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The word IRENE has appeared in at least 685 clues on different crosswords.

"""... Alice Blue Gown"" musical"
"""A Streetcar Named Desire"" producer ___ Mayer Selznick"
"""Alice Blue Gown"" musical"
"""Brave ___"" (William Steig children's book)"
"""Dear ___,"" 1971 Danish film"
"""Fame"" actress Cara"
"""Fame"" singer Cara"
"""Fame"" singer/actress Cara"
"""Fame"" star Cara"
"""Fame"" star ___ Cara"
"""Fame""-ous Cara"
"""Flashdance"" singer Cara"
"""Forsyte Saga"" character"
"""Forsyte Saga"" heroine"
"""Forsyte Saga"" wife"
"""Good Night"" girl"
"""Good Night"" girl of song"
"""Good Night"" girl of songdom"
"""Good Night"" lady?"
"""Good Night, ___"""
"""Good Night, ___."""
"""Good night, ___"""
"""Goodnight ___"""
"""Goodnight ___"" (1950 hit)"
"""Goodnight ___"" (Leadbelly song)"
"""Goodnight"" gal"
"""Goodnight"" girl"
"""Goodnight"" girl of an old song"
"""Goodnight"" girl of old song"
"""Goodnight"" girl of song"
"""Goodnight"" lady"
"""Goodnight, ___"""
"""Goodnight, ___"" (#1 hit of 1950)"
"""Goodnight, ___"" (1950 The Weavers hit)"
"""Goodnight, ___"" (1950 hit)"
"""Goodnight, ___"" (folk standard)"
"""Granny"" Ryan"
"""I'll see you in my dreams"" girl of song"
"""I'll see you in my dreams"" song girl"
"""Me, Myself & ___"""
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (2000 Jim Carrey movie)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (2000 comedy)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (2000 film)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (2000 flick)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (2000)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (Carrey comedy)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (Carrey film)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (Jim Carrey comedy)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (Jim Carrey flick)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (Jim Carrey movie)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"" (Jim Carrey vehicle)"
"""Me, Myself & ___"": 2000 film"
"""Me, Myself & ___"": Jim Carrey film"
"""Me, Myself & ___,"" 2000 Jim Carrey film"
"""Me, Myself & ___,"" 2000 Jim Carrey movie"
"""Me, Myself and ___"""
"""Me, Myself and ___"" (Carrey film)"
"""Me, Myself and ___"" (new Carrey flick)"
"""Me, Myself, & ___"" (2000 film)"
"""My Favorite Wife"" co-star Dunne"
"""Pippin"" actress Ryan"
"""Prizzi's Honor"" heroine"
"""The Forsyte Saga"" heroine"
"""The Forsyte Saga"" heroine."
"""The Forsyte Saga"" lady"
"""The Woman,"" to Sherlock"
"""The woman"" for Sherlock"
"""The woman,"" to Sherlock"
"""The woman,"" to Sherlock Holmes"
"""Why Me?"" singer Cara"
"'00 Carrey movie ""Me, Myself & ___"""
'Fame' singer Cara
'Fame' star Cara
'Good Night' girl
"'Good night, ___'"
'Goodnight ___' (old folk standard)
'Goodnight' girl of song
"'Me, Myself & --' (Jim Carrey comedy)"
"'Me, Myself & ___' (2000 Jim Carrey movie)"
"'Me, Myself, & ___' (2000. film)"
'Z' actress Papas
1919 Broadway musical that set a record for most performances up to that time
1919 Edith Day musical
1919 musical comedy
1935 Nobelist Joliot-Curie
1940 RKO musical
1973 Broadway revival starring Debbie Reynolds
1973 musical for which George S. Irving won a Tony for Best Actor
1999 hurricane
"2000 Jim Carrey movie ""Me, Myself & ___"""
2000 Renee Zellweger title role
2000 Ren
"2000 comedy ""Me, Myself & ___"""
2000 role for Ren
2000 title role for Ren
2005 Atlantic Hurricane
2011 Category 1 hurricane
2011 East Coast hurricane
2011 hurricane
2011 hurricane causing great water damage
2011 hurricane that hit New York City
8th-Century Empress of Byzantium
A Castle
A Castle who popularized bobbed hair
A Castle.
