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Word: EPIC

The word EPIC has appeared in at least 846 clues on different crosswords.

EPIC definition(s):

  • a long narrative poem telling of a hero''s deeds
  • very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale)
  • constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic
  • Engineering Physics Information Center
  • Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center

"""Aeneid,"" e.g."
"""Aeneid,"" for one"
"""Alexander"" or ""Lawrence of Arabia"""
"""Ben Hur"" or ""Quo Vadis?"""
"""Ben Hur,"" e.g."
"""Ben-Hur"" for one"
"""Ben-Hur"" is one"
"""Ben-Hur,"" e.g."
"""Ben-Hur,"" for one"
"""Beowolf"" is one"
"""Beowulf"" is one"
"""Beowulf"" or ""Gilgamesh"""
"""Beowulf"", e.g."
"""Beowulf"", for one"
"""Beowulf,"" e.g."
"""Beowulf,"" for instance."
"""Beowulf,"" for one"
"""Beowulf,"" notably"
"""Berlin Alexanderplatz,"" e.g."
"""Birth of a Nation,"" e.g."
"""Braveheart"" or ""Gladiator"""
"""Cleopatra,"" for one"
"""Divine Comedy"" is one"
"""Doctor Zhivago,"" e.g."
"""Gandhi"" or ""Cleopatra"""
"""Gandhi"" or ""Cleopatra,"" e.g."
"""Gandhi,"" for one"
"""Giant"" for example"
"""Gilgamesh,"" e.g."
"""Gilgamesh,"" for one"
"""Gladiator,"" e.g."
"""Gladiator,"" for one"
"""Gone With The Wind"", e.g."
"""Gone With the Wind,"" for one"
"""How the West Was Won,"" e.g."
"""Iliad"" for example"
"""Iliad"" is one"
"""Iliad"" or ""Aeneid,"" e.g."
"""Iliad"" or ""Odyssey"""
"""Iliad,"" e.g."
"""Iliad,"" for one"
"""Iliad,"" notably"
"""Jerusalem Delivered,"" for one"
"""King Kong,"" e.g."
"""Lawrence of Arabia,"" e.g."
"""Lawrence of Arabia,"" for one"
"""Lawrence of Arabia,"" say"
"""Odyssey"" is one"
"""Odyssey,"" for one"
"""Orlando Furioso,"" e.g."
"""Paradise Lost"" e.g."
"""Paradise Lost"" is one"
"""Paradise Lost,"" e.g."
"""Paradise Lost,' for one"
"""Paradise Lost."""
"""Poema del Cid"" is one"
"""Poema del Cid,"" e.g."
"""Quo Vadis,"" e.g."
"""Ramayana,"" for one"
"""Roots"" is one"
"""Roots,"" for one"
"""Spartacus"" was one"
"""Spartacus,"" e.g."
"""Spartacus,"" for one"
"""Star Wars,"" e.g."
"""Star Wars,"" for one"
"""The Aeneid,"" for instance"
"""The Divine Comedy"""
"""The Divine Comedy,"" for one"
"""The Far Pavilions,"" for one"
"""The Hunger Games"" trilogy, e.g."
"""The Iliad"" or ""The Odyssey"""
"""The Iliad,"" for one"
"""The Last Emperor,"" for example"
"""The Lord of the Rings"", e.g."
"""The Lord of the Rings,"" e.g."
"""The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"" for on"
"""The Odyssey"", e.g."
"""The Odyssey,"" for one"
"""The Ten Commandments"" for example"
"""The Ten Commandments"" for one"
"""The Ten Commandments"", for one"
"""The Ten Commandments,"" e.g."
"""The Ten Commandments,"" for one"
"""Thriller"" label"
"""Thriller"" record label"
"""Titanic,"" e.g."
"""Ulysses,"" for one"
"""War and Peace,"" e.g."
