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Word: IAN

The word IAN has appeared in at least 764 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Question of Blood"" author Rankin"
"""Amsterdam"" author McEwan"
"""And Now for Something Completely Different"" director MacNaughton"
"""At Seventeen"" singer"
"""At Seventeen"" singer Janis"
"""At Seventeen"" singer Janis ___"
"""At Seventeen"" singer, Janis"
"""At Seventeen"" woman"
"""Atonement"" author McEwan"
"""Atonement"" novelist McEwan"
"""Beverly Hills 90210"" actor Ziering"
"""Casino Royale"" author Fleming"
"""Chariots of Fire"" co-star Charleson"
"""Dr. No"" author Fleming"
"""Dr. No"" novelist Fleming"
"""Dr. No"" writer Fleming"
"""Dream Big"" author Falconer"
"""From Russia with Love"" writer Fleming"
"""From Russia, with Love"" author Fleming"
"""Gods & Monsters"" star McKellen"
"""Goldfinger"" author Fleming"
"""Goldfinger"" novelist Fleming"
"""Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"" singer Dury"
"""How Does It Feel"" guitarist Moore"
"""Jurassic Park"" mathematician ___ Malcolm"
"""Lost"" Emmy nominee Henry ___ Cusick"
"""Lost"" actor Somerhalder"
"""Love Will Tear Us Apart"" singer Curtis"
"""Moonraker"" author Fleming"
"""Olivia Forms a Band"" author Falconer"
"""Olivia Helps With Christmas"" author Falconer"
"""On the Rez"" author Frazier"
"""Pretty Little Liars"" actor Harding"
"""Richard III"" star McKellen"
"""Saturday"" author McEwan"
"""Sharknado"" actor Ziering"
"""Society's Child"" singer"
"""Society's Child"" singer Janis"
"""Society's Child"" singer Janis ___"
"""Solar"" author McEwan"
"""Sweet Tooth"" author McEwan"
"""Sweet Tooth"" novelist McEwan"
"""Sweet Tooth"" writer McEwan"
"""The Little Princess"" actor Hunter"
"""The Lord of the Rings"" actor Holm"
"""The Rule of Four"" coauthor Caldwell"
"""The Simpsons"" writer ___ Maxtone-Graham"
"""The Vampire Diaries"" actor Somerhalder"
"""Vampire Diaries"" actor Somerhalder"
"""Waking Ned Devine"" star Bannen"
"""Water Colors"" singer Janis"
"""X-Men"" actor McKellen"
'60s-'70s Rhodesian prime minister Smith
'Alien' actor Holm
'Amsterdam' novelist McEwan
'At Seventeen' singer
'At Seventeen' singer Janis
'Atonement' author McEwan
'Dr. No' novelist Fleming
'Dr. No' writer Fleming
'Olivia Saves the Circus' author Falconer
'Saturday' author McEwan
'Society's Child' singer Janis
007 creator Fleming
007's Fleming
007's creator Fleming
"1967 debut album ""Janis ___"""
1981 Tony winner McKellen
1991 British Open champ Baker-Finch
1991 British Open winner Baker-Finch
1991 Masters champ Woosnam
2004 Edgar award winner Rankin
2008 British Open runner-up Poulter (3)
2012 baseball All-Star Kinsler
A Fleming
Academic extension?
Actor Abercrombie
Actor Bannen
Actor Carmichael
"Actor Charleson of ""Chariots of Fire"""
Actor Fleming
Actor Holm
"Actor Holm of ""Alien"""
"Actor Holm who voiced Skinner in ""Ratatouille"""
Actor Hunter
Actor McDiarmid
Actor McKellan
Actor McKellen
"Actor McKellen of ""The Da Vinci Code"""
"Actor McKellen of ""X-Men"""
Actor McKellen or Holm
Actor McKellen or McShane
Actor McKellen or Ziering
Actor McKellen or author Fleming
Actor McKellen or swimmer Thorpe
Actor McShane
"Actor McShane of ""Deadwood"""
"Actor McShane of ""Hercules"""
Actor McShane or McKellen
Actor Mckellen
Actor Richardson
Actor Sir McKellen
"Actor Somerhalder of ""Lost"""
"Actor Somerhalder of ""The Vampire Diaries"""
"Actor Somerhalder of TV's ""Lost"""
Actor Ziering
"Actor Ziering of the upcoming ""Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"""
Adjective suffix.
