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Word: IDO

The word IDO has appeared in at least 1054 clues on different crosswords.

IDO definition(s):

  • an artificial language that is a revision and simplification of Esperanto
  • Initial Dissolved Oxygen
  • InterdivisionalOperations

"""'Deed ___"" (1948 hit for Lena Horne)"
"""... ___ believe, we shall overcome someday"""
"""... and nothing but the truth?"" response"
"""... as I say, not as ___"""
"""... shall live?"" follower"
"""... shall live?"" reply"
"""Absolutely"", ceremoniously"
"""And what if ___?"""
"""Damn right!"""
"""Deed ___"": '27 tune"
"""Deed___"" (Jazz Age tune)"
"""Deep in my heart, ___ believe..."""
"""Do as I say, not as ___"""
"""Don't mind if ___"""
"""I Want You to Hurt Like ___"" Randy Newman"
"""If ___ say so myself"""
"""Indeed ___!"""
"""Indeed ___"""
"""It is a far, far better thing that ___... """
"""Like the Way ___"" Melissa Etheridge"
"""Magic"" words that are the theme of this puzzle"
"""Me, me, me!"""
"""No TV and no beer make Homer something something..."" ""Go crazy?"" ""Don't mind if ___!"""
"""No TV and no beer make Homer... something something..."" ""Go crazy?"" ""Don't mind if ___!"""
"""Oh, But___"" (1946 song)"
"""Right, Reverend"""
"""Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars"" ballad"
"""That ___, sir"""
"""There was an embarrassing moment at a recent Democratic fundraiser. When John Kerry was handed a $10 million dollar check, he said, ___"" (Craig Kilborn)"
"""To have and to hold"" affirmation"
"""To have and to hold"" answer"
"""Well, ___ declare!"""
"""What Could ___?"""
"""What can ___?"""
"""What did ___ wrong?"" (question during a lesson)"
"""What do ___ now?"""
"""What'll ___?"""
"""What'll ___?"" (Berlin song)"
"""What'll ___?"": Berlin"
"""Who wants another beer?"" reply"
"""Who wants chocolate?"" reply"
"""Who wants dessert?"" reply"
"""Who wants ice cream?"" reply"
"""Who wants ice cream?"" response"
"""Yes! Me!"""
"""Yes"" words."
"""Yes,"" at a wedding"
"""Yes,"" in church"
"""You Know How ___"" Taking Back Sunday"
"""___ (Cherish You)"" by 98 Degrees"
"""___ declare!"""
"""___ not choose to run"""
"""___ not choose to run."""
"""___ not like them, Sam-I-Am"""
"""___ solemnly swear..."""
'80s J. Geils hit
'99 98
'Indeed ___!'
'Indeed ___'
'What can ___ for you?'
'What can ___ help?'
*Phrase uttered in front of friends and family (1)
1983 J. Geils Band hit
1998 Lisa Loeb hit
20% of an ABBA hit
20% of an Abba hit
2011 Colbie Caillat hit
"50% of a Merrick musical, or 20% of an Abba hit"
"98 Degrees hit ""___ (Cherish You)"""
98 Degrees hit of 1999
"98 Degrees tune subtitled ""(Cherish You)"""
A kiss may follow one
A rite answer?
"Abba tune, when quintupled"
Affirmation at the altar
Affirmation phrase
Affirmation uttered at an altar
Affirmative Lisa Loeb song?
Affirmative answer.
Affirmative at the altar
Affirmative phrase.
Affirmative reply.
Affirmative response.
Affirmative statement.
Agreement to enter an institution?
"Altar ""aye, aye"""
Altar Words
Altar affirmation
Altar affirmations
Altar affirmative
Altar agreement
Altar answer
Altar assent
Altar avowal
Altar comeback
Altar consent
Altar declaration
Altar duo
Altar iteration
Altar line
Altar oath
Altar phrase
Altar promise
Altar pronouncement
Altar reply
Altar saying
Altar sentence
Altar statement
Altar utterance
Altar vow
Altar words
Altar-ed speech?
Altar-ed statement?
Altared words?
Answer before exchanging rings
Answer before two rings?
"Answer to ""Who wants ice cream?"""
Answer to a bailiff
Answer to a father
Answer to a judge
Answer to a minister
Answer to a minister's question
Answer to an officiant
Answer to the chaplain
Answer to the parson
Answer to the pastor
Answer to the preacher
Answer with a raised hand
Artificial language.
