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Word: HARE

The word HARE has appeared in at least 556 clues on different crosswords.

HARE definition(s):

  • swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes
  • run quickly, like a hare
  • flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food
  • To excite; to tease, or worry; to harry.
  • A rodent of the genus Lepus, having long hind legs, a short tail, and a divided upper lip. It is a timid animal, moves swiftly by leaps, and is remarkable for its fecundity.

"""A Wild ___"" (cartoon in which Bugs Bunny first says ""What's up, Doc?"")"
"""Fabled"" beast"
"""March"" animal of fiction"
"""Pravda"" playwright"
"""Run with the ___ and hunt..."""
"""The Reader"" writer David"
"""The Tortoise and the ---"""
"""The Tortoise and the ___"""
"""Watership Down"" denizen"
"""Watership Down"" extra"
"""___ Tonic"": 1945 Bugs Bunny title"
"""___ Trigger"" (Bugs/Yosemite Sam cartoon)"
"""___ We Go"" (1951 Bugs Bunny cartoon)"
"""___-Way to the Stars"" (Looney Tunes' first appearance of Marvin's ""Instant Martians"")"
'___ Trigger' (1945 Bugs Bunny cartoon)
*Storied also-ran
-- Krishna
"1947 Bugs Bunny cartoon, ""Slick ___"""
A lagomorph
A leporid
A leveret is a young one
Adult leveret
Aesop animal
Aesop animal who snoozes and loses
Aesop character
Aesop character who lost a race
Aesop creature
Aesop loser
Aesop racer
Aesop title character
Aesop's also-ran
Aesop's dawdler
Aesop's famous runner-up
Aesop's laggard
Aesop's loser
Aesop's race loser
Aesop's slacker
Aesop's smart-alecky loser
Aesopian also- ran
Aesopian also-ran
Aesopian animal
Aesopian contestant
Aesopian loser
Aesopian racer
Aesopian smart aleck
Alice acquaintance
Also-ran in an Aesop fable
Also-ran of a famous fable
Also-ran of fable
Animal born open-eyed
Animal born with fur
"Animal in the children's book ""Guess How Much I Love You?"""
Animal with a scut
Animal with big ears
Aseop's also-ran
Basset's quarry
Belgian ___
Big-eared hopper
Bounding critter
Braggart of fable
Bugs Bunny is one
Bugs Bunny title word
"Bugs Bunny, for one"
"Bugs cartoon, Slick ___"
Bunny's cousin.
Bunny's kin
Carroll character
Carroll character.
Certain quarry.
Cheap fur.
Chinese calendar animal
Chinese-calendar animal
Cocksure Aesopian racer
Cocky Aesop character
Cocky competitor of fable
Cocky critter in a familiar fable
Cocky racer in a fable
Cocky rival of fable
Constellation Lepus
Constellation Lepus.
"Constellation south of the Hunter, with ""the"""
Creature with a scut
Creature with big ears
Critter with a scut
Denizen of a warren
Dog track dummy
Dog track lure
Dog-racing spur
Down dweller
Dummy on a greyhound track
Dupe in an Aesop fable
Eagle quarry
Exemplar of March madness?
Fabled also-ran
Fabled boaster
Fabled braggart
Fabled cocky racer
Fabled creature who snoozes and loses
Fabled dawdler
Fabled fast starter
Fabled hubristic racer
Fabled lazybones
Fabled loser
Fabled loser of a race
"Fabled loser, thought he was a winner"
Fabled napper
Fabled procrastinator
Fabled race loser
Fabled race participant
Fabled race runner-up
Fabled racer
Fabled runner
Fabled runner-up
Fabled slacker
Fabled time-waster
Fabled tortoise competitor
Fabled tortoise's rival
Fabled underachiever
Fabulous dawdler
Fabulous loser
Fabulous loser?
Fabulous racer
Fabulous slacker
Fairy-tale lagomorph
Famed racer who snoozes and loses
Famous also-ran
Famous loser
Famous race loser.
Famous race-loser
Famously overconfident competitor
Fast also-ran
Fast loser
Fast one
Fast runner
Fast-moving mammal
Fictional braggart
Fictional runner-up
Fictional tea party guest
Fictional tea-party attendee
Field creature
Field creature.
Fleet animal.
Fleet failure of fable
Fleet little mammal
Fleet rodent.
Forest creature
Fox's prey
Furry subject of a famous Albrecht D
Gnawing mammal
Great Plains denizen
Greyhound track dummy
Greyhound's quarry
Grown-up leveret
