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Word: IRA

The word IRA has appeared in at least 1541 clues on different crosswords.

IRA definition(s):

  • a militant organization of Irish nationalists who used terrorism and guerilla warfare in an effort to drive British forces from Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland
  • a self-funded retirement plan that allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward your retirement; taxes on the interest earned in the account are deferred
  • belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong (personified as one of the deadly sins)
  • Interim Response Actions
  • Individual Retirement Account (legally

"""...a chief ruler about David"" (2 Sam. 20:26)"
"""A Kiss Before Dying"" author Levin"
"""A Kiss Before Dying"" novelist Levin"
"""And ___ also the Jairite was a chief ruler about David"" ("
"""Beyond the Dream"" author Berkow"
"""But Not for Me"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""Ca ___"""
"""Ca ___,"" 1790 French song."
"""Ca ___,"" French song of 1790."
"""Ca ___."""
"""Crazy ___ And The Douche"" (""Parks and Recreation"" morning show)"
"""Cybill"" character"
"""De ___,"" Seneca essay"
"""Deathtrap"" author Levin"
"""Deathtrap"" dramatist Levin"
"""Deathtrap"" playwright Levin"
"""Deathtrap"" writer Levin"
"""Embraceable You"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""Full Swing: Hits, Runs and Errors in a Writer's Life"" author Berkow"
"""I Got Rhythm"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""It Ain't Necessarily So"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""Lady, Be Good!"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""Mad About You"" cousin"
"""Michael Collins"" gp."
"""Michael Collins"" org."
"""Miss Peach"" lad"
"""Newton's Apple"" host Flatow"
"""No Time for Sergeants"" playwright Levin"
"""Of Thee I Sing"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""Other"" Gershwin"
"""Patriot Games"" gp."
"""Patriot Games"" grp."
"""Patriot Games"" org."
"""Patriot Games"" villains: Abbr."
"""Porgy and Bess"" lyricist"
"""Potato, po-tah-to, tomato, to-mah-to"" writer Gershwin"
"""Rosemary's Baby"" author Levin"
"""Rosemary's Baby"" author, ___ Levin"
"""Rosemary's Baby"" novelist Levin"
"""Rosemary's Baby"" writer Levin"
"""Roth"" nest egg"
"""Roth"" nest egg item"
"""Science Friday"" host Flatow"
"""Science Friday"" radio host Flatow"
"""Serial"" producer Glass"
"""Sliver"" author Levin"
"""Sliver"" novelist Levin"
"""Someone to Watch Over Me"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""The Boys From Brazil"" novelist Levin"
"""The Boys from Brazil"" author Levin"
"""The Boys from Brazil"" novelist Levin"
"""The Crying Game"" org."
"""The Crying Game"" subject"
"""The Jairite."""
"""The Man I Love"" lyricist Gershwin"
"""The Stepford Wives"" author Levin"
"""The Stepford Wives"" novelist Levin"
"""The Stepford Wives"" writer Levin"
"""The Troubles"" letters"
"""The son of Ikkesh the Tekoite"" (1Chr 27:9)"
"""The troubles"" letters"
"""This American Life"" host Glass"
"""This American Life"" radio host Glass"
"""This Perfect Day"" author Levin"
"""To the Hoop"" author Berkow"
"""Traditional"" plan"
"""Tucker's People"" author Wolfert"
"""Tucker's People"" novelist Wolfert"
"""Veronica's Room"" author Levin"
"""Watchful"" name"
"""___ & Abby"" (Chris Messina film)"
"""___ Says Goodbye"" (Bernard Waber children's book)"
"""___ Sleeps Over"" (Bernard Waber children's book)"
$$$ for later years
$$$ for old age
$$$ set aside for later years
'A Kiss Before Dying' author Levin
'Cantorial' author Levin
'Cantorial' writer Levin
'Deathtrap' author Levin
'Deathtrap' playwright Levin
'I Got Rhythm' lyricist Gershwin
'Mad About You' character
'Mad About You' cousin
'Patriot Games' org.
'Patriot Games' villains
'Rosemary's Baby' novelist Levin
'Sliver' author Levin
'Sliver' novelist Levin
'Sliver' writer Levin
'The Stepford Wives' author Levin
'This American Life' host Glass
"1040, line 32 deduction"
1994 cease-fire grp.
401(K) alternative
401(K) alternative: abbr.
401(d) cousin
401(k) alternate
401(k) alternative
"401(k) alternative, briefly"
"401(k) alternative, for short"
401(k) alternative: Abbr.
401(k) cousin
"401(k) cousin, briefly"
401(k) kin
"401(k) kin, briefly"
401(k) relative
401(k) supplement
401(k)'s kin
403(b) cousin
<I>Rosemarys Baby<I> author Levin
A C.P.A. might recommend one
A CPA might recommend one
A Gershwin
A Gershwin brother
A Gershwin.
A Kiss Before Dying novelist Levin
"A Roth, e.g."
"A Roth, for one, for short"
"A pensioner may draw from one, briefly"
"A tax shelter, for short"
AARP concern
Abbr. on a tax form
Abbreviated nest-egg
Account for later yrs.
"Acct. with tax-free withdrawals, often"
Actor Aldridge of 1800's
After-work option?: Abbr.
"After-work plan, for short"
American equivalent of a Canadian R.R.S.P.
"Anger, in Italy."
"Anger, in Spain."
