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Word: GAS

The word GAS has appeared in at least 1012 clues on different crosswords.

GAS definition(s):

  • the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by: relatively low density and viscosity; relatively great expansion and contraction with changes in pressure and temperature; the ability to diffuse readily; and the spontaneous tendency
  • attack with gas; subject to gas fumes
  • a fluid in the gaseous state having neither independent shape nor volume and being able to expand indefinitely
  • show off
  • a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum; used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines

"""All is ___ and gaiters"": Dickens"
"""Classical ___"" (1968 Mason Williams hit)"
"""Eat Here and Get ___"""
"""Fill 'er up!"" fill"
"""Fill 'er up!"" filler"
"""Fill 'er up"" filler"
"""Juice"" for Jeff Gordon"
"""Jumpin' Jack Flash"" is one"
"""Jumpin' Jack Flash"" is one?"
"""Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a ___"""
"""Jumpin' Jack Flash,"" to the Stones"
"""Laughing"" or ""natural"" follower"
"""Noble"" element"
"""What a ___!"""
"""___ House Kids Go West"" (1947)"
'70s shortage
*Pump output
180 minutes after midnight
50 Dentist's anesthetic
A dentist's number?
A driving need?
A number of dental patients?
A utility
Accelerator pedal
"Accelerator, so to speak"
Accord requirement
Actor's org.
Aerostar additive
Alberta export
Alberta resource
Alternative to coal
Alternative to oil
Americans lined up for it in '73 and '79
"Ammonia, e.g."
Amoco offering
"Anesthetize, in a way"
Any inert element
Argon is one
Argon or helium
Argon or krypton
Argon or neon
Argon or oxygen
"Argon, e.g."
Atmosphere makeup
Auto additive
Auto fluid
Auto fuel
Auto lift?
Auto pedal
Auto's tankful
Auto-tank filler
Bad thing to guzzle
Balloon filler
Balloon filling
Balloon ingredient
Balloon need
Bat the breeze
Bean byproduct?
Beano competitor
Beano target
Beetle juice
Beetle juice?
Beetle's need
Beetles go nowhere without it?
Big buzz
Big part of a trucker's budget
Blast: sl.
Blimp's need
Blowtorch fuel
Boastful talk
"Boat food, so to speak"
"Boat mover, maybe"
Bombastic talk
Boyle's law matter
Brake neighbor
Brake's neighbor
Bromo target
Bug juice?
Bunch of fun
Bunsen burner fuel
Burn it by stepping on it
Burn it or step on it
Burner fuel
Butt trumpet tune
Butt trumpet's music
"Car ""go"" liquid"
Car additive
Car fill-up
Car fluid
Car fuel
Car juice
Car pedal
Car tankful
Car's need
Car-tank filler
Car-tank fuel
Cause of bloating
Cause of borborygmus
Certain fuel
Chat idly
Chevron offering
Chew the rag
"Chlorine, e.g."
Civic need?
Civic requirement?
Combustible fluid
Commuter's buy
Consequence of a high-vegetable diet
Convenience store buy
Cooking choice
Cooking fuel
Cooking option
Cost included in a Zipcar membership
Dashboard gauge
"Delight, to a hipster"
Delightful time
Dental administration?
Dental anesthetic
Dentist's administration
Dentist's anesthetic
Dentist's need
Di-Gel target
Dodge fuel
Driver's need
Driver's pedal
Driving concern
Driving demand
Driving force
Driving force?
Driving need
Droop <--
Either of the first two elements
Electric alternative
Electric partner
Electric partner?
Electric's partner
Element classification
Empty blather
Empty talk
Empty talk in slang
Empty words
Energy source
Engine driver
Engine fuel
Eponymous 1997 debut electronica album
Ethane or methane
"Ethane, e.g."
Ether or ethane
"Ethylene, e.g."
Explorer's need
Exxon offering
Exxon product
Fab time
"Fastball, in baseball slang"
Fiat fuel
Fiat or Ferrari filler
Fiesta fluid
Fill 'er up filler
Fill the auto tank
"Fill the tank, with ""up"""
Fill-up filler
Fill-up fluid
Filling material?
