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Word: ENO

The word ENO has appeared in at least 542 clues on different crosswords.

"""...yada yada yada"""
"""A Year With Swollen Appendices"" diarist"
"""Achtung Baby"" co-producer"
"""Achtung Baby"" co-producer Brian"
"""Achtung Baby"" producer"
"""Achtung Baby"" producer Brian"
"""After the Heat"" musician"
"""Ambient 1: Music for Airports"" artist"
"""Ambient 1: Music for Airports"" composer"
"""Ambient 1: Music for Airports"" composer Brian"
"""Ambient 1: Music for Airports"" musician"
"""Ambient 4: On Land"" Brian"
"""Ambient Music for Airports"" composer Brian"
"""Another Day on Earth"" musician"
"""Another Day on Earth"" musician Brian"
"""Another Day on Earth"" rocker Brian"
"""Another Green World"" artist"
"""Another Green World"" composer"
"""Another Green World"" composer Brian"
"""Another Green World"" composer, 1975"
"""Another Green World"" musician"
"""Another Green World"" musician Brian"
"""Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"" Brian"
"""Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks"" Brian"
"""Before and After Science"" musician"
"""Before and After Science"" musician Brian"
"""Before and After Science"" rock composer"
"""Cluster & ___"" (1977 ambient record)"
"""Congratulations"" song ""Brian ___"""
"""Discreet Music"" composer"
"""Discreet Music"" composer Brian"
"""Discreet Music"" musician"
"""Drawn From Life"" co-composer"
"""Drums Between the Bells"" musician"
"""Dune"" co-composer Brian"
"""Dune"" composer"
"""Dune"" composer Brian"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" Brian"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" artist"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" composer"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" composer Brian"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" musician"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" rock artist"
"""Here Come the Warm Jets"" singer"
"""Lux"" composer"
"""Lux"" composer Brian"
"""Lux"" musician"
"""Lux"" musician Brian"
"""Microsoft sound"" composer"
"""More Music for Films"" Brian"
"""More Songs About Buildings and Food"" producer"
"""Music for Airports"" artist"
"""Music for Airports"" composer"
"""Music for Airports"" composer Brian"
"""Music for Airports"" creator"
"""Music for Airports"" man"
"""Music for Airports"" musician"
"""Music for Films"" musician"
"""My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"" producer"
"""My Squelchy Life"" musician"
"""Nerve Net"" Brian"
"""No Line on the Horizon"" coproducer Brian"
"""Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!"" producer Brian"
"""Small Craft on a Milk Sea"" musician"
"""Sonic landscaper"" Brian"
"""Talking Heads"" man"
"""The Duplex"" pet owner"
"""The Joshua Tree"" co-producer"
"""The Lovely Bones"" composer, 2009"
"""The Lovely Bones"" scorer Brian"
"""The Lovely Bones"" soundtrack composer Brian"
"""Third Uncle"" singer"
"""Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)"" playwright Will"
"""Thom Paine (based on nothing)"" playwright Will"
"""Thursday Afternoon"" composer"
"""Thursday Afternoon"" composer Brian"
"""Tragedy: a tragedy"" dramatist Will"
"""Visual Music"" author Brian"
"""Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends"" and ""Mylo Xyloto"" producer"
"""Walk On"" producer Brian"
"""Warszawa"" instrumentalist"
"""Warszawa"" instrumentalist Brian"
'A Year With Swollen Appendices' diarist Brian
'Another Green World' composer
'Discreet Music' composer
'Drawn from Life' composer
'Thom Pain (based on nothing)' playwright Will
1970's Bowie collaborator
1970s Bowie collaborator
2001 Polysics album
2002 Grammy-winning rock producer Brian
2005 Drama Pulitzer finalist Will
42 Singer Brian ___
A musical Brian
Ambient Brian
Ambient composer Brian or Roger
Ambient composer Roger
Ambient electronic music pioneer Brian
Ambient music composer Brian
Ambient music composer Brian ___
Ambient music composer Roger
Ambient music giant
Ambient music innovator
Ambient music innovator Brian
