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Word: ICE

The word ICE has appeared in at least 1338 clues on different crosswords.

ICE definition(s):

  • decorate with frosting
  • water frozen in the solid state
  • put ice on or put on ice
  • the frozen part of a body of water
  • diamonds

"""Cool"" target for a yegg?"
"""Fire and ___"" (Frost poem)"
"""Fire and ___"" by Robert Frost"
"""Fire and ___,"" Frost poem"
"""Floor"" for an Orr score"
"""Green ___"" (best seller by Browne)"
"""Holiday on ___"""
"""Hot"" gems"
"""March of the Penguins"" milieu"
"""My coal pit ain't for sale!""?"
"""Out of whose womb came the ___ ?"" (Job 38:29)"
"""PUSH FOR ___"""
"""Push for ___"""
"""Rhyme Pays"" rapper"
"""Riunite on ___, Riunite so nice"""
"""Running on ___"" (""Cold Spring Harbor"" tune)"
"""Soul on ___"" (Eldridge Cleaver book)"
"""The Thin ___"" Pink Floyd"
"""The ___ Storm"" (1997)"
"""The rocks"""
"""The rocks,"" in bars"
"""Which are blackish by reason of the ___"" (Job 6:16)"
"""You're as cold as ___"""
"""You're as cold as ___"" (Foreigner)"
"""___ Age"""
"""___ Loves Coco"""
"""___ Station Zebra"""
"""___ Station Zebra"" (1968)"
'-- Station Zebra ('68 film)'
'The rocks'
*Water cooler
-- -cold
"1985 Elton John album ""___ on Fire"""
A camel may be executed on it
A chilling idea?
ALS ___ Bucket Challenge
Ade cooler
Agcy. that oversees border crossings
Age that came with a chill
Agency under the Dep't of Homeland Security
An age in the earth's development.
Apply frosting
Apply frosting to
Apply ganache to
Arctic abundance
Arctic feature
Arctic landscape
Arctic pier material
Arctic sight
Arctic surface
Arctic vista.
Arena surface
Artist Vanilla ___
Assure the win
"Assure victory in, slangily"
"Assure, as a victory"
Bag or cream
Bar 'rocks'
Bar basic
Bar cubes
Bar necessity
Bar need
Bar request
Bar rocks
Bar staple
Bar stock
Bar supply
Barkeep's cubes
Barkeep's supply
Barroom rocks
"Bartender's ""rocks"""
Bartender's 'rocks'
Bartender's need
Bartender's rocks
Bartender's supply
Berg composition
Berg makeup
Berg material
Berg or cream
Berg stuff
Berg's makeup
Beverage cooler
Beverage store bagful
Beverage store buy
Beverage-store bagful
Black or pack follower
"Bling-bling component, often"
Block in a restaurant?
Blocks from the freezer
Blocks from the refrigerator
Boardwalk treat
Bobsled run surface
Boitano's surface
Box or bag
Break the ___
Break the ___.
"Britney Spears: ""Break the ___"""
Broomball surface
Bruin's milieu
Bruise treatment
Bucket filler
Bucket or pack filler
Bucket type
Bud ___
Bump application
Bump off
"Bump off, so to speak"
Burn emolient
Cap material
Cap material?
Cap over Greenland
Capades venue
Capitals' surface
Cause of a skid
Cause of skidding
Certain cap
Certain cubes.
Certain sculpting medium
Chains et al.
Cheers rocks
"Chest contents, often"
"Chest contents, perhaps"
Chewable cubes
Chill down
Chill the bubbly
Chiller of a sort
Chilling drink additive
Chilling foreplay material
Chilling pieces?
Chilling stuff
Chip off the cold block
Christmas traveler's worry
Cinch or clinch
"Cinderella ""Fire and ___"""
"Cleaver's ""Soul on ___"""
Clinch a deal
Clinch or cinch
"Clinch, as a deal"
"Clinch, in slang"
Cocktail cooler
Cocktail rocks
Cocktail shaker fill
Cocktail-shaker item
Coco's co-star
Cola cooler
Cola cubes
Cold bagful for a party
Cold block
Cold blocks
Cold comfort at a convenience store
Cold cube
Cold cubes
Cold deck*
"Cold deck, slangily*"
Cold dessert
Cold treat (or cold treatment)
Coldness of reserve.
