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Word: EST

The word EST has appeared in at least 1112 clues on different crosswords.

EST definition(s):

  • standard time in the 5th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 75th meridian; used in the eastern United States
  • Eastern Standard Time
  • Expressed Sequence Tag
  • External Standardization Technique
  • Expressed Sequence Tag

"""Alea iacta ___"" (""The die is cast"")"
"""Alea iacta ___"": Julius Caesar"
"""Ballpark"" fig."
"""C'___ la guerre!"""
"""C'___ la vie!"""
"""C'___ la vie"""
"""Cheers ___ 1895"" (sign in the touristy part of Boston)"
"""Consummatum ___"""
"""De gustibus non ___ disputandum"""
"""Dulce et Decorum ___"""
"""Dulce et Decorum ___"" (Wilfred Owen poem written during WWI)"
"""Dulce et Decorum ___"" (Wilfred Owen poem)"
"""Dulce et Decorum ___"" (Wilfred Owen war poem)"
"""Dulce et decorum ___... """
"""Errare humanum ___"""
"""Errare humanum ___"": Seneca"
"""Gallia ___ omnis divisa... """
"""Guinness Book of Records"" suffix"
"""Guinness Book"" suffix"
"""Guinness World Records"" suffix"
"""Humanum ___ errare"""
"""Iacta alea ___"""
"""Id"" follower"
"""Is,"" to Ovid"
"""Ite, missa, ___."""
"""Jacta alea ___!"""
"""Laborare ___ orare"""
"""Laborare ___ orare"" (Freemason motto)"
"""Laborare ___ orare"" (Freemasons' motto)"
"""Low"" or ""high"" tail"
"""Orare ___ laborare... """
"""Point cardinal"""
"""Scientia potentia ___"""
"""To the max"" indicator"
"""To the max"" suffix"
"""Warm"" or ""cold"" ending"
$ quote
'70s self-help course
'70s self-improvement method
'70s teaching
'70s training
'C'-- la vie!'
'C'-- la vie' ('That's life')
'Guinness Book' suffix
'Iacta alea ___' (Caesar quote)
"'Tis, to Tacitus"
"100 or so, e.g.: Abbr."
1970's discipline
1970s self-improvement program
1970s-'80s self-improvement course
70's discipline
90 degrees from nord
"A ""compas"" point"
A NY minute?
A New York minute?
A direction in Le Mans
A direction in Roma
A neighbor of Lat.
A winter hour
Abbr. at Kennedy
Abbr. on a business sign
Abbr. on a city limit sign
Abbr. on a club's sign
Abbr. on a cornerstone
Abbr. on some cornerstones
Abbr. on the Cheers sign
Abbreviated guess
Abbreviation on a cornerstone.
Adjectival ending.
Adjectival suffix.
Adjective addition
Adjective ending.
Adjective suffix
Adjective suffix.
Albany hrs.
Albany is on it: Abbr.
"Any fig. ending in ""or so"""
Appraisal no.
Appraisal: Abbr.
Appraisal: abbr.
Approx. fig.
Approx. figure
Approx. no.
Approx. number
Approx. repair cost
Approximate amount: Abbr.
Approximate amt.
Approximate fig.
Approximate no.
Approximate: Abbr.
Approximation (Abbr.)
Approximation (abbr.)
Approximation fig.
"Approximation, for short"
Archaic verb ending
Archaic verb ending.
"Archers of Loaf ""South Carolina"" time zone"
"Around 1,000, e.g.: Abbr."
Atl. coast hours
Atl. time zone
Atlanta's time
Atlantic Coast zone letters
Atlantic coast hrs.
Atlantic coast time
Atlantic coast zone letters
Attendance fig.
"Attendance fig., often"
"Attendance fig., perhaps"
Attendance guess (abbr.)
Attendance guess: Abbr.
Auto insurer's request: Abbr.
Autumn in N.Y.
Autumn in NY
Ballpark amt.
Ballpark attendance fig.
