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Word: HOLE

The word HOLE has appeared in at least 467 clues on different crosswords.

HOLE definition(s):

  • hit the ball into the hole
  • an opening into or through something
  • make holes in
  • an opening deliberately made in or through something
  • one playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course

"""Fixing a ___"" (Beatles song)"
"""Live Through This"" band"
"""___ Hearted"" (Extreme hit of 1991)"
"""___ in the Wall"" (game show based on the Japanese ""Human Tetris"" clips on YouTube)"
"""___ in the Wall"" (upcoming game show based on the Japanese ""Human Tetris"" clips on YouTube)"
1 of 18
19th ___ (golf clubhouse)
19th ___ (golf-course pub)
A fire may be in it
Ace in the ___
Ace place?
Ace's hideout
Ace's place?
Act of Love?
Alice fell in one
Animal's burrow.
Argument weakness
Argument's weakness
Awkward spot.
Bad financial situation
Bagel center
Bagel contents?
Bagel feature
Bagel feature.
Bagel's center
Bagel's middle
Base for groundless roomers?
"Bind, so to speak"
Black ___ (space object)
Bob Hope Classic target
Boring creation?
Boring outcome
Boring result
Boring result?
"Bugs Bunny's home, essentially"
Burrow indicator
Burrowing result
Button's place
CD center
Calcutta had one.
Calcutta's was black
Can you dig it?
Cavity in a solid
Center of a bagel
Consequence of lost ground?
Course component
Course division
Course goal
Courtney Love band
Courtney Love's band
Courtney Love's group
"Cove, in place names."
"Cove, often used in place names."
Cup on a green
"Cyndi Lauper ""___ in My Heart (All the Way to China)"""
Cynosure on a green
Darn it
Darn it!
Darn this
Darn this thing
Darned thing
Darner's focus
Darner's target
Deep impression
"Defect, as in an argument."
"Deficit, informally"
Dig it
Dig this
Digger's creation
Dike danger
Dingy digs
"Dogleg, e.g."
Dogleg. e.g.
Donut center
Donut feature
Donut filler?
Donut part?
Doral target
Doughnut center
Doughnut feature
Doughnut part
Doughnut property
Doughnut's center
Doughnut's middle
Dreary place
Drill mark
Driver's destination?
Driver's ultimate destination?
Duffer's destination
Duffer's target
Eagle or birdie destination
Eagle's landing place?
Egg-in-a-___ (egg cooked in a slice of bread with the center removed)
Empty space
Excavation result
"Extreme's ""___ Hearted"""
Financial bind
Financial predicament
Fire place?
Fix of a kind.
Fix: Colloq.
Flag location
"Flag location, on a golf course"
Flagstick holder
Flagstick's home
Flaw in an argument
Flaw in logic
Flaw in one's logic
"Flaw, as in a theory"
Follower of key or pot
Follower of pigeon or fox
Fox chaser?
Fox finish
"Frank Capra's ""A ___ in the Head"""
Froot Loops feature
Golf course feature
Golf course pit
Golf course unit
Golf target
Golf target.
Golf term.
Golf unit
Golf unit.
Golfer's destination
Golfer's goal
Golfer's object
Golfer's quest
Golfer's target
Golfer.s target in one
Golfers like well-tended greens a ___ lot
Golfing unit
Good place for an ace*
Gopher's creation
Gopher's home
"Great debt, so to speak"
Green cup
Green feature
Green opening
Green spot
Green target
Green target?
Green's feature
Greens part
"Head woe, idiomatically"
Hell or pot
Hiding place
Hollow space
Ice fishing access
Ice fishing need
Ice-fishing need
"In golf, a dogleg."
Inedible Swiss cheese part?
Inedible doughnut part?
Inner donut?
Inner doughnut?
It might be behind a windmill
It's awl done
It's on the green
Jackson ___ Wyoming
"Jackson ___, Wyo."
"Jackson ___, Wyoming"
Jeans flaw
Jelly doughnut's lack
Jimmie's Chicken Shack song they fell into?
Kelly Clarkson song about Courtney Love band?
Key follower
Kind of card
Kind of stud card
Kind of stud-poker card
Leaky boat cause
Lindsman's target
Link part
Links feature
Links part.
Links place.
Links target
Links unit
Logical flaw
Loop or golf
Loop or peep
Love band
Love group
"Love group, once"
Love's band
"Love's band, once"
Love's group
Love's old group
Make a chip shot
Mender's target
Mending site
Metaphor for debt
Middle of a doughnut
Mole hangout
Moth's calling card
Moth's legacy
Mouse pad?
Needle feature
