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Word: HAT

The word HAT has appeared in at least 694 clues on different crosswords.

HAT definition(s):

  • headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
  • put on or wear a hat
  • an informal term for a person''s role
  • furnish with a hat
  • Histone Acetyltransferase

"""Finishing the ___"" (""Sunday in the Park with George"" song)"
"""I Wear the Black ___: Grappling with Villains (Real and Imagined)"" (2013 book by Chuck Klosterman)"
"""Keep it under your ___!"" (""Mum's the word!"")"
"""Monopoly"" token choice"
"""Poodle ___"" (""Weird Al"" Yankovic album)"
"""The Cat in the ___"""
"""The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a ___"" (Oliver Sacks book)"
"""Top ___"" (1935)"
"""Top ___"" (Astaire flick)"
"""Waiting for Godot"" prop"
"""You Can Keep Your ___ On"""
"""You Can Leave Your ___ On"""
"""You can leave your ___ on"""
'He who cannot keep his ___ on before kings and emperors is no free man': Schiller
59Fifty product
A bowler that doesn't bowl?
A candidate tosses this into the ring
A good guy's is white
A milliner makes it
Abzug adornment
Abzug trademark
Accessory for a Dr. Seuss cat
Afro flattener
Alternative to minoxidil?
Apparel for a Dr. Seuss cat
Arlen's 'The Green --'
Article on a rack
Bad hair day cover-up
Bad hair day helper
Bad hair day wear
Bad-hair day helper
Bad-hair-day helper
Baldness remedy?
Balmoral or capuchon
Bean cover
Bean cover?
Bean covering?
Bean topper?
Beanie or baseball cap
Beanie or beret
"Beanie, e.g."
Beaver or boater
"Beaver, e.g."
"Beaver, for one"
Bella Abzug feature
Beret or beanie
Beret or bonnet
Beret or shako
"Beret, e.g."
"Bicorne, e.g."
Bill collector on the street
"Billycock, e.g."
Biretta or busby
Bit of dance attire for Fred Astaire
Boater or bowler
Boater or sailor
Boater or skimmer
"Boater, e.g."
"Boater, for one"
Bonnet or beanie
Bonnet or derby
Bowler or beret
Bowler or boater
Bowler or derby
Bowler or dicer
Bowler or porkpie
Bowler or sailor
Bowler or skimmer
Bowler or sombrero
"Bowler, but not golfer"
"Bowler, e.g."
"Bowler, for example"
"Bowler, for one"
Brass ___
"Broadbrim, e.g."
"Broadbrim, for one"
Busby or biretta
Busby or derby
"Bush, in ""Doonesbury"""
"Bush, to Trudeau"
Candidate's throw-in
Cardinal's symbol of office
Castor or dicer
Castor or pillbox
Castor or tile
"Castor, e.g."
"Cat's garb, in a kids' book"
"Cat's place, per Seuss"
"Caubeen, e.g."
Checkroom item
Chef's accoutrement
Cloche or castor
Cloche or toque
"Cloche, e.g."
"Cloche, for one"
Collection holder
Common Justin Timberlake fashion accessory
Common magician prop
Cover for a bad hair day
Covering for the head
"Cracker breakthrough album ""Kerosene ___"""
Dach product
"Deerstalker, e.g."
"Deerstalker, for one"
Derby Day tradition
Derby of stovepipe
Derby or bowler
Derby or deerstalker
Derby or fez
Derby or pillbox
"Derby, e.g."
"Derby, for example"
"Derby, for instance"
"Derby, for one"
Dicer or skimmer
Dicer or tile
"Dipsy's ""favorite thing,"" on ""Teletubbies"""
Do cover
"Do damager, maybe"
Do flattener
Doffed item
Doffed thing
Dome covering?
Donation collection site
"Dr. Seuss's ""The Cat in the ___"""
Dr. Seuss's 'The Cat in the ___'
Easter Sunday accessory
Easter display
Easter parade attraction
"Edible item, at times."