"Anger, to Cato"
"Anger, to Horace"
Anger: Lat.
Annual deposit: Abbr.
Annuity alternative
Apr. 15 consideration
Apt first name for a tax adviser
Apt name for a CPA?
Apt name for a financial planner?
Author Levin
"Author Levin (""Rosemary's Baby"")"
"Author Levin of ""The Stepford Wives"""
Author Levin.
Author Wolfert or Levin
Bank inits.
Bank offering
Bank offering with a pct. yield
"Bank offering, briefly"
"Bank offering, for short"
Banking acronym
"Belfast Agreement signatory, for short"
Belfast gp.
Belfast grp.
Belfast inits.
Belfast org.
Belfast political grp.
Biblical aide to David
Biblical captain
Biblical captain.
Biblical officer
Biblical warrior
Big-time tax collector
Billionaire Rennert
Bit of finan. planning
Bit of financial planning (abbr.)
"Bit of financial planning, for short"
Bit of financial planning: Abbr.
Bit of tax planning
"Bit of tax planning, for short"
Bobby Sands's org.
"Bombers of Britain, for short"
"Bombers of Britain, once"
Brit. adversary
Broker's offering
Brokerage acct. designation
"Brokerage statement subj., perhaps"
Brother of Ethan Allen
Brother of Ethan Allen who was a member of the Green Mountain Boys
Brother of George
Brother of George Gershwin
Brother of pianist George
C.D. collection?
C.P.A. recommendation
C.P.A. suggestion
C.P.A.'s suggestion
CBS weatherman ___ Joe Fisher
CD complement
CD holder
CPA recommendation
CPA's recommendation
"CPA's recommendation, perhaps"
CPA's suggestion
Ca ___ (it will go on): Fr.
"Cash stash, for short"
"Cash's ""Ballad of ___ Hayes"""
Certain S&L acct.
"Certain investment, for short"
"Certain option to stash cash, for short"
Certain savings acct.
Certain savings plan
"Certain savings plan, for short"
"Certain savings, for short"
Certain shelter
Certain tax shelter
"Certain tax shelter, for short"
Chemist Remsen
Chemist Remsen who co-discovered saccharin
"Chemist Remsen, discoverer of saccharin"
Chief minister of King David.
Chief minister to David
Choice for a future cushion
Clinton aide Magaziner
Common nest egg
"Common tax shelter, briefly"
Component of many nest eggs
Composer Gershwin
Composer Newborn
Contribution option since 1974
Cousin of a 401(k)
Cousin of a Keogh plan
"Cousin of a Keogh, briefly"
Creation of Sen. Roth
Creator of Rosemary and her baby
David's aide.
David's chief minister.
David's chief officer
David's chief officer.
David's officer
David's right-hand man
Deduction on line 32 of a 1040 form
Director Sachs
Dramatist Levin
Dublin initials
Eaker or Remsen
Early withdrawal from it might cause you to be penalized
Easter Rising mil. group
Easter Rising org.
Ethan Allen's brother
Ethan Allen's brother.
European mil. group
European mil. grp.
European nationalist grp. since 1919
European nationalist org.
Evangelist Sankey.
"Far-sighted investment, for short"
Farsighted investment
"Farsighted investment, briefly"
"Fidelity offering, briefly"
Fighting group in Ireland: Abbr.
Fin. planner's suggestion
Finan. planner's suggestion
"Financial adviser's recommendation, in brief"
Financial advisor's recommendation
Financial instrument
Financial nest egg
Financial planner's recommendation
Financial planning acronym
First name among famous lyricists
First name in lyricists
First name in lyrics
First name that's Hebrew for 'watchful'
Flatow of 'Science Friday'
Flatow of NPR
"Flatow of NPR's ""Science Friday"""
"Flatow of radio's ""Science Friday"""
Flatow or Glass of public radio
Flatow or Glass of radio
Flatow or Levin
"Flatow who hosts NPR's ""Science Friday"""
Form 1040 datum: Abbr.
Form 1040 letters
Form 1040 line item
Form 1040 recipient
"Form 1040, line 23 deduction"
"Form 1040, line 24 deduction"
"Form 1040, line 32 deduction"
Former Clinton aide Magaziner
Former Irish group.
Former longtime ACLU chief Glasser
Former terrorist org.
"French song, ""Ca ___."""
Fugitive Einhorn
Fund for later yrs.
Fund for old age: Abbr.
Fund for the future
"Fund for the future, briefly"
Fund for the golden yrs.
Funds for the future
"Funds for the future, briefly"
Gaelic guerrillas
Gen. Eaker
Gen. Eaker.
General Eaker
General Eaker.
George Gershwin's big brother
George Gershwin's bro
George Gershwin's brother
George Gershwin's brother and collaborator
George Gershwin's partner
George s brother
"George's ""I Got Rhythm"" collaborator"
George's #1 lyricist
George's brother
George's brother/collaborator
George's collaborator
"George's collaborator on ""Embraceable You"""
"George's collaborator on ""I Got Rhythm"""
"George's collaborator on ""Porgy and Bess"""
George's collaborator on 'I Got Rhythm'
George's frequent lyricist
George's lyric-writing brother
George's lyrical brother
George's lyricist
George's lyricist brother
George's musical brother
George's musical partner
George's partner
George's partner in rhyme
George's partner in song
George's songwriting brother
George's songwriting partner
George's wordsmith brother
Gerry Adams's grp.
Gerry Adams's org.