Bachelor s last words
Bachelor's final answer
Bachelor's last statement
Bachelor's last words
Bachelor's last words?
Bachelorette's final statement
Bachelorhood-ending phrase
Benedict's last words
Benedict's phrase
"Berlin tune, ""What'll ___"""
"Berlin's ""What'll ___?"""
Binding agreement
Binding agreement?
Binding oath
Binding promise
Binding words
Bit of swearing in front of a church leader
Bonding words
Bridal response
Bridal vow
Bride and groom's words
Bride's declaration
Bride's oath
Bride's promise
Bride's reply
Bride's response
Bride's vow
Bride's words
Bride's words: 2 wds.
Brief affirmation
Brief commitment
Brief vow
"Bryan Adams ""(Everything ___) I Do It for You"""
"Ceremonial ""Certainly"""
"Ceremonial ""certainly"""
Ceremonial 'yes'
Ceremonial response.
Ceremonial utterance
Ceremonial vow
Ceremonial words
Ceremonious assent.
Ceremony capper
Ceremony promise
Ceremony words
Certain assent
Chapel line
Chapel promise
Chapel utterance
Chapel vow
Chapel words
Church confirmation
Church vow
Church words
Commitment words
Committed declaration
Committed reply
Common court response
Common oath
Common pledge
Common vow
Conclusion of a singles match?
Confirmation at the witness stand
Consenting words
Court affirmation
Court oath
Court or church phrase
Court promise
Courtroom affirmation
Courtroom oath
Courtroom or church affirmation
Courtroom phrase.
Courtroom promise
Courtroom response
Courtroom response.
Courtroom vow
Courtroom words
Declaration of interdependence
Declaration that leaves one in a bind?
Deep-felt promise
Encouraging words at the altar
End of the aisle words?
End-of-the-aisle words
Engagement ender
"Enthusiastic response to ""Who wants cookies?"""
Exchange words
Exchanged words
Expected response at the altar
Familiar vow
Famous last words?
Final single words
Forevers promise
Form of Esperanto
Form of Esperanto.
"Formal ""yes"""
Formal 'yes'
Formal agreement
Future benedict's words?
Good answer at the altar
Groom's agreement
Groom's answer
Groom's guarantee
Groom's last words
Groom's promise
Groom's reply
Groom's response
Groom's vow
Groom's words
Groom's words.
Half a Broadway title
Half a Martin-Preston musical?
Half a Merrick musical
Half a Tom Jones musical
Half a musical title
Half a musical title.
Half of a musical
Half of a musical title.
Half the title of a musical
Happy ending/beginning words
Hearing promise
Heartfelt promise
Heartfelt vow
"Heyerdahl's ""Kon-___"""
His or her vow
Hit title for the J. Geils Band and Lisa Loeb
Hitching boast
Hitching phrase
Hitching words
Hitching-post reply?
Hoped-for altar response
In-sickness-and-in-health words
Inaugural oath starter
Inaugural response
Inauguration phrase
"Irving Berlin tune, 'What'll ___'"
It may be said before a kiss
It may be said with a raised hand
It may precede a kiss
It's a promise
It's a rite answer
It's said before a kiss
It's said while waving your hand wildly
J. Geils Band song
J. Geils hit cover from '82
"Jewel ""Perfectly Clear"" song"
Joining words
June phrase
"June phrase, often"
June promise
June vow
June words
"Kin of ""Count me in"""
"Kin of ""you betcha"""
Knot phrase
Knot tying words
Knot-tying line
Knot-tying phrase
Knot-tying words
Language derived from Esperanto
Last hit for the J. Geils Band
Last single phrase
Last single statement
Last single statement?
Last single words
Last words of a single person?
Last words of a singles match?
Last words of bachelorhood
Last words of singleness
License holder's response
Life sentence?
Life-altaring words?
Life-altering words
Life-changing declaration
Life-changing promise
Life-changing statement
Lifetime guarantee?
Line at a wedding
Line at the altar
Line before a reception
Line that has a ring to it?
Line that might have a ring to it?
Lisa Loeb hit
"Lisa Loeb hit from the album ""Firecracker"""
Litigant's response.
