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Word: EVE

The word EVE has appeared in at least 1166 clues on different crosswords.

EVE definition(s):

  • (Old Testament) Adam''s wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race; God created Eve from Adam''s rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
  • the day before
  • the period immediately before something
  • the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall)
  • Equilibrium Vegetation Ecology

"""All About ___"""
"""All About ___"" (1950)"
"""All About ___"" (Bette Davis movie)"
"""All About ___"" (Davis movie)"
"""All About ___"": 1950 film"
"""All About ___,"" 1950 film"
"""Assassination on Christmas ___"" Archers of Loaf"
"""First Lady of the Ruff Ryders"""
"""First Lady of the Ruff Ryders"" rapper"
"""For Adam was first formed, then ___"" (1 Timothy 2:13)"
"""From noon to dewy ___"": Milton"
"""From noon to dewy ___."""
"""Gangsta Lovin'"" rapper"
"""Gotta Man"" rapper"
"""Here I Am"" rapper"
"""Horrorscope"" rock group ___ 6"
"""Let Me Blow Ya Mind"" rapper"
"""Life"" in Hebrew"
"""Madam, I'm Adam"" addressee"
"""Not a creature was stirring"" time"
"""Paradise Lost"" character"
"""Paradise Lost"" figure"
"""Paradise Lost"" protagonist"
"""Paradise Lost"" woman"
"""Ruff Ryder's First Lady"""
"""Ruff Ryders' First Lady"" singer"
"""Scorpion"" rapper"
"""Scorpion"" woman"
"""She conceived, and bare Cain"""
"""The King's Speech"" actress Best"
"""The Lady ___"" (1941 Stanwyck/Fonda film)"
"""The Lady ___"" (1941 comedy)"
"""The Lady ___"" (Henry Fonda film)"
"""The Three Faces of ___"""
"""The Three Faces of ___"" (1957 film)"
"""The Three Faces of ___"" (1957)"
"""The Three Faces of ___"": 1957 film"
"""The ___ of St. Agnes"""
"""The ___ of St. Agnes"": Keats"
"""The ___ of St. Mark"": Keats"
"""The mother of all living"""
"""The stag at ___... """
"""The stag at ___... "": Scott"
"""Three-faced"" Joanne Woodward role"
"""WALL-E"" love interest"
"""Who's That Girl"" rapper"
"""Who's That Girl?"" rapper"
"""X-Files"" villain Eve ___"
"""___ Of Destruction"""
"""___ Of Destruction"" Barry McGuire '65 hit"
"""___ of Destruction"""
"""___ of Destruction"" (1965 #1 hit)"
"""___ of Destruction"" (1965 hit)"
"""___ of Destruction"" (1991)"
"""___ of Destruction"": 1965 protest song"
"""___ of Destruction,"" 1965 protest song"
"""___-Olution"" (2002 R&B album)"
"""___-Olution"" (2002 rap album)"
"""___of Destruction"" (1965 hit)"
"""riverrun, past ___ and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay"": James Joyce"
'50s film is all about her
"'65 tune, ""___ of Destruction"""
'All About ___'
'Let Me Blow Ya Mind' rapper
'Our Miss Brooks' actress Arden
"'Since ___ ate apples, much depends on dinner': Lord Byron"
'The Garden of Earthly Delights' figure
'Tis the night before Christmas
'Twas the night before
12/24 or 12/31
"12/24 or 12/31, for example"
"12/24, e.g."
"12/24, for one"
"12/24, notably"
"12/31, e.g."
"12/31, for one"
12/31/99 e.g.
"1941 film, ""The Lady ___"""
1950 Anne Baxter title role
"1965 #1 hit ""___ of Destruction"""
"9 PM on 12/24, e.g."