Gershwin brother
Gershwin lyricist
Gershwin of Broadway
Gershwin of song
Gershwin or Aldridge
Gershwin or Eaker
Gershwin or Glass
Gershwin or Levin
Gershwin or Newborn
Gershwin the lyricist
Gershwin who wrote the words
"Gershwin who wrote with Kern, Weill, and Arlen after his brother died"
Gershwin's nest egg?
Gershwin's savings account?
"Gershwin, the lyricist"
Glass behind a radio microphone
Glass in the radio booth
Glass many enjoy weekly
"Glass of ""This American Life"""
Glass of 'This American Life'
Glass of NPR
Glass of public radio
Glass of radio
Glass on NPR
Glass on a radio
Glass on public radio
Glass on the air
Glass on the airwaves
Glass on the radio
Glass on the radio (3)
Glass on the waves
Glass or Flatow of the radio
Glass or Gershwin
Glass speaker?
Glass who shocked the internet by tweeting that Shakespeare sucks
Glass with glasses
"Glass, of NPR"
Golden years fund
Golden years money
"Golden years money, for short"
Golden yrs. cache
Golden yrs. savings
"Golden-ager's nest egg, for short"
Golden-yrs. acct.
Golden-yrs. income source
Good first name for a tax adviser
Good name for a CPA?
Good name for a financial advisor?
Good name for a retirement planner?
Good name for a tax adviser
Good name for a tax advisor
Good name for an investment adviser
Good name for an investment adviser?
Good name for an investor?
Grp. behind the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize
"Grp. featured in the play ""Borstal Boy"""
Grp. in a 1919-21 war of independence
Grp. in peace accords
"Grp. involved in ""the Troubles"""
"Half of the ""I Got Rhythm"" team"
"Half of the ""Of Thee I Sing"" team"
Hayes or Glass
He outlived George by 46 years
He wrote Porgy's lyrics
He wrote lyrics for Jerome
"He wrote lyrics, by George!"
"He wrote the lyrics to Kurt's music in ""Lady in the Dark"""
He'll go to Mexico
"Hebrew name meaning ""watchful."""
Hero Hayes
Home Rule seekers (abbr.)
Hoopster Newble
Host Glass of public radio
Host Glass of public radio's This American Life
I.R.S. 1040 line item
IRS Form 5498 subject
IRS Publication 590 subject
IRS shelter
"Investing plan, for short"
Investment acronym
"Investment adviser's suggestion, for short"
Investment broker's offering
Investment choice
"Investment choice, for short"
Investment choice: Abbr.
Investment for later yrs.
Investment initials
Investment inits.
Investment mgr.'s subject
Investment opt.
Investment option
"Investment option for old age, in brief"
"Investment option for short,"
"Investment option, briefly"
"Investment option, for short"
Investment option: Abbr.
"Investment plan, briefly"
"Investment program, for short"
Investment sometimes pronounced as a name
"Investment vehicle, for short"
Investor's choice
"Investor's option, for short"
Irish Repub. Army
Irish fighting group.
Irish freedom fighters (abbr.)
Irish group: Abbr.
Irish rebel group
Irish rebels: Abbr.
Irish revel group
"Israel Gershvin, to fans"
"Israel Gershvin, to the world"
It can be in C.D.'s
It can be rolled over
"It could be rolled over, briefly"
It follows SEP
It may be a rollover
It may be money in the bank: Abbr.
It may be rolled over
"It may be rolled over, briefly"
It may be spousal
It might be rolled over
It might get a 4.0 A.P.R.
It provides a tax advantage
It's available after work
It's frequently rolled over
It's usually FDIC-insured
Item listed on an I.R.S. form
"Its R stands for ""retirement"""
Iwo Jima flag raiser Hayes
Iwo Jima flag-raiser Hayes
"J. P. Morgan offering, for short"
James and Georgia's bandmate
Jockey Hanford who rode 1936 winner Bold Venture
John Hancock option
"Johnny Cash's ""The Ballad of ___ Hayes"""
Johnny Cash's 'The Ballad of ___ Hayes'
Journalist Flatow
"Judy sings his songs in ""A Star Is Born"""
Kaplan of Yo La Tengo
Kaplan of indie rock fame
Kaplan or Gershwin
Keogh alternative
Keogh cousin
Keogh kin
Keogh plan alternative
Keogh plan kin
Keogh plan kin: Abbr.
Keogh plan relative
Keogh plan relative: Abbr.
Keogh plan's rel.
Keogh relative
Keogh's kin
Keough relative
Kin of a 401(k)
Kin of a Keogh plan: Abbr.
Kin to a 401(k)
Kind of contribution
Kind of tax shelter
L.A. lawyer Reiner
Later-yrs. nest egg
Latter-day acct.
Letters for savers
"Levin of ""Deathtrap"" fame"
Levin or Allen
Levin or Gershwin
Levin or Glass
Levin or Magaziner
Levin or Wolfert
Levin who created Stepford
"Levin who wrote ""Deathtrap"""
"Levin who wrote ""Rosemary's Baby"""
"Levin who wrote ""The Stepford Wives"""
"Levin, the writer"
Long term savings option
"Long-term bank offering, briefly"
Long-term fund
Long-term investment
"Long-term investment, for short"
Long-term plan
Long-term planning option
Long-term savings option
Long-term savings plan
Long-term svgs. plan
Longtime ACLU director Glasser
Lyric penner Gershwin
Lyric writer Gershwin
Lyric-penning Gershwin
Lyric-writing Gershwin
Lyrical Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin.
