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Word: ESP

The word ESP has appeared in at least 918 clues on different crosswords.

ESP definition(s):

  • apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses
  • Electron Spin Polarization
  • Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Elimination Of Solvation Procedure
  • Exchangeable Sodium Percentage (soils)

"""Be Psychic Now!: Fast, Easy, Sensible ___ System - Even Works for Skeptics"""
"""Debunked!"" topic"
"""Ghost Whisperer"" skill"
"""Gift"" tested with ganzfeld experiments, for short"
"""Gift"" to be skeptical of"
"""I know what you're thinking"" ability"
"""I know what you're thinking"" ability, in brief"
"""I know what you're thinking"" claim"
"""I know what you're thinking"" gift"
"""I know what you're thinking"" skill"
"""Penn & Teller: Bullshit!"" subj."
"""Reading"" ability"
"""Scanners"" ability, briefly"
"""Scanners"" skill, briefly"
"""Sixth sense"""
"""The Dead Zone"" ability, for short"
"""The Dead Zone"" subj."
"""The Men Who Stare at Goats"" subject"
"""The Reach of the Mind"" subject"
"""The Sixth Sense"" ability, briefly"
"""The Sixth Sense"" sense"
"""The Sixth Sense"" subject"
"""The Sixth Sense"" theme"
"""The X-Files"" phenomenon"
"""Whoa... it's like we have ___ or something!"""
1965 Miles Davis album
2nd sight
6th sense
"A gift, for short"
"A medium's medium, briefly"
A strange sight?
A thought process
A way to know
Abbr. in many dictionary definitions
Ability scorned by many
Ability studied in the ganzfeld experiment
Ability tested by Zener cards
"Ability tested with Zener cards, for short"
Ability to identify Zener cards
Ability to pick things up
Ability to read minds
"Ability to see, perhaps"
Advanced reading?
Alleged ability
Amazing sight?
Another sense
"Answer to ""How did you know?"""
Apparent ability to divine others' card holdings*
Apparent psychic power
Arguable ability
Bee Gees album
Big topic in parapsychology
"Brain power, for short"
"Brain power, some say"
Brain scan?
Brief clairvoyance
Brief second sight
Carnac's gift?
"Cassandra's gift, for short"
Catching of thoughtwaves
Category that telepathy falls into
Chiefly: Abbr.
Clairaudience or clairvoyance
"Clairaudience, e.g."
Clairvoyance acronym
Clairvoyance briefly
Clairvoyance initialism
Clairvoyance initials
Clairvoyance letters
"Clairvoyance, briefly"
"Clairvoyance, e.g."
"Clairvoyance, for example"
"Clairvoyance, for short"
"Clairvoyance, for short."
"Clairvoyance, telepathy, etc."
Clairvoyance: Abbr.
Clairvoyant claim
Clairvoyant gift
Clairvoyant initials
Clairvoyant letters
Clairvoyant s gift
Clairvoyant skill
"Clairvoyant skill, initially"
Clairvoyant's abbr.
Clairvoyant's ability
"Clairvoyant's ability, supposedly"
Clairvoyant's asset
Clairvoyant's claim
Clairvoyant's claim (Abbr.)
"Clairvoyant's claim, briefly"
"Clairvoyant's claim, for short"
"Clairvoyant's claim, in short"
Clairvoyant's claimed capability
Clairvoyant's forte
Clairvoyant's gift
"Clairvoyant's gift, briefly"
Clairvoyant's initials
Clairvoyant's letters
Clairvoyant's power
Clairvoyant's skill
"Clairvoyant's skill, for short"
Clairvoyant's talent
Common dictionary abbr.
"Controversial ""gift"""
Controversial ability
Creepy ability
Creepy claim
Crystal vision
"Deanna Troi's asset, on ""Star Trek: TNG"""
"Debatable ""ability"""
"Debatable ""gift"""
"Debatable ""skill"""
Debatable mental ability
"Debatable power, for short"
Debatable skill
"Deer's skill, for short"
Disputed ability
Disputed psych. phenomenon
"Disputed skill, for short"
"Divining ability, for short."