"A 1950 film was ""all about"" her"
A 1950 movie was all about her
A Curie
A memorable Arden
A pome caused her to leave home
A snake charmed her
Abel mom
Abel's mom
Abel's mother
Abel's progenitor
Absolute last-minute day for shopping
"Actress Alice of ""Star Trek Into Darkness"""
Actress Arden
"Actress Arden of ""Our Miss Brooks"""
Actress Arden or a lady from a garden
Actress Aren
"Actress Hewson of TV's ""The Knick"""
Actress Plumb
"Actress Plumb of ""The Brady Bunch"""
Adam and --
Adam and ___
Adam named her
Adam's Biblical mate
Adam's Madam
Adam's apple eater
Adam's apple picker
Adam's apple provider
Adam's apple source
Adam's apple-giver
Adam's apple?
Adam's better half
Adam's bride
Adam's lady
Adam's madam
Adam's mate
Adam's other half
Adam's partner
Adam's partner in the Garden of Eden
Adam's rib
"Adam's rib, so to speak"
Adam's rib?
"Adam's second wife, according to Jewish folklore"
Adam's spouse
Adam's wife
After-sunset time
"Alice of ""Men in Black 3"""
All About ___ : 1950 film
All Hallow's ___ (another name for Halloween)
All Saints' Day vis-
Allhallows ___
An Arden
An original sinner
Ancient diarist in a Twain story
Anne Baxter role
Anne Baxter role: 1950
"Anne Baxter, in a 1950 film"
Anne in a Bette Davis film
Antecedent period
Anticipatory night
Anticipatory time
Apple & ___ (juice brand)
Apple consumer
Apple eater
Apple eater of note
Apple fan
Apple of Adam's eye
Apple of Adam's eye?
Apple picker
Apple pioneer?
"Arden of ""Our Miss Brooks"""
"Arden of ""The Mothers-In-Law"""
Arden of TV
Arden of old Hollywood
"Barbara Stanwyck film, ""The Lady ___"""
Baxter role
Baxter role in 1950
Baxter role: 1950
Before time
Bible palindrome
Bible's first palindromic name
Biblical apple picker
Biblical evictee
Biblical exile
Biblical fruit sampler
Biblical matriarch
Biblical outcast
Biblical palindrome
Biblical wife
"Biblical woman who was created, not born"
"Biblical woman whose name means ""life"""
Big day lead-in
Big day preceder
Big night
Big-day preceder
Brink of Christmas
Brink of a holiday
Brink of an event
"Brink, so to speak"
British alt-rockers All About ___
"Busy time in Times Square, e.g."
Busy travel day
"Busy travel day, maybe"
"Busy travel day, often"
"Busy travel day, typically"
Cain and Abel's mom
Cain and Abel's mother
Cain raiser
"Cain raiser, really"
Cain raiser?
Cain's mom
Cain's mother
Cain's raiser
Calendrical brink
Celebrated cusp
Celebration before the celebration?
Celebration time
"Celebration time, often"
Celebratory time
Certain threshold
"Character in ""Paradise Lost"""
Christmas ___
Christmas ___ (when Hanukkah Harry comes)
Christmas ___.
Christmas follower...or preceder
Christmas has one
Christmas or New Year's
Christmas time
Chronological threshold
Close of the day
Conductor Queler
Connie (Brooks) portrayer
Costal byproduct
Creation from a rib
Curie or Arden
D-Day minus one
Dark time
"Dark time, briefly"
Daughter of ___
Daughter of ___.
Daughter of the Curies
Day before
Day before New Year's Day
Day before a big day
Day before a big event
Day before a feast.
Day before a holiday
Day before an important date
Day in December.
Day of anticipation
Day preceding
Day when performance anxiety might kick in
Day's end.
Day's end: Abbr.
Dec. 24
"Dec. 24, e.g."
"Dec. 24, for example"
"Dec. 24, for one"
"Dec. 24, notably"
Dec. 24th or 31th
"Dec. 31, e.g."
"Dec. 31, for one"
"Dec. 31, for one."
Deceived Genesis figure
December 24 or 31
"December 24, e.g."
December 24th or 31st
"December 24th, e.g."
"December 31, e.g."
"December 31, for example"
"December 31st, e.g."
Diarist in a Twain story
Early apple sampler
Early apple-eater.