Liz Taylor said it eight times
Liz said it often
Loving vow
Maiden's last words?
Marriage agreement
Marriage agreement?
Marriage phrase
Marriage starter
Marriage vow
Marriage vow.
Marriage words
Mating call?
Matrimonial agreement
Matrimonial vow
Merger agreement
Merger agreement?
Merger announcement
Merger announcement?
Merger phrase?
Merger words?
Mergers' words
Momentous words
Nuptial affirmation
Nuptial affirmative
Nuptial agreement
Nuptial agreement?
Nuptial answer
Nuptial claim
Nuptial confirmation
Nuptial declaration
Nuptial phrase
Nuptial reply
Nuptial response
Nuptial statement
Nuptial text
Nuptial vow
Nuptial words
Nuptials phrase
Nuptials response
Oath acceptance
Oath affirmation
Oath affirmation words
Oath answer
Oath for both?
Oath phrase
Oath reply
Oath response
Oath taker's agreement
Oath-confirming phrase
Oath-taker's affirmative
Oath-taker's reply
Oath-taker's words
Oath-taking phrase
Oath-taking phrase.
Oath-taking words
Oft-broken promise
Oft-heard vow
One fifth of an ABBA '76 hit
One fifth of an ABBA hit
One way to concur
One-fifth of an ABBA song
One-fifth of an ABBA tune
One-fifth of an Abba hit
Pair of pair-making words
Part of a Vegas exchange
Part of a mating ritual
Part of a union ritual
Part of an altar exchange
"Paul Simon's ""___ It for Your Love"""
Phrase heard in court or church
"Phrase in June, often"
Phrase of agreement.
Phrase of assent.
Phrase of commitment
Phrase of confirmation
Phrase of consent.
Phrase repeated five times in an ABBA song title
Phrase said before taking the stand
Phrase that could end a single life
Phrase that must be said twice to really count
Phrase usually said twice at weddings
Planned promise from Theroux to Aniston
Pledge of allegiance
Pledge of unity
Pledge to the preacher
Pledge words
Popular June phrase
Popular promise
Post-prenup statement
Pre-honeymoon promise
Pre-kiss promise
Pre-kiss statement
Pre-testimony promise
Pre-testimony utterance
Prelude to a kiss
Prelude to many a kiss
Prenuptial agreement
Prenuptial agreement?
"Prince's ""Damned If ___"""
Promise at the altar
Promise before a kiss
Promise before a parson
"Promise in church, maybe"
"Promise made under a chuppah, maybe"
Promise preceding a pronouncement
Promise that doesn't always work out
Promise under a chuppah
Promising phrase
Promising reply
Promising words
Promising words (and what's hidden in this puzzle's four longest entries)
Promising words?
Promissory words
Pronouncement before a kiss
"Punch line to ""What's the longest sentence in the English language?"""
"Quintupled, a 1975 ABBA hit"
"Quintupled, an Abba song"
"Rascal Flatts's ""Yes ___"""
"Repeated four times, an Abba tune"
"Repeated words shouted after ""Who wants...?"""
"Repeated, a Broadway musical of 1966"
Reply often heard in June
"Reply to ""Who wants some eggnog?"" maybe"
Reply to a wedding officiant's question
Reply to the officiant
Reply to the parson
Response at the altar
Response from the altar
Response known to preclude its question
Response on the stand
Response that has a nice ring to it?
"Response to ""Who wants ice cream?!"""
"Response to ""Who wants ice cream?"""
"Response to ""Who wants seconds?"""
"Response to ""Who wants to blow off school and go to the amusement park?"""
Response to a J.P.
Response to a bailiff
Response to a bailiff's question
Response to a clergyman
Response to a court oath
Response to a father's question
Response to a minister
Response to a minister's question
Response to a preacher
"Response to a priest, perhaps"
Response to bailiff's query
Response to minister's query
Response to the justice of the peace
"Response, in the affirmative."
Ring words
Ringing endorsement?
Rite answer
Rite answer?
Rite oath
Rite reply
Rite response
Rite words
Rite words to say?
Rite words.
Ritual phrase
"Said five times, a ""Mamma Mia!"" song"
Sentence heard by an usher
Service line?
Short agreement
Short assent
Short oath
Short sentence about a long term
Short sentence that leads to a long sentence
Short sentence?
Short vow
Simple vow
Simplified Esperanto
Single one's last words?