Dixon line?
Dixon's purported gift
Dixon's supposed gift
Dr. Rhine's field
Dr. Rhine's field: Abbr.
Dr. Rhine's forte.
Dr. Rhine's interest.
Dr. Rhine's specialty
Dr. Rhine's study
"Dubious ""gift"""
Dubious gift
Duke U. study
Duke U. subj.
Eerie ability
"Eerie ability, briefly"
"Eerie ability, for short"
Eerie asset
Eerie gift
Eerie pseudo-skill
Eerie sense
Eerie skill
Empath's gift
Empath's skill
Every last one
Exceptional sight
Exceptional skill
"Extra sense, for short."
Focus of experiments at Duke Univ.
Form of communication?
Form of mind-reading
Form of precognition: Abbr.
Fortune teller's claim
Fortuneteller's claim
Fortuneteller's forte
Fortuneteller's gift
Forward-looking claim
"Frequent ""Skeptical Inquirer"" topic"
Frequently debunked ability
"Gambler's desire, say"
"Ganzfeld experiment subject, for short"
"Geller's forte, for short"
Geller's gift
Geller's gift?
Geller's talent
"Geller's talent, for short"
"Gift in ""The Gift"""
"Gift in the 2000 film ""The Gift"""
Gift of foresight
Gift of prophecy
Gift subject to skepticism
"Gift tested with Zener cards, briefly"
Gift that not everyone accepts
Gift that's hard to believe
Handy skill for a gambler?
Hard-to-prove ability
"Head-to-head contact, for short?"
Head-to-head phenomenon?
"Help in making a prediction, maybe"
How a medium gets the message?
How some people just seem to know
How some people seem to know
How some seem to know
"If you had it, you wouldn't need this clue"
"If you have this, you already knew this answer"
In part.
"In particular, shortly"
In particular: Abbr.
Inexplicable skill
Inexplicable talent
Initial feeling?
Initials for mind reading
Inner vision?
Intuition (abbr.)
"Intuition, for short"
"Intuition, maybe: Abbr."
Intuitive letters
It can get you into a different headspace
It can get you into a different mindframe
It can help you get into someone's head space
It can help you get into your opponent's head
It could make a prophet
"It goes head to head, for short"
It helps you see what others are thinking
It makes a prophet
It may actually be a hunch
"It transcends sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch"
"It's a gift, some say"
It's all in Rhine's mind
It's beyond sense
It's disproved with Zener cards
It's not part of the usual five
It's not too rare in a medium
It's psychic
It's tested with Zener cards
It's tested with Zener cards (abbr.)
J. B. Rhine specialty
J. B. Rhine subj.
J. B. Rhine's interest
J.B. Rhine subj.
J.B. Rhine's field of study
J.B. Rhine's subject
"Jeane Dixon talent, perhaps"
"Jeane Dixon's ""Do Cats Have ___?"""
"Jeane Dixon's gift, supposedly"
Jeane Dixon's supposed gift
John Edward's supposed ability
"Johnny's ""gift"" in The Dead Zone"
Kind of divination.
Kreskin claim
Kreskin forte
Kreskin's alleged forte
Kreskin's alleged power
Kreskin's claim
Kreskin's claim to fame
Kreskin's forte
Kreskin's forte?
"Kreskin's gift, supposedly"
Kreskin's letters
"Kreskin's power, perhaps (abbr.)"
Letters for Kreskin
Letters for a mind reader
Letters for a mind-reader
Letters for a psychic
Letters for a seer?
Letters for mind-readers
"Like-thinking, for short"
"Mae West's ""Life, Sex and ___"""
Mainly: Abbr.
Means of secret knowledge?
Medium ability
"Medium ability, for short"
Medium ability?
Medium capacity?
Medium claim
Medium letters
Medium power
Medium power?
Medium quality?
Medium skill
Medium skill?
Medium strength?
Medium talent
Medium talent?
Medium's ability
Medium's claim
Medium's gift
"Medium's gift, for short"
Medium's medium?
Medium's method
Medium's quality?
