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Word: EYES

The word EYES has appeared in at least 625 clues on different crosswords.

EYES definition(s):

  • opinion or judgment

"""007"" drove Lotus in ""For Your ___ Only"""
"""Always Something There to Remind Me"" Naked ___"
"""And the ___ of them both were opened"" (Gen 3:7)"
"""Bette Davis ___"""
"""Bette Davis ___"" (Kim Carnes hit song)"
"""Bright ___"" (Shirley Temple movie)"
"""Brown ___."""
"""Dancing with Tears in My ___"""
"""Doctor My ___"" (1972 Jackson Browne song)"
"""Ebony ___,"" 1961 song"
"""For Your -- Only"""
"""For Your ___ Only"""
"""For Your ___ Only"" (1981 James Bond movie)"
"""For Your ___ Only"" (1981)"
"""His ___ how they twinkled!..."""
"""Hungry ___,"" Twitty hit"
"""I Only Have ___ for You,"" 1934 song"
"""Keep your --- on the ball!"""
"""Keep your ___ peeled"""
"""Mine ___ have seen the glory... """
"""Mine ___ have seen... """
"""Mona Lisa"" features that ""follow"" the viewer"
"""My Father's ___"": Clapton"
"""My ___ Adored You"""
"""Private ___"""
"""Sexy ___"" (1980 Dr. Hook hit)"
"""Snake ___"" (1998)"
"""Stars in My ___,"" 1936 song"
"""The Hills Have ___"""
"""The ___ of Laura Mars"""
"""The ___ of Texas Are Upon You"""
"""The ___ of Texas... """
"""The night has a thousand ___"""
"""The night has a thousand ___... """
"""The sky is the daily bread of the ___"" (Emerson)"
"""The windows to the soul"""
"""Their ___ Were Watching God"""
"""These ___"""
"""These ___"" (hit for The Guess Who)"
"""These ___, are crying"""
"""These ___, are crying"" The Guess Who"
"""When I Look In Your ___"" (Diana Krall)"
"""When Irish ___ Are Smiling"""
"""When Irish ___ are smiling..."""
"""When Irish ___ are... """
"""When Irish ___... """
"""Windows of the soul"""
"""Windows to the soul"""
"""___ Wide Shut"""
"""___ Wide Shut"" (1999)"
"""___ Wide Shut"" (Kubrick's last film)"
"""___ Wide Shut"": Kubrick's last"
"""___ Without a Face"" (Billy Idol song)"
"""___ of Laura Mars"""
"""___ of Laura Mars,"" 1978 film"
"""___ only"""
'80s band Naked ___
'Jeepers Creepers' peepers
'The ___ of strangers / Are cold as snowdrops': Philip Larkin
'Windows to the soul'
*Storm centers
...and where it goes
"007 drove Citroen in ""For Your ___ Only"""
"1979 chart-topping ballad ""Sad ___"""
"1982 Elton John hit ""Blue ___"""
A dollar bill has four
A sight for sore ___
A sot has glazed ones
All but three facecards have two*
All of them are on the game
Another peer group?
Argus features
Argus had 100
Argus had a hundred.
Argus' 100
Argus' special feature.
Argus' specialty.
Argus's 100
Argus's hundred
Argus's specialty
Argus’s 100
Art appreciation duo?
Artichoke buds
Baby blues
"Baby blues, e.g."
"Baby blues, say"
Balls with lids
Banjo ___ (Cantor sobriquet)
Bedroom shutters?
Beholders have them
Ben Turpin's crossed features
Bette Davis feature
Bette Davis features in a pop song
Black and blue
"Blinkers, at times"
Blinking pair
Body parts affected by heterochromia iridum
Buds on spuds
Buds on tubers
Buds that grow on potatoes
Calm center areas of hurricanes
Camera lenses.
Catches sight of
Cavefish's functionless parts
Centers of hurricanes
Centers of storms
"Centers, of sorts"
Checks out
Checks out visually
"Checks out, in a way"
Cheese holes.
Choice beef cuts
Choice meat cuts
Coach says keep them on the ball
Colon in an emoticon
"Colon in an emoticon, usually"
Colon in many an emoticon
"Colon, in an emoticon"
"Colons in emoticons, often"
"Colons, in many emoticons"
"Connie of ""Hotel"""
Cookie Monster has googly ones
"Covets, perhaps"
Cyclone centers
Dots on smiley faces
Dubya's are blue
"Eagles hit, ""Lyin' ___"""
Eagles' assets
Easy on the ___
Easy on the ___ (attractive)
"Elton John hit ""Blue ___"""
"Elton John's ""Blue ___"""
Emoticon colon
"Emoticon colon, often"
Evil and electric
Examines closely
Expressive features.
Face features
Facial feature.
Facial features
Facial features.
Features in a Texas song
Focus group?
Frosty's coals
"Get Up Kids ""To my surprise, before my ___, you arrive"""
Gives a gander
Gives a look-see
Gives a once-over
Gives the once-over
Glances at
Goats make them
Goo-goo ___
Good lookers?
Googly ___