"""War and Peace,"" for one"
"""___ Meal Time"" (over-the-top YouTube cooking show)"
"""___ Movie"" (2007 parody)"
"""___ of Gilgamesh"""
"""lliad,"" e.g."
"'Beowulf', for example"
"'Beowulf', for one"
"'Beowulf,' e.g."
"'Dr. Zhivago,' for one"
"'Iliad,' for one"
"'King of Kings,' for one"
"'Lawrence of Arabia,' e.g."
"'Paradise Lost,' for one"
"'Roots', e.g."
"'Roots,' e.g."
'The Iliad' is one
"'The Ramayana,' e.g."
"'The Ten Commandments,' e.g."
"'War and Peace', for one"
"12-part miniseries, say"
2013 Beyonc
2013 animated fantasy film
2013 animated movie
"2013 animated movie featuring Pitbull as a... bullfrog, for some reason"
"2013 film based on ""The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs"""
"25-book story, e.g."
"<I>Beowulf<I>, e.g."
"<I>The Iliad<I>, e.g."
A De Mille movie
A grand film
A la DeMille
Account of a sort.
Adjective for some proportions or failures
Adventure story
Ambitious in scope
Ancient Grecian dialect
"Anthony Mann's ""The Fall of the Roman Empire,"" e.g."
"Apollonius's ""Argonautica,"" e.g."
Augustana's record label
Awe-inspiring film
Awe-inspiring production
"Awesome, in a way"
"Awesome, in slang"
"Ben-Hur, e.g."
Beowulf e.g.
Beowulf for one
"Beowulf, e.g."
"Beowulf, for one"
Big account
Big adventure
Big long story
Big picture
Big picture?
Big production
Big story
"Big, and word that is found in all three theme answers"
"Big, big story"
"Big, big-budget film"
Big-budget film
Bigger than big
Bigger than life
Bigger-than-life story
"Box-set DVD film, maybe"
Broad in scope
C. B. De Mille output
"C.B. DeMille film, typically"
Cast-of-thousands film
"Cast-of-thousands film, usually"
Cast-of-thousands movie
"Cast-of-thousands movie, e.g."
Cast-of-thousands pic
Cast-of-thousands production
Cecil B. De Mille movie
"Cecil B. DeMille movie, e.g."
Cecil B. DeMille work
Certain poetry
"Chanson de geste, e.g."
Clapton's onetime record label
Classic saga
"Colossal, as a film"
"Colossal, filmwise"
"Colossal, moviewise"
Computer animated film of 2013
Considerable work
Considerably large work
Constituents of a rainbow
D. W. Griffith product
"Dante's ""Divine Comedy,"" for instance"
"Dante's ""Inferno,"" e.g."
De Mille film
"De Mille movie, e.g."
De Mille offering
De Mille specialty
De Mille work
De Mille's specialty
"DeMille film, say"
DeMille forte
DeMille genre
DeMille movie
"DeMille movie, e.g."
DeMille output
DeMille product
DeMille production
"DeMille production, e.g."
DeMille specialty
DeMille work
DeMille's genre
DeMille-like film
DeMille-type film
Dealing with events of historic importance.
Descriptive of DeMille's work
Descriptive of a DeMille film
Donovan's record label
Dramatic poem
Duane Allman's label
"Edda, e.g."
Expansive story
Expensive film production
Extended narrative poem
Faith No More's big hit
Faith No More's only hit
Film with a cast of thousands
Film with an intermission
Film with many extras
For the ages
Four-hour movie genre
"Four-hour movie, e.g."
Friggin' huge
"Gilgamesh, e.g."
"Gilgamesh, for one"
Gloria Estefan's label
Grand and sweeping
Grand in scale
Grand in scope
Grand saga
Grand story
Grand tale
"Grand, as a film"
"Grand, as an adventure"
Grand-scale saga
Grand-scale story
Grand-scale tale
Grander than grand
Great in scope
Great work.
Grist for De Mille
Grist for DeMille
Grist for DeMille?
