Pilot's heading, sometimes"
Pilot's heading: Abbr.
Pilothouse abbr.
Pittsburgh-Boston dir.
Pittsburgh-to-Boston dir.
Pittsburgh-to-Buffalo dir.
Pittsburgh-to-NYC direction
Pittsburgh-to-Scranton dir.
Pittsburgh-to-Wilkes-Barre dir.
Pittsburgh___to___ Providence dir.
Plymouth-to-London dir.
Point for a skipper
Point on a compass app
Point on a rose?: Abbr.
Point on a rose?: Abbr. (3)
Point opposite WSW
Pomona-to-San Bernardino dir.
Portland-to-Helena dir.
Portland-to-Spokane dir.
Prop ending
Propyl ender
Propyl ending
Propyl finish
Propyl suffix
Providence from NYC
Providence-to-Boston heading
Provo-to-Cheyenne dir.
Prow's direction
Pt. opposite WSW
Quarter-turn from NNW
Raleigh-to-Chesapeake dir.
Raleigh-to-Norfolk dir.
Ratio representing 20 percent
Reno-to-Elko dir.
Reverse from WSW
Reverse of WSW
"Right and a little up, directionwise"
"Right and a little up, on a map: abbr."
Right and a little up: abbr.
Rome-to-Belgrade dir.
Route abbr.
Rumford-to-Bangor dir.
S.F.-Tahoe dir.
SST heading
SST heading perhaps
Sacramento-to-Carson City dir.
Sacramento-to-Lake Tahoe dir.
"Sailing course, perh."
Sailor's cue.
Sailor's way
Sailor's way.
Salt's dir.
San Antonio - Little Rock dir.
San Antonio to Houston dir.
San Antonio-to-Austin dir.
San Diego-to-Albuqerque dir.
San Diego-to-Albuquerque dir.
San Francisco to Salt Lake City dir.
San Francisco-to-Salt Lake City dir.
San Jose-to-Modesto dir.
Santa Barbara-to-Las Vegas dir.
Santa Barbara-to-Vegas dir.
Selma-to-Talladega direction
Shanghai-to-Tokyo dir.
Ship heading
Ship's course
Ship's dir.
"Ship's dir., perhaps"
"Ship's dir., sometimes"
Ship's hdg.
Ship's heading
Ship's rte.
Shreveport-to-Birmingham dir.
Sierra Leone-to-Burkina Faso dir.
Sioux Falls-to-St. Paul dir.
Sixth sense
Soldier Field-to-Silverdome dir.
South Africa to Ethiopia dir.
South Africa-to-Egypt dir.
"Southwest heading, sometimes: Abbr."
Sparta-to-Athens dir.
Springfield-to-Boston dir.
St. Louis-to-Cincinnati dir.
St. Louis-to-Cleveland dir.
St. Louis-to-Indianapolis dir.
St. Paul-to-Sault Ste. Marie dir.
Storm clouds heading: Abbr.
Storm dir.
"Storm dir., sometimes"
Storm hdg.
Storm heading
"Storm heading, perh."
"Storm heading, sometimes"
Storm heading: Abbr.
Storm heading: abbr.
Storm's dir.
Sturbridge-to-Boston dir.
Suffix for benz but not Mercedes
"Suffix for benz, but not Mercedes"
Suffix for ethyl
Suffix for ethyl or methyl
Suffix in chemistry
Suffix in chemistry.
Suffix in organic chemistry
Suffix like -ite
"Suffix meaning ""resident of"""
Suffix of some hydrocarbons
Suffix used in chemistry
"Suffix with ""benz"""
"Suffix with ""butyl"""
"Suffix with ""ethyl"""
"Suffix with ""ethyl"" or ""butyl"""
"Suffix with ""ethyl"" or ""methyl"""
"Suffix with ""prop"""
Suffix with acetyl
Suffix with acetyl and amyl
Suffix with alk-
Suffix with benz
Suffix with benz and acetyl
Suffix with benz-
Suffix with butyl
Suffix with butyl and ethyl
Suffix with ethyl
Suffix with ethyl and propyl
Suffix with ethyl or butyl
Suffix with ethyl or methyl
Suffix with ethyl-
Suffix with menth-
Suffix with phenyl
Suffix with prop-
Suffix with propyl
Suffix with propyl or butyl
Suffix with unsaturated hydrocarbons
Sydney-to-Lord Howe Island dir.
Syracuse-to-Utica dir.
TNT finish
TNT's ending
TNT's finish
Tacoma-to-Spokane dir.
Tampa-to-Cocoa Beach dir.
Tampa-to-Orlando dir.
Tampa-to-Titusville dir.
Tempe-to-Mesa dir.
Tex.-Va. direction
Texas-to-New York dir.
The Fillmore-to-CBGB dir.
The other direction.
"The way the wind blows, perhaps"
Tijuana-to-Mexicali dir.
Topeka-to-Peoria dir.
Toronto-Ottawa dir.
Toronto-to-Montreal dir.
Toronto-to-Ottawa dir.
Tours-to-Nancy dir.
Tralee-to-Tipperary dir.