Ambient music legend that I swear never to put in a puzzle again (for the next two months)
Ambient music pioneer
Ambient music pioneer Brian
Ambient music producer Brian
Ambient music's Brian
Ambient music's creator
Ambient music.s Brian
Ambient musician Brian
Ambient musician Brian or Roger
"Ambient musician Roger (yes, he's the brother of Brian)"
Ambient pioneer
Ambient rocker Brian
Ambient surname
Ambient-music artist Brian
Ambient-music composer Brian
Antacid brand
Art-rock pioneer Brian
Art-rocker Brian
Artsy renaissance man Brian
Avant-garde Brian
Avant-garde composer Brian
Avant-garde musician Brian
Bald British Brian
"Bangs called him ""a Serious Composer who's also a rock star"""
Big name in ambient music
Bowie collaborator
Bowie collaborator Brian
"Bowie collaborator on the ""Berlin Trilogy"" albums"
"Bowie once called him ""a very glamorous young man"""
"Bowie's ""'Heroes'"" collaborator"
"Bowie's ""Berlin Trilogy"" collaborator"
"Bowie's ""Deranged"" cowriter"
"Bowie's ""Low"" collaborator"
Bowie's Berlin Trilogy collaborator
Bowie's collaborator on the Berlin Trilogy
Brian ___
Brian ___ of Roxy Music
Brian ___ of rock fame
"Brian ___, Roxy Music member and author of ""A Year with Swollen Appendices"""
Brian behind the mixing board
Brian known as the father of ambient music
Brian noted for ambience
"Brian of ""Another Green World"""
"Brian of ""Here Come the Warm Jets"""
"Brian of ""ambient music"""
Brian of British rock
Brian of Roxy Music
Brian of Roxy music
Brian of ambient
Brian of ambient music
Brian of ambient music fame
Brian of ambient rock
Brian of early Roxy Music
Brian of electronic music
Brian of electronica
Brian of experimental rock
Brian of music
Brian of pop
Brian of rock
Brian of rock and roll
Brian of rock fame
Brian of rock music
Brian of rock-music production
Brian of rock-music promotion
Brian of the Talking Heads
Brian of the early Roxy Music
Brian of the original Roxy Music
Brian once of Roxy Music
Brian or Roger
Brian who admitted to composing the Windows 95 startup music on a Mac
"Brian who co-authored ""Oblique Strategies"""
Brian who co-produced many U2 albums
"Brian who composed ""Music for Airports"""
"Brian who composed the ""Microsoft sound"""
Brian who composed the Microsoft Windows startup sound
Brian who composed the Microsoft startup sound
Brian who composed the Windows 95 start-up sound
Brian who composes ambient music
"Brian who coproduced U2's ""The Unforgettable Fire"""
"Brian who did ""Discreet Music"""
"Brian who did ""Nerve Net"""
"Brian who did not produce Bowie's ""Low,"" ""Heroes,"" or ""Lodger,"" despite popular belief"
"Brian who did the 1977 album ""Before and After Science"""
Brian who founded Obscure Records
Brian who has produced seven U2 albums
Brian who hasn't yet joined Neil Diamond in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Brian who is a rare example of someone whose prominence in crosswords is commensurate with his actual prominence
Brian who pioneered in ambient music
"Brian who produced Coldplay's ""Mylo Xyloto"""
Brian who produced Coldplay's most recent album
Brian who produced U2
Brian who produced or co-produced seven U2 albums
Brian who produced or co-produced several Talking Heads albums
Brian who produced several U2 albums
Brian who produced some U2 albums
"Brian who recorded ""Ambient 1: Music for Airports"""
"Brian who released ""Ambient 4: On Land"""
"Brian who said ""As soon as I hear a sound, it always suggests a mood to me"""
"Brian who said ""I don't really have a musical identity outside of studios"""
"Brian who scored ""The Lovely Bones"""
"Brian who scored the soundtrack to ""The Lovely Bones"""
Brian who started the music label Obscure Records
Brian who was a pioneer of ambient music
Brian who wrote the Windows 95 startup sound
"Brian who wrote the score for ""Me and Earl and the Dying Girl"""
"Brian who's a self-professed ""nonmusician"""
"Brian who's website says his music is ""like perfume as opposed to air conditioning"""
"Brian whose ""Energy Fools the Magician"" appeared on the ""Rock n Roll High School"" soundtrack, 1979"