"Ballpark fig,"
Ballpark fig.
Ballpark figure (Abbr.)
Ballpark figure (abbr.)
"Ballpark figure, briefly"
Ballpark figure: Abbr.
Ballpark guess: Abbr.
Baltic land: Abbr.
Bangor time
Basic Latin verb
Begun officially: abbr.
Begun: abbr.
Best ending?
"Best guess, for short"
Best guess: Abbr.
Best guess: abbr.
Best possible ending?
Best suffix?
Best-of-all ending
Better-than-all-the-others suffix
Better-than-anything ending
Better-than-anything suffix
Between A.S.T. and C.S.T.
Beyond -er
Biblical suffix
Biblical verb ending
Biblical verb suffix
Body shop approx.
Body shop fig.
Body shop no.
"Body shop quote, briefly"
Body shop quote: Abbr.
Body-shop quote: Abbr.
Book by Bry: 1976
Book by Carl Frederick: 1976
Bost. clock setting
Boston clock setting
"Boston hours, initially"
Boston hrs.
Boston time
Boston time zone
"Boston time, briefly"
Boston time: Abbr.
Boston timepiece setting
Boston zone
"Boston's time, at times"
Boston's time.
Braggart's favorite suffix
Braggart's favourite suffix
Braggart's suffix
Brief time
Broadway time zone
Budgetary guess: Abbr.
Buffalo hrs.
Buffalo winter setting: Abbr.
Business abbreviation.
Business-sign abbr.
C'___ la vie
CPA's approx.
CPA's approximation
CST plus 1
CST plus one
Calif. therapy group
Cape May hrs.
Car mechanic's fig.
Car repair fig.
"Cato's ""It is"""
Certain therapy
"Certain therapy, commonly"
Certain training
Chiseled letters
Christmas hours in N.Y.C.
Christmas hours in NYC
Christmas time in NYC
Clock reading in R.I.
Clock setting in D.C.
Clock setting in N.Y.C.
Clock setting in NYC
Clock setting.
Clock setting: Abbr.
Coastal time abbr.
Common Latin verb
"Common suffix in the ""Guinness Book of Records"""
Common suffix.
Conn. hours
Connecticut hrs.
Consummate conclusion?
Contractor's approx.
Contractor's approximation (abbr.)
"Contractor's approximation, briefly"
Contractor's fig.
Contractor's initial no.
Controversial New Age program of the '70s
Controversial teachings
Cornerstone abbr.
Cornerstone letters
Created: Abbr.
Credo quia absurdum ___
"Crowd no., often"
D.C. clock setting
D.C. hours
D.C. hrs.
D.C. is now on it: Abbr.
D.C. is on it
D.C. setting
D.C. setting in winter
D.C. time
D.C. time abbr.
D.C. time zone
D.C. winter hrs.
D.C. zone
D.S.T. preceder or follower
DC clock setting
DC zone setting
DC's time
Darned ending
Dec. display on Conn. clocks
"Dec., in N.Y.C."
Del. clock setting
Dianetics spin-off
Direction de Paris
Direction in France
"E, on a French map"
E.D.T. winterized
ETA pt.
"East, in Naples"
East: Fr.
East: It.
Educ. guess
"Educated guess, for short"
Educated guess: Abbr.
End of many record labels
Ending for a champ?
Ending for a record
Ending for extremists
Ending for the most part?
Ending for the most?
Ending for the very best
"Ending meaning ""ultimate"""
Ending of the Bible?
Ending that takes things to the extreme
Ending with the most
"Erhard discipline, for short"
Erhard movement
Erhard therapy
Erhard's '70s thing
Erhard's claim to fame
Erhard's class
Erhard's discipline
Erhard's gp.
