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Word: EON

The word EON has appeared in at least 727 clues on different crosswords.

EON definition(s):

  • the longest division of geological time
  • an immeasurably long period of time
  • (Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing various roles in the operation of the universe
  • 10 To The 9th Years
  • Alt. of Aeon

"1,000,000,000 years"
"1,000,000,000 years, in geology"
10 megacenturies
"100,000,000 decades"
"12,000,000,000 months"
"365 billion days, astronomically"
"365 billion days, geologically"
"365 billion days, in astronomy"
A bazillion jillion years
A billion years
"A billion years, in astronomy"
"A billion years, in geology"
"A billion years, to Hubble"
"A billion years, to geologists"
A dog's age
A frickin' long time
"A gazillion years, seemingly"
A l-o-n-g time
A lo-o-ong time
A long period of time
A long time
A long time.
"A long, long time"
A looooong time
A million millennia
A month of Sundays
A thousand ages
A thousand ages.
A very long time
About 1/5th of Earth's existence
"About 525 trillion minutes, in astronomy"
About a billion years
Age of neo-catastrophe? (3)
Ages and ages
"Ages and ages, collectively"
Ages and ages.
Ages galore
Ages upon ages
Almost an eternity
Almost eternity
Almost forever
Almost nine trillion hours
Amazingly long time
An age
An eternity
An extremely long period of time
"Annoying wait, facetiously"
"Archean, for one"
Astronomer's time period
Astronomical stretch
Astronomical time period
Astronomical time span
Astronomically long time
At least two eras
Awful long time
Awfully long span
Awfully long stretch
Awfully long time
Basically forever
Big bunch of years
Big hunk of time
Big stretch
Big stretch?
Big time
Big time division
Big time for crosswords?
Big time?
"Big, big stretch of time"
Billion years
"Billion years, astronomically"
"Billion years, easily"
Billion-year period
Billion-year span
Billion-year stretch
Billion-year time period
Centuries and centuries
Centuries on end
Centuries upon centuries
Century upon century
Chiliad after chiliad
Chiliad upon chiliad
"Clock watcher's wait, seemingly"
"Clock-watcher's wait, seemingly"
Considerable period of time
Considerable stretch
Cosmic cycle
Cosmological span
Cosmological unit of time
Countless ages
Countless amount of years
Countless centuries
Countless years
Countless years on end
"DMV wait time, seemingly"
"DMV wait, seemingly"
Division of about one billion years
Division of geologic time
Division of time.
Dog's age
Endless time
Endless years
Enormous span
Enormous stretch
Era after era
Era upon era
Eras and eras
Eras upon eras
"Eternal being, in Gnostisicm"
Eternity fraction
Eternity's cousin
"Eternity, seemingly"
Exceedingly long time
Extended period
Extended period of time
Extensive period
Extremely long geologic division
Extremely long stretch
Extremely long time
Extremely long time period
Extremely long unit of time
Fathomless time
Forever and a day
"Forever and a day, facetiously"
"Forever and a day, seemingly"
"Forever, facetiously"
"Forever, more or less"
"Forever, or close to it"
"Forever, seemingly"
From B.C. to TV
From here to eternity
"Frustrating waiting time, facetiously"
Galactic time period
Geochronological span
Geologic age
Geologic concept
Geologic division
Geologic division of time
Geologic period
Geologic span
Geologic time
Geologic time division
Geologic time frame
Geologic time period
Geologic time unit
Geologic time.
Geologic unit of time
Geologic-time measurement
Geological age
Geological division
Geological duration
Geological period
Geological span
Geological stretch
Geological time
Geological time division
Geological time division.
Geological time period
Geological time unit
Geologist's measure
Geologist's time period
Geology period
Geology term
Give off
Good long while
Great geological time span
Great time
Great time expanse
Group of eras
"Hadean or Archean, e.g."
Half a million bimillennia
Heck of a long time
History unit
Huge stretch
Huge time frame
Huge time span
Huge time stretch
Huge time unit
Humongous span
Hyperbolic timespan
Immeasurable period
Immeasurable period of time
Immeasurable time
Immeasurable time unit
Immeasurably long period of time
Immeasurably long time
Immense time span
"Impatient person's wait, seemingly"
Imprecise time unit
Incalculably long time
Inconceivable stretch
Incredibly long time
Indefinable time
Indefinable time period
Indefinite period
Indefinitely long period
Indefinitely long time
Infinite ages
Inordinately long time
Interminable time
Interminably long time
It can be subdivided into periods
It equals two whole notes
It follows lunch?
It goes on and on
"It is a long, long, long time"
It keeps going and going...
It lasts and lasts
It lasts between four and five galactic years
It may be after lunch
It may seem like an eternity
It might be divided into eras
It seemingly never ends
It seems like forever
It takes forever
It's a big stretch
It's a long time
It's a real stretch
It's been a long time
