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Word: HAM

The word HAM has appeared in at least 607 clues on different crosswords.

HAM definition(s):

  • meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)
  • exaggerate one''s acting
  • (Old Testament) son of Noah
  • a licensed amateur radio operator
  • an unskilled actor who overacts

"""Country"" or ""fresh"" food"
"""Green Eggs and ___"""
"""Super"" film format for motion pictures, briefly"
A son of Noah
Abominable showman
Actor of a kind.
Actor of sorts
Actor or operator
Actor who overacts
Actor who overdoes it
Actor's favorite meat?
Actor's lunch?
"Actor, sometimes"
Amateur radio operator
Amateur radioer
Amateur radioman.
Amateurish actor
Amateurish performer
Ark occupant
Ark passenger
Ark passenger.
Ark rider
Attention getter
Attention grabber
Awful actor
Back of the knee
Bad actor
Bad actor.
Badfinger's Pete
"Barry Goldwater, e.g."
Biblical ark passenger
"Biscuit filler, at times"
Black Forest ___
Boar's Head product
Boars Head product
Breakfast choice
Breakfast meat
Breakfast side
Broadway hotdog?
Broadway mugger
Broadway mugger?
Brother of Japheth
Brother of Shem and Japheth
Buffet dish
Buffet specialty.
Burger beginner
CB buff
CBer's licensed cousin
CBer's relative
Canaan's father
Canaanite's ancestor
"Canaanite's ancestor, biblically"
Cartoonist Fisher
"Cast party braggart, perhaps"
Certain lunch meat
Certain radio operator
Certain terrible actor
Cheese companion
Cheese go-with
Cheese partner
Chicken cordon bleu ingredient
"Club component, perhaps"
Club sandwich ingredient
Clumsy actor
Common city name ending
Common omelet ingredient
Cordon bleu ingredient
Country ___
Croque Monsieur ingredient
Croque monsieur ingredient
Croque monsieur slice
Croque-monsieur ingredient
Cuban meat
Cuban sandwich ingredient
Cured cut?
Cured entr
Cured fare
Cured pork
Cured serving
Definite no-no for a kosher vegan
Deli counter buy
Deli favorite
Deli meat
Deli meat often served on rye
Deli offering
Deli order
Deli purchase
Denver omelet ingredient
Denver omelet meat
Denver-omelet ingredient
Deviled ___
Director's bane
Director's headache
"Diva, perhaps"
Early seafarer
Easter eats
Easter entree
"Easter entree, possibly"
Easter entr
Easter fare
Easter meat
Easter meat serving
Easter purchase
Easter roast
Easter treat
Egg sandwich add-on
Eggs Benedict ingredient
Eggs Benedict need
Eggs companion
Eggs go-with
Eggs partner
Eggs' companion
Eggs' go-with
Eggs' partner
Egotist with lines
Emotional actor
Emotive actor
Eponym of a classic Minnesota-brewed beer
Expert at overplaying
Famous chimp in the Mercury space program
Food in a Dr. Seuss title
Food that's never kosher
Former Steeler Jack
Frequently smoked thing
"Gammon, e.g."
"Glazed item, at times"
Goldwater is one
Green eggs accompaniment
Green eggs go-with
Green eggs side
Green eggs' accompanier
Green eggs' go-with
Hall-of-Fame linebacker Jack
Hard person to direct
Hardly an Oscar candidate
Hardly an underperformer
Hardly one with stage fright
Hawaiian pizza ingredient
Hawaiian pizza topping
Hawaiian-pizza topping
"He has shack, will rap"
He overacts
He's radioactive
Hock type
Hog haunch
Hog meat
Hog thigh
Hog's thigh
Hokey actor
Hokey player
Holiday entree
Holiday entr
Hormel canned it in 1926
Hot dog's relative
Improv troupe member
Inferior actor
Ingredient in a medianoche
Ingredient in chicken cordon bleu
It can be cured
It goes with eggs
It may be boneless
It may be cured
It may be cured or glazed
It may be curried
It may be glazed
It may be in hock
It may be part of a club
It may be smoked
It may get smoked
It may need to be cured
It needs to be cured
It often gets cured
It's cured but was never sick
It's not kosher
It's often cured
It's often in hock
It's often smoked
It's smoked at lunch