Erhard's group
Erhard's ism
Erhard's program
Erhard's teaching
Erhard's technique
Erhard's therapy
Erhard's therapy fad
Erhard's thing
Erhard's training
Errare humanum ___
Es follower
Exaggerator's ending
Exaggerator's suffix
Expected amt. of repairs
Extreme ending
Extreme suffix
"FL time (not now, though)"
Facetious suffix with most
"Faddish training, once"
Fast or slow attachment
Faux pas follower
Fig. at a body shop
"Fig. followed by ""or so"""
Fig. that's in the neighborhood
Fish story suffix
Fish story suffix?
Fixed: Abbr.
Fla. clock setting
Fla. hours
Fla. setting
Follower of sum and es
"Form of ""sum"""
"Form of Latin ""to be"""
Former S.S.R.
Former USSR member
Foundation stone abbr.
Foundation stone wd.
Founded (Abbr.)
Founded (abbr.)
Founded: Abbr.
Founded: abbr.
"French ""is"""
French 101 verb
French direction
French verb.
Ft. Lauderdale clock setting
Ft. Myers clock setting
Ft. Wayne clock setting
Ga. hours
Ga. setting
Garage fig.
"Gare de l'___, Paris"
Gillette Stadium clock setting
Gillette Stadium clock setting: Abbr.
Grand finale?
Great conclusion
Great ending
Great ending?
Great finish?
Greater than -er
Guess (abbr.)
"Guess, in brief"
"Guess, in brief (and what's been added to this puzzle's longest answers)"
Guess: Abbr.
Guess: abbr.
Guessed-at fig.
Guessing fig.
Guiness book suffix
Guiness suffix
Guinness Book ending
Guinness Book suffix
Guinness World Records suffix
Guinness book suffix
Guinness ending
Guinness suffix
Guinness's favorite suffix
Handyman's approx.
Hard finish?
Hard or soft ending
Harsh ending
Hartford hrs.
"Haydn's ""Consummatum ___"""
"He is, to Hadrian"
He is: Lat.
High or low ending
High suffix
Hours in N.H.
How the descriptions of most things usually end?
Hrs. in NY
Hrs. in New York
Hrs. in Quebec
Hrs. in the Big Apple
Id -- (that is)
Id ___
Id ___ (that is)
Id ___.
Id adherent
Id follower
Id trailer
Id's partner?
Incomparable ending
Inexact fig.
Inexact no.
Inflationary suffix
Insurance agt.'s request
Insurance co. request
Is Latinized
Is in French
Is in the Vatican
"Is, for Ovid"
"Is, in Is
Is: Fr.
Is: Lat.
It can follow the tall or the small
It changes in Apr.
It comes back in NYC every year on the first Sunday in November
It goes to extremes
"It is, to Livy"
"It is, to Seneca"
"It means ""most"""
It takes things to extremes
It takes things to the extreme
It's anybody's guess: Abbr.
It's greater than -er
It's in the neighborhood: Abbr.
It's just a guess: Abbr.
It's not an exact fig.
It's not exact: Abbr.
It's somewhere in the neighborhood: Abbr.
Jack Rosenberg's baby
January hrs. in N. J.
January hrs. in N.J.
Jersey time
"Jet setting, for short?"
"Jocular suffix with ""best"""
Kind of session
L.I. clock setting
L.I. zone
"Lansing, NY time"
Lat. neighbor
Latin 101 verb
Latin I word
Latin for 'it is'
Letters after the hr.
Long or short finish
Low or high end?
Low or high ending
Low or high tail
Low or high tail?
MD time
Maine clock setting: Abbr.
Maine hrs.
March hrs. in Miami
Mass. clock setting
Mass. hours
Mass. hrs.
Mass. setting
Mass. time zone
Mass. watch setting
Maximal ending
Maximal suffix
Maximizing suffix
Maximum ending?
Maximum suffix
Maxing suffix
Md. clock setting
Md. hours
Md. setting
Me. hours
Me. setting
Mechanic's fig.
Mich. hours
Mind-training system
More or less: Abbr.
More than -er
More than -er?
More than just -er
Most (suff.)
Most extreme suffix
Most ideal ending?
N'___-ce pas?