A Forsyte
A Forsyte by marriage
A Forsyte wife
A Joliot-Curie
A good night lady
A sister of Eunomia
Abstract artist ___ Rice Pereira
Academy Award winner Cara
Actress Bordoni
Actress Cara
"Actress Cara of ""Fame"" fame"
Actress Dunne
"Actress Dunne of ""Penny Serenade"""
Actress Dunne or Ryan
Actress Dunne.
Actress Hervey
Actress PAPAS
Actress Papas
Actress Papas or Dunne
Actress Papas or Ryan
Actress Pappas
Actress Rich
Actress Ryan
"Actress Ryan of ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
"Actress Ryan on ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
Actress Worth
Actress and singer Cara
Adler admired by Sherlock Holmes
Adler in a Sherlock Holmes tale
"Adler introduced in ""A Scandal in Bohemia"""
Adler of Sherlock Holmes lore
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories
Adler who fascinated Sherlock
Adler who outwitted Sherlock Holmes
Alias Pax.
Anna Neagle's title role: 1940
Archie Bunker's liberal neighbor Lorenzo
Asteroid No. 14.
B'way musical
Ballroom Castle
Ballroom dancer Castle
"Bedard who voiced the title role in ""Pocahontas"""
Benedict : Sherlock :: Lara : ___
Big hurricane of 2011
Bordoni of stage
Broadway musical
Broadway musical of 1919 and 1973
Broadway revival
Broadway star Worth
Byzantine Empress
Byzantine Empress (and saint to some)
Byzantine empress
"Canadian comedian Jim Carrey's new comedy ""Me, Myself and ___"""
"Cantankerous ""Granny"" Ryan"
"Cara in ""Fame"""
"Cara of ""Fame"""
"Cara of ""Fame"" fame"
"Cara of ""Flashdance"""
"Cara of ""Flashdance...What a Feelin'"""
"Cara of ""Flashdance...What a Feeling"""
Cara of 'Fame'
Cara of 'Fame'
Cara of Fame
Cara of Fame fame
Cara of movie themes
Cara of song
"Cara on the ""Flashdance"" soundtrack"
Cara or Castle
Cara or Dunne
Cara or Papas
Cara or Ryan
"Cara who sang ""Flashdance...What a Feeling"""
"Cara who sang ""Why Me?"""
"Cara who sang on the ""D.C. Cab"" soundtrack"
"Cara with the 1984 hit ""Breakdance"""
"Cara, of 'Fame'"
"Carmine, e.g."
"Carrey's ""Me, Myself & ___"""
"Cary's costar in ""The Awful Truth"""
Castle famed for dancing
Castle for Ernie
Castle in a ballroom
Castle in a dance hall
"Castle in the 1914 musical ""Watch Your Step"""
Castle led by another
Castle of ballroom dancing
Castle of dance
Castle of dance fame
Castle of dancing
Castle of fame
Castle of film
Castle of old
Castle of the ballroom
Castle of the dance?
Castle of the one-step
Castle of the turkey trot
Castle of yesteryear
Castle on Broadway
Castle on stage
Castle or Bordoni
Castle or Cara
Castle or Dunne
Castle or Hervey
Castle or Papas
Castle or Rich
"Castle seen in ""The Whirl of Life"""
Castle that danced
Castle the dancer
Castle with a lot of steps?
Castle with lots of steps
Castle with lots of steps?
Castle with many steps
Castle with many steps?
Castle with steps
Chemistry Nobelist Joliot-Curie
"Classic Broadway musical with the song ""Alice Blue Gown"""
"Comedic title role for Ren
Costume designer Sharaff
Dalis of opera
Damaging 2011 East Coast hurricane
Dancer Cara
Dancer Castle
Dancing Castle
Daughter of King Paul of Greece.
Daughter of Marie Curie
Daughter of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
Daughter of Themis.
Daughter of Zeus
Daughter of Zeus and Themis
Daughter of Zeus.
Daughter of the Curies
Dedicatee of a Lead Belly standard
Destructive 1999 Florida hurricane
Destructive 2011 East Coast hurricane
Destructive 2011 hurricane
Destructive hurricane of 2011
Did she eye Descartes?
