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Word: HOE

The word HOE has appeared in at least 477 clues on different crosswords.

HOE definition(s):

  • a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle
  • dig with a hoe
  • Holographic Optical Element
  • A tool chiefly for digging up weeds, and arranging the earth about plants in fields and gardens. It is made of a flat blade of iron or steel having an eye or tang by which it is attached to a wooden handle at an acute angle.
  • The horned or piked dogfish. See Dogfish.

"""A hard row to ___"" (John Lennon line from ""Beautiful Boy"")"
"""Green Acres"" prop"
"""Green Acres"" theme song prop"
"""The Man With the ___."""
"""The Man with the ___"""
"""The Man with the ___"" (poem of protest against the exploitation of labor) (3)"
"""The Man with the ___"": Markham"
"""This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker,"" as per Ken Jennings in an episode of ""Jeopardy!"""
A cultivator.
"A square dance, with ""down"""
Adjunct of Markham's man.
Aerate the soil
Agricultural implement
Agricultural tool
Aid in weed control
Ancient technology that breaks new ground daily
Anthill destroyer
Archaeology tool
Attack the weeds
Attack weeds
Before down
Bladed pole
Bladed tool
Bladed tool.
Break ground
"Break ground, in a way"
Break ground?
Break new ground
Break new ground?
"Break up dirt clods, in a way"
Cabbage patch tool
Cake or down preceder
Cause of a row?
Cause of plot holes?
Clear the weeds
Clear weeds
Clod buster
Clod chopper
Clod-breaking tool
Clod-busting tool
Companion of a spade
Creator of plot holes?
Cultivate land
"Cultivate, in a way"
Cultivating tool
Cultivation tool
Dandelion yanker
Dandelions enemy
Device used in plot development
Dig potatoes
"Dig up dandelions, maybe"
Dig up dirt?
Dig up some dirt?
Dig weeds
Dirt buster
Dirt chopper
Do a farm chore
Do a preplanting chore
Do dirty work?
Do farm work
Do farm work.
Do garden work
Do gardening
Do gardening.
Do ground work?
Do ground-breaking work
Do groundbreaking work
Do groundbreaking work?
Do some gardening work
Do some weeding
Do work in one's field?
Down front
Down front?
Earth agitator
Earth chopper
Earth mover
Earth turner
Earthmover's tool
Farm implement
Farm implement.
Farm tool
"Farm tool in ""Weird Al"" Yankovic's ""Fat"" video"
Farm tool.
Farmer's tool
Farmer's tool.
Farming implement
Farming tool
Flat-bladed gardening tool
Flat-headed tool
Follower of Ivan
Follower of Ivan?
Furrow maker
Furrow-making tool
Garden aid
Garden chopper
Garden cultivator
Garden gadget
Garden implement
Garden implement.
Garden need
Garden shed tool
Garden shop purchase
Garden tool
Garden tool on a pole
Garden tool worker
Garden tool.
"Garden, in a way"
Garden-shop purchase
Gardener's aid.
Gardener's chopper
Gardener's implement
Gardener's need
Gardener's scraper
Gardener's tool
Gardener's tool.
Gardening aid
Gardening aid.
Gardening implement
Gardening tool
Gardening tool that sounds like a disparaging term
Get at the weeds
Get ground up?
Get rid of weeds
Ground breaker
Ground breaker?
Ground breaking implement
Ground-breaking farm tool
Ground-breaking garden tool
Ground-breaking implement
Ground-breaking tool
Groundbreaker of a sort
Groundbreaking garden tool
Groundbreaking invention?
Groundbreaking tool
Hard row to ___
Have at the weeds
Help with making the bed?
Home Depot item
Implement for Markham's man
Implement in a Millet painting
Irrigation tool
It can be groundbreaking
It can be used when making a bed
It can help you make your bed
It can make a row
It can make a row in a bed
It can turn over a lot
It can turn up a plot
It digs up dirt
It digs your bed?
It gets ground up
It gets ground up?
It has a flat blade
It has a long handle
It makes a row
It makes the earth move?
It may leave a noticeable plot hole
It may turn up
It might get you into more underground stuff
It might turn up a lot
It takes care of clods
It'll help turn up a plot
It'll unharden your garden
It's flat-bladed
It's groundbreaking
It's involved in groundbreaking events
Kin to a swoe
Kind of cake.
Kind of corn cake
Kind of down
Loam loosener
Long garden tool
Long row to ___
Long tool
Long-handled blade
Long-handled farm tool
Long-handled implement
Long-handled tool
"Loosen soil, in a way."
Low-tech weed whacker
Make a bed?
"Make the earth move, in a way"
Masonry tool
"Millet's ""Man With the ___"""
"Millet's ""Man with a ___"""
Millet's The Man with a ___
Mortar mixer
Mortar mixer's tool.
Mortaring tool
Nursery tool?
Pitchfork alternative
Plant manager?
Plot device?
Plot implement
Plow precursor
Prepare for planting