"Groovy, in updated slang"
Having immense implications
Hero's account
Hero's tale
Heroic and impressive
Heroic in scale
"Heroic in scale, moviewise"
Heroic in scope
Heroic narration
Heroic narrative
Heroic poem
Heroic saga
Heroic story
Heroic tale
Heroic tale.
Heroic verse.
Historic tale
Historical novel
"Historical novel, e.g."
Hollywood product.
Hollywood production.
Homer story
Homer work
"Homer's ""Iliad,"" e.g."
"Homer's ""Iliad,"" for one"
"Homer's ""Odyssey,"" e.g."
Homer's Odyssey e.g.
Homeric creation
Homeric genre
Homeric in scale
Homeric work
Homeric work.
"Hours-long film, perhaps"
Huge in scope
"Huge in scope, cast, and CGI expenses, likely"
Huge movie
"Huge pie, see?"
Huge production
"Huge, in overused slang"
"Huge, story-wise"
Huger than huge
Iliad e.g.
"Iliad, e.g."
"Iliad, for example."
Imposing work
Impressive in scope
Impressive in size or scope
Impressively good
Impressively great
Impressively great.
Insanely killer show
It begins in medias res
It has a cast of thousands
It may be sweeping
It may have many chapters
It might have a lot of extras
It's a lo-o-o-ong story
It's a long story
It's a loooong story
It's a looooong story
It's quite a story
"James Michener novel, e.g."
Jennifer Lopez's record label
"Ken Burns's ""The Civil War,"" e.g."
Kind of journey
Kind of poem
Kind of poetry
Kind of proportions
"Kurosawa film, usually"
La. inst.
"Label for ""Thriller"""
Label for Bobby Vinton and Tammy Wynette
Label for Ozzy Osbourne
Label for The Clash
"Label of ""Thriller"""
"Label that released ""Thriller"""
Large in scope
"Large, as proportions"
Large-scale show
Large-scale work
Large-sized yarn
Larger than life
Larger-than-life story
"Legendary work, often"
Lengthy narrative
Lengthy tale
"Like ""Aeneid"" and ""Don Juan"""
"Like ""Beowulf"""
"Like ""Intolerance"""
"Like ""Lawrence of Arabia"""
"Like ""Paradise Lost"""
"Like ""Paradise Lost"" in scope"
"Like ""Star Wars"""
Like 'The Lord of the Rings'
Like DeMille films
"Like Homer's ""Iliad"""
Like Super Bowl XIII
Like a Cecil B. DeMille production
Like a DeMille production
Like a saga
"Like amazing show, slangily"
Like certain proportions
Like many a Bollywood film
Like many a DeMille film
Like one for the ages
Like some battles
Like some fails
"Like some fails, in modern slang"
Like some football struggles
Like some long films
Like some poems
Like some poetry
Like some proportions
Like some struggles
"Like the ""Iliad"""
"Like the ""Iliad"" and ""Odyssey"""
"Like the ""Iliad"" or ""Odyssey"""
"Like, big"
Literary event
Literary genre.
Long account
Long and impressive
"Long and impressive, as a film"
Long heroic poem
Long heroic story
Long heroic tale
Long legend
Long narrative
Long narrative poem
Long poem
"Long poem, perhaps"
Long saga
Long story
Long tale
"Long, as a film"
"Long, awe-inspiring film"
"Long, dignified poem"
"Long, heroic poem"
"Long, heroic story"
"Long, impressive film"
"Long, sweeping story"
"Mahabharata, e.g."
Majestic poem
Majestic tale
Major production
Major work
Many a Cecil B. De Mille film
Many a Cecil B. DeMille film
Many a DeMille film
Many a DeMille movie
Many a DeMille opus
Many a DeMille work
Many a high-budget film
Many a miniseries
Many a sea story
Many a sword-and-sandals film
Massive work
Master work.
May a DeMille opus
Michael Jackson's label
Michael Jackson's record label
"Michener novel, typically"
"Michener's ""Centennial,"" e.g."