Dovish deity
Doyle's Adler
Drama by S. Johnson
Drama by Samuel Johnson
Dream girl of song
Dunne from Louisville
"Dunne in ""Cimarron"""
"Dunne in ""Life With Father"""
Dunne in Hollywood
"Dunne of ""Cimarron"""
"Dunne of ""I Remember Mama"""
"Dunne of ""Life With Father"""
"Dunne of ""My Favorite Wife"""
"Dunne of ""Roberta"""
"Dunne of ""Show Boat"""
"Dunne of ""The Awful Truth"""
Dunne of Hollywood
Dunne of The Awful Truth
Dunne of film
Dunne of films
Dunne of movies
Dunne of old films
Dunne or Bordoni
Dunne or Cara
Dunne or Castle
Dunne or Papas
Dunne or Rich
Dunne or Ryan
Dunne or Worth
Dunne who played Mama
Dunne who was a five-time Best Actress nominee
Dunne with five Oscar nominations
"Dunne, Cara, or Ryan"
Dutch princess who's the daughter of Queen Juliana
East Coast storm of 2011
Emmy and Tony nominee Ryan
Entertainer Bordoni
Famous Castle
Famous Castle.
Filmdom's Dunne
"First name among ""The Beverly Hillbillies"" cast"
Flashdance singer Cara
Follower of a destructive path in 2011
Former dancer Castle.
Forsyte Saga heroine
Forsyte bride
French girl's name.
Galsworthy character
Galsworthy character.
Galsworthy heroine
Galsworthy heroine.
Galsworthy's Mrs. Forsyte
"Girl in a ""Goodnight"" song"
Girl in a Leadbelly classic
Girl in a popular song.
Girl in a song.
Girl of song
Girl of song.
"Girl to whom ""goodnight"" is sung"
"Girl who's the ""you"" in the lyric ""I'll see you in my dreams"""
Girl's name meaning peace.
Girl's name.
Goddess of concord
Goddess of peace
Goddess of peace.
Goddess who carried a cornucopia
Goddess who is no hawk
"Godfrey's woman in ""My Man Godfrey"""
Good night gal
Good-night girl
Good-night girl of song
Goodnight ___
Goodnight ___ (Leadbelly song)
Goodnight ___ : '50s hit
Goodnight gal
Goodnight gal of song
"Goodnight gal, of song"
Goodnight girl
Goodnight girl of song
Goodnight girl?
Goodnight lass
Granny Clampett portrayer Ryan
Granny in The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny player Ryan
Granny portrayer Ryan
"Granny, of ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
"Granny, of 'The Beverly Hillbillies'"
"Granny, on ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
Granny-portraying Ryan
Greek Pax
Greek counterpart of Pax
Greek goddess
Greek goddess of peace
Greek goddess.
Greek peace goddess
Greek princess.
"Heroine of ""I, Descartes"""
"Heroine of Poe's ""The Sleeper"""
Heroine of a Poe poem
Hillbilly Ryan?
Hit 1919 musical revived in 1973
Holmes adversary Adler
Holmes friend Adler
Hurricane name retired after its use in 2011
Hurricane of 1999
Hurricane of 2011
Hurricane that hit the East Coast in 2011
"In an old song, the ""I'll see you in my dreams"" girl"
"Inga's role in ""Baker Street"""
"Irish standard ""Goodnight, ___"""
"Jacob of ""Au Revoir, Les Enfants"""
Jeweller Neuwirth
"Jim Carrey comedy ""Me, Myself & ___"""
"Jim Carrey film, 'Me, Myself & ___'"
"Jim Carrey film, Me, Myself and ___"
"Jim Carrey flick ""Me, Myself & ___"""
"Jim Carrey movie ""Me, Myself and ___"""
Kathleen's role in 'Prizzi's Honor'
King Constantine's sister.
Kraft CEO Rosenfeld
L.A. spinner DJ ___
"Lead Belly classic ""Goodnight, ___"""
"Leadbelly classic ""Goodnight ___"""
"Leadbelly standard ""Goodnight, ___"""
"Leadbelly's ""Goodnight ___"""
"Longest-running Broadway musical until ""Pins and Needles"" in 1939"
Major 2011 hurricane
Marie Curie s daughter
Marie Curie's Nobelist daughter
Marie Curie's daughter
Marie and Pierre's daughter
Memorable 1999 hurricane
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Memorable hurricane of 2011
Mezzo-soprano Dalis
Miss Bordoni
Miss Castle
Miss Dunne
Miss Dunne.
Miss Rich
Mme. Curie's daughter
Moviedom's Castle
"Mrs. Forsyte in ""The Forsyte Saga"""
Mrs. Vernon Castle
Ms. Dunne
Musical comedy heroine.