N. Y. time
N. Y. time zone abbr.
N.C. and S.C. zone
N.C. clock setting
N.C. hours
"N.C. setting, for about half the year"
N.C. zone
N.E. clock setting
N.H. clock setting
N.H. hours
N.H. hrs.
N.H. winter setting
N.J. clock setting
N.J. hours
N.J. time zone
N.J. winter hrs.
N.Y. clock setting
N.Y. hours
N.Y. hrs.
N.Y. minutes?
N.Y. time
N.Y. time in winter
N.Y. time zone
"N.Y. time, at times"
"N.Y. time, sometimes"
N.Y. time.
N.Y. winter hours
N.Y. winter hrs.
N.Y. winter setting
N.Y. winter time
N.Y. wintertime
N.Y.'s time.
N.Y.C. clock setting
N.Y.C. clock value
N.Y.C. hours
N.Y.C. hrs.
N.Y.C. time zone.
N.Y.C. winter clock setting
N.Y.C. zone
NC hours
NC hrs.
NE clock setting
NH winter hours
NJ time zone
NY clock setting
NY hrs.
NY minute?
NY setting
NY summer time
NY time
NY time in Nov.
NY time zone
NY winter hrs.
NY winter time
NYC clock setting
NYC hours
NYC hrs.
NYC setting
NYC time
NYC time abbr.
NYC time frame
NYC time zone
NYC winter clock setting
NYC winter hours
NYC winter hrs.
NYC winter setting
NYC zone
NYC's time zone
Neighbor of Russ.
New England hrs.
New York minutes? (Abbr.)
New York time
New York time zone
New York time.
New York time: Abbr.
New York's time.
Non ___.
Norfolk's time
Not an exact fig.
Not just -er
Not merely -er
Not necessarily exact: Abbr.
Nov. hrs. in Newark
Number one suffix?
Old self-realization program
Old self-realization program (abbr.)
Old seminar subject
One of the Baltic countries: abbr.
One of the Five Scrolls of the Hebrew Bible: Abbr.
One-third of a wine
One-third of a wine name
One-third of an Italian white wine
Ontario clock setting (abbr.)
Our winter hrs.
PA hours
Pa. clock setting
Pa. hours
Pa. time
Paris's Gare de l'___
Parisian's compass point
Part of ETA
Part of ETA (abbr.)
"Part of ETA, briefly"
Part of ETA: Abbr.
Part of i.e.
Pawtucket hrs.
Penn. is on it
Phila. clock setting
Phila. may be on it
Phila. setting
Phila. zone
Planner's fig.
Plumber's fig.
Plus-or-minus fig.
"Pop. figure, perhaps"
Preauction fig.
"Prefix with ""low"""
Preliminary figure: Abbr.
Property: Abbr.
Proposal fig.
Prov. clock setting
Providence winter hrs.
Pt. of E.T.A.
Pt. of E.T.D.
Quick or slow attachment
R.I. clock setting
RI zone
Rally attendance fig.
Reckoned: Abbr.
Record book suffix
Record finish?
Record's end?
Record-breakers' suffix
Record-breaking ending
Recordholder's suffix
Repair quote: Abbr.
Repair shop fig.
Repair shop guess: Abbr.
Repairman's fig.
Repairman's initial fig.
River mouth: Abbr.
Rough amt.
Rough calculation: Abbr.
Rough calculation: abbr.
Rough ending?
Rough fig.
Round fig.
"Round fig., say"
Round no.
"Round no., maybe"
"Round number, maybe: Abbr."
S. Carolina hours
S.C. clock setting
S.C. time
SC hours
STA and GRF were his veeps
Schedule abbr.
Schedule abbr. for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Scientia ___ potentia
Secaucus clock setting
Self-help workshop movement of the 1970s
Session type
Set up: abbr.
Setting for Christmas in Connecticut: Abbr.
Setting for Christmas in NYC
Setting for Columbus: Abbr.
Setting for a New England winter (abbr.)