"Milton's ""Paradise Lost,"" for one"
Miltonian opus
"Miniseries, maybe"
Monumental movie
Monumental story
Monumental work
More awesome than awesome
More than awesome
Movie best seen on a wide screen
Movie that might have a cast of thousands
Movie with a cast of thousands
Movie-ad word
Multigenerational story
Multigenerational tale
Narrative poem
Narrative poem.
Narrative poetry.
Narrative tale
Nearly any Michener novel
No short story
"No short story, this"
Not just an ordinary novel
Not just big
"Noyes's ""Drake"" is one"
"Noyes's ""Drake,"" e.g."
Odyssey or Iliad
"Odyssey, for one."
Of Biblical proportions
Of enormous import
Of grand proportions
Of great proportion
Of great proportions
Of great proportions.
Of great scope
Of great size
Of greath length
Of heroic mold.
Of heroic size.
Of historic dimensions
Of historic importance
Of historical dimensions
Of majestic proportion
Of majestic proportions
Of mammoth proportions
Of monumental proportions
Of sweeping proportions
Of unusually great size
Old style poem.
On a grand scale
On a grand scale.
On a heroic scale.
On a huge scale
"One generally begins ""in medias res"""
Opposite of lyric in poetry
"Overused adjective, these days"
Ozzy Osbourne's record label
"PBS's Civil War, e.g."
Pearl Jam's label
Photo sent electronically
Poem about Odysseus
"Poem like ""Beowulf"""
Poem on a grand scale
Poetic form
Poetic genre
Poetry form.
Poetry genre
Quite a story
Quite a tale
Quite grand
REO Speedwagon's label
"Really amazing, to a dude"
Really big show
Really big show?
"Really, really cool"
"Really, really long"
Run of De Mille?
Run of DeMille?
Sony record label
"Southey's ""The Curse of Kehama"""
"Spielberg's ""A.I.,"" e.g."
Story from Cypriotes
Story on a grand scale
Story that's longer than most
"Substantial in scope, as a film"
"Substantial, in slang"
Sweeping in scope
Sweeping saga
Sweeping story
Sweeping tale
Sweeping work
"Sweeping, as a story"
Sword-and-sandal flick
"Sword-and-sandal flick, e.g."
"Sword-and-sandal flick, sometimes"
Tale like Homer's
"Tale of Aeneas, e.g."
Tale of Gilgamesh
Tale of heroism
Tale on a grand scale
Tammy Wynette's longtime label
"Tasso's ""Rinaldo"" is one"
"Tetralogy, e.g."
"The ""Aeneid,"" e.g."
"The ""Aeneid,"" for one"
"The ""Iliad"" is one"
"The ""Iliad"" or ""Odyssey"""
"The ""Iliad,"" e.g."
"The ""Odyssey"" or ""Beowulf"""
"The ""Star Wars"" films, e.g."
The Iliad e.g.
The Iliad for one
"The Iliad, e.g."
"The Iliad, for one."
"The Kalevala, for one"
"The Lord of the Rings, e.g."
"The Mahabharata, e.g."
"The Mahabharata, for one"
"The Odyssey, e.g."
"The Star Wars films, e.g."
"The movie ""Elizabeth"" is one"
"Three-hour film, often"
Time-tested work
"Titanic or ""Titanic"""
Tome of a tale
Totally awesome
Totally cool
"Towering, as a tale"
Truly memorable
Type of poetry
Type of poetry.
Typical David Lean production
Typical De Mille film
Typical DeMille film
Vast in scope
Verbose verse
Very impressive
Very large-scale
Way awesome
Way cool
Weighty production
Wide in scope
With a cast of thousands
"Word before ""proportions"""
Word for Homer's works
"Word often preceding ""proportions"""
Work of art.
