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Word: ENT

The word ENT has appeared in at least 413 clues on different crosswords.

ENT definition(s):

  • Entry
  • Ear

"""LOTR"" tree"
"""Lord of the Rings"" creature"
"""Lord of the Rings"" tree"
"""Lord of the Rings"" tree creature"
"""Say 'ah'"" doc"
"""The Lord of the Rings"" being"
"""The Lord of the Rings"" creature"
"""The Lord of the Rings"" tree being"
"""The Lord of the Rings"" tree creature"
"""The Two Towers"" creature"
"""The Two Towers"" denizen"
"""The Two Towers"" extra"
A.F.B. in Colorado
Absorb ending?
Absorb finish
Absorb or depend ending
Access: Abbr.
"Adenoidectomy specialist, for short"
Adjectival ending
Adjectival ending.
Adjectival suffix
Adjectival suffix.
Adjective and noun suffix.
Adjective ending
Adjective ending.
Adjective or noun suffix.
Adjective suffix
Adjective suffix.
Adjective-forming suffix
Adjective-noun suffix.
Air Force Base at Colorado Springs
"Allergy specialist, perhaps"
Allergy specialist: Abbr.
Ambi add-on
An end for depend
An imperfect ten?
"Apnea diagnoser, briefly"
Apnea doc
"Apnea specialist, for short"
Apnea specialist: Abbr.
Apnea treater
Arboreal fantasy character
Battle of Isengard participant
"Beechbone in ""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
Big ally of hobbits
Certain M.D.
Characterized by: Suffix
Clark whose real name is Kal-El
Cog attachment?
Common ender
Common suffix.
Creature Frodo met
Creature created by J.R.R. Tolkien
"Creature in ""The Lord of the Rings"""
"Creature in ""The Two Towers"""
Creature of Tolkien's Fangorn Forest
Creature of wood
Defer ending
Defer or differ ending
Dendriform Tolkien creature
Depend end
Differ add-on
Differ ending
Differ or depend ending
Differ or port follower
Doc for head colds
Doc for head colds: abbr.
Doc for head stuff: abbr.
Doc for snorers
Doc for the neck up
Doc seen for head colds
Doc that may administer electronystagmography testing
Doc treating tinnitus
Doc who might diagnose a deviated septum
Doc who treats snorers
"Doc with a tongue depressor, maybe"
Doc with an otoscope
Doctor who may treat strep
Doing: Suffix
Door: Abbr.
Doorway: Abbr.
Dr. for the neck up
Dr. who handles otitis cases: Abbr.
Dr. who treats sinus issues
Dr. who treats snorers
Dr.'s specialty
End for depend
"Ending for ""differ"""
Ending for absorb
Ending for depend
Ending for differ
Ending for differ or defer
Ending for differ or insist
Ending for exist
Ending for insist
Ending for persist
Ending for persist or consist
Ending for respond or despond
"Ending with ""depend"""
Ending with absorb
Ending with absorb or differ
Ending with differ
Ending with differ or insist
Ending with insist
Ending with insist or exist
"Endoscope user, briefly"
Exist extension
Existing: Suffix
Fangorn Forest creature
Fangorn Forest denizen
Fangorn Forest dweller
Fangorn Forest inhabitant
Fangorn figure
"Fangorn in ""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
"Fictional creature whose name is Old English for ""giant"""
Fictional giant
Fictional tree creature
Fictional tree shepherd
Finish for differ or absorb
"Foe of Saruman, in Tolkien"
"Forest creature in ""The Lord of the Rings"""
Forest creature in 'The Lord of the Rings'
Forest friend of Frodo
Forest-dweller of fantasy fiction
"Freaky ""Lord of the Rings"" creature"
Gateway abbr.
Gateway: Abbr.
Head M.D.?
Head doc
Head doc?