Single person's last words
"Single person's last words, often"
Single person's last words?
Singles' final words?
Snake's place
Solemn agreement
Solemn assent
Solemn promise
Solemn vow
Solemn wedding words
Solemn words
Starry-eyed vow
Start for a union?
Statement after a pre-nup
"Statement made in church, often"
Statement of agreement
Statement of the union?
Stock exchange in a church?
Summetime vow
Swear words
Swear words heard by a priest
Swear words in a swearing-in
Swear words often said in church?
Swear words?
Swearing phrase
Swearing-in affirmation
Swearing-in phrase
Swearing-in response
Swearing-in statement
Swearing-in words
Swearing-in words.
Swearing-in words?
Sworn phrase
Sworn statement
Sworn statement?
Terms of endearment?
Terse affirmation
Terse agreement
Terse vow
Testifier's phrase
Testifier's vow
Testifier's words
Testimony lead-in
The rite answer
Three-letter phrase
"Three-letter, union-forming phrase"
Top 40 hit for Lisa Loeb
"Tough words for the ""Runaway Bride"""
Trial witness's promise
"Twice, a musical about marriage"
Two little words
Union accord?
Union agreement
Union agreement?
Union announcement
Union contract?
Union member's agreement?
Union oath
Union oath?
Union pledge
Union promise
Union statement?
Union words
Union-forming phrase
Union-forming sentence
Union-starting phrase
Uniting words
Vegas vow
Veiled comment?
Veiled consent?
Veiled oath
Veiled oath?
Veiled vow
Veiled vow?
Veiled words?
Vow after reading vows
Vow at an altar
Vow at the altar
Vow before taking the stand
Vow before the altar
Vow exchanged at the altar
Vow hidden in this puzzle's four longest answers
Vow just before exchanging rings
Vow on a stand
Vow phrase
Vow that ends bachelorhood
Vow to be truthful
Vow words
Vow-accepting confirmation
Vow-confirming phrase
Vow-sealing words
Way to say yes.
Wedding announcement?
Wedding chapel vow
Wedding day agreement: 2 wds.
Wedding day phrase: 2 wds.
Wedding day promise
Wedding declaration
Wedding phrase
Wedding phrase.
Wedding promise
Wedding promise: 2 wds.
Wedding response
Wedding sentence
Wedding vow
Wedding vow acceptance
Wedding vow response: 2 wds.
Wedding vow words
Wedding vow words: 2 wds.
Wedding words
Wedding words after no objections
Wedding words.
Wedding-ceremony response
Wedding-vow words
What James Buchanan never said at the altar
"What Valentines may say, eventually"
What a benedict has just said
What can ___ for you?
What some bachelors will never say
"What the ""Runaway Bride"" wouldn't say"
What this puzzle's constructor is saying to his fianc
"When doubled, a David Merrick musical"
"When quintupled, a 1976 Abba hit"
"When repeated, a 1966 musical based on ""The Fourposter"""
"When repeated, cry often made with a hand up"
"When repeated, reply to ""Who wants dessert?"""
"When repeated, response to ""Who wants dessert?"""
"When repeated, response to ""Who wants ice cream?"""
"When sung five times, an Abba hit"
Witness affirmation
Witness stand oath
Witness stand words
Witness statement
Witness words
Witness' oath
Witness' promise.
Witness' response.
Witness' vow.
Witness' words.
Witness's affirmation
Witness's first words?
Witness's pledge
Witness's promise
Witness's reply
Witness's reply to the bailiff
Witness's sentence
Witness's swearing-in phrase
Witness's vow
Witness's words
Witness's words.
Witness-box response
Witness-stand vow
Witnesses' words.
Words Pres. Buchanan never said
"Words after ""... as long as you both shall live?"""
"Words after ""... so help you God?"""
"Words after ""everything,"" to Bryan Adams"
Words after walking down the aisle
Words at a union meeting?
Words at a wedding
Words at an altar
Words at the altar
"Words before ""You may kiss the bride"""
Words before a ceremonial kiss
Words before a kiss
"Words before a kiss, maybe"
Words before a kiss?
Words before a major pronouncement
Words before an important kiss
Words before testimony
Words ending bachelorhood
Words exchanged at the altar
Words exchanged before a kiss
Words exchanged on the big day
Words exchanged with love
Words for 31D
Words for entering a united state
Words from a very-soon-to-be spouse
Words from a witness
Words from a witness.