Work with a wide scope
___ fail
___ fail (big blunder)
___ fail (big thumbs-down)
___ fail (disaster)
Big picture
"""Ben-Hur"" e.g"
On a grand scale
On a grand scale
For the ages
Cast-of-thousands movie
Long tale
Grand tale
"Lawrence of Arabia" is one
Truly awesome
Grand tale
Beyond grand
Way impressive
Long story
Grand in scope
Totally cool
It's a long story
Grand tale
Vast in scope
Cast-of-thousands film
Heroic tale
"Ben-Hur," e.g.
On a grand scale
The picture contains a story
Many a Charlton Heston movie
More than a mere movie
Vast in scope
Heroic tale
Longfellow's "Evangeline," e.g.
Absolutely awesome
Big-scale movie
Grand tale
2013 animated film featuring the voice talent of Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson
Larger than life
Hero's tale
Long tale
Grand tale
Sweeping story
Monumental in scope
Long, narrative poem
Long story
Like 37-Down
It's a long story
Very imposing or impressive
On a grand scale
Grand-scale poem
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Heroic tale
Grand tale
Colossal, in the film biz
Heroic poem
The picture contains a story
Truly impressive
Some laudable picture from Hollywood
2014's "Noah," e.g.
Amazing, in dudespeak
Large scale concealment of vine pickings
Grander than grand
Much-longer-than-usual film
Black-and-white picture captures a legend
Black-and-white picture captures a legend
Of monumental size
"The Ten Commandments" or "Ben-Hur"
Bigger than big
Syrup source
Long poem telling of a hero's deeds
Heroic tale
Sweeping story
Secret agent
Colossal, film-wise
Long, narrative poem
Long narrative poem
Larger than life
Monumental story
Word with "proportions"
Many a Charlton Heston movie
On a grand scale
Monumental story
On a huge scale
The picture contains story
Long story
Huge production
Long story
Sweeping tale
Long story
Long story
Of heroic proportions
Grand tale
3 1/2 hour film, e.g.
Grand-scale film
Sweeping tale
Big production, but less than the whole picture
"Iliad" or "Aeneid"
Way impressive
Big-scale movie
Heroic poem
"Gone With the Wind," e.g.
Hero's tale
Hero's tale
Long tale
Long tale
Huge in scale
Many a DeMille movie
Film with a huge cast
Long, narrative poem
Long narrative poem
Large-scale movie
Long story
Long story
Lengthy movie
Long film with a big cast
Many a Charlton Heston movie
Way impressive
Bigger than big
Heroic tale
Grand-scale film
Long, heroic story
The picture contains story
On a grand scale
Long film
Puddle of water (4)
Heroic saga
Lengthy movie
2013 animated film featuring the voice talent of Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson
Hero's tale
Long tale
Like some battles
Huge in scale
Long, narrative poem
Heroic poem
Like a grand-scale fail
Three-hour-plus movie, maybe
Big-scale movie
"Ben-Hur" or "Gladiator"
Large scale concealment of vine pickings
Long heroic story
Like some struggles and proportions
"Titanic" or "Ben-Hur"
"El Cid" or "Lawrence of Arabia"
Awesome, nowadays
Story with a bit of spice, perhaps?
Long story
On a grand scale
The picture contained story
Grand story
Huge in scale
On a grand scale
The picture contains story
Many a Heston movie
"The Ten Commandments," e.g.
Long poem telling of a hero's deeds
Story on a grand scale
Grand tale
'The Last Emperor,' e.g
Story of the picture?
Grand-scale story
Big-scale movie
Larger-than-life tale
Grand tale
Way awesome
Hero's tale
Long tale
2013 animated film featuring the voice talent of Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson
Grand tale
Long, narrative poem
Long story
Impressive in scope
Grand-scale movie
Heroic tale
On a grand scale
The picture contains a story
Large scale concealment of vine pickings
Grandiose, as a film
Grand tale
Grand tale
Grand-scale story
Way impressive
Great in scope
On a grand scale
The picture contains a story
To be remembered for a very long time
Large in scale
Long, narrative poem
"King of Kings," e.g.

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