Has a look
Has a look at
Has a peek
Head set
Head set?
"Hit song ""Bette Davis ___"""
Holes in Swiss cheese
Holes in needles
Hooks' partners
Hooks' partners.
Human feature
Hurricane areas
Hurricane areas.
Hurricane centers
Hurricane centers.
Hurricanes' centers
Hurricanes' hearts
Hypnotist's concern
Ice cream treat
"In Texas, they're ""upon you"""
Irises' sites
"Iron ___ Cody (the ""Crying Indian"" in a 1970s PSA)"
Items in the back of one's head?
Keep them on the ball
Keep them on the ball!
Keeps a watch on
Keeps tabs on
"Kim Carnes ""Bette Davis ___"""
"Kiss ""X-Ray ___"""
LASIK subjects
Lay ___ on (see)
Lidded facial features
Lids close them
Looks at
Looks at closely
Looks at.
Looks closely
Looks closely at
Looks over
Looks over warily
Loops for hooks.
Make ___ at (flirt)
Makeup accentuates them
Many on a potato or two on a noodle
Mona Lisa's strong points
Most spiders have eight
Mr. Potato Head parts
Mr. Potato Head piece
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Needle apertures
Needle features
Needle holes
Needle openings
Needle parts
Needle parts.
Nine of the 12 court cards have two*
"Observes some votes, we hear (4)"
Observing things
Oculist's study
Ol' Blue ___ (Sinatra's nickname)
Ol' Blue ___ (Sinatra)
Old Blue ___
Only thing I have for you?
Open or shut items.
Openings for tailors?
Ophthalmologist's concern
Ophthalmologist's study
"Opinion, as of the law"
Optometrist's concern
Optometrists' concerns
Optometrists' interest
Pair that peeps
Pair with rods and cones
Part of the face.
Patch places
Peacock feather adornments
Peacock feather features
Peacock feather markings
Peacock markings
Peacock tail features
Peacock tail spots
Peacock-feather features
Peelers remove this
Peeping pair
Peer group
Peer group?
Peering pair
Places for contacts
Places for patches
Places for pupils
Places you may have contacts
"Poet's ""windows of the soul"""
Potato buds
Potato buds.
Potato bumps
Potato features
Potato flaws
Potato parts
Potato peeler's targets
Potato pocks
Potato protrusions
Potato protuberances
Potato spots
Potato sprouts
Potato's multitude
"Prominent features of a ""Cats"" poster"
Real lookers
Real lookers?
Recipients of much make-up nowadays.
See 101A
Seeing pair
Seeing things
Seeing things?
Sense organs that most spiders have four pairs of
"Sheena Easton: ""For Your ___ Only"""
Sight seers
Sizes up
Sizes up visually
"Skid Row ""I'd stare a lifetime into your ___"""
Snake ___
"Snake ___ (two, in craps)"
"Snowman's coal chunks, e.g."
Socket contents
Socket set
Some Mr. Potato Head parts
Some are beady
Some are behind glasses
Some are electric
Some are private
Some electric sensors
Someone may look deep into yours
Sometimes they're private
Specialty of Argus.
Specs cover them
Spots for glasses
Spud buds
Spud bumps
Spud features
Spud spots
Spud sprouts
Spud's buds
Spuds' buds
Stare pair
Stereotypical movers in some paintings
Storm centers
Storm centers.
Swiss cheese features
Swiss cheese holes
Takes a gander at
Takes a look
Takes a look at
Target centers.
Targets of Moe's two-fingered poke
Targets of a Moe Howard poke
Tearing things?
"The ""windows of the soul"""
"The Eagles' ""Lyin' ___"""
"The Guess Who's ""These ___"""
The ___ of Laura Mars
The night's thousand
"Them tune, ""Mystic ___"""
There are four of them on a dollar bill
These can be peeled or poked
They are behind glasses
They are protected by lids
They blink
They can be batted and rolled
They can be crossed
They can be piercing
They can be prying or crying
They can be rolled or crossed
They fill some holes in your head
They fit in sockets
They have pupils
They have their views
They look well
They may be behind glasses
They may be black or blue
They may be black or private
"They may be black, brown, blue or private"
"They may be black, green, blue or private"
They may be bloodshot
They may be blue in the face
They may be brown or blue
They may be evil or electric
They may be given 40 lashes
They may be lazy or wandering
They may be on the game
They may be painful if black
They may be probing or private
They may be rolled
They may get 40 lashes
They may have contacts
They may stink or blare
They often have glasses in front of them