Collins component
Comet component
Common drink complement
Complete the cake
Composition of some cubes
Composition of some sheets
Congealed water
Contents of some bags
Contents of some buckets
Convenience store bagful
Cookout purchase
Cool down
Cool off
Cool sculpture medium
Cool stuff hidden in eight puzzle answers
Cooler contents
Cooler cooler
Cooler cubes
Cooler drink
Cooler filler
Cooler for coolers
Cooler in a cooler
Cooler in coolers
Cooler in the cooler
Cooler must
Cooler of beer?
Cooling aid
Cooling cubes
Cover at the bakery
Cover the cake
Covering on the Alps
Cream or bag
Cream or cap
Creator of a slippery slope
Cruise sculptor's medium
Crunchable cubes
Cryophobe's fear
Crystal material
"Crystal meth, in slang"
Crystalline water
Cube makeup
Cube or Vanilla
Cube or cream preceder
Cube-shaped rocks?
Cubed H2O
Cubes from the freezer
Cubes in a bar
Cubes in a beverage
Cubes in a bucket
Cubes in a freezer
Cubes in a tray
Cubes in the freezer
Cubic coolers
Curler's setting
Curler's surface
Curling need
Curling setting
Curling surface
Curling venue
Cut no ___
Cut no ___ (fail to make an impression)
"Dancing surface, sometimes"
Danger to Arctic sailors
Debi Thomas's milieu
Decorate with frosting
"Decorate, as a cake"
Dentyne brand
Dentyne brand name
Dentyne breath-freshening gum
Denverite's December driving danger
"Diamonds or heroin, in slang"
"Diamonds or rocks, in slang"
Diamonds to a cat burglar
Diamonds to a fence
Diamonds to a yegg
"Diamonds, as it were"
"Diamonds, in criminal slang"
"Diamonds, in fencing slang"
"Diamonds, in mob lingo"
"Diamonds, in slang"
"Diamonds, informally"
"Diamonds, on the street"
"Diamonds, slangily"
"Diamonds, so to speak"
"Diamonds, to Legs"
"Diamonds, to a cat burglar"
"Diamonds, to a cooler resident"
"Diamonds, to a fence"
"Diamonds, to a gangster"
"Diamonds, to a hood"
"Diamonds, to a jewel thief"
"Diamonds, to a thief"
"Diamonds, to a yegg"
"Diamonds, to gangsters"
"Diamonds, to hoods"
"Diamonds, to jewel thieves"
"Diamonds, to thieves"
"Diamonds, to thugs"
"Diamonds, to yeggs"
Diamonds: Colloq.
Diamonds: Slang
Diamonds: Slang.
Dick Button's milieu
Dickensian Drood
Do away with
"Do in, Sopranos-style"
"Do in, in mob lingo"
Drink accompaniment
Drink addition
Drink additive
Drink coolant
Drink cooler
Drink cubes
Drink machine freebie
Drink refresher
Drinkers' rocks
"Driveway hazard, during Snowmageddon"
Driving danger
Driving hazard
Driving peril
Dry ___
"Dry ___ (it makes ""smoke"" in theater productions)"
Dry ___ (solid Carbon dioxide)
Dry ___.
Early age
"Eldridge Cleaver's ""Soul on ___"""
Eliza crossed it
Eliza's river transportation
Ephemeral sculpting medium
Ephemeral sculpture material
Ephemeral sculpture medium
Epitome of coldness
Eschewing it makes orders neat
Eskimo building material
Fence's merchandise
"Ferber's ""___ Palace"""
Ferber's '-- Palace'
Ferber's '___ Palace'
Figure skating surface
Figure-skating surface
Finish a cake
Finish off a cake
Floe component
Floe ingredient
Floe makeup
Floe material
Floor for Orr
Flyers' surface
Food preserver
"Food preserver, perhaps"
Footing for Eliza
"For the first time in millions of years, it was absent from the North Pole"
"Force to drink a disgusting Smirnoff beverage, in bro-speak"
"Foreigner's ""Cold As ___"""
"Foreigner's ""Cold as ___"""
Form of camphor.