Equine headgear.
Fan's purchase
Fedora or cloche
Fedora or derby
Fedora or fez
Fedora or homburg
"Fedora, e.g."
"Fedora, for instance"
"Fedora, for one"
Felt or straw.
Fez e.g.
Fez or fedora
Fez or kepi
"Fez, e.g."
"Fez, for instance"
"Fez, for one"
"Former baseball player Harry ""The ___"" Walker"
Fund-raisers pass it
Fundraisers pass it
Garth Brooks often wears one
Gibus or kady
"Green beret, e.g."
Haberdashery item
Hair hider
Hair shade?
Hanger on a rack
Head cover
Head covering
Head liner?
Head topper
Head warmer
Head-topper for Dr. Seuss's cat
Hedda's topper
"Helmet, essentially"
High ___.
High or top follower
"Hockey ""trick"""
Hockey trick
Homburg or fedora
"Homburg, e.g."
Hopper topper
Indiana Jones prop
It can be over your head
It could be on your head
It could be tipped off?
It gets passed around
It goes right over your head
It has a crown
It made the Flying Nun fly
It may be checked
It may be cocked
It may be doffed
It may be felt on your head
It may be filled with money or hair
It may be hard on a construction worker
It may be in the ring
It may be over your head
It may be passed
It may be passed or cocked
It may be passed or tipped
It may be tipped
It may be tipped (h)
It may be tipped as a sign of respect
It may be tipped or blocked
It may be tossed in a ring
It may collect tips... or be tipped
It may go over your head
It may have a wide brim to protect against the sun
It may rest on a rack
It might be old
It might be tipped
It might go over your head
It should go on a head
It's hard on a construction worker
It's often put on the rack
It's often tipped
It's passed by fund-raisers
It's passed for money
It's sometimes passed
It's sometimes passed for money
It's tipped by an admirer
It's usually over your head
It's worn on a bad hair day
"Item ""in the ring."""
Item for a bad hair day?
Item for a ring
Item in the ring
Item on a rack
Item removed at the barbershop
Item sometimes worn backwards
Item thrown in a ring
Item to talk through
Item to talk through.
Item tossed into a ring
Item tossed metaphorically by politicians
Item with a brim or crown
"Jipijapa, e.g."
"Job, figuratively"
"Job, figuratively, and what's inside each of this puzzle's four longest entries"
"Job, metaphorically"
Joe Cocker can leave his on
Kady or petasus
Keep-under item
Kind of box or band
Kind of check or rack
Kind of dance or band
Kind of dance or trick
Kind of rack
Kind of trick
Lincoln's was a stovepipe
Magic act prop
Magic show prop
Magical item for Frosty the Snowman
Magician prop
Magician's item
Magician's prop
Magician's rabbit's home
Magician's stock item
"Makeshift ballot holder, maybe"
"Medicine ___, Alberta"
Medicine or old.
Mexican ___ dance
Mexican ___ dance.
Mexican-dance need
Milliner's handiwork
Milliner's offering
Milliner's product
Milliner's sale
Milliner's specialty
Millinery item
Millinery purchase
Millinery sale
Miter or fedora
Monopoly token
Monopoly token choice
New Year's Eve party handout
"New Year's Eve party handout, perhaps"
New Year's party handout
"Nickelback's ""Cowboy ___"""
Noodle topper
Noodle topper?
Noodle topping?
Nut covering
Object in the ring.
Occupation indicator
Old ___
Old ___ (pass
Old or top
"Oliver Sacks book ""The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a ___"""
On-the-rack item
On-the-rack item?
One getting a tip?
One may be cocked
One may be in the ring
One may be passed
One might get tipped
One of 500 in a Seuss story
One of 500 in a Seuss tale
"One of many jobs, in metaphor"
"One of multiple jobs, metaphorically"
Opera or hard
Outline in the Arby's logo
Overhead expense?