Medium's skill
Medium's talent
"Meeting of minds, e.g."
"Meeting of the minds, for short?"
Meeting of the minds?
Ment. telepathy
Mental claim
Mental gift
Mental magic
"Mental power, it's said"
"Mental telepathy, e.g."
"Mental telepathy, for short."
Mental telepathy.
Mental trick
"Mentalist's ""ability"""
Mentalist's ability
"Mentalist's alleged ability, briefly"
Mentalist's claim
Mentalist's claimed power
Mentalist's feat
Mentalist's gift
"Mentalist's skill, briefly"
Mentalist's thing
Metal worker's claim?
Mind meld of a sort
Mind meld skill
Mind power
"Mind reader's ""gift"""
Mind reader's ability
Mind reader's ability (abbr.)
"Mind reader's ability, briefly"
Mind reader's claim
"Mind reader's claim, briefly"
Mind reader's gift
Mind reader's gift briefly
Mind reader's inits.
Mind reader's knack
"Mind reader's knack, for short"
Mind reader's letters
Mind reader's skill
"Mind reader's skill, briefly"
"Mind reader's skill, for short"
Mind reader's specialty (abbr.)
"Mind reader's specialty, for short"
Mind readers have it.
Mind reading
"Mind reading, briefly"
"Mind reading, for short"
Mind-reader's faculty: Abbr.
Mind-reader's skill
Mind-reading ability
"Mind-reading ability, briefly"
"Mind-reading ability, for short"
Mind-reading letters
Mind-reading skill
"Mind-reading skill, for short"
"Mind-reading, briefly"
"Mind-reading, for short"
Mindreader's letters
Miss Cleo's purported ability
More than a feeling
More than intuition
More than mere intuition
"Most significantly, in texting"
"Mysterious ""gift"""
Mysterious gift
Mysterious power
Mystic gift: Abbr.
"Network that doesn't give the NHL nearly the attention it deserves, says me"
Never-proven mental ability
"Nonverbal communication, for short"
Not-so-common sense
Not-so-common sense?
Notably: Abbr.
Noted pseudo-ability
Occult ability
Occult skill
One means of knowing
One of Kreskin's claims
One of Merlin's powers
"One way to pick things up, for short"
Oracles have it: Abbr.
Paranormal ability
Paranormal ability (Abbr.)
"Paranormal ability, briefly"
"Paranormal ability, for short"
Paranormal claim
"Paranormal claim, for short"
Paranormal gift
"Paranormal gift, for short"
"Paranormal gift, initially"
Paranormal letters
Paranormal power
Paranormal power (abbr.)
"Paranormal power, briefly"
"Paranormal power, for short"
Paranormal sight
"Paranormal skill, briefly"
"Paranormal talent, briefly"
"Paranormal thing that Peter Venkman said he was trying to measure during an electroshock experiment in ""Ghostbusters"""
Paranormal vision
Parapsychological letters
Parapsychological study
Parapsychological subj.
Parapsychological talent
Parapsychologist's interest
Parapsychologist's study
Parapsychologist's subj.
Parapsychologists' concern
Parapsychology letters
Parapsychology skill
Parapsychology skill (abbr.)
Parapsychology subj.
"Parapsychology subject, briefly"
"Parapsychology subject, for short"
Parapsychology topic
"Parapsychology, for short"
Parapyschology skill
Paraspsychology study
"Particularly, in a dict."
"Particularly, in dicts."
Particularly: Abbr.
Particularly: abbr.
Perception of a sort.
Pick-up capacity?
Picking up power?
Picking up skill?
"Picking up strength, for short?"
Picking up things?
"Pickup artist's skill, for short?"
Power in sci-fi
Power in sci-fi stories
Power tested with Zener cards
"Precognition, e.g."
"Precognition, for short"
Precognitive talent
Predict ability
Prescience of a sort
Preternatural power
Principally: Abbr.