Trav. direction
Trav. heading
Trenton-to-Newark dir.
Turin-to-Milan dir.
U-ey from WSW
U-turn from WSW
Uey from WSW
Unsaturated hydrocarbon suffix
Vancouver-to-Calgary dir.
Vancouver-to-Regina dir.
Vane abbr.
Vane dir.
"Vane dir., sometimes"
Vane direction
"Vane direction, sometimes"
Vane heading
Vane letters
Vane ltrs.
"Vane position, sometimes"
Vane reading
Vane reading (abbr.)
Vegas-to-NYC direction
Versailles-to-Paris dir.
WSW about-face
WSW antipode
WSW opp.
WSW opposite
WSW's opp.
WSW's opposite
WSW's reverse
Way behind Benz
Way behind Ethel?
Weather report abbr.
Weather vane dir.
"Weather vane dir., sometimes"
Weather vane letters
Weather-report abbr.
Weather-vane dir.
Weathercock indication
Weathervane dir.
"Weathervane dir., occasionally"
Weathervane reading
West Point-to-Hartford dir.
Wheelhouse dir.
Wheelhouse direction: abbr.
Wichita-to-Akron dir.
Wichita-to-Kansas City dir.
Wind dir.
Wind dir. opposite of WSW
"Wind dir., maybe"
"Wind dir., sometimes"
Wind direction
Wind direction.
Wind heading
"Wind heading, perhaps"
Wind tee dir.
Yacht race sailing dir.
Yachter's heading
"Yachter's heading, perhaps"
"Yachter's heading, sometimes"
Yachting dir.
"Yachting dir., sometimes"
"Yachting hdg., perhaps"
Yachtsman's course
Yachtsman's course: Abbr.
Yakima-to-Coeur d'Alene dir.
Yakima-to-Spokane dir.
Yonkers-to-Stamford dir.
Yuma to Phx.
Zeno of ___
Zurich-to-Munich dir.
"___ Riisna, a producer of TV's ""20/20"""
L.A.-to-N.Y. dir
WSW's opposite
Opposite of WSW
Opposite of WSW
Opposite of WSW
Opposite of WSW
Opposite of WSW
Dodge City-to-Topeka dir.
Dodge City-to-Topeka dir.
Compass pt
Hurricane heading sometimes
Dallas-to-Memphis dir.
Butyl ending
Compass heading, sometimes
Suffix with acetyl
Baltimore-to-Philadelphia dir.
Hydrocarbon suffix
Regina to Yorkton dir.
Hydrocarbon suffix
Marseille-to-Cannes direction
Portland-to-Spokane dir
Finish for ethyl or methyl
Brandon to Neepawa dir.
Compass heading, sometimes
Compass dir.
67.5 degrees, on a compass
Peoria-to-Gary dir.
Compass point (abbr.)
Compass point (abbr.)
Liverpool-to-Leeds dir
Butyl or propyl ender
Compass reading
Away from WSW
180 deg. from WSW
Away from WSW
67.5 degrees on a compass
Chemical ender
Chemical suffix with benz-
Paris-to-Berlin dir.
Away from WSW
Suffix indicating a double bond
Away from WSW
Between 1 and 3, on a clock
D.C.-to-Baltimore dir.
Dallas-to-Memphis dir.
Venice-to-Trieste dir.
Vane letters
Chemical suffix
Opposite of WSW
Away from WSW
Compass dir.
GPS reading
Cincinnati-to-Philadelphia dir.
Suffix with acetyl
Compass point (abbr.)
180 degrees from WSW
Naut. heading
Ending with ethyl
67.5 degrees, in directions
Suffix with ethyl
Dallas-to-Boston dir.
Away from WSW
New Orleans-to-Atlanta dir.
Ending for ethyl
Hydrocarbon suffix
Austin-to-Baltimore dir.
Away from WSW
Wind direction (abbr.)
Wind direction (abbr.)
Ending for phenyl
Compass reading (abbr.)
Memphis-to-Nashville dir.
Compass reading (abbr.)
Hydrocarbon suffix
In Kentucky, Bowling Green-to-Ashland dir.
Vegas-to-Denver dir.
Away from WSW
WSW's opposite
End for ethyl or methyl
Atlanta-to-Charlotte dir.
Hydrocarbon suffix
Storm dir.
Wind dir.
Denver-to-Des Moines dir.
Wind dir.
WSW's reverse
Suffix with ethyl
Suffix with acetyl
Away from WSW
Storm's dir.
Away from WSW
Opposite of WSW
Phenyl ender
Hydrocarbon ending
"Benz" suffix
Mount Everest-to-Beijing dir.
Hydrocarbon suffix
Compass pt.
Compass pt.
Direction opposite WSW
St. Petersburg-to-Orlando dir.
WSW's opposite
WSW's opposite
Chemical suffix
Away from WSW
Los Angeles-to-Twin Cities dir.
Compass direction (abbr.)
Compass direction (abbr.)
WSW opposite
Pittsburgh-to-Scranton dir.
Suffix with butyl
Dallas-to-N.Y.C. direction
180 degrees from WSW
Vane letters
Vane letters
Compass reading
Spain-to-Croatia dir.