Lyricist partner of George
M. Collins organized it
Mad About You role
Man with a nest egg
Man with a nest egg?
Man's name
"Man's name meaning ""watchful."""
Man's name meaning watchful.
Man's name that reverses to another man's name
"Man's name, either way you look at it"
Man's name.
Michael Collins's org.
Middle name in jazz
Militant grp. in a 1994 peace agreement
Military org. that had roots in the Easter Rising
Money for an A.A.R.P. member
Money for an AARP member
Money for later
Money for later in life
Money for later years
"Money for later, for short"
"Money for later, for short (3)"
"Money for old age, for short"
Money for old age: Abbr.
Money for the golden yrs.
Money for the senior yrs.
Money for your golden years
"Money put aside, for short"
"Money set aside for later years, in brief"
Money shelter
Mr. Gershwin
Mr. Magaziner
Musical George's brother
Musical Gershwin
"NPR ""Science Friday"" host Flatow"
NPR host Flatow
NPR host Glass
"NPR's ""Science Friday"" host Flatow"
NPR's Flatow
NPR's Glass
"Name meaning ""watchful"""
Name meaning watchful.
"Name on the cover of ""Lyrics on Several Occasions"""
"Name on the sheet music of "" 'S Wonderful"""
Name that comes from Hebrew for 'watchful'
Nationalist grp. since 1919
Nest egg
Nest egg (Abbr.)
Nest egg abbr.
Nest egg acct.
Nest egg at an S&L
Nest egg choice
"Nest egg choice, briefly"
"Nest egg choice, for short"
Nest egg component
"Nest egg component, briefly"
"Nest egg component, for short"
"Nest egg component, in brief"
"Nest egg component, often"
Nest egg consideration
Nest egg element
Nest egg feature
Nest egg for a senior cit.
"Nest egg for many senior citizens, briefly"
"Nest egg for many, briefly"
"Nest egg for old age, in brief"
Nest egg for one's golden years
Nest egg for short
Nest egg for srs.
Nest egg for the golden yrs.
"Nest egg fund, briefly"
Nest egg initials
Nest egg inits.
Nest egg investment
"Nest egg item, briefly"
"Nest egg item, for short"
Nest egg letters
Nest egg money
Nest egg of a sort
Nest egg of a sort: abbr.
Nest egg of sorts
Nest egg option
"Nest egg option, briefly"
Nest egg segment
Nest egg type
"Nest egg, after 65: Abbr."
"Nest egg, briefly"
"Nest egg, for many"
"Nest egg, for short"
"Nest egg, for some"
"Nest egg, initially"
"Nest egg, of a sort"
"Nest egg, perhaps"
Nest egg. briefly
Nest egg: Abbr.
Nest egg: abbr.
Nest-egg $
Nest-egg $$
Nest-egg acct.
"Nest-egg builder, briefly"
"Nest-egg builder, for short"
Nest-egg component
"Nest-egg component, for short"
Nest-egg fund: Abbr.
Nest-egg initials
"Nest-egg investment, briefly"
"Nest-egg investment, for short"
Nest-egg letters
Nest-egg option
Nest-egg plan
"Nestegg component, briefly"
Nestegg segment
"Nestegg segment, for short"
Nets egg choice
New age pianist Stein
Newble of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Newble of the Spurs
Newborn of the Pariahs
Noted storyteller Glass
Novelist Levin
Novelist Wolfert
"Often rolled-over investment, for short"
Oldster's nest egg
On the way
One Gershwin
One kind of acct.
One may be rolled over
One musical Gershwin
One of David's captains
One of David's mighty men.
One of David's officers
"One of George's ""Porgy and Bess"" collaborators"
One of King David's aides.
One of King David's men.
One of Kurt's lyricists
"One of its letters stands for ""Republican"""
One of the Allens.
One of the Gershwin brothers
One of the Gershwins
One of the Gershwins.
One of the musical Gershwin brothers
One's initial savings account?
Onetime outlawed org.
Org. from which
"Org. in ""Michael Collins"""
"Org. in ""Odd Man Out"""
"Org. in ""The Crying Game"""
"Org. in ""The Crying Game"" and ""Patriot Games"""
"Org. in ""Trinity"""
"Org. in the movie ""Michael Collins"""
Org. involved in the Troubles
Org. of Belfast
Org. of Northern Ireland
Org. once led by Michael Collins
Org. that declared ceasefires in 1994 and 1997
Org. that disarmed in 2005
Org. that forswore the use of violence in 2005
Org. that killed Lord Mountbatten
Org. that renounced violence in 2005
Org. that the Guildford Four were accused of belonging to
Other Gershwin
Paramilitary org.
"Part of a certain nest egg, briefly"
Part of a nest egg
"Part of a nest egg, for short"
Part of a nest-egg
"Part of a pension plan, briefly"
"Part of a pension plan, perhaps (abbr.)"
Part of a portfolio
"Part of a portfolio, briefly"
"Part of a portfolio, for short"
"Part of a portfolio, perhaps"
Part of a post-work plan
"Part of a retiree's portfolio, perhaps"
Part of a savings plan
Part of a tax plan: Abbr.