Filling station filler
Flammable fluid
Flivver fluid
Flivver fuel
Fluid type
Fluorine or chlorine
Food for Fords
Food for a Ford
"Ford ""food"""
Ford filler
Ford fluid
Ford fuel
Form of fuel.
Form of matter
"Forward-motion lotion, briefly"
Fossil fuel
Freeway sign
Freeway sign word
Freon or neon
"Freon, e.g."
Fuel (up)
Fuel at the pump
Fuel for Explorers
Fuel for a Fiero
Fuel for a Ford
Fuel for a Zeppelin
Fuel for some artificial logs
Fuel for some guzzlers
Fuel for some hot-water heaters
Fuel for some ranges
Fuel for the fire
Fuel from an island
Fuel on the range
Fun time
"Fun time, slangily"
"Fun time, to Paul Shaffer"
Furnace fodder
Gallon in a Galant
"Get ready to roll, with ""up"""
Getty product
Going concern?
Golf cart need
Good time
"Good time, informally"
"Good time, slangily"
Great time
"Great time, in slang"
"Great time, informally"
"Great time, slangily"
"Great time, to a hipster"
"Greenhouse ___ (contributor to the warming of the earth's atmosphere, as carbon dioxide or methane)"
Guzzled product
"He, e.g."
Heat source
Heating alternative
Heating choice
Heating fuel
"Heating fuel, for some"
Heating option
Helium or argon
Helium or hydrogen
Helium or neon
"Helium, e.g."
"Helium, for one"
"High-test, e.g."
Highway purchase
Highway sign
Highway sign word
Highway sign.
Hilarious incident
Hipster's great time
Home heater
Home heating option
Home-heating fuel
Hoot and a half
Hot air
Hydrogen or neon
"Hydrogen, e.g."
"Hydrogen, for one"
"Idle talk, so to speak"
"If you're in a hurry, step on this"
Incessant talk
Indy racer's requirement
Inflation cause?
Interstate sign
Island purchase
It burns at Indy
It can be natural
It can make a stink
It fills in between E and F
It flows into a Rio
It gets pumped
It keeps the Tempo going
It makes an Accord go forward
It makes an Impala run
It makes an auto go
It makes the van go
It may be laughing
It may be natural
It may be natural or noble
It may be noble or ideal
It may be noble or natural
It may be rare
It may be regular or premium
It may burn on the range
It may expand indefinitely
It might knock you out
It's a driving concern
It's a knockout in the OR
It's between E and F?
It's dispensed from a hose
It's expelled from an erupting volcano
It's illegal to pump yourself in Oregon
It's in a certain range
It's not liquid
It's often bought at an island
It's often stepped on
It's pumped
It's pumped at an island
It's pumped at stations
It's pumped into a car
It's sold by the gallon
It's stepped on
It's stored in a red tank on a Boston Whaler
Its cost is skyrocketing
Its price has skyrocketed in Chicago
Its price skyrocketed in 2000
Jaguar food
Jaguar food?
Jaguars consume it
Jeff Gordon goes nowhere without it
Jetta fuel
"Jupiter, largely"
"Jupiter, mostly"
Ketene or phosgene
Kia filler
Kind of bag or chamber
Kind of bag or house
Kind of heat
Kind of jet
Kind of light.
Kind of mask
Kind of mask or main
Kind of mask or pipe
Kind of meter
Kind of station
Kind of stove
Krypton is a noble one
Krypton is one
Krypton or neon
Krypton or radon
"Krypton or radon, e.g."
"Krypton, but not Ork"
"Krypton, e.g."
"Krypton, for one"
"Krypton, say"
Laughing ___
Laughing ___.
Laughing e.g.
Laughing matter?
Laughing or natural
Laughing or natural ___
Laughing or tear follower
Laughing stuff?
"Laughing, for one"
Lazio has ripped both Clintons over its price
Leaded or unleaded item
Legal method of execution in the U.S.
Lemon juice?
"Lewisite, e.g."