It's comprised of ages and ages
It's going to be quite a while
It's longer than an era
It's made up of many periods
It's over thirty quadrillion seconds long
It's quite a stretch
It's split into eras
Its make-up is many years
James Bond film production company
Just about forever
"Kalpa, to a Hindu"
Kind of period
L-o-n-g stretch of time
L-o-n-g time
L-o-n-g time period
L-o-o-o-o-ng time
Large timeline segment
Largest division of geologic time
"Largest division of time, in geology"
Largest geologic time division
Largest geological division
Largest geological time division
"Length of a boring class, so it seems"
Lengthy interval
Lengthy period
Lengthy stretch
Lengthy time
Lengthy time span
Lengthy time unit
Light years galore
Lo-o-o-ong time
Lo-o-ong period
Lo-o-ong time
Long geologic time division
Long geological period
Long geological span
Long geological stretch
Long geological time
Long geological time period
Long historical episode
Long interval
Long long long long long long long time
Long long time
Long period
Long period of time
Long period.
Long spell
Long stretch
Long stretch of history
Long stretch of time
Long time
Long time between dates?
Long time division
Long time period
Long time span
Long time to wait
"Long time, even in the singular"
"Long time, geologically"
"Long time, to a geologist"
Long time-
Long time.
"Long, indefinite period"
"Long, long ago"
"Long, long period"
"Long, long time"
"Long, long time period"
"Long, long, long time"
"Long, long, long time period"
Long-ass time
Longest division of geologic time
Longest division of geological time
Longest division of geological
"Longest division of time, in geology"
Longest period of time
Longest time
Longest time division
"Longest time span, geologically"
Longish span
Longish span of time
Longish time span
Loooong wait
Looooong time
Lot of time
Lots of time
Lunch add-on?
Lunch ending
Major time span
"Maker of the Vue d'Esprit software, which was used to create the viral ""UFO Haiti"" video of 2007"
Many a decade
"Many a doctor's office wait, seemingly"
Many a millennium
Many a moon
Many ages
Many centuries
Many chiliads
Many eras
Many generations
Many lifetimes
Many many years
Many millenia
Many milleniums
Many millennia
Many millennia make one
Many millenniums
Many moons
Many years
Many years.
"Many, many epochs"
"Many, many eras"
"Many, many millennia"
"Many, many moons"
"Many, many years"
Mighty long stretch
Mighty long time
Millennia on end
Millennia upon millennia
Millennium upon millennium
Million chiliads
Million-millennia period
Millions of lifetimes
Millions of moons
Millions of years
Mind-boggling period
Mind-boggling time
Mind-boggling time span
Month of Sundays
More than a period or era
Multimillennia period
Myriad coon's ages
Myriad moons
Myriad years
Myriads of moons
Near eternity
Near-forever stretch
Near-infinite timespan
Nearly an eternity
Nearly forever
Nearly infinite perioD
No short time
One billion years
One billion years in ONE?
One billion years to Hubble
"One billion years, geologically"
"One billion years, in astronomy"
"One billion years, in geologic time"
"One billion years, in geology"
"One billion years, to an astronomer"
One hundred million decades
One million millennia
Oodles of time
Period akin to a blue moon.
Period from B.C. to TV
Period in history
Period in the earth's history
Period of many years
Period of time
Period of time.
Period too long to measure
Periods upon periods
Perpetuity almost
Phanerozoic ___
"Phanerozoic ___ (current period, to geologists)"
"Phanerozoic or Archean, e.g."
"Phanerozoic, currently"
"Phanerozoic, e.g."
"Phanerozoic, for instance"
"Phanerozoic, for one"
"Phanerozoic, say"
Practically forever
Proterozoic ___
"Proterozoic or Archeozoic, e.g."
"Proterozoic, for one"
"Quasi-opposite of ""flash"""
Quite a long time
Quite a span
Quite a spell
Quite a stretch
Quite a while
Quite some time
Real long spell
Reallllly long time
Really big span
Really long geological time
Really long stretch
Really long time
"Really, really long time"
Reeeeeally long time
Reeeeeeally long time
Relative of a millennium.
Relative of a saeculum
Roughly forever
Scads of centuries
Seeming eternity
Seemingly endless span
Seemingly endless time
Seemingly forever
Seemingly impossible time
Series of periods
"Set of eras, in geology"
Several eras
Slice of history
Span longer than an era
Span of epoch proportions?
Span of time
Stretch of history
String of periods
Super-freaking-long time
Super-long time
Surgeonfish center?
Suuuuuuuuuuper long time
Temporal expanse
Ten megacenturies
The Hadean was the earth's first one
"The Hadean was the first one, ending about 4 billion years ago"
"The Phanero-zoic, e.g."
"The Phanerozoic, e.g."
"The Phanerozoic, for one"
The current one is the Phanerozoic
The longest division of geologic time
The longest time?
The time of many billions of lives
This is going to take a while
This is going to take some time
Thousands of centuries
Thousands of generations
Thousands of years
"Time between checks, for a freelancer, seemingly"