"Guitarist James (or, backwards, Hawaiian tuna)"
Harvey's cousin.
He raced the tortoise
He was smoking tea with the Mad Hatter while the tortoise was crossing the finish line
Herbivore with hops
Hopped-up speedster
Hopping game?
Hopping herbivore
Hopping mammal
Hound's prey
Hound's prey.
Hound's quarry
Hound's target
Hounds' leader
Hounds' prey.
Hounds' quarry
Hubristic figure of fable
Hunt quarry
It goes by leaps and bounds
It moves by leaps and bounds
It placed against the tortoise
It's famous for its rapid transit
It's known for its rapid transit
Its fabled loss was a shock
Jack rabbit
"Jack rabbit, actually"
"Jack rabbit, e.g."
"Jack rabbit, in reality"
Jack rabbit.
"Jackrabbit, actually"
"Jackrabbit, e.g."
"Jackrabbit, for one"
Jumpy animal
Kind of bell or brain
Krishna preceder
Laggard in an Aesop fable
Leader of the pack?
Leaping animal
Leaping critter
Legendary loser
Legendary losing lagomorph
Legendary race loser
Leporine animal.
Leporine creature
"Lepus, the sky animal"
Leveret's dad
Leveret's parent
"Leveret, e.g."
Lion : pride :: ___ : husk
Literary tea-party attendee
Little chief ___ (pika)
Little chief ___ (the pika)
Long-eared animal
Long-eared animal.
Long-eared critter
Long-eared hopper
Long-eared lagomorph
Long-eared leaper
Long-eared loper
Long-eared mammal
Long-eared one
Long-eared racer
Long-eared runner
Loser in a fable
Loser in a fabled race
Loser in a fabled race.
Loser in a fabled upset
Loser in a fictional race
Loser in a fictional upset
Loser in a great race
Loser in a race.
Loser in a well-known upset
Loser in an Aesop fable
Loser in an fictional upset
Loser in an upset
Loser of a fabled race
Loser of a fabulous race.
Loser of a race
Loser of fable
Loser of lore
Loser to a tortoise
Loser to the tortoise
Loser to the tortoise.
Losing racer
Mad Hatter guest
Mad March animal
Mad as a March ___
Make tracks
Make tracks.
"Mantra word heard in ""My Sweet Lord"""
March ___
March ___ (Carroll character)
March ___ (tea party attendee)
March ___.
March ___: Carroll character
March animal
March creature
March follower
Mata ___
Mature leveret
Meadow creature.
Meadow denizen
Meadow lagomorph
Memorable napper
Napper in a famous fable
Napper of fable
Noted fairy tale napper
Noted loser
Noted loser of a race
Noted napper
Noted nonchalant napper
Noted overconfident racer
Noted race loser
Noted second-place finisher
Noted sprinter
O'___ (Chicago hub)
Odd's-on favorite in a fabled race
One leading a chase
One of the leporidae
One of the leporids
One with big ears
Orion's celestial prey
Overconfident critter of fable
Overconfident morality tale critter
Overconfident racer in a fable
Overconfident racer of fable
Overconfident speedster of fable
Pace-pushing runner
Pace-setting racer
Paper-chase participant
Party host in an 1865 novel
Pika's cousin
Pika's cousin.
Player in a game.
Quick bounder
Rabbit kin
Rabbit look-alike
Rabbit relative
Rabbit's cousin
Rabbit's kin
Rabbit's relative
Race loser
Race loser of fable
Race napper
Racer of fable
Racer of fable.
Rapid rodent
Relative of a rabbit
Rodent runner
Rodentlike mammal
"Run fast, to a Brit"
Run fast.
Run quickly
Run swiftly
Run swiftly.
Runner of fable
Runner-up in well-known race
Runner-up to a tortoise
"Showshoe rabbit, really"
Small animal
Small animal.
Smug racer
Smug runner in a fabled race
Snowshoe ___
Snowshoe or March follower
"Snowshoe rabbit, for one"
"Snowshoe, e.g."
"Snowshoe, for one"
Speedy Arctic dweller
Speedy one.
Split-lipped leporid
Split-lipped lepus
Split-lipped mammal
Storied cocky racer
Storied loser
Storied race loser
Storied racer who snoozes and loses
Storied slacker
Storied upset runner
Surprise loser of story
Swift animal
Swift animal.
Swift mammal
Swift rodent
Swift rodent.
Symbol of a giddy brain
Symbol of speed
"Tea party attendee in ""Alice in Wonderland"""
The constellation Lepus
The tortoise beat him
This may be Belgian
Tortoise challenger
Tortoise competitor
