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Word: IGOR

The word IGOR has appeared in at least 497 clues on different crosswords.

IGOR definition(s):

  • Interactive Generation Of Organic Reactions
  • Intercept Ground OPtical Recorder

"""... maids with ___"": Carroll"
"""Elegy for J.F.K."" composer Stravinsky"
"""Firebird"" composer Stravinsky"
"""Frankenstein"" assistant"
"""Frankenstein"" flunky"
"""Frankenstein"" helper"
"""Frankenstein"" role"
"""House of Wax"" henchman"
"""M*A*S*H"" mess server"
"""M*A*S*H"" private Straminsky"
"""Petrushka"" composer Stravinsky"
"""Prince --"""
"""Prince ___"""
"""Prince ___"" (Borodin opera)"
"""Prince ___,"" Borodin opera"
"""Prince ___."""
"""The Firebird"" composer Stravinsky"
"""The Firebird"" composer's first name"
"""The Lay of the Host of ___"" (old Russian epic poem)"
"""The Rite of Spring"" composer Stravinsky"
"""Victor Frankenstein"" character"
"""What hump?"" lab assistant"
"""What hump?"" speaker"
"""Yes, master"" speaker"
"""Young Frankenstein"" assistant"
"""Young Frankenstein"" character"
"""Young Frankenstein"" character with the classic line ""Walk this way"""
"""Young Frankenstein"" first name"
"""Young Frankenstein"" flunky"
"""Young Frankenstein"" hunchback"
"""Young Frankenstein"" role"
'M*A*S*H' cook
1939 Lugosi role
1974 Marty Feldman comic-horror role
1974 part for Marty Feldman
2008 Cusack film about a hunchback
2008 animated comedy
2008 animated film featuring John Cusack
2008 animated film starring John Cusack
2008 film about a hunchbacked lab assistant
A 1975 Marty Feldman role
Aeronautical engineer Sikorsky
Aeronautical pioneer Sikorsky
Aeronautics pioneer Sikorsky
Aide for Frankenstein
Aide of Frankenstein
Aircraft designer Sikorsky
Aircraft pioneer Sikorsky
Airman Sikorsky
Al left Gloria for him
Andreev of tennis
Animated 2008 film about a hunchback
Animation pioneer?
Archetypal assistant
Archetypal lab assistant
Assistanc in Young Frankenstein
"Assistant in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Assistant of Frankenstein
"Assistant played by Charles Bronson in ""House of Wax"""
Assistant with a hunch?
Aviation pioneer Sikorsky
Aviator Sikorsky
Ballet dancer Youskevitch
Baritone Gorin
Bat on The Munsters
Blackhawks' forward Korolev
Borodin character
Borodin character.
Borodin hero
Borodin hero.
"Borodin opera ""Prince ___"""
Borodin opera prince
"Borodin opera, ""Prince ___"""
Borodin prince
Borodin protagonist
Borodin title prince
"Borodin's ""Prince ___"""
Borodin's 'Prince ___'
Borodin's Prince
Borodin's Prince ___
Borodin's Prince.
Borodin's nobleman
Borodin's opera prince
Borodin's operatic Prince
Borodin's operatic prince
Borodin's prince
Borodin's prince.
Borodin's royal baritone
"Borodin's unfinished ""Prince ___"""
"Bronson's ""House of Wax"" role"
Bug-eyed lab assistant
Businessman Sikorsky
Cassini or Stravinsky
"Chain-rattler in ""Monster Mash"""
"Chains player in ""Monster Mash"""
"Character in ""The Iron Curtain"" or ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Character not present in Mary Shelley's ""Frankenstein"""
Character with a prominent back
Chess grandmaster Bondarevsky or Novikov
Choreographer Moiseyev
Cinema lab assistant
Cinematic lab assistant
Classic 1974 role for Marty Feldman
Classic creepy assistant name
Classic doctor's aide
Classic lab assistant
"Classic name heard in the 1962 hit ""Monster Mash"""
Columnist Cassini
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky or engineer Sikorsky
Composer Stravinsky.
Composer's first name
"Composer, ___ Stravinsky"
Conductor Buketoff
Conductor Markevitch
Creepy guy in a lab
Creepy lab guy
"Dana Andrews in ""The Iron Curtain"""
"Daniel Radcliffe role in 2015's ""Victor Frankenstein"""
David Oistrakh's violinist son
Designer Sikorsky
Dimitri's compatriot.
Dmitri's compatriot
Doctor Frankenstein's helper
Dr. Frankenstein flunky
Dr. Frankenstein's aide
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
"Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, in film"
Dr. Frankenstein's flunky
Dr. Frankenstein's go-to guy
Dr. Frankenstein's gofer
Dr. Frankenstein's helper
Dr. Frankenstein's hunch?
Dr. Frankenstein's lab assistant
Dr. Frankenstein's right hand
Dr. Frankenstein's right-hand man
Dr. Frankensteins assistant
Drac's helper
Engineer Sikorsky
Famed lab assistant
Famed mad scientist's assistant
Famous lab assistant
Feldman role
"Feldman role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Feldman's ""Young Frankenstein"" role"