Brian with a musical brain
"Brian with the album ""Here Come the Warm Jets"""
"Brian with the album ""Music for Airports"""
"Brian, formerly of Roxy Music"
"Brian, of Roxy Music"
"Brian, of ambient music"
"Brian, of music"
"Brian, of rock music"
British composer Brian
British musician Brian
British rock composer
British rock musician Brian
British rocker Brian
"Byrne's ""Everything That Happens Will Happen Today"" collaborator"
"Byrne's ""Strange Overtones"" collaborator"
"Byrne's collaborator on ""My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"""
Co-creator of the Oblique Strategies playing cards
Co-creator of the ambient music app Scape
"Co-producer of U2's ""Achtung Baby"""
"Co-producer of the U2 album ""Achtung Baby"""
Coldplay producer Brian
"Coldplay's ""Viva la Vida"" producer Brian"
Collaborator of Byrne and Bowie
"Collaborator with Fripp, Byrne, Cale, Bowie, etc."
"Collaborator with Paul Simon on his 2006 album ""Surprise"""
Comb. form for wine: Var.
Composer Brian
Composer Brian ___
"Composer Brian who designed the sound for the video game ""Spore"""
"Composer Brian whose album ""Lux"" is nominated for a 2014 New Age Grammy"
Composer for the video game Spore
"Composer of ""1/1,"" ""1/2,"" ""2/1"" and ""2/2"""
"Composer of ""The Lovely Bones"" music"
"Composer of ""The Microsoft Sound"""
Composer of Windows 95's start-up theme
Composer of crosswords?
"Composer of music ""as ignorable as it is interesting"""
Composer of the Microsoft Sound
Composer of the Windows 95 start-up sound
"Composer whose ambient music helps when solving crosswords, and whose name helps when constructing them"
"Composer with the album ""Music for Airports"""
"Creator of the ""Microsoft sound"" played when Windows 95 starts"
David Bowie collaborator
David Bowie colleague Brian
David Byrne collaborator
Duo after em
Early bandmate of Ferry in Roxy Music
Eclectic musician Brian
Electronic music pioneer
Electronic music pioneer Brian
Electronic music producer Brian
Electronic musician Brian
Electronic-music pioneer Brian
Em chasers
Em followers
"Engineer Brian who published ""Oblique Strategies"" cards"
English rocker Brian
Erik Satie devotee Brian
Experimental musician Brian
Famous U2 producer Brian
Famous U2 producer and former Roxy Music member
Favorite Brian of crossword writers
First name in cubism
Former Roxy Music member
Former Roxy Music member Brian
Frequent Byrne collaborator
Frequent co-producer of U2 albums
Frequent collaborator with Byrne
Frequent collaborator with David Byrne
"Fripp & ___ (""No Pussyfooting"" collaborators)"
Generative music innovator Brian
Generative music pioneer
Glam rock musician Brian
Glam rocker Brian
Glam-rocker Brian
Grammy winner Brian
Grammy-winning Brian
Grammy-winning rock producer Brian
"He co-produced ""Achtung Baby"""
"He co-produced U2's ""The Joshua Tree"""
"He composed ""the Microsoft Sound"" on a Mac"
"His debut album was ""Here Come the Warm Jets"""
"Iconic ""Another Green World"" Brian"
Innovative musician Brian
"Ironically, he composed the ""Microsoft sound"" on a Mac"
"Karl Hyde's collaborator Brian on ""Someday World"" and ""High Life"""
Keyboardist Brian
Last name in ambient music
Letters after em
London-based renaissance man Brian
Longtime U2 producer Brian
Made over
Minimalist composer Brian
Modern British composer
Modern composer Brian
Modern musician Brian
Music pioneer Brian
Music producer Brian
Music theorist Brian
Music's Brian
Musical Brian
Musical Brit Brian
Musical collaborator of Byrne
Musician Brian
Musician Brian who has a critic alter ego Dick Flash
"Musician Brian who used the anagrams ""Ben Arion"" and ""Ben O'Rian"" as pseudonyms"
Musician Brian who uses the pseudonyms Nina Bore and Ben O'Rian
"Musician Brian who wrote ""A Year with Swollen Appendices"""
Musician and producer Brian
Musician who co-founded the Long Now Foundation charity
"Musician who coined the term ""ambient music"""
"Musician who said ""Avant-garde music is sort of research music. You're glad someone's done it but you don't necessarily want to listen to it.'"