Overhead item?
Panama for one
"Panama or Balmoral, for two"
Panama or bowler
Panama or cowboy
Panama or pillbox
Panama or porkpie
"Panama, e.g."
"Panama, for one"
Part of Arby's logo
Part of Frosty's outfit
Part of a Santa costume
Part of a Sherlock costume
Part of an Uncle Sam costume
Part of many male country singers' garb
Party attire
"Party handout, perhaps"
Pass the ___.
Passed item at a fundraiser
Pate protector
"Pharrell's has over 20,000 followers on Twitter"
Pillbox or porkpie
Pillbox or toque
"Pillbox, e.g."
Pin type
Place for a Dr. Seuss cat
Place for a band
Place for a plume
Place for a rabbit in a magic act
Popeye wore one
"Pork pie, e.g."
Pork pie.
Porkpie for one
Porkpie or Panama
Porkpie or pillbox
"Porkpie, e.g."
"Porkpie, for one"
Prop for a logic-puzzle prisoner
Prop for a magician
"R.C.M.P. stetson, for one"
"Rabbit holder, perhaps"
Rabbit's hideout?
Rabbit's hiding place?
Rabbit's place?
Rack item
Rack occupant
Rack type
Receiver of donations
Receiver of donations?
Receptacle for contributions.
Relative of a nightcap.
Remedy for a bad hair day
Revolt leader Turner
"Ring contents, maybe"
Ring toss item?
Ring toss?
Ring-toss item?
Role indicator
"Role, in metaphor"
Rug covering
Sailor or boater
"Sailor, e.g."
Santa has a red and white one
Santa suit part
Santa wears one
Sartorial accent for Justin Timberlake
Seuss's cat container
Seuss's cat topper
Shade provider
Shako e.g.
Shako or busby.
Shako or dicer
"Skimmer, e.g."
Solution for a bad hair day
Sombrero or fedora
"Sombrero, e.g."
"Sombrero, for one"
Something to check
Something to check or tip
Something to doff
Something to fling into a ring
Something to hang on a tree
Something to tip
Sometimes it's high
Sort of trick?
"Sou'wester, e.g."
Souvenir shop purchase
Stetson or fedora
"Stetson or fedora, e.g."
Stetson or homburg
Stetson or sombrero
"Stetson, e.g."
"Stetson, for one"
Stove pipe.
Stovepipe ___ (Lincoln topper)
Stovepipe for one
Stovepipe or Stetson
"Stovepipe, e.g."
"Stovepipe, for one"
"Street performer's tip container, perhaps"
Sun protection
"Sunburn preventer, maybe"
Symbol of a position
Symbol of political aspiration.
Tam or bowler
Tam or trilby
Ten-gallon item.
Ten-gallon topper
The last word of this puzzle's five longest answers is a type of one
Thing often checked
Thing to tip
This clue's answer may be over your head
This may be over your head
This might go over your head
Three-goal trick
Tin Man's funnel accessory
Tip collector for many an amateur performer
Tip from a gentleman?
Tipped top
Tipped topper
Tipper's item
Token in Monopoly
Tom Landry always wore one
Top ___
Top or tin follower
Toque or beret
Toque or bowler
Toque or cloche
Toque or fez
Toque or gibus
Toque or kepi
Toque or porkpie
Toque or tam
Toque or topee
Toque or topper
"Toque, e.g."
"Toque, for one"
Tree item
"Tricorn, for one"
"Tricorne, e.g."
Trilby on a Londoner
"Trilby, e.g."
Trilor tam
Trucker or bowler
Type of trick
Type of trick for a Ranger
Type of trick or rack
Uncle Sam costume piece
Uncle Sam feature
Uniform part
Used by street performer for tips
Vocational identifier
"Vocational identifier, perhaps"
Vocational identifier: sl.
