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Word: ISA

The word ISA has appeared in at least 311 clues on different crosswords.

ISA definition(s):

  • Instrument Society Of America
  • Instrument Society Of America
  • Ionic Strength Adjuster
  • Industry Standard Architecture
  • Industry Standard Architecture

"""... ___ penny earned"""
"""... ___ terrible, thing to waste"""
"""... beauty --- joy forever"""
"""... for what ___ man..."""
"""... mind ___ terrible thing to waste"""
"""... rose ___ rose"" (Gertrude Stein)"
"""... rose ___ rose"": Stein"
"""...___ joy forever"""
"""...___ penny earned"""
"""...___ terrible thing to waste"""
"""...and, behold, it ___ stiffnecked people"" (Exodus 32:9)"
"""...and, behold, it ___ stiffnecked people"" (Exodus)"
"""...rose ___ rose..."" (Gertrude Stein)"
"""A Woman ___ Sometime Thing."""
"""A mind ___ terrible thing to waste"""
"""A mind ___ terrible thing..."""
"""A rose --- rose..."""
"""A rose ___ rose"""
"""A rose ___ rose... """
"""A rose ___ rose..."""
"""A rose ___ rose..."": Stein"
"""A rose ___... """
"""A rose ___..."""
"""A woman ___ sometime thing... """
"""Beauty ___ witch"" (Shakespeare)"
"""Every day ___ new day"""
"""God ___ DJ"" (2003 Pink song)"
"""God ___ DJ"" (song by Faithless)"
"""Happiness ___ Warm Gun"" (Beatles song)"
"""Happiness ___ Warm Puppy"""
"""Happiness ___ Warm Puppy"": ""Peanuts"" book"
"""Happiness ___ Warm Puppy"": Schulz book"
"""Happiness ___ Warm Puppy."""
"""Hope ___ good breakfast"" (Bacon)"
"""Hope ___ good breakfast"": Bacon"
"""How Much ___ Million?"""
"""If Life ___ Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?"" (Erma Bombeck book)"
"""It ___ far, far better thing..."""
"""It ___ far, far better thing..."": Dickens"
"""Judy ___ Punk"""
"""Judy___ Punk"""
"""Life -- jest"": Gay"
"""Life --- cabaret..."""
"""Life ___ Highway"""
"""Life ___ Highway"": 1992 Tom Cochrane hit"
"""Life ___ beach"""
"""Life ___ cabaret"""
"""Life ___ cabaret, old chum..."""
"""Life ___ cabaret..."""
"""Life ___ dream"""
"""Life ___ jest"": Gay"
"""Life ___ jest... "": Gay"
"""Life___ beach"""
"""Love --- Hurtin' Thing"""
"""Love ___ Ball"" (1963 comedy)"
"""Love ___ Ball"" (Glenn Ford film)"
"""Love ___ Battlefield"""
"""Love ___ Battlefield"" (1983 Pat Benatar hit)"
"""Love ___ Battlefield"" (Benatar hit)"
"""Love ___ Battlefield"" (Pat Benatar hit)"
"""Love ___ Battlefield"" (Pat Benatar)"
"""Love ___ Hurtin' Thing"" (1966 Lou Rawls hit)"
"""Love ___ Many Splendored Thing"""
"""Love ___ Many-Splendored Thing"""
"""Love ___ Rose"": Neil Young song"
"""Love ___ Sickness"" (Daniel poem)"
"""Love ___ Simple Thing"""
"""Love ___ Song Without End"" (from ""Bambi"")"
"""Love ___ Wonderful Thing"" (Bolton hit)"
"""Love ___ Wonderful Thing"": Bolton hit"
"""Love ___ many splendored..."""
"""Love ___ many-splendored thing"": 2 wds."
"""Love ___ two-way street"""
"""My life ___ mess..."""
"""My mind ___ blank"""
"""My mind ___ sieve"""
"""My other car ___ Porsche"""