Musician who started the Obscure Records label
Musician who wrote the startup sound for Microsoft's Windows 95
"Musician with the 2012 album ""Lux"""
"Musician with the album ""Here Come the Warm Jets"""
Musician/producer Brian
Name in ambient music
New Age music pioneer
New Age musician
New Age musician Brian -
New Age musician Brian ___
New Age musician Brian___
North Carolina's ___ River State Park
Noted ambient music pioneer
Noted ambient pioneer
Noted composer Brian
One day I'll write a puzzle that doesn't include this Roxy Music co-founder
One of Roxy Music's Brians
Onetime Bowie collaborator
Pioneer of ambient music Brian
Producer Brian
Producer for Bowie and U2
Producer for David Bowie and U2
"Producer of Bowie's ""Heroes"""
Producer of Bowie's Berlin Trilogy
"Producer of Coldplay's 2008 ""Viva la Vida..."" album"
Producer of Devo's first album
"Producer of Talking Heads' ""Remain in Light"" (1980)"
"Producer of Talking Heads' ""Remain in Light"" album"
Producer of seven U2 albums
Producer of several U2 albums
Producer who's worked with Bowie and Byrne
Prolific musician/producer Brian
Record producer Brian
"Record producer who published the diary ""A Year With Swollen Appendices"""
Renaissance man Brian
River near Duke University
Rock arranger Brian
Rock composer Brian
Rock impresario Brian
Rock music producer Brian
Rock musican Brian
Rock musician Brian
Rock musician/producer Brian
Rock pioneer Brian
Rock producer Brain
Rock producer Brian
Rock producer Brian Peter George St. Jean le Baptiste de la Salle ___
Rock producer Brian ___
"Rock producer, Brian"
Rock producer-musician
Rock producer-musician Brian
Rock star Brian
Rock's Brian
Rock's Brian ___
Rock-arranger Brian
Rock-producer Brian
Rocker Brian
"Rocker Roger, or his brother Brian"
Rocker/composer Brian
Rocker/producer Brian
Roger of ambient music
Roger or Brian
Roger or Brian of music
Roger or Brian of musical fame
Roxy Music alum
Roxy Music alum Brian
Roxy Music artist Brian
Roxy Music co-founder
Roxy Music co-founder Brian
Roxy Music cofounder
Roxy Music cofounder Brian
Roxy Music ex-member Brian
Roxy Music former member
Roxy Music found
Roxy Music founder
Roxy Music founder Brian
Roxy Music founding member
Roxy Music member Brian
"Roxy Music member, once"
Roxy Music musician
Roxy Music musician Brian
Roxy Music name
Roxy Music's Brian
"Self-described ""non-musician"" Brian"
Serutan alternative
Sometime U2 producer
Spoon drummer Jim
Spoon dummer Jim
Spoon's Jim
Spoon's drummer Jim
Stop sign inventor William
Synthesizer pioneer Brian
Synthesizer virtuoso Brian
"Traffic safety pioneer (and inventor of the one-way street), William P. ___"
Traffic safety pioneer William ___
Two behind em
Two-time Best Rock Album Grammy winner
U2 album producer Brian
"U2 collaborator on ""Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1"""
U2 producer
U2 producer Brian
"U2 producer or, backwards, U2 hit"
Versatile Brian
"Will ___, ""The Realistic Joneses"" playwright"
William Phelps ___ (creator of modern-day traffic laws)
"William who invented the crosswalk, or composer Brian"
Windows 95 startup sound composer Brian
Wine combiner
"Wine, in combinations"
Wine: Comb. form
Wine: Prefix
Wine: Prefix.