Part of many a nest egg
Part of many a portfolio
Part of some portfolios
Part of some savings plans
Paul Buchman's cousin
"Paul's ""Mad About You"" cousin"
"Paul's cousin on ""Mad About You"""
Paul's cousin on 'Mad About You'
Pct. rate offerer
Pens. plan
Pension $
Pension account
Pension alternative
Pension fund for short
"Pension fund, for short"
Pension plan initials
"Pension plan, for short"
"Pension substitute, for short"
Pension supplement
"Pension supplement, for short"
"Pension supplement, perhaps"
Pers. pension
Personal pension stash
Pianist Stein
"Place to park money, briefly"
Plan for later yrs.
Plan for one's later yrs.
Plan for the future
"Plan for the future, briefly"
Plan for the future: Abbr.
Playwright Levin
Politico-military grp. in the news
Pop. tax shelter
Popular nest egg
"Popular nest egg, for short"
Popular savings plan
Popular tax shelter
"Popular tax shelter, briefly"
Portfolio element
"Portfolio element, for short"
"Portfolio holding, briefly"
Portfolio letters
Portfolio letters?
Portfolio part
"Portfolio part, briefly"
"Portfolio part, for many"
"Portfolio part, for short"
"Portfolio part, in brief"
"Portfolio part, perhaps"
"Portfolio plan, briefly"
Possible portfolio holding
Priv. pension plan
Private pension
"Provider of support, for short"
"Provision for old age, in brief"
Provisional ___
Pt. of a nestegg
Pt. of a portfolio perhaps
"Pt. of a portfolio, perhaps"
Public radio host Glass
Public radio's Glass
Pulitzer-winning sports reporter Berkow
Radio host Glass
Radio host ___ Glass
Radio's Glass
Radio's glass
"Rage, in Italy."
Rainy-day acct.
Rainy-day fund
"Rebels in Uris's ""Trinity"""
"Receiver of contributions, for short"
Recipient of annual contributions
Recommendation from a C.P.A.
Red Smith biographer Berkow
Reiner or Remsen
Relative of a Keogh plan
Remsen or Levin
Ret. account
Ret. hedge
Ret. plan
"Retiree's asset, briefly"
Retiree's inv.
Retiree's nest egg
Retiree's nest egg: Abbr.
"Retiree's nest-egg item, briefly"
Retirees' $$$
Retirement account
Retirement account: acron.
Retirement acct.
Retirement asset
"Retirement asset, briefly"
Retirement fund for short
"Retirement kitty, for short"
Retirement letters
Retirement nest egg
Retirement plan
Retirement plan letters
Retirement plan: Abbr.
Retirement planning opt.
Retirement planning option
Retirement prog.
Retirement resource (abbr.)
Retirement savings plan: Abbr.
Retirement-fund letters
Retirement-plan acronym
Retirement-plan initials
Retirement-plan letters
Rev. Sankey.
Rhymester Gershwin
Rolled-over item
Rollover ___
Rollover subj.
Rollover subject
Rollover target
Rosemary s Baby author Levin
Rosemary's Baby author Levin
Rosemary's creator
Rosemary's creator Levin
Roth --
Roth -- (savings plan)
Roth ___
Roth ___ (investment choice)
Roth ___ (investment option)
Roth ___ (nest egg option)
Roth ___ (nest egg)
Roth ___ (nest-egg acct.)
Roth ___ (savings plan)
Roth ___ (tax-sheltered savings plan)
Roth ___: retirement vehicle
Roth account briefly
Roth account letters
Roth account: acron.
Roth acct.
"Roth acct., e.g."
Roth arrangement
Roth e.g.
Roth follower
Roth is one
Roth namesake
Roth offering
"Roth or SEP, e.g."
Roth plan
Roth plan acct.
Roth plan for one
"Roth plan, briefly"
"Roth plan, for instance"
"Roth plan, for one"
"Roth plan, for short"
Roth savings plan
Roth svgs.
Roth's idea
"Roth, for one"
Russell Crowe's middle name
S&L holding
S&L offering
S. & L. holding
S. & L. offering
S7L offering
SEP ___
SEP sister
SEP-___ (investing option)
SS supplement
"SS supplement, for some"
Saccharin discoverer Remsen
Saccharin discoverer ___ Remsen
Saccharin's discoverer ___ Remsen
Saver s device
Saver's abbr.
"Saver's choice, briefly"
Saver's device
"Saver's holding, briefly"
"Saver's holding, for short"
Saver's initials
Saver's letters
Saver's letters^IR
Saver's option
"Saver's option, briefly"
Saver's option: Abbr.
Saver's plan
Saving acct.
"Saving option, briefly"
Savings acct
Savings acct.
Savings acronym
Savings for a rainy day
Savings for later yrs.
Savings for later: Abbr.
"Savings for old age, for short"
Savings for old age: Abbr.
"Savings for one's later years, for short"
Savings for one's later yrs.
Savings for the elderly: Abbr.
Savings initials
Savings instr.
"Savings instrument, briefly"
Savings letters
Savings option
"Savings option, briefly"
"Savings option, for short"
Savings plan
Savings plan abbr.
Savings plan for later yrs.
Savings plan for the golden yrs.
"Savings plan, briefly"
"Savings plan, for short"
Savings plan: Abbr.
Savings source for some
Savings source for some srs.
Savings vehicle
Savings vehicle for later yrs.
"Savings vehicle, briefly"
"Savings vehicle, for short"
Savings-plan acronym
Science writer Flatow
Secret nationalist org.
Secretive org.
Sein Fein ally
Sein Fein's gp.