Setting in DC
Shakespearean suffix
Shakespearean verb ending
Shakespearean verb suffix
"Since, on some signs"
Singular form of sont
Slow finish
Slow finish?
Slow or fast chaser?
Slow or fast ender
Slow or fast pursuer
Soft ending
Soft ending?
Soft finish?
St. Pete clock setting
Stab (abbr.)
Stab: Abbr.
Stamford time: Abbr.
Std. that starts at the 75th meridian
Store sign abbr.
"Subject discussed in ""60 Minutes and the Assassination of Werner Erhard"""
Subject of a book by Adelaide Bry: 1976
Suffix denoting extremeness
Suffix denoting supremacy
"Suffix for ""fast"" or ""slow"""
Suffix for Guinness
Suffix for a world record
Suffix for braggarts
Suffix for extremes
Suffix for extremists
Suffix for extremists?
Suffix for long or short.
Suffix for many world records
Suffix for only the best
Suffix for records
Suffix for the best
Suffix for the best of the best
Suffix for the extreme
Suffix for the very best
"Suffix for verbs following ""thou"""
Suffix for verbs following thou
"Suffix in ""Guinness World Records"""
"Suffix in the ""Guinness Book of Records"""
"Suffix in the ""Guinness World Records"" book"
Suffix in the Guinness book
Suffix in the KJV
"Suffix meaning ""most"""
"Suffix meaning ""to the max"""
Suffix of many Guinness world records
Suffix of records
Suffix of superlatives
Suffix often attached to Tiger's achievements
Suffix that maximizes
Suffix that may appear in a record
Suffix that takes things to the extreme
"Suffix used frequently in the ""Guinness Book of Records"""
Suffix used in a tall tale
Suffix used in exaggerations
"Suffix with ""fast"" or ""slow"""
"Suffix with ""great"""
"Suffix with ""high"""
"Suffix with ""high"" and ""low"""
"Suffix with ""losing"""
"Suffix with ""rich"" or ""poor"""
"Suffix with ""tall"""
"Suffix with ""tall"" or ""short"""
"Suffix with ""winning"" and ""losing"""
Suffix with great
Suffix with high and low.
Suffix with loving and losing
Suffix with the most of anything
Suffix with winning
"Sum, es, ___"
"Sum, es, ___."
Summer hrs. in N.Y.C.
Super suffix
Superior finale
Superlative conclusion
Superlative end
Superlative ending
Superlative ending.
Superlative finale
Superlative finish
Superlative finisher
Superlative maker
Superlative suffix
Superlative suffix.
Superlative's ending
Supreme ending
Supreme final
Supreme finale
"Swedish jazz piano trio, for short"
Tall story suffix
Tall tail?
Tall tale suffix
Tampa's time
Tenn. time
Terre Haute hrs.
"The ""e"" in ""i.e."""
"The ""e"" in i.e."
"The ""e"" of i.e."
The 'e' of i.e.
The Atl. Coast is on it
The Orange Bowl is played on it: Abbr.
The best ending?
The e of i.e.
The most: Suffix
The other Greenwich time
The very best's ending
Therapy fad
Time abbr.
Time abbreviation
Time abbreviation.
Time belt.
Time belt: Abbr.
Time from Maine to Florida.
Time in Augusta: abbr.
Time in D.C.
Time in Ga.
Time in N. Eng.
Time in NYC
Time in New York.
Time initials
Time of the 75th meridian
Time zone
Time zone abbr.
Time zone abbreviation.
Time zone for Oriole home games
Time zone for Red Sox home games
Time zone on the west 75th meridian
"Time zone, for short"
Time zone.
Time zone: Abbr.
"Time, in N. Y."
Time-belt initials
Time-belt letters
Time-honored band (abbr.)?
Time-zone abbr.
Timely letters
Timetable abbr.
Timetable abbreviation
Timetable abbreviation.
Top ending
Top-notch ending
Top-notch ending?
Toronto clock setting (abbr.)
Toronto's time zone
Totally BS'ed no.