Words from one about to be committed
Words from one about to be committed?
Words from someone about to get wifed up
Words from the bride and groom
Words heard after no objections
Words heard at a wedding
Words heard at weddings
Words in a contract
Words in front of the rabbi
Words made more broadly applicable by the Supreme Court's decision in United States v. Windsor
Words of a single ending?
Words of agreement
Words of agreement.
Words of an altar ego?
Words of assent
Words of assent.
Words of commitment
Words of consent
Words of consent.
Words of great import
Words of promise
Words of solemnity
Words of union
Words of unity
Words often exchanged
Words often said in front of a priest
Words only ever spoken by a single person
Words preceding a kiss
"Words said after ""... so help you God?"""
Words said at an altar
"Words said at some point after saying ""yes"" to the dress"
Words said at the end of a romance novel
Words said before a kiss
Words said before a reception
"Words said before stepping on a glass, maybe"
Words said before the band goes on?
Words said impulsively in Vegas
Words said in church
Words said to be wed
Words said while holding hands
Words said with a raised hand
Words said with one's right hand raised
Words sealed with a kiss
Words solemnly sworn
Words spoken at the rite time?
Words spoken before a toast
Words spoken in front of witnesses
"Words spoken to a preacher, perhaps"
Words spoken under a huppah
Words that affect one's tax status
Words that affirm some oaths
Words that are a prelude to a kiss
Words that end an engagement
Words that end an engagement?
Words that end bachelorhood
Words that gets one institutionalized?
Words that have a certain ring to them?
Words that leave you in a bind?
Words that make two one?
Words that will definitely get you a kiss
Words to a J.P.
Words to a court clerk
Words to a preacher
Words to one's future spouse
Words to wed
Words uttered with one's hand on the Bible
Words with a certain ring
Words with a certain ring to them?
Words with a certain ring?
Words with a familiar ring?
Words with a ring to them
Words with a ring to them?
Would-be benedict's words
Yes in church
"Yes, at the altar"
"Yes, indeed."
Zsa Zsa has said it several times
Wedders' declaration
Wedders' declaration
Wedders' declaration
Wedders' declaration
Wedders' declaration
Awaited words at a wedding
Solemn ''Yes''
Words said before a pastor
Wedding words
Altar vow
Oath response
Ringing endorsement?
Chapel commitment
Agreement preceding a kiss
Church vow
Line at a wedding
Phrase of commitment
Rite response
Wedding vow
Ringing words?
Reply to the officiant
Words of promise
Union-forming phrase
Marital promise
What people wait to hear at a wedding
Altar affirmative
Altar affirmative
Altar promise
Statement that makes two one
"Don't mind if ___"
Altar vow
"Who wants dessert?" reply usually
Altar affirmation
Words at the altar
Bride's response (2 wds.)
Marriage vow
Court affirmation
Court promise
Veiled promise?
Swearing-in vow
Words exchanged at the altar
Altar vow
Altar vow
Altar oath
Wedding words
"___ believe ..."
Altar affirmative
Oath words
Altar promise
Altar response (2 wds.)
Witness's oath
Altar promise
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
Life altar-ing words?
Groom's answer
Altar utterance
Rite answer in a church?
Solemn affirmation
Merger announcement?
Vow at the altar
Vow at the altar
Chapel promise
Words of commitment
Words at the altar
Wedding words
Altar affirmation
Words given under oath
Affirmation before a certain pronouncement
Words often spoken with a hand on the Bible
"Yes, agreed"
Groom's response (2 wds.)
Pronouncement before kissing
Bride's response (2 wds.)
Chapel pledge
Bride's response (2 wds.)
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
Wedding words
The rite answer?
Swearing-in response
Knot-tying words
Solemn promise
Altar vow
Bachelor's last words
Altar promise
Altar vow
Altar answer
Altar response (2 wds.)
Altar response (2 wds.)
Altar affirmation
Wedding words
Altar vow
Altar words
Altar words
Wedding vow
Bride's vow (2 wds.)
Bride's vow (2 wds.)
Trial witness's promise
Last words of an engagement
Reply to the minister
Altar affirmative
Vow from a bride or groom
Groom's answer
Altar vow
Wedding words
Wedding words
Personal commitment?