Lexus liquid
Limo liquid
Lincoln liquid
"Liquid mentioned in ""Little Red Corvette"""
Loads of fun
"Lot of fun, slangily"
Lung contents
Main contents
Main feature?
Main ingredient?
Malibu mover
Malibu requirement
Many a noble element
Many an anesthetic
Mardi ___
Marsh ___ (product of decomposing plants)
Marsh emanation
Marsh product
"Mason Williams' ""Classical ___"""
Matter form
Matter without a definite shape
Mercury or Saturn fuel
Metered product.
Metered utility
Methane or helium
Methane or propane
Mobil product
Molotov-cocktail filler
Motorboats run on it
Motoring must
Motorist's need
Motorist's need.
Must for a Mustang
Mustang fodder
Mustang mover
Mustang mover?
Mustangs go nowhere without it
"Mustard, for one"
Mylanta target
"N2O, e.g."
Natural ___
"Natural ___ (subject of ""fracking"" in 2012)"
Natural fuel
Natural or laughing
Natural or mustard
Natural or noble follower
Natural resource
Neat time
Need for many autos
Need on a road trip
Neon e.g.
Neon is one.
Neon or argon
Neon or freon
Neon or helium
Neon or nitrogen
Neon or oxygen
Neon or radon
"Neon or xenon, e.g."
Neon's state
"Neon, e.g."
"Neon, for example"
"Neon, for one"
"Neon, for one."
"Neon, or fuel for a Neon"
Nitrogen or helium
Nitrogen or neon
"Nitrogen, e.g."
"Nitrogen, for instance"
"Nitrous oxide, e.g."
Nitrous oxide.
Nonliquid state
Not a solid or liquid
Novocain alternative
Oil alternative
One cause of inflation
One kind of station.
One of the states of matter
One of the three states of matter
Oxygen or helium
"Oxygen, e.g."
"Oxygen, for example"
"Oxygen, for instance"
"Oxygen, for one"
"Ozone, e.g."
"Ozone, for one"
Partner of Food / Lodging
Partner of food and lodging
Pedal next to the brake
Pedal on the right
People often get it with burritos
Petro Canada product
"Petrol, stateside"
Phase hotter than liquid
"Phosgene, for one"
Pilot light fuel
Pipe contents
"Pipe contents, maybe"
"Pipe contents, sometimes"
Piped fuel
Pit fluid
Pit stop commodity
Pit stop stuff
Pit stop supply
Pitcher's fastest stuff
Plasma's kin
Post-beans issue
Post-dinner issue
Premium purchase
Product from the islands?
Product sold by Agip in Paris
Propane or neon
"Propane, e.g."
Protostar makeup
Pump content
Pump contents
Pump fuel
Pump gold
Pump output
Pump product
Pump purchase
Pump stuff
Pumped stuff
Rabbit food?
Radon or neon
"Radon, e.g."
"Radon, for one"
Range fuel
"Rap, in a way"
Rap; chin
"Rationed item, once"
Real blast
"Real good time, man"
Really fun time
Really good time
Reason to stop on a road trip
Refined crude
Refined fossil fuel
Regular buy?
Regular or high-test
Regular or high-test?
"Regular or premium, e.g."
Regular purchase
Regular purchase?
Regular stuff found inside this puzzle's three longest answers
"Regular, plus or super"
Report from the rear?
Right pedal
Rightmost pedal
Rip-roaring good time
Rip-roaring time
Rising expense
Road sign
Road sign.
Road trip necessity
Roadside purchase
Roadside sign
"Roadsign, perhaps"
Run out of ___
Saturn makeup
Saturn's need
Sedan liquid
Semi fluid
Sequoia fluid
Service station combustible
Service station offering
Service station stuff
Service-station buy
Service-station purchase
Seville filler
Shell carries it
Shell offering
Shell product
Shell purchase
Shell stuff
Shell's game
Shell's game?
Shoot the breeze
Shoot the bull
Sign along a highway
Sign along an interstate
Sign on an interstate
"Sign word often seen before ""next exit"""
Silent but deadly emanation
Slang for a great time
Slang for fast pitches
Solid alternative
Something graded between E and F?