Tough ending
Tough ending?
Town sign abbr.
Triple this for a white wine
Triple this for a wine
Triple this for an Italian wine
Triple this for the name of a wine
Truth stretcher's suffix
U.S. time zone
Ult. suffix
Ultimate end
Ultimate ending
Ultimate suffix
Uncertain no.
VMI clock setting
VT clock setting
VT hours
Va. clock setting
Valuation: Abbr.
Vermont hrs.
Virginia hrs.
Virginia zone
Vt. hours
W. Erhard's therapy
WV watch setting
Warm or cold ending
Way beyond -er
Way to travel around the equator to speed up time
Weak ending
Werner Erhard system
Werner Erhard teaching
Werner Erhard's creation
Werner Erhard's group awareness program of the '70s
Werner Erhard's org.
Werner Erhard's program
Werner Erhard's therapy
Werner Erhard's therapy fad
Werner's workshops held from 1971 to 1984
What Nancy is to Paris
What means the most at the end?
What most adjectives end in?
"When repeated three times, a Trebbiano blend"
Where NY clocks are set in winter
Wild ending
Wild finish?
"Wilfred Owen poem ""Dulce et Decorum ___"""
"Wilfred Owen's ""Dulce et Decorum ___"""
Winning finish?
Winter D.C. hours
Winter D.C. hrs.
Winter D.C. setting
Winter clock setting in ME
Winter clock setting in VT
Winter clock setting in Vt.
Winter clock setting on Cape Cod
Winter hours in Baltimore
Winter hours in N.Y.C
Winter hours in N.Y.C.
Winter hours in NYC
Winter hrs. in Boston
Winter hrs. in Buffalo
Winter hrs. in D.C.
Winter hrs. in Florida
Winter hrs. in N.J.
Winter hrs. in OH
Winter hrs. in Winter Haven
Winter hrs. in Winter Park
Winter in NYC
Winter setting at Mt. Snow
Winter setting in CT
Winter setting in NYC
Winter setting in Short Hills
Winter term at MIT
Winter time in Miami
Winter time in N.Y.C.
Winter time on Cape Cod
Wintertime in D.C.
Wintertime in DC
Wintertime on Cape Cod
World record finish?
World record suffix
World's record suffix
Xmas time in NYC?
Zone for Red Sox home games
___ deus in nobis (there is God within us)
___ session
Suffix with “high” or “low”
Suffix with “high” or “low”
Winter hours in NYC
The "e" of i.e.
Body shop fig.
Winter D.C. hrs.
Contractor's fig.
Guinness World Records suffix
Approx. repair cost
Plus-or-minus fig.
Is written on papyrus?
NYC hrs.
Inexact fig.
Id ___
Superlative suffix
Suffix for extremists
Approx. figure
Superlative suffix
Ending for ''most'' words
Ballpark fig.
NYC time zone
NY setting in winter
Blowhard's favorite suffix perhaps
Suffix for the extreme
Self-help movement of the 1970s
Virginia hrs.
Id —
Suffix that takes things to the extreme
Ballpark fig.
NY time zone
RI time zone
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Suffix for extremists
Conclusion that takes things to the extreme?
Ft. Myers clock setting
Pa. hours
Winter hrs. in New York
Exaggerator's suffix
Body shop fig.
Guinness Book suffix
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Ballpark fig.
Guinness suffix
NYC time zone
Ballpark fig.
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
CT time zone
Superlative suffix
Approximation (Abbr.)
Washington, DC time zone
Approx. number
Boston hrs.
Guinness suffix
Guinness suffix
RI time zone
Guessed-at fig.
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
4.5 billion years, for the age of the earth: Abbr.
Id —
NH time zone
NYC clock setting
Super suffix?
Superlative ending
Ballpark fig.
Md. clock setting
NY time zone
Guinness suffix
Thing a car insurance co. will provide
RI time zone
RI time zone
RI time zone
D.C. hrs.