Altar affirmation
Altar affirmative
Words at an altar
Wedding words
Words sealed with a kiss
Marital promise
Altar assent
Altar vow
Wedding vow (2 wds.)
Wedding vow (2 wds.)
Witness's pledge
Wedding words
Words said at the altar
Promise often made in church
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
Altar promise
Altar vow (2 wds.)
Repeated five times, a song by 1-Across
Chapel vow
Chapel words
Answer at the altar
Wedding vow
Wedding words
Wedding words
Words that unite a couple
Bachelor's last words?
Courtroom affirmation
Vow before testifying
See 53-Across
Altar affirmative
Oath affirmation
Bachelor's last words
Altar vow
Wedding words
Sworn statement
Altar affirmative
Swear words
Groom's response (2 wds.)
Words from a groom
Witness's words
Solemn "yes"
4 Down phrase
Altar affirmative
Wedding vow
Bachelor's last words
Bachelor's last words?
Wedding vow
Swear words?
Wedding promise
About-to-be spouse's words
Wedding words
It may be heard before a reception
Wedding vow words
Altar words
Words often heard after "shall live?"
Phrase that has a ring to it?
Bride's response (2 wds.)
Joyful answer
Altar declaration
Swearing-in words
Courtroom affirmation
Altar promise
Wedding words
Altar response (2 wds.)
Words solemnly sworn
Coupling words
Veiled reply, perhaps
Altar promise
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
'Yes,' at the altar
Altar promise
Words that make two one
Wedding words
Reply to "You think so?"
About-to-be husband's words
Wedding words
Altar vow
Altar affirmative
Wedder's phrase
"___ declare!"
Sworn statement
Wedding words
Bachelor's last words
Conjugal promise
Swearing-in words
Wedding words
Wedding words
Veiled oath?
Couple's coupling words
Altar affirmative
Groom's response (2 wds.)
Altar statement
Altar pronouncement
Altar promise
Groom's answer
Language used by Lord Jim occasionally when going the wrong way
Bride's response (2 wds.)
Nuptial promise
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
Altar vow
Bridal line?
Wedding words
Wedding day promise
Rite answer?
Altar vow
Ceremony words
Words of commitment
Sworn words
Wedding words
"Don't mind if ___"
Wedding words
Chapel words
Altar response (2 wds.)
Uniting phrase
Wedding phrase
Bride's vow (2 wds.)
Altar vow
Altar promise
Wedding words
Altar promise
Marry me? Yes
Bachelor's last words
Altar vow (2 wds.)
Ceremony words
"What did ___ wrong?": 2 wds.
Nuptial words
Marriage-vow words
Wedding day promise: 2 wds.
Oath affirmation
Kelly Clarkson's "___ Not Hook Up" (2 wds.)
Groom's promise
Words of assent
Altar vow: 2 wds.
Altar phrase
Predictable reply at the altar
Wedding vow (2 wds.)
Altar affirmative
Wedding vow (2 wds.)
Response to "... as long as you both shall live?": 2 wds.
Altar words
Court affirmation
Wedding phrase
Oath affirmation
Groom's vow (2 wds.)
Wedding words
Altar vow (2 wds.)
Altar vow (2 wds.)
Phrase of commitment
Marriage words
Words of promise
Hitching promise
Positive answer at the altar: 2 wds.
Reply at the altar
Altar affirmative
Response to "Who wants cake?": 2 wds.
Wedding vow words
Ceremony vowend
"... if ___ say so myself!": 2 wds.
Prelude to a kiss
Altar promise
Wedding words
Terse affirmation
Frequent court statement
Court affirmation
"What should ___?" (request for advice): 2 wds.
When sung five times, an Abba hit
Uniting words
Wedding words
Common June phrase
Union agreement?
Words said just before a priest pronounces a couple man and wife: 2 wds.
Knot-tying words
Bride to groom
Altar vow
Bachelor's last words?
"What else could ___?": 2 wds.
"All ___ Is Win" (DJ Khaled hit): 2 wds.
Marriage words
Nuptial agreement
Marriage vow: 2 wds.
Wedding words
Altar vow
Altar avowal
Common vow
Wedding words
"Who wants ice cream?" reply
Altar assent
Bride and groom's words
Groom's answer
Altar vow
Vow words
Oath words

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