"""One man with courage ___ majority"": Jefferson"
"""Patience ___ virtue"""
"""Patience ___ virtue"": 2 wds."
"""Rhythm ___ Dancer"" (1992 hit by Snap!)"
"""Rhythm ___ Dancer"" (Snap! single)"
"""Rose ___ rose"""
"""Rose ___ rose"" (Stein)"
"""Rose ___ rose... """
"""Rose ___ rose..."""
"""Rose ___ rose..."": Stein"
"""She ___ real piece of work"""
"""Sheena ___ Punk Rocker"""
"""Shhhh... this ___ library!"""
"""That ___ dirty lie!"""
"""That ___ fact!"""
"""That ___ lie!"""
"""That ___ tasty burger!"" (classic ""Pulp Fiction"" line)"
"""The Devil ___ Woman"" (1935 movie)"
"""The Heart ___ Lonely Hunter"""
"""The Lady ___ Tramp"""
"""The Lady ___ Tramp,"" 1937 song"
"""The Lady ___ Tramp."""
"""The Lady___Tramp"""
"""The law ___ ass"": Dickens"
"""The law ___ ass."""
"""There ___ Mountain"" (1967 Donovan hit)"
"""There ___ happy land... """
"""There ___ tavern in the town... """
"""There ___ tavern..."""
"""There ___ tide in the..."""
"""There ___ tide..."""
"""There ___ time
"""There ___ way out"""
"""This --- test"""
"""This ___ Man's World"""
"""This ___ bust!"""
"""This ___ fine how-do-you-do!"""
"""This ___ fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie!"""
"""This ___ fine mess..."""
"""This ___ good place for a Stickup"""
"""This ___ job for Superman!"""
"""This ___ joke, right?"""
"""This ___ man's world"" (James Brown line)"
"""This ___ mistake!"""
"""This ___ nightmare"""
"""This ___ raid!"""
"""This ___ recording"""
"""This ___ ripoff!"""
"""This ___ stickup!"""
"""This ___ stickup!"": 2 wds."
"""This ___ stickup"""
"""This ___ surprise!"""
"""This ___ test of the emergency..."""
"""This ___ test of the..."""
"""This ___ test"""
"""This ___ test..."""
"""This ___ travesty!"""
"""War ___ Science"" (""Pippin"" song)"
"""What ___ Man?"" (""Pal Joey"" song)"
"""What ___ Man?"" (""Pal Joey"" tune)"
"""When ___ door not a door?"""
"""When ___ door not..."""
"""When ___ door not...?"""
"""When ___ door...?"""
"""When ___ good time?"""
"""Yes, Virginia, there ___ Santa Claus"""
"""Yes, there ___ God!"""
"""[Life] ___ tale told by an idiot,"" per Macbeth"
"""___ puzzlement!"" (king's reaction in ""The King and I"")"
'... -- joy forever'
'... -- penny earned'
'... beauty -- joy forever'
'... there -- Santa Claus'
'Happiness ___ Warm Gun' (1968 Beatles song)
'Happiness ___ Warm Puppy'
"'It -- far, far better...'"
'Life -- bowl of cherries'
'Life -- cabaret!'
'Life -- cabaret...'
'Life ___ cabaret'
'Patience -- virtue'
'Patience ___ virtue'
'Rose ___ rose...'
'That -- lie!'
'The Heart ___ Lonely Hunter'
'The Lady -- Tramp'
'There -- God!'
'There -- god!'
'There -- tide...'
'There ___ tavern in... '
'This -- job for Superman!'
'This -- recording'
'This -- stickup!'
'This -- surprise!'
'This -- test'
'This -- test...'
"'This ___ joke, right?'"
'This ___ recording'
'This ___ stickup!'
'This ___ travesty!'
'Time -- great healer'
"'Well, this -- surprise!'"
'When -- door...'
'When -- good time?'
"...rose ___ rose..."""
"1992 hit ""Life ___ Highway"""