Early evictee
Early exile
Early fig-leaf wearer
Early fruit fancier
Early fruit sampler
Early gardener?
Early outcast
Early pome fancier
Eden dweller
Eden dweller.
Eden emigr
Eden evictee
Eden exile
Eden figure
Eden matriarch
Eden mother
Eden occupant
Eden outcast
Eden party
Eden resident
Eden woman
Eden's lady
Eden's second resident
Either of two in December
Election ___
Election ___ (night before voting)
Emerger from Adam's rib
"Emmy-winning ""Our Miss Brooks"" star Arden"
"End of the year, e.g."
Enos's grandmother
"Ensler of ""The Good Body"""
Ensler of 'The Vagina Monologues'
Ensler who wrote 'The Vagina Monologues'
Entertainer Arden
Eponymous UPN series
Eponymous UPN sitcom
Everybody's grandmother
Exam-cramming time
Exile from Eden
Fall female
Fall guy's partner?
Fall of knight.
Fall starter?
Fall woman
Famous first lady
Famous first mate
Famous woman in a famous garden
"Female rapper with the 2002 hit ""Gangsta Lovin'"""
Festival opener
Festive night
"Festive night, often"
Fig leaf wearer
Fig-leafed female
Figurative brink
"Figure in ""The Garden of Earthly Delights"""
First Lady
First Lady?
First apple polisher?
First apple user?
First biter
First family member
First family member?
First female
First fruit fancier
First fruit picker
First fruit-picker
First grandmother
First lady
First lady of Eden
"First lady, no kidding"
"First lady, some say"
First lady.
First lady?
First mate
First mate?
First matriarch
First mother
First mother?
First of a gender
First of one gender
First offender?
First palindrome
First snake spotter
First transplant recipient
First transplant recipient?
First victim of temptation
First wife
First wife?
First woman
First woman on Earth
"Fonda film, ""The Lady ___"""
Forbidden fruit figure
Forbidden fruit partaker
Forbidden fruit sampler
Forbidden fruit taster
Forbidden-fruit eater
Forbidden-fruit figure
Former rib?
French writer Curie
Fruit sampler
Gal from the night before
Gal from the night before?
Garden dweller
Garden dweller of note
Garden evictee
Garden figure
Garden lady
Garden matriarch
Garden of Eden resident
Garden of Eden woman
Garden outcast
Garden party
Garden party?
Garden resident
Genesis evictee
Genesis exile
Genesis figure
Genesis lady
Genesis mother
Genesis name
Genesis outcast
Genesis palindrome
Genesis woman
"Gift wrapping time, for many"
"Gift wrapping time, for some"
"Gift-wrapping time, for many"
"Gift-wrapping time, for some"
"Gift-wrapping time, often"
Girl from the night before?
Girl's name
Girl's name.
Gloaming time.
"Grammy winner for ""Let Me Blow Ya Mind"""
Grandmother of Enoch
Grandmother of Enos
"Halloween, e.g."
"Halloween, for one"
"Halloween, to All Saints' Day"
Harrington played by Baxter
"Her name means ""life"" in Hebrew"
Her name means life
Holiday brink
Holiday cusp
Holiday forerunner
Holiday harbinger
Holiday herald
Holiday intro
Holiday lead-in
Holiday minus one
Holiday minus one day
Holiday period
Holiday preceder
Holiday precursor
Holiday predecessor
Holiday prelude
Holiday start
Holiday starter
Holiday threshold
Holiday time
Holiday time.
Holiday's yesterday
Humans' progenitor
Iconic Anne Baxter role
Ill-fated fruit picker
Impending time
Important night.
In any way
It comes before a holiday
Jan Brady portrayer ___ Plumb
Joanne Woodward Oscar-winning role
Joanne Woodward role
Joanne Woodward role(s)
Joanne Woodward role(s)?