They see the light
They see things
They should stay on the ball
They stay the same size throughout a human's life
They're all in your head
They're all on the game
They're closed at night
They're crossable
They're examined with a phoropter
They're in sockets
They're kept under lids at night
"They're kept under lids, especially at night"
"They're on stalks, on snails"
They're opened first on Christmas morning
They're private in detective novels
They're protected by lids
They're protected by lids and lashes
They're seen on both sides of bridges
They're tested with Snellen charts
They're usually blue or brown
They're vital for good looks
Things opened in the morning
This puzzle's punning theme
Thread takers
Threading targets
Tuber buds
"U2 ""Spanish ___"""
View finders
View finders?
Visionary ones?
Visors shade them
Visual aids
Visual pair
Watchers in a Texas song
Watches carefully
Watches closely
Watches closely.
Watches suspiciously
Watches uncertainly
Watchful duo
Watchful ones?
Watchful pair
What a colon represents in an emoticon
What contact lenses cover
What most spiders have eight of
What potatoes and needles both have
What rakes make
What two jacks have two of*
Where pupils are
Where the make-up goes.
Where to find contacts
Where you'll find aqueous humor
Windows of the soul
Windows to the soul
"Windows to the soul, so they say"
Wolf spider's octet
Wolves make them
"Word after Bright, Frog, or Wolf in band names"
Word before front
Word with googly or goo-goo
"Your constructor's are blue, ladies"
"___ right, or left."
Argus' hundred
Coals on Frosty
Hurricane centers
Hurricane centers
Hurricane centers
Hurricane centers
Hurricane centers
Spud bumps
Spud bumps
Gives the once-over
They can turn red in a flash
Seeing things
Balls in sockets
Looks over
Storm centers
Visual pair
Optic organs
Holes in needles
Baby blues, for some
Visual organs
Smiley parts
Targets of a Stooge poke
Looks at
Places for contacts
Observation satellites, so to speak
Peacock tail markings
Optic organs
Optic organs
Viewing organs
Colon or semicolon, in emoticons
Peer group?
They're open daily
Checks out
They take things in
Storm centers
Storm centers
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Viewing organs
Spots for contacts
Regards as a noted agreement
Hawks have sharp ones
They work better when they focus
Observes closely
Private __ (detectives)
Spud buds
Spud buds
Needle openings
Needle openings
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Organs of vision
Looks at
Looks at
Centers of cyclones
Looks over
Looks over
Organs at 34-Down
Looks over
Optic organs
Storm centers
Storm centers
Colon, in an emoticon
Spud buds
Buds on spuds
Colon in many an emoticon
Hurricane centers
Needle openings
Optic organs
Looks at
Calm areas of storms
Evinces envy of, perhaps
A sight for sore __
Hurricane centers
Watchers maybe down at the bingo hall
Seeing things
Viewing organs
Looks at
What contact lenses are placed on
Needle parts
Seeing organs
The mirrors of the soul, it's said
Viewing organs
Examines closely
Organs of vision
Regarding things
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Storm centers
Centers of hurricanes
Intel satellites, metaphorically
Potato peelers' excisions
Looks at closely
Optic organs
Glassy blinkers
Examines closely
Scopes out
Viewing organs
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Spud buds
Baby blues, e.g
Centers of hurricanes
Looks over
Needle openings
They see things
Peer group?
Seeing things
What contacts may help
Destination for some 50 Down
Potato parts
Real lookers?
Viewing organs
Mr. Potato Head parts
Targets of Moe's pokes
Sprouts on potatoes
Looks at
Colon, in an emoticon
Buds on spuds
Spuds' buds
Potato sprouts
Organs in sockets
Looks over
Retina sites
Coals, on snowmen
Some cross-country flights
Spuds' buds
Centers of hurricanes
They're often closed after dark
Takes a gander at
Head set
Good lookers?
Darting organs
Potato buds
Potato buds
Blinkers with no bulbs
Body parts that can undergo LASIK surgery
Hurricane centers
Centers of hurricanes
"I only have ____ for you"
Takes a gander at

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