Tortoise foe
Tortoise foe of fable
Tortoise opponent
Tortoise racer
Tortoise rival
Tortoise runner-up
Tortoise taunter
Tortoise trailer
Tortoise's adversary
Tortoise's companion.
Tortoise's competitor
"Tortoise's competitor, in fable"
Tortoise's fabled opponent
Tortoise's fabulous rival
Tortoise's opponent
Tortoise's race opponent
Tortoise's race rival
Tortoise's rival
Tortoise's running mate
Tortoise's victim
Tref mammal
Trickster of African folk tales
Turtle's opponent
Underachiever of fable
Unlikely fable loser
Warren denizen
Warren resident
Wonderland character
Wonderland creature
Wonderland critter
Wonderland talker
Wonderland tea party attendee
Wonderland tea party critter
Word in many Bugs Bunny cartoon titles
Word in many Bugs Bunny titles
___ Krishna
___ and hounds
___ and hounds (outdoor game for kids)
___ and hounds (outdoor game)
Fast-moving mammal
Long-eared loper
Aesop's also-ran
Speedy runner
Had the measure of banks producing fast buck
Rabbit's kin
Small mammal
Hear about an animal
Jackrabbit actually
Adult leveret
Hear about an animal
Jugged ___ (old British delicacy)
Tortoise's opponent
Long-eared critter
Fast runner
Hound's prey
Small mammal
Hear about animal
Dusty —, 1974-84 England rugby union fullback; 1971-77 Nottinghamshire CCC batsman
Fast runner
Fabled race loser
David —, author of stage plays Gethsemane and The Vertical Hour
Loser of a fabled race
Race loser in an Aesop fable
Long-eared critter
Warren denizen
Loser of a fabled race
Long-eared leaper
Fabled race loser
Rabbitlike animal
Tortoise's rival
Jack rabbit
Racer of fable
Loser to the tortoise, in fable
Small mammal
Hear about hopper
Adult leveret
Hear about mad thing?
Small mammal
Hear about animal
Rabbit relative
Tortoise's opponent
Tortoise's opponent
Tortoise's rival in a race
Rabbit-like animal
Cocky racer of fable
Also-ran in a fabled race
Rabbit relative
Tortoise's opponent
To rush can make you hear amiss
Rabbit relative
Infamous loser to a tortoise
Rabbit's kin
Overconfident fable critter
Rabbit's kin
Second-place finisher, famously
Hound's prey
Rabbitlike animal
Storied also-ran
Leaping critter
Hasenpfeffer ingredient
Fabled favorite
Fast but lazy creature in a fable
Cocksure Aesopian racer
Hear about animal
Tortoise racer
Racer with the tortoise
Jack rabbit
Tortoise's opponent
Rabbit's kin
Small mammal
Hear about animal
Tortoise's opponent
Rabbit relative
"__ Trigger": Bugs Bunny cartoon
Storied loser in an upset
Hound's prey
Overconfident racer of fable
Adult leveret
Shared with mammal
Aesop's fast loser
Long-eared hopper
Rabbit relative
Also-ran of fable
Aesopian also-ran
Loser to a tortoise
Quick hopper
Big-eared leaper
Rabbitlike animal
Tortoise's rival
Jack rabbit
Rabbit relative
Tortoise racer
A hounded animal
Rabbit-like mammal
Fast runner
Tortoise's opponent
Fast runner
Rabbit's relative
Rabbit-like mammal
Rabbit relative
Aesopian also-ran
Tortoise's rival
'___ Today, Gone Tomorrow' ('Tiny Toon Adventures' episode)
Adult leveret
Word in punny Bugs Bunny titles
Aesop's also-ran
Bunny's kin
Long-eared hopper
Tortoise's rival
Jackrabbit, actually
Rabbit's kin
Fabulous race loser
Racer in an Aesop fable
Rabbit's kin
Swift mammal
Fabled racer
Hound's prey
Rabbit cousin
Rabbit look-alike
Tortoise's rival
Rabbitlike animal
"___ Trigger" (Bugs Bunny cartoon)
Fabled race loser
Aesop's loser
Hounds' quarry
Small mammal
Hear about animal
Animal that resembles a rabbit
Fabled race loser
Overconfident racer of fable
Bunny kin
____ and hounds
Overconfident racer in a fable by Aesop
Despite having long ears, hear amiss!
Rabbit's kin
Overconfident racer of fable
Rabbitlike animal
Jack rabbit
Tortoise's opponent
Rabbit's cousin
Jack rabbit
Tortoise's rival
Rabbit's kin
Loser to the tortoise, in a fable
Long-eared animal that a hound might chase
Small mammal
Hear about animal
Aesop's also-ran

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