Something to burn
Something very entertaining
Soul food?
Source of bloating
Source of heat.
Speeders step on it
Starchy food might cause it
State of matter
Station offering
Station purchase
Station ration
Station's supply
Step on it
Step on it?
Stove fuel
"Stove fuel, often"
Stove option
Stuff in a car
Subject of Boyle's law
Subject of a '70s shortage
Supply for regular customers?
Swell time
TUMS target
Talk excessively
Talk idly
Talk nonsense
Talk nonsense to
Tank contents
Tank contents.
Tank fill.
Tank filler
Tank fuel
Tear or laughing follower
Terrific time
"The fill in ""fill 'er up!"""
There is a growing concern over greenhouse ___ emissions
Thing to step on when in a hurry
This might give you a laugh
This might knock you out
Total blast
Traveler's fill-up
Truck stop offering
Truck-stop purchase
Tums target
Turnpike sign word
Type of lamp in a Sherlock Holmes story
Type of station
Type of stove
Type of tank
"Unseen compound, often"
Utility bill item
Utility item
W. W. I. weapon
WWII rationing
Waht some guzzlers guzzle
We lined up for it in the '70s
Welcome road sign
"Welcome road sign, often"
"What ""Jumpin"" Jack Flash"" is"
What inefficient cars guzzle
What limos guzzle
What people in some pools save
What some cars guzzle
What some demons step on
What some pedals control
"What you ""fill 'er up"" with"
What you might get with a bean burrito
"Williams' ""Classical ___"""
Windbag's output
Word after mustard or natural
Word after natural or noble
"Word in the lyrics to ""Jumpin' Jack Flash"""
Word on a highway sign
"Word repeated in ""Jumpin' Jack Flash"""
Word that can precede the last word of the four longest puzzle answers
"Word with ""mustard"" or ""natural"""
"Word with ""tank"" or ""range"""
Word with heater or meter
Word with log or burner
Word with mask or meter
Word with tank or range
Xenon e.g.
"Xenon, e.g."
"Xenon, for one"
Yak away
Yak-yak on the dais
You can cook with it
You get it to go
You may get it with burritos
You may step on it in a rush
You may step on it or burn it
You might get it with a bean burrito
You might get some to go
___ -guzzler
___ guzzler
___ meter.
___ pedal
___ station
___ station.
___-guzzler (car that gets poor mileage)
This might knock you out
With 40 Across one of two in the solar system
Empty talk
Premium purchase?
Fuel for the grill
What Teslas don’t take
Lot of fun informally
With 65-Down car tank topper
Empty talk
Balloon contents
Oxygen, for one
Oxygen or neon
Tank contents
Something usually not required by 1-Across
The G of LPG
Anaesthetic, laughing ...
Kind of station
Motorist's buy
What some grills run on
Anaesthetic, laughing ...
Tank filler
Atmosphere makeup
Atmosphere makeup
Type of element
Talk of neon, say
Tank filler
Any "noble" element
Ozone, e.g.
Bunsen burner fuel
Freon, e.g.
What Teslas run without
Auto fuel
State of matter
"Fill 'er up!" stuff
Freon or neon
Domestic fuel
Hydrogen or methane, say
Pit stop supply
Shoot the breeze
Fuel for the road
Service station product
Type of element
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Talk of argon, say
Neon or helium
Beetle juice?
Beetle juice?
Bluster, so to speak
Cooking fuel
Empty talk
Empty talk
Cooking fuel
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Result of a liquid's vaporization
Get it to go
Result of a liquid's vaporization
Ford fluid
Oxygen, for example
Empty talk out of the ring?
Wild time, slangily
Auto fuel
Tank filler
Argon or xenon
Car fuel
What a Tesla doesn't need
Sign of healing
Possible cause of explosion in Nagasaki
Balloon content
Empty talk
Neon or argon
Methane or ethane
Butane or neon
Butane or neon
Nitrogen or oxygen
Cooking fuel
Tank filler
Balloon fill
Anaesthetic, laughing ...
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
It can be a main feature
Nitrogen, for instance
Butane or neon
Balloon filler
Service station buy
Might it arise from smouldering ashes?