Africa's Smith
Airline monogram
"Anderson of ""Jethro Tull"""
Anderson of Jethro Tull
Anderson of rock's Jethro Tull
Anderson who rocks the flute
"Anderson who wrote ""One Brown Mouse"""
Another writer named Fleming
Anthrax guitarist Scott ___
Astbury of The Cult
At Seventeen singer Janis
Auric and M's creator
Auric's creator
Aussie swimmer Thorpe
Aussie swimming champ ___ Thorpe
Author Fleming
Author Fleming or McEwan
Author Fleming or actor McKellen
Author Fleming.
Author McEwan
"Baker-Finch, winner of the 1991 British Open"
Ballantine of Ballantine Books
"Bannen of ""Waking Ned Devine"""
Bannen or Ballantine
Bannen or Ziering
Belonging to: Suffix
Bertie Wooster player Carmichael
Bilbo's portrayer
Bond author Fleming
Bond creator Fleming
Bond man Fleming
Bond novelist Fleming
Bond's Fleming
Bond's creator Fleming
Bond-creator Fleming
"Brendan's ""Gods and Monsters"" co-star"
"Brendan's ""Gods and Monsters"" costar"
British Invasion rocker Whitcomb
British golfer Poulter
British novelist McEwan
CBS Sportsline baseball writer Browne
CBS sportscaster Eagle
Caledonian John.
Canadian Folk singer ___ Tamblyn
Celtic name.
"Charleson of ""Chariot of Fire"""
"Charleson of ""Chariots of Fire"""
Charleson or Carmichael
Charleson or McKellen
Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang writer ___ Fleming
Christ follower?
Cinema's Carmichael
Comedian Michael ___ Black
Common suffix.
Creator of Auric and Julius
Creator of James (007)
Creator of James and M
Creator of James and Oddjob
Creator of James and Q
Creator of James the spy
"Creator of James, the agent"
Creator of Kissy and Pussy
Creator of M and Q
Creator of Oddjob
Creator of Q and M
Creator of a famous James
Creator of agent James
Creator of the characters M and Q
Crime author Rankin
Crime writer Rankin
Curtis of Joy Division
Deep Purple frontman Gillan
"Dr. Malcolm in ""Jurassic Park"""
Dr. No creator Fleming
"Dr. Wilmut, Dolly's cloner"
"Dr. Wilmut, sheep cloner"
"Dr. Wilmut, the sheep cloner"
Dundee John
Dury or Bannen
Dweezil Zappa's birth name
"Dyslexic's request on ""Wheel of Fortune"""
Echo & the Bunnymen frontman McCulloch
Ending with Darwin
Ending with guard
"English actor Abercrombie who played Mr. Pitt on ""Seinfeld"""
English actor Holm
English actor McKellen
English competitor Dobson*
Equivalent of John
Falconer who writes children's stories about a pig named Olivia
Film actor McShane
First name in spy fiction
First name in spy novels
First name in spy-fi
First name of the creator of M and Q
"First name of the swimmer dubbed the ""Thorpedo"""
First name of two 1991 major winners
First name seen after many last names?
Fleming of 007 fame
Fleming of 007 novels
Fleming of fiction
Fleming of fiction-writing fame
Fleming or Carmichael
Fleming or Holm
Fleming or Hunter
Fleming or McEwan
Fleming or McKellen
Fleming or Paisley
Fleming or Punnett
Fleming or Richardson
Fleming or Smith
Fleming or Ziering
Fleming the writer
Fleming who authored Bond books
Fleming who created 007
Fleming who created Bond
Fleming who created James BonD
Fleming who created James Bond
Fleming who made Bond
"Fleming, Thorpe, or Livengood"
"Fleming, ___ Fleming?"