Joanne Woodward title role
Joanne's 1957 Oscar role
Journalist daughter of Marie Curie
July 3 <P>e.g.<P>
"July 3, for one"
Just-prior period
"Keat's ""The ___ of St. Agnes"""
"Keats's ""The ___ of St. Agnes"""
"Keats's ""___ of St. Agnes"""
"Keats's ""___ of St. Mark"""
Keats's 'The ___ of St. Agnes'
Ladies' first?
Lady in a garden
Lady of Eden
Lady of the night?
"Last day of the year, e.g."
Last moment to prepare
"Last-minute shopper's ""go time"""
Last-minute shopper's day
Late Christmas shopping time
Lead-in to a big day
Leading time
Madam Adam
"Major figure in ""Paradise Lost"""
Man's first friend
Margo Channing's fan
Mark of the serpent
Mark of the serpent?
"Mary Orr's ""The Wisdom of ___"""
Massenet oratorio
Massenet oratorio set in the Garden of Eden
Mate for 49D
Mate of a famous gardener
Matriarch of all matriarchs
Member of the first family
Member of the first family?
Memorable night.
Memorable temptation victim
Metal band Hallows ___
Metalers Hallows ___
Methuselah's great-great-great- great-great-grandmother
Midsummer ___ (June 23)
Miss Arden
"Miss Stevens, at heart"
Mitochondrial ___ (descendant of all living humans)
Mitochondrial ___ (matrilineal ancestor of all modern humans)
Mitochondrial ___ (most recent common female ancestor of all living humans)
Mom's opposite
Morn counterpart
Morn partner
Morn's counterpart
Morn's opposite
Mother ___.
Mother of
Mother of Cain
Mother of Cain and Abel
Mother of Cain.
Mother of Seth
Mother of Seth.
Mother of all matriarchs
Mother of mankind
Mother without a mother
Motherless mother
Motherless woman
Mrs. Adam
Mrs. Harvey Weinstein
Mrs. Symington.
Ms. Arden
"Myles of ""You, Me, & Them"""
Naked woman in much biblical artwork
"Name from Hebrew for ""life"""
Name in a Bette Davis film title
Name in a garden
Name in mitochondrial ancestry
Name meaning life.
"Nervous time, maybe"
New Year s has one
New Year's ___
"New Years, e.g."
Night before
Night before Christmas
Night before Christmas or the Super Bowl
"Night before Christmas, e.g."
Night before a big game
Night before a holiday
"Night before a major event, as the Super Bowl"
Night before a major holiday
Night before the big day
Night for celebration
Night of anticipation
Night of celebration
Night preceding
Night prior
Night that's also a day
Night time?
Night to party
"Night to party, maybe"
"Nightfall, to Donne"
Nighttime before
Notable apple eater
Notable mother of estranged brothers
Notable night
Noted apple booster
Noted apple eater
Noted apple picker
Noted apple taster
Noted evictee
Noted garden dweller
Noted garden party
Noted outcast
Noted temptation victim
Noted victim of temptation
OT sinner
"Oct. 31, e.g."
Old Testament sinner
On the ___ of (on the brink of)
One providing the first issue?
One raising Cain
One who raised Cain
One who succumbed to a serpent
One-named rap star/actress
"One-named rapper arrested April 26, 2007"
One-named rapper with a self-titled sitcom
One-named rapper/actress
"One-named, Grammy-winning rapper"
Opposite WSW
Opposite of morn
Original deb?
Original sinner
Original woman
Oscar-winning Joanne Woodward role
Palindromic Plumb
Palindromic biblical figure
Palindromic female rapper
Palindromic lady
Palindromic rapper
Palindromic time
Palindromic woman's name
Parentless woman
Part of NYE
Party date
Party time
"Party time, for some"
"Party time, maybe"
"Party time, perhaps"
Penultimate day
Period before
Period immediately preceding
Period just before
Period leading up to
Period of anticipation
Period of darkening
"Person who never teethed, per Twain"
Philly-born rapper
Pierre and Marie Curie's daughter
Pioneer woman?