Frappe need
Freeze up
Freezer build-up
Freezer buildup
Freezer cubes
Freezer item
Freezer stock
Freezer stuff
Freezer tray contents
Freezer trayful
Frigid cubes
Frost a cake
"Frost poem, 'Fire and ___'"
"Frost's ""Fire and ___"""
"Frost, essentially"
Frozen H2O
Frozen cubes
Frozen dessert
Frozen food.
Frozen pond surface
Frozen stuff plentiful in Alaska
Frozen surface
Frozen water
Gal's best friend?
"Gems, slangily"
"Gerald Browne's ""Green ___"""
Glacier composition
Glacier substance
"Glacier, essentially"
Glaciologist's topic
Glass rocks?
"Goes w/Cinderella's ""Fire"""
Graft money
Gretzky's milieu
Gretzky's stage
Gretzky's surface
Guy Lafleur's floor
H20 at 0
H2O at 31 degrees F
H2O below 32 degrees
"H2O, at times"
"Hail, e.g."
"Hailstones, essentially"
Hamill's milieu
Harbor problem
Hard rain
Hard water
Hard water.
Hard water?
Hazard to navigation
"Head soother on March 18th, perhaps"
Highway problem.
Hockey field
Hockey milieu
Hockey necessity
Hockey player's milieu
Hockey players take it
Hockey surface
Holiday Inn freebie
Home ___ (NHL advantage)
Home ___ (hockey advantage)
Home ___ (hockey edge)
Home ___ (sporting advantage)
Hood's diamonds
Hostile atmosphere.
Hot diamonds
Hot gems
Hot jewelry?
Hot stones
Hotel amenity
Hotel amenity often near the elevator
Hotel bucketful
Hotel floor sign
Hotel freebie
Hotel sign
Hotel-machine offering
Household need.
"How ""Cold"" girls were to Foreigner"
Hudson Bay sight
Igloo material
Infant harp seal's surface
Injury soother
Inuit building material
Islanders' surface
It can be crushed or shaved
It can be made in a tray
It can be shaved or cracked
It clinks in drinks
It comes crushed or cubed
It comes in blocks
It goes with the floe
It has a chilling effect
It keeps things from being neat
It makes a drink clink
It may be black or blue
It may be broken at a party
It may be chipped
It may be cracked or packed
It may be crushed
It may be crushed at a bar
It may be crushed or cubed
It may be cubed or crushed
It may be found in a sheet
It may be found under snow
It may be in blocks
It may be in your drink at the game
It may be shaved
It may be sold in blocks
It may be thin
It might go away for the summer
It'll melt in your mouth
It'll slow down traffic
It'll thaw eventually
It's annoying when it's chewed
It's at its lowest level in a million years in the Arctic
"It's cold, regardless of climate"
It's cool
It's crushed or cubed
It's found in rinks and drinks
"It's found in sheets or, in softer form, blankets"
It's hard to get a grip on
It's hard to walk on
It's never in a neat order
It's not wanted by a neat-nik?
It's run over by a Zamboni
It's smoothed by a Zamboni
It's sold in bags
It's sold in bags or blocks
It's sold in blocks
It's sometimes sold in bags
It's very cool
Italian ___
Item in a setup.
Jan. 1 head-soother
Jet hazard
Jets' milieu
Jewel thief's heist
Jewel thief's loot
"Jewelry or meth, in slang"
"Jewelry, to R. Kelly"
"Jewelry, to a yegg"
Jewels: sl.
Julep need
July party purchase
"Kate Bush might slip and fall ""Under"" it"
"Kill, in mob slang"
Kind of age or bag
Kind of bag or axe
Kind of bag or cap
Kind of bag or chest
Kind of beer
Kind of beer or bag
Kind of boat.
Kind of box or cream
Kind of bygone wagon
Kind of cap
Kind of cap or cream
Kind of cold
Kind of cream
Kind of cream or cap
Kind of cube
Kind of dessert.
Kind of fishing
Kind of jam
Kind of pack or pick
Kind of pick or pack
Kind of pick or skate
Kind of sculpture
Knock off
"Knock off, to a mobster"
Kwan's surface
Last-minute party purchase
"Led Zep ""We come from the land of the ___ and snow"""
Legs Diamond's diamonds
Lemieux milieu
Lemieux's milieu
Light summer dessert.