"Fleming, for one"
"Fleming, of fiction"
"Fleming, the author"
"Fleming, who created Dr. No"
Folk duo ___ & Sylvia
Folk singer Janis
Folksinger Janis
"Follower of Adler, Freud, or Jung?"
Follower of Christ?
Follower of Egypt?
Follower of Freud or Jung?
"Form of ""John"""
Fugazi frontman MacKaye
Fugazi's MacKaye
Gaelic John
Gaelic form of John.
Gaelic name.
"Gandalf in the ""Lord of the Rings"" films"
Gandalf portrayer
Gandalf portrayer McKellen
Gandalf portrayer's first name
Gandalf's portrayer
Glasgow John
Golden Globe-winning English actor McShane
Golf broadcaster Baker-Finch
Golf pro Woosnam
Golf's Baker-Finch
Golf's Woosnam
Golfer Baker-Finch
"Golfer Baker-Finch, winner of the 1991 British Open"
Golfer Poulter
Golfer Woosnam
"Gomez of ""Cougar Town"""
Gomez of 'Felicity'
Guard follower
"Hart in ""Backbeat"""
He was often mistakenly called Jethro
"Henry ___ Cusick (""Lost"" actor)"
Highland John
Hill of Judas Priest
"His creation has been played on screen by Sean, Roger, and Pierce, among others"
"Holm in ""The Hunted"""
"Holm of ""Alien"""
"Holm of ""Chariots of Fire"""
"Holm of ""Strangers With Candy"""
"Holm of ""The Fellowship of the Ring"""
Holm of 'Chariots of Fire'
Holm of Hollywood
Holm of film
Holm of filmdom
Holm of stage and screen
Holm on the screen
Holm or Fleming
Holm or McKellen
"Holm or McKellen of ""The Fellowship of the Ring"""
Holm who played Bilbo Baggins
Hotel mogul Schrager
Hotelier Schrager
Hotelier Schrager who co-founded Studio 54
Humorist Frazier frequently found in The New Yorker
"Hunter of ""Ships"""
Hunter of Mott the Hoople
Hunter of old movies
Hunter or Fleming
Independent Rhodesia's first Prime Minister ___ Smith
Influential songwriter Curtis
It may be connected to Christ
It may be connected to Christ?
It's attached to Christ
James Bond creator Fleming
James Bond creator ___ Fleming
James Bond novelist Fleming
James Bond's alter ego.
James Bond.s creator Fleming
James creator
James' creator
James's creator
"Janis ___, pop singer"
"Janis ___, with the 1975 hit ""At Seventeen"""
"Janis of ""At Seventeen"""
Janis of folk
Janis of folk-rock
"Janis who did ""At Seventeen"""
"Janis who sang ""At Seventeen"""
"Jeff's ""Jurassic Park"" role"
Jethro Tull frontman Anderson
Jethro Tull's Anderson
Johannes : German :: ___ : Scottish
John in Scotland
John in the Highlands
John of Glasgow
John of Scotland
"John, abroad"
"John, across the pond"
"John, but not loo"
"John, in Aberdeen"
"John, in Dundee"
"John, in Glasgow"
"John, in Prestwick"
"John, in Scotland"
"John, to Jock"
"John, to some"
Joy Division casualty Curtis
Joy Division singer ___ Curtis
Knighted actor Holm
Knighted actor McKellen
Laperriere or Moran
MacKaye of Fugazi
Magneto portrayer McKellen
"Magneto portrayer McKellen in ""X-Men"""
Man Booker Prize winner McEwan
Man's name
Man's name.