Pixar robot with a female voice
Planning time
Playwright Ensler
"Playwright Ensler of ""The Vagina Monologues"""
"Plumb of ""The Brady Bunch"""
"Plumb of ""The Bradys"""
Plumb of 'The Brady Bunch'
Plumb on TV
Plumb or Arden
"Plumb who sang with The Silver Platters on ""The Brady Bunch"""
Poem by Hodgson
Poet Merriam
Poet's time of day.
Poetic dusk
Poetic night
Poetic time
Poetic time of day
Poetic time of day.
Poetic time.
Portentous night
Portentous period
"Portentous time, on a calendar"
Pre-crisis period
Pre-destruction period
Pre-event period
Pre-holiday day
Pre-holiday time
Preceding day
Preceding night
Preceding period
Preceding time inserted into the four longest answers
Preholiday night
Preparatory night
Preparatory time
Prime rib?
Prime time for Santa
Prior night
"Procrastinator's shopping day, maybe"
"Procrastinator's shopping day, perhaps"
Product of Adam's rib
Punk band ___ 6
Punk-pop trio ___ 6
Race starter?
Raiser of Cain
"Rapper on Gwen Stefani's ""Rich Girl"""
Rapper that had her own UPN sitcom
Rapper who had her own UPN show
Rapper whose hair color changes often
Rapper with a self-named sitcom
Rapper with her own UPN show
Result of a ribbing?
Rib outgrowth
Rockers ___ 6
Role for Joanne
"Role in Haydn's ""The Creation"""
"Role in the first act of ""The Apple Tree"""
Ruff Ryders rapper
Saint Agnes' ___ (January 20)
Second human being.
Second name
Second name?
Second of all?
Second of billions
Second person
Second person in Genesis
Second person in the Bible
Second person?
Serpent's mark?
Serpent's pigeon
Serpent's pigeon?
Serpent's prey
Seth and Abel's mother
Seth's mother
Sewer of fig leaves
"She ""took of the fruit thereof, and did eat"""
She gave us original sin
She had three faces
She lived in the Garden of Eden
She of the three faces.
She played Jan (Brady)
She played Jan on 'The Brady Bunch'
She raised Cain
She raised a little Cain
She saw the pome
She was three-faced?
"She went along 6th, 2d and 3d Avenues"
She's in the first book
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure
Sistine Chapel ceiling woman
Sistine Chapel depiction
Sistine Chapel figure
Sixth-day creation
Snake charmee
Snake charmee?
Snake charmer
Snake charmer?
Snake target
"Spare rib, once"
Spare rib?
St. Agnes' ___.
St. Agnes's ___
St. Agnes's ___ (January 20)
St. Agnes's or St. John's
St. John's ___
St. Mark's ___ (Apr. 24)
St. Mark's ___ (Apr. 24th)
Stag's time
"Stanwyck film, The Lady ___"
Start of a race?
Start of something big
Summer's ___
Summer's ___ (douche)
Summer's ___ (hygiene product)
Temporal cusp
Temptation got the better of her
Thanksgiving ___
"The ""madam"" in ""Madam, I'm Adam"""
"The 31st vis-
The E in NYE
The Lord gave her a coat of skin: Gen. 3:21
The Stag at ___
The Three Faces of ___
The ___ of St. Agnes (Keats)
The alleged first successful clone to Raelians
The apple of Adam's eye
The day before
The day before the big day
"The day before the election, e.g."
The first lady
"The first to hear ""Madam, I'm Adam"""
The night before
The night before Christmas
"The night before Christmas, e.g."
"The night before Christmas, say"
The very first lady.
There is a film all about her
There's a film all about her?
Three-faced film character
Three-faced film heroine
Three-faced one
Three-faced one of film
Three-faced woman
Three-faced woman of film
Three-faced woman?
Time before
Time before Christmas or destruction
Time before a crisis
Time before a holiday
Time before an important event
Time before anything
Time for Halloween.
Time for celebrating
Time for celebration
Time for last-minute Christmas shopping
Time for last-minute Christmas wrapping
Time for last-minute planning
Time for last-minute wrapping
Time for vespers.