Musical of 1919
Musical of 1919 and 1973
Musical revival
Musical-comedy revival
"Mysterious woman in ""Idiot's Delight"""
Mythical peace goddess
Mythological peace goddess
Name in a 2000 Jim Carrey movie title
Name in a Carrey/Zellweger movie
"Name meaning ""peace"""
Naval officer's ornamentation
Netherlands princess.
Nine-time Obie-winning playwright Maria ___ Fornes
Nobel winner Joliot-Curie
Nobelist Joliot-Curie
Old Hollywood's Dunne
Old-time actress Dunne
One of the Castles.
One of the Curies.
One of the Dunnes.
One of the Forsytes
"One of the Forsytes in ""The Forsyte Saga"""
One of the Forsytes.
One of the Horae
One of the Horae.
One of the Joliot-Curies
Pal of Sally and Mary
Papas from Greece
"Papas in ""High Season"""
"Papas in ""Zorba the Greek"""
Papas in films
"Papas of ""Anne of the Thousand Days"""
"Papas of ""Z"""
"Papas of ""Zorba the Greek"""
Papas of 'Z'
Papas of Z
Papas of film
Papas of the screen
Papas on the screen
Papas or Bordoni
Papas or Dunne
Papas or Rich
Papas or Ryan
"Papas, for one"
Pax in Greece
Pax to the Romans.
Pax's Greek counterpart
"Pax, in Greece"
"Pax, in Greece."
"Pax, to Athenians"
"Pax, to Plato"
"Pax, to Praxiteles"
Peace goddess
Peace goddess.
Peace in Greece
Peace personified
Peace personified.
"Peace, from the Greek."
Peaceful deity
Peaceful goddess
Peaceful name
Peaceful personality of myth
Personification of peace
"Personification of peace, in myth"
"Personification of peace, in mythology"
Physicist Joliot-Curie
Pierre amd Marie's Nobel-winning daughter
Pierre and Marie's daughter
Plato's Pax
Queen Juliana's daughter
"Rachel's ""Sherlock Holmes"" role"
Rachel's role in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie
"Rachel, in ""Sherlock Holmes"""
"Rachel, in recent ""Sherlock Holmes"" films"
"Renee, opposite Jim Carrey"
Reynolds Broadway role
Rich in pictures
Rich of old films
Rich or Bordoni
Rich or Castle
Rich or Dunne
Rich or Worth
Role for Debbie Reynolds
Role for Zellweger
"Ryan of ""Beverly Hillbillies"""
"Ryan of ""Pippin"""
"Ryan of ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
Ryan of The Beverly Hillbillies
Ryan of old TV
Ryan or Cara
Ryan or Dunne
Ryan or Papas
Ryan who played Granny
"Ryan who played Granny on ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
Ryan who played a Clampett
Ryan who played a TV grandmother
Ryan who played a hillbilly
Ryan who was Granny
Ryan who was Granny on 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
S. Johnson drama
S. Johnson verse drama
Samuel Johnson play
Samuel Johnson tragedy
Samuel Johnson's only play
Screen legend Dunne
"Seeger bid her ""goodnight"""
Shalom girl?
"She bests Sherlock in ""A Scandal in Bohemia"""
She outwitted Sherlock
"She played Granny in ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
She pounded the East Coast in 2011
"She was bid ""goodnight"" in a '49 hit"
Sherlock Holmes' friend Adler
Sherlock's Adler
Sherlock's Ms. Adler
Sherlock's adversary Adler
Sherlock's esteemed Miss Adler
Sherlock's ex
Sherlock's feminine adversary
Sherlock's infatuation
Sherlock's lady friend
Sherlock's love
Ship that took Miss Liberty to the U.S.
Silents actress Rich
Singer Cara
Singer Cara or Actress Dunne
Singer-actress Cara
Sister of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Soames Forsyte wife
Soames Forsyte's first wife
Soames Forsyte's wife
Soames Forsyte's wife.
Spenser's name for Ireland
Sultry French actress ___ Jacob
Terpsichorean Castle
"The ""you"" in the lyric ""I'll see you in my dreams"""
The first Mrs. Soames Forsyte
The good-night girl
The goodnight girl?