Mathematician Stewart who wrote 'Flatterland'
Mathematics writer ___ Stewart
McDiarmid who played Emperor Palpatine
McEwan or McKellen
McKellen in a bromance with Patrick Stewart
"McKellen of ""Apt Pupil"""
"McKellen of ""Gods and Monsters"""
"McKellen of ""LotR"""
"McKellen of ""Scandal"""
"McKellen of ""The Da Vinci Code"""
"McKellen of ""The Hobbit"""
"McKellen of ""The Lord of the Rings"""
"McKellen of ""X-Men"""
"McKellen of ""X-Men"" films"
"McKellen of ""X2"""
McKellen of 'Richard III'
McKellen of 'Scandal'
McKellen of 'Vicious'
McKellen of 'X-Men'
McKellen of The Lord of the Rings
McKellen of movies
"McKellen of the ""Hobbit"" films"
"McKellen of the ""X-Men"" movies"
McKellen of the 'X-Men' movies
McKellen or Fleming
McKellen or Holm
"McKellen or Holm of ""LotR"""
McKellen or McEwan
McKellen or McShane
"McKellen or McShane of ""The Golden Compass"""
McKellen or Thorpe
McKellen or Woosnam
McKellen or Ziering
McKellen who played Gandalf
"McKellen who played Magneto in the ""X-Men"" films"
"McKellen who voiced The Toad in ""Flushed Away"""
McLagan of Faces
"McShane of ""Deadwood"""
"McShane of ""Lovejoy"""
McShane of 'Deadwood'
"McShane of HBO's ""Deadwood"""
McShane of HBO's {Deadwood}
McShane of Lovejoy
McShane or Holm
McShane or McKellen
"Michael ___ Black (regular on VH1's ""I Love the '90s"")"
Mott the Hoople singer Hunter
Moviedom's McKellen
Mr. Fleming
Mr. McKellen
Mystery writer Rankin
N.H.L.'s Laperriere
Name from the Gaelic
"Name on the cover of ""Thunderball"""
Name on the cover of 100+ million thrillers
Name related to John
Nationality suffix
Native of: Suffix.
Northern Ireland leader Paisley
Northern Ireland's Paisley
Northern Ireland's ___ Paisley
Novelist Fleming
Novelist McEwan
Oddjob creator
Oddjob's creator
"Oddjob's creator, Fleming"
Olympic swimmer Thorpe
Olympic swimming gold medalist Thorpe
One of the Hunters.
Opera singer Bostridge
Orwell ending
Orwell's conclusion?
Oscar nominee McKellen
Paisley of Northern Ireland
Paisley or Fleming
Paisley or Hay
"Patrick's ""Waiting for Godot"" costar on Broadway"
Pop singer Janis
Producer/director ___ MacNaughton of Monty Python
"Professor Cameron's first name in ""Mary Worth"""
Publisher Ballantine
Rangers All-Star Kinsler
Rangers second baseman Kinsler
Rankin who created Inspector Rebus
Recording artist Janis
Relative of John.
Relative of Sean.
Rev. Paisley
Reverend Paisley
Rhodesia's Smith
Richardson or Fleming
Rocker Whitcomb
Rocker born Janis Eddy Fink
Rolling Stones' Stewart
Scot's name.
Scotch name
Scots John
Scotsman's name.
Scott of Anthrax
"Scottish ""John"""
Scottish 'John'
Scottish John
Scottish equivalent of John
"Scottish form of ""John"""
Scottish form of John
Scottish form of the name John
Scottish name
Scottish name.
Scottish writer Rankin
Sean's relative
"She sang ""At Seventeen"""
Sheep-cloning scientist Wilmut
Singer Anderson of Jethro Tull
Singer Janis
Singer Janis ___
"Singer Janis with the hit album ""Between the Lines"""
Singer Whitcomb
Singer nee Janis Eddy Fink
"Singer with the #1 album ""Between the Lines"""
Sir McKellen
Sir ___ Holm
Sir ___ McKellen
Sir ___ McKellen (Gandalf portrayer)
Smith of Africa.
Smith of Rhodesia
Smith of Rhodesia.