Lipinski's milieu
Lipinski's surface
"Liquor in a famous line from ""Casablanca"""
Lock up
Loot for Raffles
Lorelei's rocks?
Luge surface
Machine in a motel
Main component of Saturn's rings
Major component of Saturn's rings
"Major visual motif in the movie ""Frozen,"" as you might expect"
Make absolutely sure
Make final
Make sure of
"Make sure of, as a deal"
"Make sure of, as a victory"
"Make sure of, slangily"
Makeup of some sheets
Manhattan chiller
Manhattan cooler?
Manhattan rocks?
Mario Lemieux's milieu
Material for some sculptors
"Material that Elsa's palace is made of in ""Frozen"""
Medium for playing the Blues?
Medium for short-lived sculptures
Medium for some sculptors
Medium for temporary statues
Menu item.
"Metallica ""Trapped Under ___"""
"Meth, slangily"
Michelle Kwan's domain
Michelle Kwan's milieu
Milieu for Sharks and Penguins
Milieu for axels
Milieu for curlers who are hurlers
Milieu for the Boston Bruins
Mint julep ingredient
"Mixed drink addition, often"
Mixer's asset
Mixer's frozen asset
Mixologist's bucketful
Mojito cubes
Moll's diamonds
More than aloofness
"Moskva River feature, often"
Most of Antarctica
Most of Greenland
Motel bucketful
Motel convenience
Motel freebie
Motel machine sign
Motel sign
Mr. Freeze's weapon
Much of Greenland
Much of Saturn's rings
Much of the Arctic
"Murder, in mob talk"
Nail down
Nail down or cool down
"Nail down, as victory"
Neat drink's lack
Neat drinkers decline it
Nipple arouser
Non-metallic rocks
Nor'easter forecast
"Noted Frost poem ""Fire and ___"""
Number in a pack?
Often broken item.
Old pushcart cry
Old-fashioned refigerant
Old-fashioned refrigerant
Old-time home delivery
Olympic dancing milieu
Olympic dancing place
Olympic dancing venue
On ___ (in reserve)
On ___: in reserve
On the ___ (playing)
On which curling is played.
One of the ages.
Overshoot a puck
Pack content
Pack or pick preceder
Pack pieces
Part of Robert Van Winkle's stage name
"Part of a ""wintry mix"""
Part of a comet's composition
Part of many rap names
Party bowlful
Party host's bagful
Party purchase
"Party purchase, perhaps"
Party sculpture medium
Party supply
"Pat Benatar ""Fire and ___"""
People often get checked while moving across it
Pepsi cooler
Pick or pack preceder
Picked cubes
Picnic supply
Pilot's worry
Pitcher's after-game need
Pitchers use it after starts
"Place for a Blackhawk, Duck, or Penguin"
Plans may be put on it
Pleistocene Age
Pleistocene scenery
Pleistocene scenery.
Polar coat
Polar formation
"Popular kind of ""Follies."""
Prepare champagne
Primary component of Saturn's rings
Profit made from scalping tickets
Protection money paid to the police
"Protection money, in slang"
Protection money: Slang.
Pub cubes
Puck handler's surface
Puck's place
Put away
Put away for good
Put frosting on
Put on hold
Put on the frosting
Put the game away
Rapper Vanilla
Rapper Vanilla ___
Rapper ___ -T
"Rapper, Vanilla ___"
Ready the bubbly
Relief for a sprain
Remedy for childhood stumbles
Requirement for curlers
Restaurant block
Rink base
Rink coverer
Rink covering
Rink floor
Rink flooring
Rink material
Rink medium
Rink surface
Road hazard
Rock salt may be used on it
Rocks at the bar
Rocks for a Black Russian
Rocks for a White Russian
Rocks found in bars
Rocks from a bucket
Rocks in a bar
Rocks in a bar?
Rocks in a bucket
Rocks in a cocktail
Rocks in a glass
Rocks in a tumbler
Rocks in a tumbler?
Rocks in bars
Rocks in glasses
Rocks in slings?
Rocks in the freezer
"Rocks, at a bar"
"Rocks, at the bar"
"Rocks, at times"
"Rocks, in a bar"
"Rocks, in a nightclub"
"Rocks, in the glass"
"Rocks, maybe"
"Rocks, so to speak"
"Rocks, to Isaac on ""The Love Boat"""
"Rocks, to a barkeep"
"Rocks, to a bartender"
"Rocks, to a hood"
Rosalynn Sumners's milieu
Ross ___ Shelf
Runway hazard
Salchow surface
Saloon rocks?