'80s self-help program
Approx. repair cost
''Old MacDonald'' refrain
Ballpark fig.
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Maryland winter hrs.
Md. winter hours
Extremist's suffix
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Ending for the most?
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Suffix with "rich" or "poor"
NYC time zone
NYC time zone
Ballpark fig.
Suffix meaning "none greater"
Suffix with "rich" or "poor"
World record suffix
Is, in Iberville
Newark time zone (abbr.)
N.C. winter hours
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Guinness suffix
Suffix with "high" or "quick"
Suffix for the best
Suffix for maximizers
Superlative suffix
Md. time setting
MA hours
Suffix with "slow" or "fast"
It's often rough: Abbr
Suffix with "cold" or "warm"
Ballpark fig.
Superlative suffix
Superlative suffix
Cleveland time zone (abbr.)
Cleveland time zone (abbr.)
Ballpark fig.
Superlative suffix
Suffix for record holders
Philadelphia time zone (abbr.)
Philadelphia time zone (abbr.)
NJ time zone
NJ time zone
N.Y. clock setting
Superlative suffix
MA time zone
MA time zone
Guinness Book suffix
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
Eastern std. time
Suffix with "rich" or "poor"
CT time zone
Is from ancient Rome?
Superlative suffix
Washington, DC time zone
Ballpark fig.
NJ hrs. in January
Suffix with "smart" and "dumb"
Id —
Suffix for the best
Superlative suffix
VA. winter hrs.
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
Erhard's movement
Maximal suffix
NH time zone
Great ending?
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Superlative ending
Extremist's suffix
"Guinness Book" suffix
CT time zone
Ballpark fig.
The "e" of i.e.
Ga. hours
Superlative suffix
Indicator of ultimateness
Superlative suffix
NYC time zone
Superlative suffix
Ballpark fig.
NH winter hours
Cold finish?
'70s self-help system
St. Pete setting
"Weird" ending
OH clock setting
NY time zone
Superlative suffix
D.C. winter clock setting
RI time zone
Ballpark fig.
Maximizing suffix
Approximation: Abbr.
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Superlative suffix
MD clock setting
Superlative suffix
Proposal no.
Ballpark fig.
Boston time zone (abbr.)
NYC winter hrs.
NYC time zone
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
CT time zone
Guess, for short
Body shop fig.
"Guinness Book" suffix
Washington, DC time zone
RI time zone
Is, in Iberville
Is from Issy?
Suffix in record books
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
Suffix for "harsh"
NH time zone
Is in Iberville
Winter hrs. in most of Michigan
Ballpark fig.
Ballpark fig.
Superlative ending
NY time zone
Del. winter hrs.
Ballpark fig.
Repair shop fig.
Cornerstone abbr
RI time zone
Abbr. in an auction catalog
Superlative suffix
Id —
Suffix that maximizes
World-record finish?
Newark time zone (abbr.)
World record suffix
Greatest suffix
Winter hrs. in Atlanta
Inexact fig.
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Extreme suffix
NYC time zone
Maximal suffix
Maximal suffix
Mean suffix?
Contractor's no.
Superlative suffix
Clock setting in NYC
Ballpark fig.
Boastful suffix
Vt. hours
The 'e' of i.e
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Maximizing suffix
More than -er
Id —
More than -er
Intensifying suffix
Md. winter hours
What Panama is on year-round, for short
Hrs. in New York
Guinness suffix
Werner Erhard's gp.
Superlative suffix
Powerful suffix
Cleveland time zone (abbr.)
Word maximizer
Attendance fig., oftenend
Superlative suffix
Philadelphia time zone (abbr.)
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
NJ time zone
Ballpark figure (Abbr.)
"To the max" stick-on
Fig. that's in the neighborhood
Powerful suffix
N.Y. clock setting
N.Y. minutes?
CNN abbreviates it further by dropping its middle letter
Educated guess (Abbr.)
MA time zone
Indiana's winter hrs.
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
Attendance fig., perhaps
Powerful suffix
Id follower?

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