Smith or Fleming
"Somerhalder of ""Lost"" and ""The Vampire Diaries"""
"Somerhalder of ""The Vampire Diaries"""
"Somerhalder who played Boone on ""Lost"""
Spinal Tap's manager ___ Faith
Sportscaster Eagle
Sportsline.com baseball writer Browne
Spy James' creator
Spy novelist Fleming
Spy writer Fleming
Stewart of The Stones
Suffix for Arab or Serb
Suffix for author surnames
Suffix like -esque
Suffix like -ite
"Suffix with ""Boston"""
"Suffix with ""Boston"" or ""Paris"""
"Suffix with ""Christ"""
Suffix with Boston or Paris
Suffix with Cameroon
Suffix with Christ
Suffix with Dickens
Suffix with Freud
Suffix with Iran
Suffix with Oregon
Suffix with Orwell
Suffix with Washington or Hamilton
Swimmer 'Thorpedo'
Swimmer Thorpe
"Swimmer Thorpe (known as the ""Thorpedo"")"
Swimmer Thorpe who won gold at the 2000 Olympics
"Swimmer dubbed "" the Thorpedo,"" to his friends"
Swimming 'Thorpedo'
Swimming gold medalist Thorpe
Swimming star Thorpe
Sydney Olympics swimmer Thorpe
TV actor McShane
TV actor Somerhalder
TV actor Ziering
Texan guitarist/singer Moore
The Lightning Seeds lead singer Broudie
The Stone Roses singer Brown
The very British Mr. Fleming.
Thornley of Big Wreck
Tony winner McKellen
Tony-winning actor McKellen
Toula's groom in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Trainer Jory
Tull's Anderson
Ulster firebrand Paisley
Variant of John
Wee Woosnam
Welsh name
Welsh star Woosnam
Welsh wonder Woosnam
Woosnam of golf
Woosnam of the P.G.A.
Woosnam of the PGA
Woosnam or Baker-Finch
"Woosnam, of the links"
Writer Buruma
Writer Fleming
Writer Fleming who created Bond
Writer Fleming.
Writer McEwan
"Writer who hopefully introduced himself as ""Fleming, ___ Fleming"""
"Ziering of ""90210"""
"Ziering of ""Beverly Hills 90210"""
"Ziering of ""Sharknado"""
Ziering or Fleming
Ziering or McShane
___ & Sylvia ('60s folk group)
___ Faith (Spinal Tap's manager)
"___ Hunter, leader of rock's Mott the Hoople"
"___ Thorpe, 2000 and 2004 Olympic swimming sensation"
Actor McKellen
Bond creator Fleming
Holm who played Bilbo Baggins
McKellen who played Magneto
Golfer Woosnam
Novelist McEwan
Actor McKellen
Actor McKellen
'Nutshell' author McEwan
Author Fleming
Ziering of "Sharknado"
With 10-Down, lead vocalist and flutist for rock's Jethro Tull
Actor McKellen
Suffix with Faust or Freud
Author Fleming
Writer Fleming
Suffix meaning ''native of''
McKellen who played Gandalf
Scottish "John"
Author Fleming
Fleming who created James Bond
Fleming who created Bond
Baseball's ___ Desmond, three-time Silver Slugger Award winner
Author ____ Fleming
Name whose Italian equivalent is Giovanni
Ziering of "Sharknado" movies
Author Fleming
Actor McKellen
Jethro Tull frontman Anderson
Actor ____ McKellen
Author ____ Fleming
Author ____ Fleming
Ziering of "Sharknado"
Actor McKellen
Jethro Tull frontman Anderson
Ziering of "Sharknado" movies
Bond creator ____ Fleming
Actor ____ McKellen
Bond creator ____ Fleming
Actor ____ McKellen
James' creator
James' creator
Valiant Scot, perhaps
Actor Holm
Actor McKellen
Man's name
Man of defiance
Swimmer Thorpe with five Olympic gold medals
McShane or McKellen
"At Seventeen" singer Janis
Anderson of Jethro Tull
Knighted McKellen
James Bond creator Fleming
McKellen who played Gandalf
Actor McKellen
Man of defiance
Mr Beale?
Boy's name
Creator of Q and M
Man of defiance
Mr Beale?
Author ____ Fleming
Author ____ Fleming
Is he of Caledonian extraction?