Time between ice ages
Time division
Time division.
Time immemorial
"Time in a waiting room, seemingly"
"Time in between gigs, seemingly, to an impatient freelancer"
Time in history
Time it seemingly takes to get a tax refund
Time it takes for a cavern to form
Time it takes for a mountain to form
Time it takes for your four-year-old to finish her meal (seemingly)
"Time it takes to get to a human being when calling a call center, seemingly"
Time measured in ages
Time on end
"Time on hold, seemingly"
Time out of mind
Time out of mind.
Time period
Time period.
Time span
"Time spent at the DMV, it often seems"
Time spent in lines?
Time spent on hold
"Time spent on hold, e.g."
Time to evolve?
Time unit
Time unlimited.
Time without end
Ton of time
Tons of time
Twenty bajillion years
Two or more eras
"Two or more eras, in geologic time"
"Two or more eras, in geology"
Two or more eras.
Umpteen millennia
Umpteen years
Unbelievably long time
Uncountable years
Unfathomably long time
Unimaginable time
Unimaginable time period
Unimaginably long time
Unit in astronomy
Unit of time
Unnumbered years
Unspecific duration
Unthinkable length
Unthinkable span
Untold centuries
Untold millennia
Untold years
Vast age
Vast age.
Vast length of time
Vast period
Vast span
Vast stretch
Vast time frame
Vast time period
Vast time unit
Vast timeframe
Very long Supergrass song?
Very long interval
Very long period
Very long span
Very long stretch
Very long time
Very long time period
"Very, very long time"
"Wait at the motor vehicle bureau, say"
Wait for a bus on a rainy day?
"Wait time at the cashiers on Black Friday, seemingly"
"Waiting period, it sometimes seems"
"Waiting period, seemingly"
"Waiting room wait, seemingly"
"Waiting time at the motor vehicle bureau, seemingly"
We live in the Phanerozoic
What a houseguest's stay might feel like
What a waiting room wait may seem
What a waiting time may seem
"Word found in ""time on end,"" appropriately"
Years and years
Years and years and years
Years and years and....
Years and years on end
Years on end
Years upon years
"___ Productions (""Skyfall"" company)"
Really long time
Years and years
Long long time
Quite a long while
Long long time
Forever seemingly
Long long long time
A billion years
See 41 Down
Ages and ages
Seemingly forever
Many millennia
Many millennia
Geological age
Many millennia
Ages and ages
A billion years
Untold eras
Hard-to-imagine period
Ages and ages
Geologist's division
Long time
Near-infinite time span
Ages and ages
Very long time
One billion years
Spiritual being
Immeasurable period
Longest division of geological time
Very long time
One worked for a long time
Long stretch
A billion years
One worked for a long time
Chunk of eternity
Vast time span
Ages and ages
A long time
Really long time
Many millennia
Long time
Great spell
Long period
Billion years
Long long time
Long, long time
One worked for a long time
Immense period
Really long time
Long geological stretch
Interminable wait
One works for a long time
One works for a long time
Immeasurable period
Chunk of eternity
Long, long time
One worked for a long time
Time to get ahead with new heart
Forever and a day
Long, long time
Geologic time division
Longest division of geological time
Interminable wait
Many millennia
Immense period
Many millennia
1985 novel by Greg Bear
One thousand million years
Really big stretch
Many millennia
One worked for a long time
One billion years
Extremely long time period
Long, long time
Two or more eras
A billion years
One worked for a long time
Universal age
A thousand million years
Vast age
Very long spell
Interminable wait
Forever, seemingly
One thousand million years
Extended stretch
Number of eras
Long, long time
Universal age
One works for a long time
Untold millennia
Long period
Long period
Long, long time
Billion years
Billion years
One worked for long time
A billion years
Interminable wait
Long period
Long period
Seeming eternity
Immense time span
Ages and ages
Extremely long time
Long while
Many millennia
Long time period
One crazy time!
365 billion days
Ages and ages
Immeasurable period
Spiritual being
Ages and ages
Immense period
Ages and ages
Quite a long time
Billion years, in astronomy
Extended period
Period of unspecified duration
A billion years
One worked for long time
Length of a long wait, in hyperbole
Very long time
One drunk for a long time
Time it takes for paint to dry, seemingly
Long time
Far too many years to count
Billion years
Geologist's division
A billion years
Immeasurable period
1 billion years, in astronomy
Years and years on end
Long time stretch
A billion years
Immeasurable period
Many millennia
How time changes one
Long time
A billion years
Big chunk of time
Millennia on end
Thousands of years
Waiting time at the DMV, seemingly
A billion years
Geological period
Untold centuries
Long series of periods
Long, long time
One thousand million years
One works for a long time
Geological age
Interminable time
Ages and ages
Long time
Vast span

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