Jack of the '70s Steelers
Japeth s sibling
Kind of actor
Kind of actor or radio
Kind of lunchmeat
Kind of radio
Kind of string or bone
Kosher no-no
"Liberace, for one"
Licensed amateur radio operator
Limelight lover
Lunch meat
"Lunch, part 3"
Man on the Ark.
Man that acts bad
Many a skit actor
Meat in a Cuban sandwich
Meat in a Dr. Seuss title
Meat in a rice ball
Meat in eggs Benedict
"Meat mentioned in ""Weird Al"" Yankovic's ""Fat"""
Meat that may be smoked
Meat that may be spiral-cut
Meat with eggs
Menu item.
Mike Pikelny for one (but darn clever)
Morning side
Muffuletta meat
Mugger on stage
Mugger on the boards
NBA's Darvin
NFL Hall of Famer Jack
Nippon-___ Fighters (Japanese baseball team)
Noah descendant
Noah's overacting son?
Noah's second son
Noah's second.
Noah's son
Noah's youngest.
Nonkosher food
Nonkosher meat
"Norman Greenbaum ""Canned ___"""
Not act professionally?
Not-so-subtle performer
Not-so-super trouper
Off-limits meat in Jewish cuisine
Omelet filler
Omelet ingredient
"Omelet ingredient, maybe"
Omelet meat
Omelet option
Omelette ingredient
One acting badly
"One going for big laughs, say"
One might get baked on Christmas
One not acting well
One not willing to share the limelight
One of Noah's boys
One of Noah's sons
One playing things up?
One who chews the scenery
One who overacts
Order with eggs
Overacting actor
Overdramatic one
Overdramatic thespian
Parma or Black Forest
Part of a Denver omelet
Part of a Western
Part of a western
Part of a western sandwich
Part of the leg
Partner of green eggs
Passenger on the ark
Performer yukking it up
"Person with a headset, maybe"
Pete of Badfinger
"Photobomber, often"
Picnic entree
Pig product
"Pig's future, perhaps"
Play killer
Player for big laughs
Poor performer
Popular Easter dish
Popular cured meat
Pork choice
Pork cut
Pork product
Porker's haunch
Possible calzone filling
"Prosciutto, e.g."
"Prosciutto, for example"
"Prosciutto, for one"
"Prosciutto, on Italian menus."
Quiche ingredient
Radio amateur
Radio buff
Radio enthusiast
Radio fan
Radio geek
Radio hobbyist
Radio hobbyist.
Radio operator
Radio operator in a shack
Radio user
Radio-active one?
Red-eye gravy base
Red-eye gravy source
Redeye gravy source
Roast beef alternative
Rye filler
Rye go-with
Rye's partner
Sam-I-Am's meat
Sandwich favorite
Sandwich filler
Sandwich meat
Sandwich partner of cheese
Sandwich standby
Sandwich staple
Scene stealer
Scene stealer.
Scenery chewer
Scenery-chewing actor
Scourge of the stage
Second son of Noah
Seuss title food
Shack figure
Shack occupant
Shem shipmate
Shem's brother.
Shem's porky brother
Short wave user.
Short-wave buff
Shortwave buff
Shortwave operator
Show-off in a show
Show-off on the stage
Show-off performer
Showy performer
Side with green eggs
Slice served with eggs
Smithfield buy
Smithfield output
Smithfield product
"Smithfield, for one"
Smoked Easter fare
Smoked delicacy
Smoked item
Smoked meat
Smokehouse hanger
Smokehouse item
Smokehouse product
Something often cured
Something to be cured
Son of Noah
Son of Noah.
Son on Noah's ark
Spiral-sliced meat
Spotlight grabber
Spotlight hog
Stage emoter
Stage fright?
Stage grabber
Stage hog
Stage hog?
Stage hogger
Stage mugger
Stage scenery chewer
Stage show-off
Stage stealer
Steeler all-pro linebacker
Strutter and fretter
Sub selection
Superheterodyne fan
Superheterodyne owner
Swiss accompaniment
"Swiss accompaniment, often"
Swiss cheese go-with
Swiss go-with
"Tapper in a ""shack"""
"Thanksgiving Day main course, for many"
Thanksgiving fare
Theatrical overdoer
Theatrical showoff
Theatrical streak
Thespian cutup
Thigh of a hog
Third son of Noah
Tref cold cut meat
Type of sandwich
Unlikely Oscar nominee
Unlikely Oscar winner
Unsubtle performer
Veal cordon bleu stuffing
Virginia ___
Virginia meat
Virginia or Smithfield