Fictional assistant
Fictional hunchback
Fictional lab assistant
Film assistant
Film lab aide
Film lab assistant
Film lab helper
First name in helicopters
First name in music.
First name in musical composition
"Flunky in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Frankenstein aide
Frankenstein factotum
Frankenstein flunky
Frankenstein s helper
Frankenstein's aide
Frankenstein's assistant
"Frankenstein's assistant in movies, but not in Mary Shelley's novel"
"Frankenstein's assistant, in film"
Frankenstein's factotum
Frankenstein's flunky
Frankenstein's friend
Frankenstein's gofer
Frankenstein's helper
Frankenstein's humpbacked helper
Frankenstein's man Friday
"Frau Bl
Gorin of opera
Gossip columnist Cassini
Grandpa Munster's bat
Grandpa Munster's pet
Grandpa Munster's pet bat
Guy who wrote Petrouchka
Harpsichordist Kipnis
He had a hunch
He had a hunch about him
He had a hunch about the lab
He often gave Frankenstein a hand
He's got a hunch
Helicopter builder Sikorsky
Helicopter designer Sikorsky
Helicopter inventor Sikorsky
Helicopter man Sikorsky
Helicopter pioneer Sikorsky
Helper for Frankenstein
Helper of Frankenstein
Helper who had a hunch
Helper with a hump
Helper with a humpback
Helper with a hunch
Hero of Russian epic.
High-flying Sikorsky
Historic Russian prince
Hockey player Larionov
Hockey's Kravchuk or Korolev
Hollywood hunchback
Horror film assistant with a Russian name
Horror film hunchback
Horror-film assistant
Horror-film helper
Horror-film lab assistant
Horror-film role
Horror-tale sidekick
Housemate of Frau Bl
Hump-backed helper
Humpbacked helper
Humpbacked helper of fiction
Humpbacked helper of film
Humped helper
Hunchback in a Mel Brooks classic
Hunchback in a lab
Hunchback of fiction
Hunchback of film horror
Hunchback of horror
Hunchbacked assistant
Hunchbacked assistant of horror films
Hunchbacked helper
Hunchbacked henchman
Hunchbacked lab assistant
Innovative Sikorsky
Inventor Sikorsky
Korolev of the Blackhawks
Korolev of the NHL
Korolev or Ulanov
Kravchuk won Olympic gold on the USSR hockey team
Kurchatov who oversaw the Soviet atomic bomb project
Lab aide with a hump
Lab aide with a hunch
Lab aide with a hunch?
Lab assistant
Lab assistant in a horror film
"Lab assistant mentioned in ""Monster Mash"""
Lab assistant of film
Lab assistant of filmdom
Lab assistant of literature
Lab assistant with extra brains?
Lab assistant's name in some movies
"Lab assistant, in literature"
"Lab assistant, of film"
Lab assistant?
Lab helper with a hump
Lab lurker in movies
Lab retriever
Lab worker with a hunch
Larionov of the NHL
"Larionov of the Red Wings' ""Russian Five"""
Larionov or Ulanov of hockey
Lisping lab assistant
Mad scientist's aide
Mad scientist's assistant in many films
"Marty Feldman in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Marty Feldman role
"Marty Feldman role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Marty Feldman's ""Young Frankenstein"" role"
"Marty Feldman's role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Marty Feldman's role in 'Young Frankenstein'
"Marty Feldman, in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Marty in Young Frankenstein
"Marty's ""Young Frankenstein"" role"
"Marty's role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Marty, in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Mary Shelley character
Memorable Marty Feldman role
Memorable baritone Gorin
Memorable lab assistant
"Monster who played the chains in ""The Monster Mash"""
Movie assistant
"Movie character whose line ""Walk this way"" inspired the Aerosmith song"
Movie lab assistant
Movie lab helper
Mr. Sikorsky
Mr. Stravinsky
Munsters' bat
Music's Stravinsky
Musical Stravinsky
Musical prince
"Musician ""on chains"" in ""Monster Mash"""
NHL's Korolev
Name for a certain hunchback
Name in a Borodin title
Noted lab assistant
Oafish lab assistant
Oistrakh or Stravinsky
One who has a hunch
One with a pretty strong hunch?
Opera prince
Opera role
Opera role.
Operatic prince
Operatic prince.
Operatic role.
Operatic ruler.
Painter Grabar
Perpetual lab assistant
"Pet bat in ""The Munsters"""
"Pet bat in TV's ""The Munsters"""
"Pet bat on ""The Munsters"""
Plane designer Sikorsky
Plane developer Sikorsky
Prince ___
Prince at the opera
Prince in a Borodin opera
Prince in an Aleksandr Borodin opera
Prince in opera.
"Prince married to Yaroslavna, in opera"
Prince of Russian opera
Prince of music
Prince of opera
Prince of opera.
Prince of the opera