"Producer of a mental image, maybe"
Prof. Rhine's specialty
"Prognosticator's forte, maybe"
Prophet's claim
Prophetic gift
"Prophetic gift, for short"
"Pseudo-sense?, some say"
Psi category
Psi topic
Psych. claim
Psych. research topic
Psychic 'gift'
Psychic Friends Network skill
Psychic abil.
Psychic ability
"Psychic ability, for short"
Psychic attribute
"Psychic attribute, supposedly"
"Psychic channeling, perhaps"
Psychic claim
Psychic gift
Psychic gift briefly
"Psychic hotline ""skill"""
"Psychic hotline ""skill,"" briefly"
Psychic initials
Psychic initials.
Psychic inits.
Psychic letters
Psychic letters hidden in the theme words
Psychic phenomena.
"Psychic phenomenon, for short"
Psychic phenomenon.
Psychic power
Psychic power's inits.
"Psychic power, briefly"
"Psychic power, for short"
Psychic propensity
Psychic sense
Psychic skill
Psychic subj.
"Psychic talent, for short"
Psychic term.
"Psychic's ""gift"""
"Psychic's ""gift,"" briefly"
"Psychic's ""gift,"" for short"
"Psychic's ""power"""
Psychic's ability
Psychic's ability (Abbr.)
Psychic's asset
"Psychic's asset, for short"
Psychic's claim
Psychic's claim to fame
"Psychic's claim, for short"
Psychic's claimed ability
Psychic's field
"Psychic's field, in brief"
Psychic's forte
Psychic's forte briefly
Psychic's gift
"Psychic's gift, briefly"
Psychic's letters
Psychic's m
Psychic's power
Psychic's sense
Psychic's sight
Psychic's skill
Psychic's source of info
Psychic's supposed skill
Psychic's talent
"Psychokinesis relative, for short"
Psychological phenomenon.
Purported ability
Purported psychic gift
Questionable gift
Quick perception
Reading ability?
"Really, really, really good sense"
Relative of telepathy.
Remarkable sight
Remote viewing
Rhine initials
Rhine study
Sci-fi ability
Sci-fi film power
Sci-fi gift
Sci-fi phenomenon
Sci-fi power
Sci-fi skill
Sci-fi talent
Second sight
Second sight letters
"Second sight, briefly"
"Second sight, e.g."
"Second sight, familiarly"
"Second sight, for short"
Second-sight letters
Secret of seer's success?
Seer's 'gift'
"Seer's 'gift,' for short"
Seer's alleged gift
Seer's claim
Seer's forte
"Seer's forte, for short"
Seer's gift
"Seer's gift, briefly"
"Seer's gift, for short."
Seer's gift?
Seer's power
"Seer's power, perhaps"
Seer's sense
"Seer's sense, perhaps"
Seer's skill
Seer's supposed skill
Seers have it
Sense No. 6
Sense of strangeness?
Sense of things to come?
Sense tested with Zener cards
Sight for seer eyes
Silent communication
Sixth Sense
Sixth of five?
Sixth sense
Sixth sense acronym
Sixth sense briefly
Sixth sense letters
Sixth sense's rel.
"Sixth sense, briefly"
"Sixth sense, familiarly"
"Sixth sense, for short"
"Sixth sense, for short."
"Sixth sense, informally"
"Sixth sense, initially"
"Sixth sense, maybe"
"Sixth sense, perhaps"
Sixth sense: Abbr.
Sixth sense: abbr.
Sixth sense?
Sixth-sense field: Abbr.
Sixth-sense initials
Sixth-sense letters
"Skeptic's target, for short"
Skill at picking things up?
Skill at picking up things?
Skill tested by Zener cards
Skill tested with Zener cards
So-called sixth sense
Society for Psychical Research subj.
Source of internal dialog?
Spec. talent for knowing
Special ability
"Special communicative skill, briefly"
Special feeling?
Special gift
Special insight
Special insight: Abbr.
Special insight?
Special psychic power: abbr.
Special recognition?
Special sense
Special sight?