Virginia or Smithfield product
Virginia specialty
Western omelet ingredient
Western omelet meat
Western omelet morsel
Western omelet need
Word after Virginia or Westphalian
Yuletide dinner slice
___ actor
___ and Swiss
___ and Swiss on rye
___ and cheese
___ and cheese sandwich
___ and eggs
___ it up
___ it up (hot-dog)
___ radio
Ark passenger
Ark passenger
Western omelet ingredient
Spiral-sliced entree
Cordon bleu ingredient
Cheese and bread go-with
Hawaiian pizza topping
Breakfast meat
Cured pork
Cured pork
Scenery chewer
Deli meat
Easter roast
Cured pork leg
Deli meat
Spiral-sliced entree
With 40-Across, common deli sandwich
Deli meat
Common Christmas entree
Cured pork
Nonkosher entree
Virginia __
Cuban component
Overact, ... it up
No great actor
No great actor
Partner of 9-Down
Cured pork
Bad actor
Denver omelet ingredient
Bit of Hawaiian pizza
"Green Eggs and ___"
Shortwave radio buff
Eggs Benedict ingredient
Vegans may see it as a bit of a shame
Smoked pork
Cured pork
Shambles involve actor
Deli meat
Omelet tidbit
Deli meat
Deli meat
Croque madame meat
Broad player
Overact, ... it up
Sandwich filling for actor
Form of pork
Popular Easter entrée
Croque-monsieur meat
Hawaiian-style pizza topping
West side of London?
A meaty role would probably suit him
Bad actor
___ and cheese
Spotlight hog
Cured pork leg
Bad actor given a clap somewhere in London
Denver omelet ingredient
Pig meat
Deli meat
Cured meat
Filling as actor
Omelet option
Eggs Benedict need
Deli meat
Bad actor
Jerry Lewis, notably
Eggs Benedict ingredient
Bad actor
Common lunch meat
Pig meat
Sandwich selection
Submarine sandwich meat
Cured pork
It can be smoked
Champagne ingredient unsuitable for vegetarians
Bad actor
Common lunchmeat
Type of meat
Actor in shambles
Amateur radio operator
Overact, ... it up
Cured pork leg
Deli meat
Son of Noah and father of Canaan in the Old Testament
Meat in an omelet
Sandwich meat
Spotlight hog
Smoked meat
Deli meat
Overly theatrical type
Cured pork
Charcuterie choice
Eggs Benedict meat, often
Stage hog
South American meat product
Scenery chewer
Type of pork
Bad actor in shambles
Omelet meat
Pig meat
Option for an omelet
Cured pork
Type of pork
Bad actor in shambles
Bad actor
Deli choice
Subway choice
Meat atop Hawaiian pizza
Easter entrée
Deli meat
Meat in a typical Denver omelet
Eggs partner, often
Sunday dinner dish
Deli meat
Bad actor
Meat that's often served at Christmas
Deli meat
Overperforming actor
Nonkosher sandwich meat
Black Forest ___ (sandwich option at Subway)
Bad actor
It's often cured
Radio operator
Baked __
Cheese go-with
Cured-pork cold cut
Overact, ... it up
Cheese go-with
Bad actor
Son of Noah
Smoked pork
Meat with Smithfield and Black Forest varieties
Smoked pork
Overacting actor
Overact, ... it up
Pork product
Bad actor
Amateur radio operator
Smoked pork
Meat that's often carved with an electric knife
Easter meat
Son of Noah and father of Canaan in the Old Testament
Cut of pork
A cold-cut
Deli meat
Bad actor
Denver omelet ingredient
One overdoing it on stage
Meat that Virginia is known for
Meat that Virginia is known for
Christmas meat
Meat on a Hawaiian-style pizza
Sandwich meat
Overacting actor
Spiral-cut meat often served for Easter dinner
Salty, cured meat
Meat found in many sub sandwiches
Radio hobbyist
Deli purchase
Deli meat
Stage hog
Meat in a Denver omelet
Deli choice
Type of pork
Bad actor in shambles
Lunch meat
"Green Eggs and ___" (Dr. Seuss book)
Spotlight hog
Scenery chewer
Meat that's often carved with an electric knife
Savory meat
Sandwich filling
Deli purchase
Actor who overacts
Cured pork product
Deli meat
Cured pork
___ and Swiss on rye
Sandwich meat
Cured pork
Hawaiian pizza topping
__ and cheese sandwich

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