"Time for wrapping, often"
Time immediately before
Time in the classifieds
Time just before
Time just prior
Time of anticipation
"Time of anticipation, maybe"
Time of day
"Time of day, poetically"
Time of day.
Time of day: Poet.
"Time of excitement about toys, perhaps"
"Time of nervousness, perhaps"
Time of preparation
Time that's the same forwards and back?
Time to buy last-minute presents
Time to celebrate
Time to get ready
Time to look ahead
Time to look forward
"Time to party hearty, maybe"
"Time to party, perhaps"
Time to prepare
Time to revel
"Time to revel, perhaps"
Time: Poet.
Times of anticipation
"Title role for Anne Baxter, 1950"
Title role in 1950's Best Picture
Tomorrow's is tonight
"Trevor ___, British actor"
"Turgenev novel ""On The ___"""
"Turgenev novel ""On the ___"""
"Turgenev's ""On the ___"""
"Twelfth Night, vis-
Twilight time.
U.K. band All About ___
Verge of sorts
Very early exile
Victim of temptation
WALL-E's girlfriend
WALL-E's love
WALL-E's robotic love interest
WALL-E's romantic interest
Wall-E's love
"Wall-E's love in ""Wall-E"""
Wall-E's love interest
"Wall-E's love interest in ""Wall-E"""
Walpurgis Night vis-
When day is done
"When day is done, briefly"
"When the Kol Nidre is recited, vis-
Where Adam's apple came from
Wife who had no in-laws
Wife without in-laws
Wife without in-laws?
Woman from the night before
Woman from the night before?
Woman in Eden
Woman in a garden
Woman of Eden
Woman of three faces
Woman who raised Cain
"Woman whose name is Hebrew for ""source of life"""
Woman with three faces
Woman without a mother
"Woman's name meaning ""life"""
Woodward role in 1957
Woodward's Oscar-winning role
Word in a Barry McGuire hit
Work night for Santa
World's first apple eater
Xena's daughter
Xmas time
"___ Curie, daughter of Marie"
___ Theory (hypothesis that modern humans came from a single area)
She raised Cain
Dec. 31 e.g
First fruit picker
First mate
First mate?
Madam of 2-Down
Time for preparation
Time to revel
First lady?
Holiday threshold
Cain's mother
Biblical wife with no in-laws
The day before
Second person
Adam's partner
Adam's madam
With 116-Across, "Mildred Pierce" actress
Adam's beloved
Morn's counterpart
Grandmother of Enos and Enoch
Second person in Eden
Apple aficionada of myth
Previous day
Level with first woman
Previous day
Level with first woman
Cain's mother
Holiday lead-in
Night before, ... of
Previous day
Level with first woman
First mother
Adam's madam
Previous day
Level with first woman
Mom of 10-Down
Day before a holiday
Cain's mother
Previous day
Level with first woman
Early outcast
Leading lady?
Prior night
Christmas ____
The night before
On the verge of locking up First Lady?
Prior night
Previous day
Level with first woman
Second person?
Genesis woman
Previous day
Level with first woman
Leading lady?
Adam's madam
Night before
Holiday brink
Adam's mate
Trevor —, actor who played the title role in BBC TV series Shoestring
Palindromic time
One of the first to inhabit Eden
Fruit sampler
Prior night
She raised Cain
Previous day
Level with first woman
Mother of Cain
All Hallows' ___ (Oct. 31)
Adam's significant other
She may be back
Adam's significant other
She may be back
Night before a holiday
Party preparation period perhaps
Night before
Adam's madam
Woman often depicted 34-Across by 29-Across
12/24 or 12/31
Previous day
Level with first woman
Mother of Abel
Eden evictee
Night before a holiday
She anticipates
Genesis matriarch
Apple taster
24 December, Xmas ...
First mate?
Adam's wife
Time for preparation
Previous day
Level with first woman
Adam's partner
Adam's partner
Holiday preceder
Raiser of Cain
Prior night
Prior night
Dec. 31, e.g.