Spooky ability
Spooky talent
Spurious mental skill
"Strange ""gift"""
Subj. for an Outer Limits
Subj. for skeptics
"Subj. of Stephen King's ""The Dead Zone"""
Subj. of a James Randi challenge
Subj. of a James Randi chal
Subj. of a space-to-Earth experiment on Apollo 14
Subj. of a thought experiment
Subj. of parapsychology
Subj. of psychological experiments with inconclusive results
Subj. of psychological study
Subj. of some psychology experiments
"Subj. of the opening scene in ""Ghostbusters"""
Subject for The X-Files
Subject of a psych. experiment
Subject of psych. experiments
Subject of psych. research
Super power
"Super power, perhaps"
Super power?
Super vision?
Super-sensitive subject?
Super-sight of a sort
Supernatural power: Abbr.
Supposed psychic gift
Supposed psychic power
Supposed skill of some hotline operators
"Surprising ""gift"""
Take up space
Talent for picking things up?
Talent that defies sci.
"Telepath's ""gift,"" in brief"
Telepath's claim
"Telepath's forte, for short"
Telepath's gift
Telepath's talent
Telepath's thing
Telepathic abbr.
"Telepathic ability, for short"
Telepathic faculty
Telepathic gift
Telepathic gift (Abbr.)
Telepathic initials
Telepathic letters
Telepathic letters?
Telepathic power: Abbr.
Telepathic talent
"Telepathic talent, briefly"
Telepathist's gift
Telepathy (Abbr.)
Telepathy initials
Telepathy trait
Telepathy's cousin
Telepathy's relative
"Telepathy, briefly"
"Telepathy, e.g."
"Telepathy, etc."
"Telepathy, for example"
"Telepathy, for short"
"Telepathy, for short."
"Telepathy, say"
Telepathy: Abbr.
Telepathy: abbr.
Telesthesia letters
"Telesthesia, e.g."
"Telesthesia, for example"
Term popularized by J.B. Rhine at Duke University
Test type at Duke U.
"The ""sixth sense"""
The Amazing Randi debunks it
"The gift in the film ""The Gift"""
The gift in the film The Gift
The sixth sense
Theoretically useful skill for a poker player
Things may be picked up with this
"Thinking linking, maybe"
Thought process?
Thought transfer
Thought transfer: Abbr.
Thought waves
"Thought waves, for short"
Thought-provoking gift?
Thought-transfer initials
Thoughtful gift?
Three letters for the sixth sense
To know one way
Uncanny ability
"Uncanny ability, for short"
"Uncanny faculty, for short"
"Uncanny gift, for short"
Uncanny sense
"Uncanny talent, for short"
Uncanny talent: Abbr.
Uncommon insight
Uncommon sense
Uncommon sense: Abbr.
Uncommon sense?
Unexplained phenomenon
Unexplained skill
Unproven ability
"Unproven ability, for short"
Unproven facility
Unproven faculty
"Unproven gift, for short"
Unproven phenomenon
Unproven psychic ability
Unusual gift of sight
"Unusual perception, for short"
Unusual power
Unusual sight
Uri Geller claim
Very special power
Visionary gift: abbr.
"Walken's gift in ""The Dead Zone"""
Wave-catching skill
Weird ability
Weird claim
"What Dr. Venkman is supposedly testing for at the beginning of ""Ghostbusters"""
What Zener Cards test
What Zener cards test
What Zener cards test for (abbr.)
What Zener cards were used to test for
What makes a prophet?
Word of emphasis: Abbr.
Wordless communication
Zener cards measure it
Zener cards skill
Zener cards test for it
Zener cards test it
Debatable power
Psychic gift briefly
You thinking what I’m thinking?
Uncommon sense?
Zener cards test it
Clairvoyance, e.g.
Paranormal gift initially
Sixth sense, for short
Psychic letters
Supposed sixth sense
Clairvoyant's claim, briefly
Zener cards test it
Sci-fi ability
Psychic power
Clairvoyance, e.g.
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Clairvoyant's favorite letters?
Psychic power, informally
Kreskin's claim
Letters for a mind reader
Claim of some psychics for short
Sixth sense
Clairvoyant's gift, briefly
Intuitive letters
Psychic's claim, often
Zener card subj.