Scotch dilutant
Screwdriver part
"Sculpting material, sometimes"
Sculpting medium
Sculptor's medium
Sculpture material
"Sculpture material, sometimes"
Sculpture medium
"Seal, as a deal"
"Seal, as a victory"
"Secure, as a victory"
Senators often pass on it
Serac substance.
Sew up
Sheet material
"Sheet on the road, perhaps"
"Shelf component, perhaps"
Shelf material
Ship navigation hazard
Short-lived sculpture medium
Skater s surface
Skater's milieu
Skater's surface
Skating requirement
Skating surface
Skid cause
Skier's bane
Slang for crystal meth
Slangy gems
"Slay, in slang"
Slippery stuff
Slippery surface
Slurpee substance
Slurpee's stuff
Smooth surface
Smoothie ingredient
Sno-cone base
Sno-cone filler
Snow cone base
Snow cone ingredient
Snow's partner.
Snuff out
Soda additive
Soda cooler
Solid cubes
Solid water
Some bag fillers
Some bling
Some crystals
Some cubes
Some rocks
Some sheets are made of it
Some ships are made to break it
Something brushed in a curling game
Something found in a sheet
Something to push for in hotels
Something to slip on
Something tourists get shaved in Hawaii
Something with this is not neat
Sometime road surface.
Sprain application
Sprain remedy
Sprain treatment
Spread some ganache on
Sprite blocks?
"Spy org. in ""The Silencers"""
Starter for box or cream
Steam's opposite?
Stolen diamonds
Stuff in a chest?
Stuff in trays
Substance for sculptures
Substance scraped by a Zamboni
Summer beverage component
Summer cooler
Summer treat
Supermarket bagful
Surface fit for a King?
Surface for Gretzky
Surface for Hamill
Surface for Kings and Senators
Surface for Penguins and Sharks
Surface for Scott Hamilton
Surface for Sharks
Surface for Stojko
Surface for Wayne Gretzky
Surface for a Flame
Surface for a Sabre
Surface for the Canadiens
Surface for the Ranger sextet
Surface for the Rangers
Surface for the St. Louis Blues
Surface that Senators get checked on
Swell reducer
Swell remedy?
Swelling help
Swelling reducer
Swelling reliever
Swelling soother
Swelling stopper
Swelling treatment
T or tea preceder
Tea addition
Temporary sculpture medium
Tend to a sprain
"The ""rocks."""
The ___man Cometh
The rocks
"The rocks in ""on the rocks"""
Therapeutic pack filler
This puzzle's hidden theme
This puzzle's key theme word
Thugs' diamonds
Top a torte
Top off
Top the cake.
Top tortes
Topped a cake
"Trainer's aid, often"
Tray contents
Tray material
Treat a sprain
"Treat, as a bruise"
"Treat, as a sprain"
Treatment for a sprain
Treatment for swelling
Trump ___ (defunct bottled water brand)
Tundra feature
Type of bag or cube
Type of chest
Type of cube or chest
Type of pick or pack
Type of sculpture
Type of tray
Type of tray or chest
Type of tray or cube
Underfooting for Fleming
Undesirable wing coating
Vanilla ___
Vanilla of rap
"Vanilla, the rapper"
Variety of skate
Verglas ingredient
"Very ""original"" rapper Vanilla ___"
Very cool stuff
Water at 31 degrees
Water at 31
Water at 31
Water cooler
Water cooler.
Water cooler?
Water one can walk on
Water you can walk on
Water you may walk on
"Water, cooler?"
"Water, potentially"
"Water, when it gets cold enough"
Waters ___.
Wayne Gretzky's milieu
Weather word.
Wedding sculpture material
What Eliza crossed
What Zambonis scrape
What a game may break
What a joke may break
What chit-chat may break
What keeps things from being neat?
What makes a drink clink
What most of hail is
What salt licks?
"What some say the world will end in, according to Frost"
What some sheets are made of
What some sports sticks hit
What to break to start a conversation
"When spring is in the air, it's not (I hope)"
White or Black Russian need
White rapper Vanilla ___
Windshield sticker?