Eden dweller
Wife of Adam
Eden dweller
Previous day
Level with first woman
Temporal threshold
Leading lady?
New Year's __
Apple eater
Adam's partner
Anticipatory night
Previous day
Level with first woman
Tree of knowledge raider
Prior night
Genesis name
Previous day
Level with first woman
Cain's mother
Eden evictee
''Garden of Earthly Delights'' depiction
Genesis name
Time of anticipation
Abel's mom
Dec. 31, notably
Preceding time
Level with first woman
Previous day
Second person
First woman
Time before
First lady
12/31 is one
One woman in seven
Adam's mate
First female
First lady
Big night
"The serpent beguiled me" speaker
All Hallows' ___
Eden dweller
Christmas ____
Christmas ____
Adam's partner
Time to prepare
Eden dweller
Genesis name
Seth's mother
Mother of Cain and Abel
Leading lady?
Prior night
Forerunner in a race?
Genesis matriarch
Adam's mate
Level with first woman
Previous day
Level with the first woman
Previous day
Night before
Night before a big day
First woman
First woman
24 December, Xmas ...
Level with first woman
Previous day
Eden figure
Original sinner
Night of anticipation
Night before a holiday
First female
Cain & Abel's mother
Morn's counterpart
Holiday precursor
Big night
Ancestor to all
First mate?
New Year's ____
Fruit eater in Eden
Prior night
December 24, Christmas ...
Last-minute shopping time
Preceding time
Sampler of the forbidden fruit
Forbidden fruit taster
Adam's mate
Night before, ... of
Preceding time
Garden of Eden emigre
Christmas lead-in
"Fairest of creation," in a Milton classic
Raiser of Cain
Day before a big event
Woman in short uniform
Adam's companion
Previous day
Level with first woman
Eater of forbidden fruit
Abel's mother
Gift-wrapping day, perhaps
Mother of Cain and Abel
Garden evictee
Previous day
Level with first woman
Has she had her day?
Eden lady
Evictee from 63 Across
Holiday threshold
Night of celebration
Holiday precursor
Genesis woman
Adam's mate
She raised Cain
Adam's partner
12/24, e.g.
Time to prepare
Night before
Night before, ... of
All Hallows' ___
Previous day
Level with the first woman
Adam's partner
Adam's love
The night before
Wrapping time
Prior night
Holiday preceder
First mate?
The night before Christmas
Day before
Big event lead-in
WALL-E's love
First woman
Temporal threshold
First lady?
Raiser of Cain
Anticipatory time
Anticipatory time
Partner of 27-Down
Leading lady?
Prior night
Preparatory time
One in a story with an apple
Lead-up to a holiday
December 24, e.g.
Previous day
Level with first woman
Leading lady?
Pre-festival time
December 24, for one
Adam's mate
Christmas ____
Day before a holiday
December 31, for one
Holiday lead-in
Previous day
Level with the first woman
Dec. 24, e.g.
Pre-holiday time
''The mother of all living''
Previous day
Level with first women
Genesis woman
Poetic time of day
Prior night
Wall-E's love in 'Wall-E'
Response to 'Madam, I'm Adam' that is itself a palindrome
Brink of an event
"The Lady ___"
Victim of temptation
Day before
Cain's mother
Serpent's victim
"___ of Destruction"
Garden figure
Previous day
Level with first woman
Serpent's victim
First mate
Prior night
Garden name
Apple picker in Genesis
Mother of all
First mother
Adam's mate
Holiday lead-in
Holiday lead-in
Woman on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling
18 Across resident
Festive night, often
Prior night
Previous day
Level with first woman
First lady
Love interest for WALL-E
Previous day
Level with first woman
Garden figure
Day before
Preparatory night
Prior night
Adam's partner
First lady
Pre-festival time
She tasted the forbidden fruit
Fruit picker in Genesis
Wall-E's love
Creation figure
Second person
Gift-wrapping time for many
Previous day
Level with first woman
Preholiday night
Preholiday night
Eden dweller
Creation VIP
Second person
First woman
See 39-Across
Apple eater

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