The personification of peace
Three-time Tony winner Worth
Title role for Renee Zellweger
Title woman in a Jim Carrey movie
"To whom ""I'll see you in my dreams"" is sung"
Tony-winner Worth
Tony-winning Worth
Tony-winning actress Worth
Tournament expert Kristal*
Turkey trot creator Castle
Vernon Castle's dance partner
Vernon Castle's dancing partner
Vernon Castle's wife
"Vernon and ___ Castle, introducers of the turkey trot"
Vernon's dance partner
Vernon's dancing partner
Vernon's partner
Vernon's vis-
Vernon's wife
"Wife of two Forsytes, in ""The Forsyte Saga"""
"With 51D, ""Flashdance"" star"
"Woman ""in my dreams,"" in song"
Woman admired by Sherlock
Woman in Sherlock Holmes stories
Woman in some Sherlock Holmes stories
Woman in some Sherlock stories
Woman of the good night?
Woman's name in a 2000 Zellweger/Carrey comedy
"Woman's name meaning ""peace"""
"Woman's name that means ""peace"""
Worth of Dunne
Worth of the stage
Worth of the theater
Worth or Bordoni
Worth or Castle
Worth or Dunne
Younger sister of the Netherlands' Queen Beatrix
"___ Adler of Conan Doyle's ""A Scandal in Bohemia"""
___ Castle
___ Castle.
___ Joliot-Curie (Nobel Prize winner of 1935)
Sherlock Holmes’ Ms. Adler
Cara of “Fame”
“Goodnight” girl of song
"Fame" singer Cara
“Goodnight” girl of song
"Fame" singer Cara
“Goodnight” girl of song
"Fame" singer Cara
“Goodnight” girl of song
"Fame" singer Cara
"Fame" singer Cara
“Goodnight” girl of song
Nobel Prize-winning daughter of the Curies
Sherlock’s female adversary
"Goodnight" girl of song
Peace goddess
Cara of 'Fame'
'Me, Myself & ___' (Jim Carrey film)
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Cara or Castle
"Me, Myself & ___" (Jim Carrey movie)
Singer Cara
"Goodnight" girl of song
Singer Cara
Dunne or Papas
Goddess of peace
___ Adler (Sherlock Holmes's paramour)
"Goodnight" girl of song
Frenemy to Sherlock
Frenemy to Sherlock
Dancer Castle
Goddess of peace in Greek mythology
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Goddess of peace
Cara or Castle
Sherlock's female adversary
Is she the one for a Frenchman?
Adler created by Arthur Conan Doyle
Worth of the theater
Tony winner Worth
Peace goddess
Dunne of "I Remember Mama"
Ryan of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Dunne of old Hollywood
Woman's name meaning 'peace'
Cara or Dunne
Dancer Castle
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Dunne or Cara
Personification of peace
Sherlock's adversary Adler
Woman's name meaning "peace"
Peace personified
Worth of acting
Papas of "Z"
Sherlock's female adversary
Dancer Castle
Cara famous for "Fame"
Tony winner Worth
Dancer Castle
"Fame" star Cara
Mythical goddess of peace
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories
Chemistry Nobelist Joliot-Curie
Goddess of peace in Greek mythology
___ Neuwirth (designer jewelry brand)
"Flashdance...What a Feeling" singer Cara
Singer Cara
Castle of dance
Goddess of peace
Tony winner Worth
Rich from old movies
2000 Renee Zellweger title role
Major hurricane of 2011
Dancer Castle
"Me, Myself & ___" (film)
Sherlock Holmes' Adler
Singer Cara
Papas of "Z"
Papas of "Z"
The 'she' in the line 'To Sherlock Holmes she is always THE woman'
Goddess of peace in Greek mythology
"Me, Myself & ___" (movie)
Goddess of peace (var.)
Actress Rich
Peace goddess
Five-time Oscar nominee Dunne
Vernon's dance partner
Castle of dance
Sherlock Holmes' Miss Adler
Singer Cara
Castle with famous steps
"Me, Myself & ___" (Carrey movie)
Ryan of 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
Cara who sang 'Flashdance ... What a Feeling'
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories
Goddess of peace
Cara on the "Flashdance" soundtrack
"Flashdance" singer Cara
Greek peace goddess
When I have about half done, she appears
Cara of "Fame"
Dancer Castle
Goddess of peace in Greek mythology
Greek peace goddess
Singer Cara
2011 hurricane
Good night ___ ( Sing-along favourite )

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