"Head doctor, for short?"
Helper of the hobbits
Hobbit ally
Hobbit hero
Inner: Comb. form
Inner: Prefix
Insect study: Abbr.
It may be added to port
J. R. R. Tolkien creature
Kind of Dr.
Kind of M.D.
Kind of doc
Kind of doc (3)
Kind of wine
"Leaflock, e.g. in ""The Two Towers"""
M.D. concerned with tonsils
M.D. specialty
M.D. who may examine the sinuses
M.D. who treats sinusitis
M.D.'s specialty
MD specialty
MD type
MD who treats sinusitis
MD's specialty
"Mastoiditis specialist, for short"
Md. specialist
Med. focus
Med. specialist
Med. speciality
Med. specialty
Medical specialty
Medical specialty (abbr.)
"Medical specialty, for short"
Member of a treelike race in Tolkien fiction
Middle Earth being
Middle Earth creature
Middle-earth inhabitant
"Multipurpose doc, for short"
Noun ending
Noun ending.
Noun or adjective suffix.
Noun suffix
Noun suffix.
One handling inspiring issues
One of Tolkien's talking trees
One of a race in Middle-earth
One who might write an Rx for drops
"One who's often looking down in the mouth, for short?"
Otitis doc
Otitis treater: Abbr.
Otitis-treating MD
Otolaryngologist's abbr.
Otolaryngologist's field: abbr.
Otolaryngologist's specialty (abbr.)
Otolaryngologist's specialty: abbr.
"Otolaryngologist, briefly"
"Otolaryngologist, for short"
Otolaryngology (abbr.)
Otolaryngology M.D.
Otolaryngology doc
"Otolaryngology, in brief"
Otolaryngology: Abbr.
"Otorhinolaryn-gology, in brief"
"Otorhinolaryngologist, for short"
Otorhinolaryngology abbr.
"Otorhinolaryngology, familiarly"
"Otoscope user, for short"
Otoscope-wielding doc
Par add-on?
Pend end
Penlight-wielding doc
Portal: Abbr.
Racing pair (abbr.)
Respond add-on
"Rhinitis diagnoser, for short"
Rhinitis doc
"Rhinology expert, for short"
"S(t)i(fled, i)n(hibited, sh)u(t, con)s(traine)d(, gated,) o(r) c(hecked, with ""up"")"
Script abbr.
Script dir.
Sentient tree
Seven-toed Tolkien character
Shady Tolkien creature
"Shepherd of the forest, in fantasy fiction"
Sinus M.D.
Sinus MD
Sinus doc
Sinus headache treater: Abbr.
Sinus infection treater: Abbr.
"Sinus specialist, briefly"
"Sinus specialist, for short"
"Sinus specialist, succinctly"
Sinus specialist: Abbr.
"Sinus surgeon, briefly"
Sinus-specializing MD
Sinusitis doc
Sinusitis doctor
Sinusitis studier's specialty: Abbr.
"Sinusitis treater, briefly"
Sinusitis-treating MD
"Skinbark of fantasy fiction, for one"
Snoring specialist
Specialist M.D.
Specialist who might conduct a balance test
Specialist who might treat otitis interna
Specialized M.D.
Specialty of some MDs
Storied tree creature
"Strep treater, for short"
"Strep treater, perhaps"
Strep treater: Abbr.
Stud attachment?
"Student of Elves, in Tolkien"
Study of insects: Abbr.
Suffix for consist
Suffix for differ
Suffix for differ and depend.
Suffix for exist
Suffix for pat or port
Suffix for persist
Suffix for transcend or depend
Suffix of agency.
"Suffix with ""absorb"""
"Suffix with ""consist"""
"Suffix with ""depend"""
"Suffix with ""differ"" or ""insist"""
"Suffix with ""respond"""
Suffix with absorb
Suffix with consist
Suffix with consist or persist
Suffix with correspond
Suffix with depend
Suffix with depend and descend
Suffix with depend or absorb
Suffix with depend or descend
Suffix with despond
Suffix with differ
Suffix with differ and correspond
Suffix with differ or absorb
Suffix with differ or defer
Suffix with exist
Suffix with exist and insist