Author Fleming
McKellen of "X-Men"
Actor McKellen
John, in Scotland
Man of defiance
Mr Beale, eg
Boy's name for a piano piece
McKellen of "The Da Vinci Code"
Anderson of rock's Jethro Tull
Actor Hunter or singer Hunter
Author Fleming
Author Fleming
"At Seventeen" singer Janis
Name on the cover of ''Goldfinger''
Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries"
McShane of "American Gods"
McKellen of "Gods and Monsters"
McKellen of 'The Hobbit'
Boy's name
McShane of "American Gods"
Name on the cover of ''Thunderball''
Fleming who wrote "Dr. No"
CBS golf analyst Baker-Finch
Author Rankin
Actor Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries"
Does Marian spoil him?
Spy writer, ... Fleming
Bond creator ____ Fleming
Writer/illustrator Falconer known for "Olivia" children's books
Fleming who created 007
... Fleming, author of the Bond books
Nominally one plus one
Actor ____ McKellen
Fleming of Bond fame
Janis who sang "At Seventeen"
Author Fleming
McShane of "Lovejoy"
McKellen who played Gandalf
Boy's name
Title character of the BBC drama ''Bondmaker''
Scottish version of Johann
Scottish form of John
Actor McKellen
McKellen of "X-Men"
Author ____ Fleming
Al sat with him, the dog!
Bond creator ____ Fleming
McKellen of "X-Men"
Author Fleming
English golfer Poulter
Holm who played King Lear
Olympic swimmer Thorpe
Author Fleming
Author Fleming
007 creator Fleming
Actor ____ McKellen
Author ____ Fleming
Rugby union flanker; 1967 New Zealand Test debutant against France
Mr Beale?
Man of defiance
Actor McKellen
McKellen of movies
Novelist Fleming
Bond creator ____ Fleming
Actor ____ McKellen
Scottish John
Piano man?
Boy's name
Mr Beale?
Man of defiance
McKellen of 'The Hobbit'
Actor McKellen
Swimmer Thorpe
Actor McShane of 'Deadwood'
"Atonement" author McEwan
McKellen of "X-Men"
Rockies shortstop Desmond
Paisley, perhaps?
Author Fleming for one.
Baseball's Kinsler
Holm of "The Hobbit"
007 creator Fleming
Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries"
McKellen of "X-Men" movies
Author ____ Fleming
Golf's Poulter
Change in a fellow
Holm of "The Hobbit"
Actor McKellen
007 creator Fleming
English novelist McEwan
Scottish John
"Nutshell" novelist McEwan
Author Fleming
McKellen of "The Hobbit"
Suffix with Oregon
Author Fleming
McKellen who played Gandalf
James Bond creator Fleming
Bond's Fleming
"Enduring Love" novelist McEwan
Swimmer Thorpe with five Olympic gold medals
Angels second baseman Kinsler
2012 baseball All-Star Kinsler
Mr Beale?
Man of defiance
Janis with the 1975 hit 'At Seventeen'
"Pretty Little Liars" actor Harding with seven Teen Choice Awards
Actor McKellen
Cubs fielder Happ
McKellen of "X-Men"
"Society's Child" singer Janis ___
Sir Fleming
Olympic swimmer Thorpe who's won nine medals
McKellen of movies
McKellen of the "Hobbit" films
Spy writer, ... Fleming
Spy writer, ... Fleming
Novelist Fleming
Author Fleming
Sir ____ Fleming
Scottish Giovanni
"American Gods" actor McShane
Actor McKellen
Actor McKellen
Writer Fleming
McKellen who portrayed Gandalf
Actor Ziering of the "Sharknado" movies
Ziering of "Sharknado" movies
Actor McKellen
Bond creator ____ Fleming
"Goldfinger" novelist Fleming
Holm of films
Actor Somerhalder of TV's "Lost"
"Deadwood" star McShane
English novelist McEwan
Author Fleming (2)
Nominally a piano piece
Bond's Fleming
Actor ____ McKellen
Novelist McEwan
Actor McShane
Poulter or Baker Finch
Poulter or Baker Finch
Ziering or Holm
Ziering or Holm
Novelist Fleming
Actor McKellen
Crime author Rankin
Boy's name
"The 100" actor Henry ___ Cusick
Novelist McEwan

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