Negative space
Offensive lineman's creation
Ole swimmin' ___
One of 18
One of 18 at St. Andrews
One of 18 on a golf course
One of 18.
One of a golf course's eighteen
One of an outdoor 18
One of eighteen
One of eighteen.
Ozone layer concern
Ozone layer problem?
Ozone problem
Ozone-level decrease
Pail problem
Palette feature
Part of a golf course.
Part of a round
Patch site
Pigeon chaser?
Place for a numbered flag
Place for a particular card
Place for a pin
Place for an ace
Place for an ace*
Place for an ace?
Plot flaw
Plotline inconsistency
Pocket problem
Predicament: Colloq.
Problem in the defense lines
Problem with one's reasoning
Putt destination
Putt it there
Putt's destination.
Putt's objective
Putter's target
Putting target
Putting-green feature.
Rabbit's home.
Rabbit's refuge
Reason for darning
Reason for giving a darn?
Reason there's no money in your pocket?
Reason to darn a stocking
Reason to discard a sock
Reason to give a darn?
Result of a punch
Result of being bored
Running back's target
"STP ""Trippin' on a ___ in a Paper Heart"""
Schedule gap
"Scupper, e.g."
Second opening in a sock
Serious flaw
Sewing-needle feature
Shortstop's turf
Shoveler's creation
"Sinatra's ""A ___ in the Head"""
Sink a putt
"Small bay, as in place names."
Sock darner's target
Sock problem
Space between infielders
Spackle target in Drywall
"Spiracle, e.g."
Spot with a numbered flag
Story inconsistency
Strange target
Street hazard.
Swimming ___
Swimming ___.
Swimming or rat
Swimming spot
Swiss cheese feature
Swiss feature
Swiss-cheese feature
Target for Tiger
Target for Tiger Woods
Target for Tom Kite
Target for Trevino
Target on a green
Target on the green
Tee to cup
"Tee, fairway, green, etc."
"The Beatles were ""Fixing"" one"
"The more you take out, the larger it is"
"The nineteenth, for one."
Thing to dig
Tiger Woods aims for it
Tiger's target
Torus feature
Tough spot
Trevino's target
Tunnel e.g.
"Tunnel, e.g."
Weak spot in an argument
Weakness in an argument
"What Aerosmith had in their ""Soul"""
What a dibble makes
What a running back looks for
What the Beatles fixed
Why you may give a darn?
Wonderland gate?
Woodpecker's creation
Word after black or fox
Word after pot or port
Word before punch or card
Word with loop or black
You can dig it
You can dig it!
You may dig this
___ -in-the-wall: dive
___ card
___ card.
___ in one
___ in the Wall Gang
___ in the wall gang
___ up (hide)
___-in-the-wall (dive)
One of the front or back nine
Center of a bagel
Ozone problem
Course goal
Putting target
Golfer's target
Bad thing to have in one's pocket
Golfer's target
Opening sounds complete
Golfer's target
Financial bind
Feature of a putting green
Doughnut feature
Opening sounds complete
Target on a course
Donut part with the fewest calories
Golfer's goal
Golfer's goal
Darned part of a sock!
Opening sounds complete
Drilled bowling ball feature
What a debater may exploit
Woodchuck's escape route
Of course, it's apparent in cholera
Moth larva's handiwork
The —, 2001 film thriller starring Thora Birch and Desmond Harrington
Gap sounds complete
One of 18 on a golf course
Problem with a sock
Pocket or sock problem
Open space one is unlikely to drive into!
Tunnel, essentially
Despite what's said, it's not the complete course
19th ___ (post-round hangout)
May have a pin in it, of course
Darn it!
Ice fisher's creation
Burrowing result
Golf target
One of the front nine
Opening sounds complete
Doughnut feature
Bagel feature
Gap sounds complete
Center of a bagel
Bagel feature
Opening sounds complete
Ozone layer problem
Opening sounds complete
Putting target
Drain opening
Doughnut feature
Flaw in logic
Gap sounds complete
One of 18
Putter's target
Golf target
Gap sounds complete
Something to plug
Gopher's creation
Golfer's goal
Golfer's target
Gap sounds complete
Auger's creation
Awl's creation
Predicament the mouse is in?
Gap sounds complete
One of the nine in 10-Down's clue
Doughnut center
Cheerio feature
Dig it
Pocket problem
Gopher's home
Burrowing result
Putter's target
Gap sounds complete
Spot with a numbered flag

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