Uncanny skill for short
Sixth sense, initially
Mentalist's claim, for short
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Mentalist's purported ability for short
Abbr. seen in some dictionary definitions
Mind-reading ability, briefly
Mentalist's gift
Uncanny claim
Parapsychology subj.
Mentalist's gift
Medium's claim
Kreskin's claim
Psychic "gift"
Clairvoyance, e.g.
Mind-reading ability
Cousin of the Vulcan mind meld
It's a "gift"
Telepathy (abbr.)
Telepathy relative
Psychic inits.
Mentalist's claim
Sixth sense, for short
Parapsychology power
Psychic ability (abbr.)
Psychic ability (abbr.)
Sixth sense, for short
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Ability of some of the heroes on NBC's 'Heroes'
Clairvoyant's letters
Medium power?
Psychic ability
Sixth sense, for short
Uncanny ability
Medium's claim
Mind-reading skill (abbr.)
Uncanny ability
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Sixth sense, for short
Sixth sense
Psychic power, for short
Psychic ability
Medium power
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Mentalist's gift
Mentalist's gift
Sci-fi power
Sci-fi power
Telepathy (abbr.)
Telepathy (abbr.)
Spain, on Olympics telecasts
What Zener cards purportedly tested for
Psychic letters
Psychic letters
Ability tested with Zener cards
Psychic inits.
Sixth sense
Psychic inits.
Psychic letters
Telepathy (1,1,1)
"Gift" that brings out the skeptics
Clairvoyant's claim, briefly
Kreskin's claim
Psychic's "gift"
Eerie gift in 'The Dead Zone,' for short
Paranormal power
Sixth sense
Mind-to-mind messaging, for short
Seer's "gift," for short
Sixth sense, for short
Psychic's claim
Mental telepathy
Occult ability
Sixth sense
Paranormal letters
Mentalist's gift
Zener cards test for it
Madrid's country, on Olympic scoreboards
Uncanny skill, for short
Kreskin's claim
Telepathy (1,1,1)
Telepathy (1,1,1)
Sixth sense
Psychic power, briefly
Kreskin's gift, supposedly
Picking things up?
Telepathy, e.g.
Sixth sense, for short
Sixth sense letters
Clairvoyance, for short
Telepathy, e.g.
Mysterious gift?
Psychic talent, briefly
Not extremely upset about thoughtful communication
Psychic's purported gift, briefly
Psychic ability
Psychic ability (abbr.)
Clairvoyant's trait, for short
Medium ability, for short
Uncommon sense
Clairvoyant's letters
Mentalist's claim
Psychic's gift
Clairvoyant's claim, briefly
Psychic ability
Clairvoyance, for short
Kreskin's claim
Psychic's claim
Psychic letters
Sixth sense, for short
Eerie ability
Sixth sense, for short
Sixth sense, initially
Zener cards presumably tested for it
Paranormal ability
Clairvoyance letters
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Claimed psychic gift
Paranormal gift, for short
Parapsychology subject
Psi power
"The Dead Zone" subj.
Uncommon sense
Seer's claim
Kreskin's claim
Seer's "gift"
Sci-fi ability
Parapsychology, briefly
Telepathy (abbr.)
Clairvoyance (1,1,1)
Sci-fi gift
If you have it, you might know what this answer is without reading the clue
Psychic inits.
Psychic gift, briefly
Psychic ability (abbr.)
Telepathic trait, for short
Sense No. 6
Clairvoyant's letters
Medium power?
Medium's gift
Telepathy, e.g.
Psychic ability, for short
Psychic's gift
Sixth sense
Clairvoyant's gift
Kreskin's claim
Special intuition, for short
Sci-fi ability
Psychic ability
Sixth sense
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Telepathy (abbr.)
Sixth sense
Psychic letters
Medium power?
Psychic inits.
Seer's claim
Paranormal letters
Zener cards test it
"The Shining" skill, briefly
Spain's Olympics code
Mentalist's gift
Eerie ability
Medium strength?
In short, knowledge of no account?
Mentalist's claim
Sixth sense, briefly
Clairvoyance initials

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