Sen. Roth created one
Sen. William Roth's legacy
Sen. citizen's nest egg
Senator Roth creation
"Senior's nest egg, for short"
"Septuagenarian's kitty, for short"
Shelter for the future
Shelter for the future?
Shelter of a sort
"Shelter of a sort, for short"
Silver author Levin
Sinn Fein ally (abbr.)
"Sinn Fein ally, briefly"
Sinn Fein org.
Sinn Fein's gp.
Sinn Fein's grp.
Sinn Fein's org.
Sinn Feiner's org.
"Sinn F
Sinn F
Sinn F
Soc. Sec. supplement
Soldier of David.
Some of your paycheck may go into it
Some retirees buy a boat with the money from it
Some savings: Abbr.
"Something a fund manager may manage, for short"
Something for the golden yrs.
Something for the later yrs.
"Something that may be rolled over, for short"
Something that may be rolled over: Abbr.
Something that might roll over
"Something that might roll over, briefly"
Something to cash in: Abbr.
"Something to contribute to, for short"
"Something to roll over, briefly"
Something to set up for later yrs.
Son of Ikkesh the Tekoite (2 Sam 23:26)
Son of Ikkesh the Tekoite(2 Sam23:26)
Songwriter Gershwin
Sort of nest egg
Sort of savings plan
Source of many valuable drawings
Source of retiree income
Spokesman Fleischer <--
Sports columnist Berkow
Sportswriter Berkow
Sprinter Murchison
Sr. cit.'s nest egg
"Sr. investment, perhaps"
Sr.'s income source
Sr.'s investment
Sr.'s nest egg
Sr.'s savings
Sr.'s savings vehicle
"Stash for cash, briefly"
Stepford creator Levin
Subj. for a financial advisor
Subj. of Form 1040's line 32
Subj. of a rollover
Supplement to SS
Suspense writer Levin
Svgs. fund
Svgs. plan
"T. Rowe Price account, for short"
TV weatherman ___ Joe Fisher
"Target of the Black and Tans, initially"
"Tax adviser's recommendation, for short"
Tax break savings account
"Tax consultant's recommendation, perhaps"
Tax deferral letters
Tax form info: Abbr.
Tax law subj.
"Tax planner's plan, for short"
"Tax planner's recommendation, briefly"
"Tax planner's recommendation, for short"
Tax shelter
Tax shelter created in 1974
Tax shelter initials
Tax shelter letters
Tax shelter that's a man's name
Tax shelter type
"Tax shelter, briefly"
"Tax shelter, for short"
Tax-advantaged vehicle
"Tax-deferment plan, for short"
"Tax-deferral vehicle, for short"
Tax-deferred a/c
Tax-deferred acct.
Tax-deferred investment
"Tax-deferred investment, for short"
Tax-deferred item
Tax-deferred money
Tax-deferred nest egg
Tax-deferred plan
"Tax-deferred plan, briefly"
"Tax-deferred plan, for short"
Tax-deferred savings plan
"Tax-deferred savings plan, for short"
Tax-deferred savings: Abbr.
Tax-deferred shelter
Tax-deferring instrument: Abbr.
"Tax-deferring option, briefly"
Tax-free acct.
"Tax-law target, maybe"
Tax-sheltered acct.
Tax-sheltered investment
Tax-sheltered investment (abbr.)
"Tax-sheltered investment, briefly"
"Tax-sheltered savings, briefly"
"Tax-shielded investment, briefly"
"Taxpayer's shelter, for short"
Terrorist org.
The Crying Game org.
The Gershwin who wrote the words
The House has approved the raising of ___ contribution limits
The Ithrite of 1 Chronicles 11:40
The annual due date for adding money to one is April 15th: Abbr.
The lyrical Gershwin
The older Gershwin brother
The wordy Gershwin
"There's money in it, briefly"
There's one named for Sen. Roth
They walked out of disarmament talks
They've offered to begin disarming
Thing for savers
"Thing often rolled over, in brief"
"Thing to roll over, in brief"
Traditional ___
Traditional or Roth
Traditional or Roth ___
"Traditional or Roth, for example"
U.K. foe
Ulster org.
University of Vermont founder Allen
Vanguard offering
"Vehicle that may roll over, for short"
Vehicle used by srs.
Virgilian wrath
W.W. II Gen. Eaker
WBEZ's Glass
WWII's General Eaker
What many keep money in
What you may put things away for
Where a pct. of one's income may go
"Where some of your paycheck goes, hopefully"
"Whom ""Variations on 'I Got Rhythm""' was dedicated to"
Will go: Fr.
William Roth's legacy
Wolfert or Eaker
Wolfert or Gershwin
Wordy Gershwin
"Wrath, in Italy."
Wrath: Lat.
Writer Levin
Writer Wolfert
Writer Wolfert.