Wine cooler
Wine cooler?
Winter Olympics need
"Winter blackout cause, often"
Winter buildup
Winter coat
Winter coat?
Winter concern
Winter driving danger
Winter driving hazard
Winter glaze
Winter hazard
Winter peril
Winter road hazard
Winter sculpture material
Winter sculpture medium
Winter sidewalk hazard
Winter walking hazard
Winter walking peril
Wintertime road hazard
Wintertime salt target
Wintry buildup
Wintry coating
Wintry covering
With bag or berg
Witt's milieu
Witt's surface
Word after dry or Italian
Word after pack or black
Word before bag or box
Word before bag or chest
Word before beer or milk
Word before maker or breaker
"Word before pack, pick, or the puck"
Word for diamonds.
Word in cheesy beer names
Word in many beer names
Word in many rappers' names
Word in several 4D monikers
Word in some malt beverage brands
Word in the center of all three long entries
Word missing from this puzzle's theme answers
Word preceding pack or pick
"Word repeated before ""Baby"" in a hip-hop title"
Word that precedes or follows 'pack'
"Word with ""bucket"" or ""pack"""
"Word with ""cap"" or ""cube"""
"Word with ""cap"" or ""pack"""
"Word with ""cube"" or ""cream"""
"Word with ""maker"" or ""breaker"""
"Word with ""skate"" or ""water"""
"Word with ""skater"" or ""water"""
"Word with ""water"" or ""maker"""
Word with bag or berg
Word with bag or cap
Word with box or bag.
Word with box or cap
Word with box or cream
Word with box or pick
Word with cap or cream
Word with cap or cube
Word with cap or pack
Word with cream or box
Word with cream or pick
Word with fishing and dancing
Word with hockey or bucket
Word with maker or breaker
Word with pack or pick
Word with pick or ax
Word with pick or pack
Word with show or box
Word with skater or water
Word with tray or cube
Yamaguchi's milieu
Yamaguchi's surface
Yegg's diamond
Yegg's diamonds
Yegg's haul
Yegg's take
You may break it with guests
Zamboni milieu
Zamboni product
Zamboni surface
Zamboni's driving surface
Zamboni's milieu
Zamboni's place
Zamboni's surface
"Zamboni-prepared surface, and word that can follow the last word of the puzzle's four longest answers"
___ Bowl (1967 NFL championship game)
___ Capades (skating show)
"___ Cold (""Fear of a Black Hat"" rapper)"
"___ Cold (fictional rapper in ""Fear of a Black Hat"")"
___ Cube
___ beer (Eisbock)
___ breaker (Canadian arctic ship)
___ cold
___ cream
___ dancing
___ dancing (Winter Olympics event)
___ hockey
___ milk
___ the kicker (call timeout before a field goal attempt)
"___-T (rapper who produced the documentary ""Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap"")"
"___-nine (substance in ""Cat's Cradle"")"
Water cooler
Rocks in slings
Hail e.g.
Sprain soother
Bartender’s stock
Rink surface
Contents of some buckets
Contents of some buckets
Thing to push for in a hotel?
Decorate as a cake
Where to do axels
Cool cube
‘Rocks’ falling four times in this puzzle
Curling surface
Diamonds slangily
Hotel amenity
Rink surface
Rocks or diamonds
Boardwalk treat
Decorate (a cake)
Juicer contains something cold
Start conversation, break the ...
Glacial material
Assassinate, so to speak
Rocks in bars
Winter driving hazard
Sculpting medium
Wintry coating
Hotel amenity
Begin, break the ...
Frozen water
Water frozen solid
Water in another state
Rocks in a bar
Frozen water
Frozen water
Curling surface
Bar need
It's cold and slippy
Water cooler
Stuff in coolers
Frozen water
Drink freshener
Top the cake
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Drink cooler
Road hazard
Freeze, ... over
Beverage store buy
Swell treatment
Frozen water
Salt is applied to it in the winter
Bar cubes
Rink surface
Skating surface
Luge surface
Drink cubes
Decorate (cake)
Decorate a cake
Cap material?
Sorbet formation
Start conversation, break the ...