"Prepare for planting, perhaps"
"Prepare for planting, say"
Prepare to plant
"Prepare to plant, perhaps"
"Prepare to sow, maybe"
Printing press inventor.
Printing press pioneer
Rake with a blade
Rake's cousin
"Repeated three times, what Santa does to his garden?"
Richard March ___ (inventor of the rotary printing press)
Rotary ___ (cultivator)
Rotary-press inventor
Row maker
Row producer
Row starter
Row-making tool
Rowing tool?
Santa's gardening tool?
"Scuffle, e.g."
Shed item
Shed tool
Sod buster
Sod buster?
Sod-busting tool
Sodbuster's tool.
Soil chopper
Soil loosener
Soil mover
Soil stirrer
Soil turner
Soil-moving tool
Soil-shaping tool
Someone who picks it up might soon be pushing up daisies
Something groundbreaking?
Something stored in a shed
"Straddler, e.g."
Tackle the weeds
Tackle weeds
Tend the garden
Tend to the garden
Thing in the shed
Tillage implement.
Tillage tool
Tiller's tool
Tilling tool
Toil in the soil
Tool for Mrs. Wiggs
Tool for a farmer
Tool for a long row
Tool for clods
Tool for cultivation
Tool for gardeners
Tool for mixing mortar.
Tool for working the soil
Tool in Markham poem
Tool in a Markham poem
Tool in a shed
Tool of Edwin Markham's man
Tool shed item
Tool that breaks ground
Tool that breaks up ground
Tool that helps break ground
Tool that sounds like a streetwalker
Tool to bust clods with
Tool used for loosening
Tool used in a bed
Tool with a blade
Tool with a long handle
Toolshed gizmo
Toolshed item
"Toolshed item, perhaps"
Toolshed tool
Tough row to ___
Trenching tool
"Turn up earth, in a way"
Type of down
Unharden a garden
"Unharden the garden, in a way"
Vintner's tool
Weed attacker
Weed chopper
Weed control need
Weed control tool
Weed cutter
Weed digger
Weed eliminator
Weed killer
"Weed killer, often"
Weed need
Weed remover
Weed whacker
Weed whacker fueled by elbow grease
Weed-attacking tool
Weed-chopping implement
Weed-chopping tool
Weed-removal tool
Weed-removing implement
Weed-removing tool
Weed-whacking tool
Weeder's need
Weeder's tool
Weeder's tool.
Weeding ___.
Weeding aid
Weeding implement
Weeding need
Weeding tool
Weeding tool.
Weekly weeder?
Whack weeds
Whack weeds the old-fashioned way
"Whack weeds, in a way"
What could loosen up a lot?
Work in a bed
Work in one's field
Work in the community garden
Work in the fields.
Work in the garden
Work in the garden.
Work on a garden row
Work on weeds
Work the garden
Work the land
Work the soil
Work with the soil
Yard tool
You use it to make a row
Row maker
Earth-moving tool
Earth-moving tool
Soil-turning tool
Shed tool
Weed whacker
Tool in the Code of Hammurabi
Weeding tool
Groundbreaking invention
Cultivating tool
Bladed gardening tool
Farmer's tool
Weed uprooter
Garden tool
Weed whacker
Plot turner
Weeding implement
Weeding tool
Work in a bed
Farming tool
Plot device?
Weed out?
Chopping tool
Cultivating tool
Cultivating tool
Weeding tool
Shed item
Soil-moving tool
Weeding implement
Groundbreaking tool
Garden tool
Remover of 13 Down
Weeding implement
Clod buster
Garden shed sight
Weeding tool
Plot device?
Clod buster
Farm tool
Ground breaker
Soil-turning tool
Planter's aid
Weeding implement
Work in the garden
Garden tool
Clod buster
Weeding implement
Weeding tool
Weed whacker
Weed killer!
Commonly long-handled tool
Weeding implement
Garden tool
Implement found in shoes
Garden tool
Gardening tool
Weeding tool
Gardening tool
Gardening tool
Weeding tool
Groundbreaking implement
Weed whacker
Weed whacker
Gardening tool
Weed-removal implement
Weed whacker
Garden tool
One making a row?
Boy (3)
Child of resonance (3)
Gardening implement
Weeder's tool
Garden row maker
Weeding implement
Weeding tool
Garden implement
Weed whacker
Groundbreaking tool
Soil breaker
He holds nothing but a garden tool
Weed whacker
Weeding tool
Garden tool
Weeding implement
Garden implement
Weed whacker
Tough row to ___
Garden tool or key to the house
Weeder's tool
Farm tool
Soil-turning tool
Weeding tool
Weed-removing tool
Do a garden chore
Gardening tool
Long-handled tool
Tool that gets ground up
What might turn up dirt on someone?
Tend the garden
Garden tool
Weeding implement
Weeding tool
Weed killer that lasts for years
Weed whacker
Weeding implement
Weeding tool
Gardener's tool
Potato harvesting aid
Weed-whacking tool
Rock-moving tool
Groundbreaking invention?
Tilling tool
Row maker
Garden tool
Weeding implement
Soil tiller
One leaving plot holes
It may be found next to a spade
Something stored in sheds
Gardening tool
Dirty bed breaker
Long-handled farm tool
Help make the bed?
Weed whacker
Gardening tool
Tool used for weeding

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