Yo La Tengo bandmate of Georgia and James
Yo La Tengo co-founder Kaplan
Yo La Tengo guitarist Kaplan
Yo La Tengo guitarist Kaplan who once co-wrote a crossword for the American Values Club
Yo La Tengo's Kaplan
You can't dip into it until you're 59
You might put some money in it
"You might put some money in it, briefly"
"You might put some money in it, in brief"
"You put it aside, briefly"
Your financial adviser advises it
Your financial advisor advises it
Your financial advisor may advise it
___ <u>Gershwin</u>
"___ Gershwin, lyricist"
___ Hayes (Iwo Jima flag raiser immortalized in a Johnny Cash ballad)
"___ Kaplan, Yo La Tengo co-founder who's a crossword enthusiast"
Certain investment for short
Flatow of ‘Science Friday’
Keogh plan kin
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
T. Rowe Price offering in brief
Savings for a distant rainy day
T. Rowe Price offering in brief
Savings for a distant rainy day
CPA's nest-egg suggestion
Tax shelter type
Tax shelter type
Traditional or Roth savings vehicle
Financial plan for the future for short
George's lyricist
Popular savings vehicle
Glass of public radio
CFP's recommendation sometimes
Nest egg initials
SandL offering
George’s collaborator on ‘I Got Rhythm’
Flatow of NPR’s “Science Friday”
Often rolled-over investment
Bank offering
Nest egg letters
SandL offering
Investment for the golden years
Lyricist Gershwin
Nest egg acronym
Savings plan (abbr.)
Nest egg acct.
Savings acronym
Rollover target
Man's name that's the reverse of 117-Down
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Nest egg feature
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Radio's Glass
Common savings vehicle
Irish group (1,1,1)
Retiree's acct.
Rolled-over thing
Nest egg letters
Nest egg letters
Glass of public radio
Portfolio holding, for short
Pension plan (abbr.)
Author Levin
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
A Gershwin brother
Roth __
Playwright Levin
Savings vehicle
Portfolio holding, for short
George Gershwin's brother
Levin or Glass
Irish paramilitary org.
Roth plan, briefly
Common savings-plan feature
Fin. fund
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
Bank offering
Asset for the future briefly
Roth plan acct.
Levin who wrote "Rosemary's Baby"
Author Levin
Nest-egg account
Suggestion from a financial adviser
Irish group (1,1,1)
401(k) alternative
Radio's Glass
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Retirement acct.
Vehicle for the later years, for short?
Gershwin of note
Roth, for one
Writer Levin
Keogh alternative
Savings vehicle for seniors
Bank offering briefly
401(k) alternative, briefly
Glass of NPR
Glass of NPR
401(k) alternative
Nest egg nugget
Part of a savings plan
Lyric penner Gershwin
401(k) relative
Lyricist Gershwin
CPA's suggestion
Tax-deferred savings item
Nest egg letters
Kin of a 401(k)
Lyricist Gershwin
Part of a savings plan
With 34-Down, longtime public radio host
Irish group (1,1,1)
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
401(k) alternative
Keogh alternative
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
Savings plan (abbr.)
Savings option
Portfolio holding, for short
401(k) kin
George's "Porgy and Bess" collaborator
"The Stepford Wives" writer Levin
Nest egg initials
George's lyricist brother
401(k) cousin
Irish paramilitary org.
Irish activist group (1,1,1)
Nest egg acronym
Nest egg part, often
Lyricist Gershwin
401(k) alternative
Savings plan letters
Nest egg acronym
Pt. of a portfolio, often
Tax-deferred plan, briefly
One of the Gershwins
One of the Gershwins
Nest egg acronym
Lyricist Gershwin
401(k) alternative
Nest egg letters
Bank offering
Savings vehicles
Glass of NPR
Lyricist Gershwin
Radio host Glass
''I Got Rhythm'' cover name
Lyricist to George
Inits. in some portfolios
"Michael Collins" org.
A mortal sin
Radio's Glass
Good name for a tax adviser?
401(k) kin
401(k) alternative
Plan that might include mutual funds, in brief
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Plan for sr. years
'___ Sleeps Over' (classic children's book)
Nest egg inits.
Nest egg acronym
Savings for the golden years, for short
Writer Levin
Nest-egg component, for short
Tax-deferred plan, briefly
Shelter for the future
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Tax-deferred plan, for short
Savings plan (abbr.)
Savings plan (abbr.)
Retiree's acct.
Retiree's acct.
Irish group (1,1,1)
Popular retirement plan component
Pension plan (abbr.)
Pension plan (abbr.)
George Gershwin's brother
George Gershwin's brother
One of the Gershwins
Glass on the radio
Levin or Gershwin
Savings option, for short
401(k) alternative
Nest egg acronym
Elvira's finished with him!
Novelist Levin
Levin who wrote 'A Kiss Before Dying'
Lyricist Gershwin
Irish group (1,1,1)
Fin. fund
Fin. fund
Roth savings vehicle
Writer Levin
Savings for senior yrs.
Nest egg letters
Org. in "Michael Collins"
Nest egg acct.
Retirement acct.
Retirement acct.
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Bank-offered savings plan
Nest egg acronym
A Gershwin brother
Nest egg choice
Portfolio holding, for short
Radio's Glass
401(k) cousin
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
Lyricist Gershwin
Savings vehicle, briefly
IRS shelter
Keogh kin, in savings
Irish group (1,1,1)
Glass on public radio
CPA's recommendation
Radio's Glass
"Golden years" fund, briefly
Radio host Glass
Gershwin brother
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
Lyricist Gershwin
Nest egg initials
A Gershwin
Golden-years savings plan, for short
___ Levin, author of "Rosemary's Baby"
Nest-egg option
Nest egg (abbr.)
Investment acronym
Writer Levin
Nest egg letters
Nest-egg account
Savings plan acronym
Golden-years fund, briefly
The lyrical Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Nest egg vehicle, for short
Lyricist Gershwin
401(k) alternative
Lyricist Gershwin
Good name for a financial planner
One might be insured by the FDIC
S&L offering
Saver's initials
Glass who hosts "This American Life"
Lyrical Gershwin
A Gershwin brother
Credit union offering
Glass of "This American Life"
Nest egg acct.