Household fuel
Tank filler
Tank filler
Freon, e.g.
Freon e.g.
Talk of oxygen, for example
Type of element
Elemental form
Talk of helium, say
Type of element
Too much talk, as at the Aldgate centre
Motor fuel
Anaesthetic, laughing ...
47-Down or 96-Down fuel
Talk of argon, say
Type of element
It can make a Jaguar run
Neon or Freon
Bunsen burner fuel
Burner output
__ station
Empty blather
Fuel for some 12-Downs
The G of LPG
Methane or butane
Cooking fuel
Cooking fuel
Cooking fuel
Tank filler
Fun time, in slang
Fuel for some ranges
Furnace input
Domestic fuel
Helium or hydrogen
Something you can't see filling a bag
What some grills run on
Fuel type
Word with tear or laughing
Cooking fuel
Service station product
It's crude, then refined
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Car fuel
1981 film comedy starring Susan Anspach and Howie Mandel
Domestic fuel
Tank filler
Bunsen burner fuel
Tank filler
Purchase from a pump
He's one originally given arsenic
Too much talk of taking aspirin
Household fuel
Household fuel
Cooking fuel
Freon, e.g.
Tank filler
It's good as hot air
Number for a surgeon?
Service station product
Radon, e.g.
Much talk of seeking asylum
Auto fuel
Fiat fuel
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Cooking fuel
What's found in good half of bubbly 1D
Neon or helium
Heating fuel
Word after coal or tear
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Argon or xenon
Helium or hydrogen
One might be noble
One might be noble
Car fuel
Butane or neon
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Neon or helium
Tire fill
Main contents
The G of LPG
Ethane, for one
Ethane, e.g.
Talk incessantly
'70s shortage item
Hydrocarbon fuel
Engine fuel
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
What Brits call "petrol"
Fuel for freeways
Household fuel
Shell product
Beetle juice?
It can come from coal or smouldering ashes
Anaesthetic, laughing ...
Type of element
Neon, for one
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Grill fuel
Tank filler
What some ranges are made for
Freon, e.g.
Common fuel
Ozone, for one
Fastball, in baseball slang
Household fuel
Word before pedal or pump
Home heating option
Good when used for cooking
___ furnace
Filling station purchase
Argon, for one
Methane or ethane
Empty talk
Argon, for one
Household fuel
Talk a lot in picking a side
Fuel for a car
Cooking fuel
Oxygen or nitrogen
Beetle juice?
Pump output
___ mask
Helium or hydrogen
What some guzzlers guzzle
Heating fuel
Element 7, 8, or 10
Shell offering
Shell carries it
It gets pumped at a truck stop
Pilot light fuel
Many a noble element
Step on the ___ (speed up)
Cooking fuel option
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Pump product
Car fuel
Fuel for some Weber grills
Pit stop stuff
Word repeated in "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
Neon or nitrogen
Main delivery
Cooking fuel
Krypton, e.g.
15-Across product
Home heating source
Tank filler
"Fill 'er up!" fill
Super time
Type of element
Talk of argon, say
Car fuel
Highway sign word
Pilot light fuel
Word after laughing or natural
1981 film comedy starring Susan Anspach and Howie Mandel
Service station product
Household fuel
Neon or nitrogen, for example
In making a scene, talk a lot
ExxonMobil product
Car pedal
Laughing talk?
Methane, e.g.
Car fuel
Van fuel
Blustery talk
Krypton or radon
Mower fuel
Purchase at Citgo
Fuel for a 20-Across
Vapour fuel
Any noble element
Filling station purchase
Too much talk of breaking asunder
Motor fuel
Service-station supply
Car fuel
Car fuel
Focus of Boyle's law
___ mask
Cougar fuel
Car fuel
Neon or radon
Car fuel
Domestic fuel
Type of element
Talk of argon, for one
Tank filler
Helium or neon, eg
Cooking fuel
Pit stop supply
Automobile fuel
Butane or neon
Hydrogen or helium, for example
Pumped fuel
Auto fuel
Reduction in rent? That's something delightful
Filling station filler

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