Prototypical lab assistant
Quintessential sci-fi henchman
Real-estate mogul Olenicoff
Real-estate tycoon Olenicoff
Red Wings center Larionov
Role for Marty Feldman
"Role in ""Frankenstein"""
"Role in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Role in a Mel Brooks film
Russian choreographer Moiseyev
Russian conductor/composer Markevitch
Russian engineer Sikorsky
Russian epic hero
Russian hero
Russian hero.
Russian name
Russian name.
Russian prince of the 12th century
Russian-born composer Stravinsky
Scientist's helper of film
"Servant in the ""Discworld"" novels"
Shade trees
Sikorsky of aeronautics
Sikorsky of aviation
Sikorsky of helicopters
Sikorsky of plane design
Sikorsky or Stravinsky
Slavic name.
Soviet Physics Nobelist ___ Tamm
Soviet aviation pioneer Sikorsky
Soviet nuclear physicist Kurchatov
Soviet scientist Kurchatov
Stereotypical hunchback
Stereotypical lab assistant
Stereotypical lab assistant's name
Stereotypical lab flunky
Stereotypical lab name
Stereotypical name for a mad scientist's assistant
Stereotypical name for a sci-fi lab assistant
Stereotypical name for lab assistants
Stock name for a villain's assistant
Stock villain in Gothic fiction
Stravinsky of music
Stravinsky or Gorin
Stravinsky or Sikorsky
Stravinsky's prince
TV interviewer Cassini
Tennis player Andreev
Tennis pro Andreev
The Munsters bat
The Munsters' bat
The Munsters' pet bat
Title prince in a Borodin opera
Transylvanian lab assistant
Transylvanian lab assistant?
Ulanov or Korolev of the NHL
Violinist Oistrakh
Well-known lab assistant
"Yaroslavna's spouse, in a Borodin opera"
Young Frankenstein role
Young Frankenstein's assistant
Young Frankenstein's hunchback
Youskevitch of ballet
"___ Olshansky, first Soviet-born N.F.L. player"
Lab assistant of fiction
Sikorsky of aviation
Composer Stravinsky
Borodin's "Prince ___"
Borodin's "Prince ___"
Inventor Sikorsky
Musician ”on chains” in ”Monster Mash”
Stereotypical name for a lab assistant
Composer Stravinsky
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Famed lab assistant
Borodin's "Prince ___"
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
Sikorsky of aviation
Classical pianist Levit
Fictional lab assistant
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Composer Stravinsky
Man’s name
Fellow’s in brig, ordinarily
Composer Stravinsky
Borodin's prince
Aviation pioneer Sikorsky
Composer Stravinsky
Stravinsky of music
Mr. Stravinsky
Prince of the opera
Composer Stravinsky
"Young Frankenstein" role
Lab aide of film
Composer Stravinsky
"Young Frankenstein" helper
1974 role for Marty
Horror film helper
1974 role for Marty
Composer Stravinsky
"Young Frankenstein" hunchback
Prince of a noted opera
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
A Russian from Sligo, Republic of Ireland
Frankenstein's sidekick
Lab assistant of film
"Young Frankenstein" role
Composer Stravinsky
Mr. Stravinsky
"Young Frankenstein" role
Frankenstein's flunky
Composer Stravinsky
Mr. Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
Horror film lab helper
I take leave before Prince of Opera
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
"Young Frankenstein" helper
Frankenstein's aide
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
Stravinsky or Sikorsky
Assistant who didn't exist in Mary Shelley's novel
Sikorsky of aviation
I leave a redhead with him
"Young Frankenstein" role
Hunchbacked lab assistant
Prince in an opera
Stravinsky of notes
Name related to Inga
Composer Stravinsky
Frankenstein flunky
Lab aide of film
Inventor Sikorsky
"Young Frankenstein" role
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
Cinematic lab assistant
Hunchback on film
Hunchbacked assistant
Music's Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
"Young Frankenstein" role
I leave right after a Russian
Composer Stravinsky
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Frankenstein's helper
Harpsichordist Kipnis
Composer Stravinsky
Brain acquirer of film
Dr. Frankenstein's go-fer
Lab aide of film
Composer Stravinsky
Sikorsky of aviation
Sikorsky of aviation
Frankenstein's flunky
Servant in 'Young Frankenstein'
Name on a ''Firebird'' score
Mr. Stravinsky
"Rite of Spring" composer Stravinsky
Mr. Stravinsky
Stravinsky's vigorous piece
Composer Stravinsky
Composer Stravinsky
Inventor Sikorsky
Composer Stravinsky
"Young Frankenstein" role
"Young Frankenstein" role
Borodin opera prince
Marty Feldman's "Young Frankenstein" role

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