Suffix with exist or insist
Suffix with insist
Suffix with insist or differ
Suffix with insist or persist
Suffix with persist
Suffix with respond
Suffix with string
Suffix with superintend
Suffix with transcend
Talkin' Tolkien tree
Talking Tolkien tree
Talking tree
Talking tree of Middle-earth
Talking tree of fantasy
Tang or port follower
Three-in-one M.D.
Tinnitus treater: Abbr.
Tolkein creature
Tolkein tree-man
Tolkien behemoth
Tolkien being
Tolkien character
Tolkien creation
Tolkien creature
"Tolkien creature from the Old English for ""giant"""
Tolkien creature that's not an orc or an elf
Tolkien creature with a trunk
Tolkien creature with branches
Tolkien forest creature
Tolkien forest dweller
Tolkien forest giant
Tolkien giant
Tolkien plant
Tolkien tree
Tolkien tree being
Tolkien tree creature
"Tolkien tree creature...or one tokin' trees, in Reddit jargon"
Tolkien tree dweller
Tolkien tree giant
Tolkien tree man
Tolkien tree-creature
Tolkien tree-man
Tolkien woodland creature
"Tolkien's Beechbone, for one"
"Tolkien's Fangorn, Finglas, Fladrif, Beechbone, Bregalad, or Fimbrethil"
"Tolkien's Skinbark, for one"
Tolkien's Treebeard is one
Tolkien's Treebeard or Skinbark
"Tolkien's Treebeard, e.g."
"Tolkien's Treebeard, for one"
Tolkien's talking tree
Tolkien's tree
Tonsil doc
Tonsilitis dept.
Tonsillectomy MD
Tonsillitis M.D.
Tonsillitis MD
Tonsillitis-treating MD
"Tree creature of ""LOTR"""
Tree thing in Tolkien
"Treebeard in ""LOTR"""
"Treebeard in ""The Lord of the Rings"""
"Treebeard in ""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
"Treebeard of ""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
"Treebeard of ""The Lord of the Rings,"" for one"
"Treebeard, e.g."
"Treebeard, e.g., in ""The Lord of the Rings"""
"Treebeard, for one"
"Treelike creature in ""The Lord of the Rings"""
Type of MD
Upper-level doc?
"Vertigo specialist, for short"
"Way in, briefly"
"Way in, in brief"
Way in: Abbr.
Way in: abbr.
"What a tree from ""The Lord Of the Rings"" may actually be"
Where sinusitis is a subspecialty
Within: Prefix
Within: Prefix.
Uvula doc
Tolkien's Beechbone for one
Leafy Tolkien creature
Specialist in three of the five senses, for short
Leafy Tolkien creature
Tolkien creature
Tolkien creature
Differ ending
Respond conclusion
Doc who takes out tonsils
Tolkien tree creature
Sinusitis-treating MD
Tolkien creature
Tolkien creature
Tolkien's Treebeard, e.g.
Tolkien creature
Tolkien character
Tolkien creature
Tolkien creature
Otorhinolaryngologist, in 18 fewer letters
Tolkien tree creature
Sinus Dr.
Treelike creature of Middle-earth
Suffix for consist
Suffix with differ
Tolkien tree creature
Tolkien character
Penlight-wielding doc
Apnea-treating doc
Ending for "absorb"
M.D. type
Fangorn Forest dweller
Sinus doc
Tolkien creature
Tolkien tree critter
Tolkien creature
Tolkien tree dweller
Doc who might perform laryngologic surgery
Sinus doc
MD treating canals
Specialty including rhinology
Tolkien tree creature
Tolkien forest shepherd
Tolkien creature
Sinusitis-treating MD
Fictional tree creature
Sinus doc
Tolkien tree herder
Doc who might treat sleep apnea
Sinus specialist, briefly
Tolkien creature
Sinus doc
Suffix with differ
Dr. for laryngitis sufferers
Enemy of Saruman the White
Tolkien creature
Tolkien creature
Sinus dr.
"Depend" end
Tolkien tree dweller

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