The lyrical Gershwin
Irish paramilitary org.
Certain investment, for short
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
401(k) kin: Abbr.
Lyricist Gershwin
Savings vehicle
Playwright Levin
Nest egg acronym
Radio's Glass
Savings plan (abbr.)
Bank offering
Nest egg acronym
Savings plan acronym
Irish activist group (1,1,1)
401(k) alternative
Retiree's acct.
Keogh plan alternative
Lyricist Gershwin
I.R.S. form 5498 subj.
Retirement fund letters
401(k) alternative
__ contribution
Pension plan (abbr.)
Part of a pension plan, briefly
Glass of public radio
SandL offering
Keogh plan rel.
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Plan for later yrs
George Gershwin's brother
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
Savings plan acronym
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
CPA suggestion, maybe
Fin. fund
Nest-egg initials
One of the Gershwins
401(k) alternative
Nest egg acct.
The lyrical Gershwin
Tax-deferring option, briefly
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
Writer Levin
Certain nest egg
Portfolio item, in brief
Nest egg letters
Retirement acct.
Certain savings vehicle
Irish activist group (1,1,1)
Roth plan
Irish activist group (1,1,1)
Radio host Glass
Roth svgs. plan
Glass who hosts "This American Life"
Credit union offering
Savings option
Irish Republican Army (1,1,1)
The lyrical Gershwin
Saver's option, for short
Nest egg acronym
401(k) alternative, for short
Writer Levin
Irish group (1,1,1)
Certain planner's recommendation
Irish group (1,1,1)
401(k) alternative
Roth plan, for one
Savings plan, for short
Keogh kin
One of the Gershwins
Irish paramilitary org.
Lyricist Gershwin
Yo La Tengo guitarist Kaplan
Certain savings vehicle
Playwright Levin
Savings plan (abbr.)
Playwright Levin
Savings vehicle
Retiree's asset, briefly
Radio's Glass
Nest egg at a bank: Abbr.
S&L nest egg
Nest egg acronym
Nest egg acct.
Nest egg choice
Lyricist Gershwin
Author Levin
S&L nest egg
Irish activist group (1,1,1)
Portfolio part, for short
Nest-egg option, for short
Golden ager's nest egg, briefly
Playwright Levin
Sportswriter Berkow
Tax-shelter vehicle
Roth, for one
Lyricist Gershwin
Long-term investment, for short
Fidelity offering
Nest egg letters
Portfolio part, for short
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Portfolio holding, briefly
Ret. savings acct.
Lyricist Gershwin
401(k) cousin
Savings option
Savings plan, for short
Nest egg acronym
Flagstead in the Red Sox Hall of Fame
Savings plan for old age, in short
Lyricist Gershwin
Good name for a banker
Girl undressed by alpha male
Nest egg option
Keogh plan alternative
Irish movement (1,1,1)
Vehicle that often rolls over, in brief
Retirement nest egg
Lyricist Gershwin
Plan for sr. years
Lyricist Gershwin
Savings plan (abbr.)
Retiree's acct.
Savings vehicle
Pension plan (abbr.)
George Gershwin's brother
Glass of public radio
401(k) alternative
Irish group (1,1,1)
Farsighted investment
Roth svgs. plan
Country's unnamed nationalists
Radio host Flatow
Nest egg acronym
Brief investment option
Glass of "This American Life"
Fin. fund
Whom Gershwin dedicated his ''I Got Rhythm'' Variations to
___ Aldridge, pioneering Shakespearean actor
A Gershwin
Savings plan acronym
Mortal sin
Savings fund
Retirement savings plan: Abbr.
Mr. Gershwin
Retirement acct.
Public radio's Glass
''A Kiss Before Dying'' novelist Levin
"Science Friday" host Flatow
It's similar to a 401(k): Abbr.
Lyricist Gershwin
Bank offering with a pct. yield
A Gershwin brother
Air composed by George Gershwin's brother
A Gershwin brother
A Gershwin brother
Grp. involved in "the Troubles"
401(k) alternative
A Gershwin
Irish group (1,1,1)
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyrical Gershwin
Portfolio part, briefly
NPR host Glass
Financial planner's suggestion, in brief
"Rosemary's Baby" novelist Levin
Certain investment, for short
Novelist Levin
Lyricist Gershwin
Lyrical Gershwin
Allen or Gershwin
Financial planner's recommendation (Abbr.)
"SIMPLE" or "SEP" investment plan: Abbr.
Gershwin brother
Levin who wrote "The Stepford Wives"
Roth —
Radio's Glass
Lyrical Gershwin
Nest-egg account
Keogh plan alternative
Sportswriter Berkow
Flatow of public radio
Lyricist Gershwin
Wordsmith Gershwin
Nest egg option that may be rolled over: Abbr.
Glass of public radio
Writer Levin
Savings vehicle
Glass of public radio
Lyricist Gershwin
Suggestion from a financial adviser, for short
Irish paramilitary org.
Nest egg initials
Radio personality Glass
Irish activist group (1,1,1)
A Gershwin
Lyricist Gershwin
Nest egg choice
Something to roll over
Nest egg letters
Portfolio part, in brief
"This American Life" host Glass
National Radio Hall of Fame inductee Glass
Militant org. in a 1994 peace agreement
A Gershwin brother

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