Memphis-to-Nashville dir
Opposite of WSW
Opposite of WSW
Compass dir.
Compass dir.
Mesa-to-Bangor dir.
Tijuana-to-Phoenix dir.
Opposite of WSW
U-turn from WSW
New Mexico-to-Maine dir.
Compass point (abbr.)
Compass point (abbr.)
Needle pt.?
Certain compass direction (Abbr.)
Denver-to-Detroit dir.
Organic chemistry suffix
Waco-to-NYC dir.
Hydrocarbon ending
Wind direction (abbr.)
Angola-to-Ethiopia dir.
Wind direction (abbr.)
San Simeon-to-Fresno dir.
Hydrocarbon suffix
Compass reading (abbr.)
Wind dir.
Suffix for ethyl or methyl
Limerick-to-Dublin direction
Indianapolis-to-Cleveland dir.
Suffix for phenyl or propyl
Point opposite WSW
Suffix with ethyl
Compass pt.
Limerick-to-Belfast dir.
Suffix with acetyl
Away from WSW
WSW's opposite
End for ethyl or methyl
Away from WSW
Wind dir.
Springfield-to-St. Louis dir.
Ethyl or propyl ending
Compass direction (abbr.)
Vane letters
Hydrocarbon suffix
Dir. from Hope-to-Pine Bluff
67.5 deg.
Oklahoma City-to-Tulsa dir
Geneva-to-Lucerne dir.
Opposite of WSW
Botswana-to-Tanzania dir.
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Cape Coral-to-Port St. Lucie dir.
Blacksburg-to-Alexandria dir.
Hydrocarbon suffix
Chile-to-Paraguay dir.
Laredo-to-Houston dir.
Charlotte-to-Durham dir.
Compass dir.
Memphis-to-Louisville dir.
Compass point (abbr.)
Compass pt.
Away from WSW
Roanoke-to-Arlington dir.
GPS reading
Dodge City-to-Minneapolis dir.
Away from WSW
Hydrocarbon suffix
Chemical suffix
Biloxi-to-Mobile dir.
GPS reading
Compass heading
Denver-to-Omaha dir.
Des Moines-to-Dubuque dir.
Compass pt.
Compass reading
Compass dir.
Los Angeles-to-Barstow dir.
Opposite of WSW
Away from WSW
Compass direction (abbr.)
Vane letters
Damascus-to-Moscow dir.
Ariz.-to-Kan. dir.
Opposite of WSW
St. Louis-to-Indianapolis dir.
Chemical suffix
Compass dir.
Away from WSW
Hydrocarbon suffix
Hydrocarbon conclusion
Compass point (abbr.)
Hartford-to-Bangor dir.
New Orleans-to-Hattiesburg dir.
Angola-to-Kenya dir.
Away from WSW
Compass direction
Wind direction (abbr.)
Away from WSW
GPS direction
Ethyl ender
Compass dir.
Suffix for ethyl or methyl
Compass reading (abbr.)
Dallas-to-NYC dir.
About 2 o'clock, directionwise
Butyl ender
GPS reading
Knoxville-to-D.C. dir.
Wind dir.
Compass dir.
Opposite of WSW
Chemical suffix
Pilot Mound to Elie dir.
Direction in "green-eyed"
Lisbon-to-Barcelona dir.
Pilot Mound to Elie dir.
Direction in "whenever"
Dir. in "energy"
Weathervane dir.
Compass pt.
L.A.-to-Denver dir.
Point opposite WSW
WSW's opposite
Chicago-to-Lansing dir.
Ending for propyl
Compass direction (abbr.)
Compass dir.
Knoxville-to-Phila. heading
Jet heading, sometimes
Vane letters
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir.
U-turn from WSW
Opposite of WSW
K.C.-to-Chicago direction
WSW? No, U-turn
Chemical suffix
Compass dir.
True north? No, but close
Compass reading
Compass dir.
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Suffix with acetyl
Compass dir.
Tacoma-to-Spokane dir.
Compass point (abbr.)
Pilothouse abbr.
GPS reading
U-turn from WSW
"Ethyl" suffix
Virden to Dauphin dir.
Wind direction (abbr.)
Dir. in "awakened"
Vegas-to-Denver dir.
Under 180 degrees dir.
Dir. in "frenetic"
Perth-to-Mount Isa dir.
Compass reading (abbr.)
Propyl ender
Wind dir.
Opposite of WSW
Malaga-to-Granada dir.
Indy-to-Cleveland direction
Suffix with phenyl
WSW's directional opposite
Memphis-to-Nashville dir
67.5 degrees in directions
Dir. opposite WSW
Hydrocarbon ending
Sydney to Port Aux Basques dir.
Direction from Mo. to Me
End for ethyl or methyl
Compass pt.
Compass pt.
Austin-to-Atlanta dir.
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir
WSW's opposite
Rajasthan-to-China dir.
Pilothouse abbr.
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Compass dir.
Compass dir.
Pt. opposite WSW
Helm heading
Suffix with ethyl
Compass dir.
Compass pt.

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