Common cooler
Rink surface
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold thing
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Drink cooler
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Type of skater or water
Zamboni's milieu
Hotel guest's bucketful
Rink surface
Water cooler
Drink chiller
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold thing
Frozen sheet material
Confection, coconut ...
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Curling surface
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Bar "rocks"
Drink cooler
Decorate a cake
Skating surface
Hotel freebie
Frozen water
Finish the cake
At risk, on thin ...
Winter hazard
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Road hazard
Playing surface for pro hockey
Metaphorical social barrier
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold thing
Figure-skating surface
Sculpting medium
Driving hazard
Glacier, essentially
Decorate (cake)
Rink surface
Diamonds, slangily
Drink cooler
Bar need
76 Across supply
Postpone, put on ...
Word before show or sheet
Surface that's difficult to stop on
Glacier makeup
Dairy treat, ... cream
Decorate (a cake)
Juicer contains something cold
Slippery surface
Frozen water
It's cold and slippy
Luge track surface
Frozen water
Driving hazard
Diamonds, slangily
Fish market supply
Sprain application
Juicer contains something cold
Decorate (a cake)
Core elements in aquifer - calcium and magnesium - producing hard water
Frozen surface
Bar supply
At risk, on thin ...
Noticed about diamonds
Frozen water
Igloo material
Igloo material
Frozen water
Ephemeral sculpture's makeup
Juicer contains something cold
Frozen water
____ cream
____ cream
Frozen water
Luge medium
Do a patisserie job
Cause of a skid, perhaps
Cubes in a tray
Water cooler
Apply frosting
Apply frosting
Cola cubes
Frozen water
Seal, as a deal
Frozen water
Swelling reducer
Juicer contains cold thing
Frozen water
Curling surface
Frozen water
Freezer cubes
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Frozen water
Skating surface
Frozen water
Hail, mostly
Cold cubes
Ephemeral sculpting medium
Bar staple
Juicer contains something cold
Frozen water
Solid water
Center ___ (hockey rink area, and a hint to this puzzle's theme)
Glacier's composition
Frozen water
Apply frosting
Black ___
Hockey surface
Beverage store buy
Nonpermanent sculpture medium
Zamboni's milieu
Medium for some sculptures
Dispenser type
Water cooler
Hockey surface
Rink surface
Skating surface
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Postpone, put on ...
Solid water
Curling surface
Stuff in many drinks
Postpone, put on ...
It can give you the chills
Frozen water
Motel freebie
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Tumbler contents, often
What some caps are made of
Part 10 of today's quote
Frozen water
Fish market stock
Glacier, essentially
Sprain treatment
Home ___ advantage
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold thing
Rink stuff
Decorate (a cake)
Frozen water
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold things
Rocks in a glass
Party host's bucketful
Filler for a cooler
Polar formation
Glacier makeup
Winter hazard
Decorate a cake
Devils' playing surface, ironically
Freezer buildup
Decorate at the patisserie
Ensure of victory
Rocks in a bar
What 61-Down teams play on
Cube that clinks
Bar need
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Do a bakery chore
Word before pack or pick
Beverage store bagful
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Drink cubes
Winter coat
Begin, break the ...
Glacial material
Rink material
Cubes in cocktails
Rink surface
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold item
Frozen water
Water cooler?
Decorate a cake
Frozen water
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold thing
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Rink surface
Frozen water
Common supply for a party
On ___ (chilling)
Freeze, ... over
Cooler's cooler
Bar supply
Frozen water
Water cooler
Postpone, put on ...
Bar stock
Winter road hazard
Decorate a cake
Frozen water
Cubes in a glass
Hotel amenity
At risk, on thin ...
Frost (biscuits)
It can give you the slip
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold item
Skater's surface
Freeze, ... over
Frozen water
Motel machine yield
Frozen water
Rocks at the bar
Drink cooler
Decorate (cake)
Frozen water
Beverage store bagful
NHL surface
Frozen water
Juicer contains cold stuff
Seal, as a deal
Postpone, put on ...
Frozen water
Frozen water
Dairy treat, ... cream
Frozen water
Decorate with endless spices
Smoothie ingredient
Winter driving hazard
It goes 'clink' in a drink
It goes 'clink' in a drink
Drink cooler
Frozen water
Juicer contains something cold
Cubes in a cooler

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