What Joe Cocker told you to leave on
What a gentleman tips
What a tipper tips
What men doff to Key
What to keep a secret under
Whence some rabbits
Where a rabbit may be hidden
Word after hard or high
Word after high or before dance
Word after high or opera
Word after high or top
Word after old or opera
Word before box or trick
Word before tree or trick
"Word with ""hard"" or ""high"""
Word with band or box
Word with box or trick
Word with dance or band
Word with hard or high
Word with high or top
Word with old or hard
Word with trick or tree
"You may check it, although it's over your head"
Zazzle purchase
___ head
___ in hand
___ in hand (humbly)
___ trick
___ trick (three goals in one game)
___ trick (three goals)
Top with a crown
It's passed for funds
One may be tipped
Head topper
Head topper
Bowler e.g.
One might be tipped
Mr. Potato Head piece
Homburg or trilby
Fedora or fez
Sun blocker of a sort
Bowler, e.g.
Derby e.g.
Ring-toss item?
Tropical headwear, Panama ...
Milliner's product
Pillbox or porkpie
Bonnet or beret
Part of a Santa suit
Metaphorical hiding place
Headwear item
Chatting about fedora
Derby or boater
Fedora, eg
Chatting about head wear
Sombrero, for example
Sombrero, for example
Boater or bowler
Sombrero or Stetson
Bowler, e.g.
Beanie, boater or beret
Pillbox, e.g.
Headwear item
Chatting about headgear
Safety helmet, hard ...
Sombrero, e.g.
Sombrero e.g.
It may be checked
Bowler or boater
Sombrero or beret
Derby or fedora
Fedora, eg
Chatting about headwear
Scalp warmer
Made it across
Something passed at a meeting, maybe
Boater or bowler
Bowler, e.g.
Part of an Uncle Sam costume
Mr. Peanut accessory
Boater or bowler
Haberdasher's item
Safety helmet, hard ...
Bowler, e.g.
This might go over your head
Headwear item
Fedora, e.g.
One may be tipped
Boater, for one
Sombrero, e.g.
Fedora, say
___ trick
Bowler, e.g.
Fez or fedora
Hate to trim an article of apparel!
A particular role that requires no top
Fedora, for instance
Medicine __, Alberta
Noodle topper?
Sombrero or Stetson
One of the Monopoly tokens
Bowler or boater
Tropical headwear, Panama ...
Sombrero, e.g
Safety helmet, hard ...
8-Down, e.g.
See 102-Down
Head wear item
Chatting, holding beret
Sombrero, e.g.
Banded Wonderland wear
Broadbrim, e.g.
Fedora, say
Trilby, say
Accessory for a bad hair day
Hair hider
Trilby, for example
Beret or bonnet
Cap or bonnet
Fedora, eg
Chatting about headwear
Bowler or boater
Pate protector
Sombrero, e.g.
Derby, perhaps?
Spot for a street performer's tips, often
Safety helmet, hard ...
Job, metaphorically
Bad-hair-day resort
Fedora or beret
Bowler, beanie or beret
Drop number 11 out of dislike for bowler?
Trilby, eg
Wear for Seuss' cat
Bowler, e.g.
New Year's Eve handout
Trilby, say
Place for a magician's rabbit
Head liner?
Fez, e.g.
Headwear item
Chatting about fedora
Boater or bowler
Fez, e.g.
Head covering
Article of clothing that may be "doffed"
Stetson, e.g.
Boater, e.g.
It may be tipped as a sign of respect
Bowler, for instance
Cover for a bad hair day
Sight on a rack
Camera type, for short
Bowler, e.g.
Band's place up top
Fashion statement at the Kentucky Derby
Fedora, e.g.
Boater or bowler
Article of clothing that could cause a bad hair day
Sombrero, e.g.
Headwear item
Magician's prop
Fedora, e.g.
Fez or fedora
Pillbox, e.g.
Cap or beanie, for example
Pass it for money
Cap or derby
Fedora or fez, for example
Protection against sunburn
Safety helmet, hard ...
It links up toppingly with 27 Across

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