"1992 top 10 hit ""Life ___ Highway"""
A rose ___ rose...
Actress Miranda
"Agatha Christie's ""There ___ Tide"""
Before Jer.
"Between ""a rose"" and ""rose."""
Bib. prophet
Bible bk.
Bible book after S. of Sol.
Bible book before Jer.
Bible book: Abbr.
Biblical bk.
Biblical prophet: Abbr.
Bk. after the Song of Solomon
Bk. before Jeremiah
Bk. of the Old Testament
Book before Jer.
Book before Jeremiah: Abbr.
Book of Bible: Abbr.
Book of the Bible: Abbr.
"Carson McCullers' ""The Heart ___ Lonely Hunter"""
"Christie's ""There ___ Tide"""
"Donovan's ""There ___ Mountain"""
"Ferdinand's queen, for short"
First bk. of the Latter Prophets
First of the Maj. Prophets
"Foo Fighters ""This ___ Call"""
Happiness ___ Warm Puppy
"Iguana on ""Dora the Explorer"""
It ___ far far better thing...
"John Mayer ""Your Body ___ Wonderland"""
"John Mayer's ""Your Body ___ Wonderland"""
Lady-Tramp linkup
Life-cabaret link
Maj. prophet
Metaphor middle
"Metaphor middle, maybe"
Metaphor phrase
Metaphor words
Metaphorical phrase
Middle of some metaphors
"Miranda in ""Summertime"""
More of advice
O. T. Book: Abbr.
O. T. book
O. T. book.
O. T. book: Abbr.
O.T. Book
O.T. book
O.T. book before Jer.
O.T. book.
O.T. book: Abbr.
OT book
OT book before Jer.
Old Testament book: Abbr.
Old Testament book: abbr.
Old Testament prophecy book: Abbr.
Part 2 of frugal advice
Part of a Stein line
Part of a metaphor
"Pat Benatar's ""Love ___ Battlefield"": 2 wds."
Patience-virtue link
"Pink's ""God ___ DJ"""
Queen that funded Chris
"Ramones ""Sheena ___ Punk Rocker"
"Rodgers and Hart's ""What ___ Man?"""
Rose-rose connector
"Rose-rose connector, for Gertrude Stein"
Rose-rose link
Rose-rose linkup
Rose-rose-rose-rose connector
"Roxette's ""Never ___ Long Time"""
Song of Sol. follower
Starter for bella and goge
Stein line part
Stein words
The Heart ___ Lonely Hunter
The Lady ___ Tramp
There ___ tavern in the town...
This ___ fine how-do-you-do!
This ___ surprise!
This ___ test
"This ___ test..."""
"Tom Cochrane's ""Life ___ Highway"""
What ___ man?
"Words before and after ""rose"""
"Words before/after ""rose"""
Words between two roses
Words separating this test?
Patience __ virtue
Patience-virtue link
"That ___ lie!"
"This — test"
"This — test"
"This __ test"
Lady-Tramp link
"Patience — virtue"
"Rose — rose ..."
Eurythmics song "Love ___ Stranger"
"Well, this — surprise!"
Is one acronym of account
"This — stickup!"
"This — recording"
"A Dream ___ Wish Your Heart Makes"
"This — recording"
"This ___ test"
"Life — cabaret"
Part 2 of today's quote
"This ___ test"
"That ___ lie!"
'This ___ test'
"This — stickup!"
"Patience ___ virtue"
''Patience __ virtue''
"This — test"
"This — test"
"When — good time?"
"This — test"
"My mind ___ blank": 2 wds.
"... for what ___ man..."
"Love __ Battlefield": Pat Benatar hit
Book of Bible (abbr.)
"My other car ___ Porsche" (bumper sticker): 2 wds.
"This ___ test"
"This ___ stickup!": 2 wds.
"That ___ lie!"
"Rose ___ rose..."

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