Wine: prefix
Writer of the startup music for Windows 95
"X-Wife song from ""Rockin' Rio"""
"___ L. Camino (lead toon in ""The Duplex"")"
"___ River State Park, NC"
"___-Hyde (duo with the 2014 album ""High Life"")"
Ambient music pioneer Brian
Byrne's 'Strange Overtones' collaborator
Musician with the 2016 album “The Ship”
Music producer Brian
Music producer Brian
Brian of ambient music
Rock's Brian
Bowie collaborator Brian
Collaborator on several David Bowie albums
Name on the 1983 album "More Music for Films"
Music pioneer Brian
Musician/producer Brian
He cowrote "Heroes" with Bowie
Rock's Brian
Producer for Bowie and the Talking Heads
Musician Brian
Byrne's "Strange Overtones" collaborator
Brian of ambient music
Music's Brian
Big name in ambient music
Rock's Brian
"Microsoft sound" composer
Music producer Brian
Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy" collaborator
"Another Day on Earth" musical artist
"Lux" composer Brian
Playwright Will who wrote 'The Realistic Joneses'
Composer Brian
Rock's Brian
Rock's Brian
U2's "The Joshua Tree" co-producer Brian
Rock's Brian
Collaborator of Bowie and Byrne
Brian of ambient music
"Ambient 1: Music for Airports" artist
Brian of electronica
Music producer Brian
Rock's Brian
Brian who composed 'Discreet Music'
Brian who composed the Windows 95 startup sound
"Microsoft sound" composer
Rock producer Brian
Brian of ambient music
Rock's Brian
He said that ambient music "must be as ignorable as it is interesting"
Grammy-winning Brian
Rock's Brian
"Music for Airports" composer
Rocker Brian
Rock's Brian
Rock's Brian
Brian —, English composer and record producer associated with ambient music
Ambient musician Brian
"Lux" composer Brian
"Another Green World" musician
Producer of some Talking Heads albums
Ambient music pioneer Brian
Rock producer Brian
Rock's Brian
Music producer Brian
Brian of music
Famous fruit salt
Eclectic musician Brian
Music producer Brian
Rock producer Brian
"Music for Airports" producer
Brian of rock
Rock's Brian
Creator of the album "Reflection," which consists of one 54-minute track
"Reflection" musician
See 2-Down
Composer known for mood music
Glam rocker Brian
Musical Brian
Rock's Brian
'The Ship' composer, 2016
Brian of ambient music
Roxy Music co-founder
Rock producer Brian
Ambient composer of note
Repeated collaborator with Bowie
"Achtung Baby" co-producer Brian
Rock's Brian
"Before and After Science" musician
Rock's Brian
'Lux' composer of 2012
Musician Brian
Brian of rock music
Brian who coined the term 'ambient music'
Rock star of note
Will ___, "The Realistic Joneses" playwright
Eclectic musician Brian
Roxy Music co-founder Brian
Ambient music maker Brian
Obie-winning playwright Will
Rock's Brian
Musician Brian who produced many U2 albums
Eclectic musician Brian
Rock's Brian

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