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Word: ISEE

The word ISEE has appeared in at least 803 clues on different crosswords.

ISEE definition(s):

  • International Society For Environmental Epidemiology
  • International Society For Ecological Economics
  • Integrated Software Engineering Environment

"""'___,' said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw"""
"""--- your bet""*"
"""... I eat what ___"": Mad Hatter"
"""... a dagger which ___"": MacBeth"
"""... and yet ___ thee still,"": Shak."
"""... dagger ___ before me?"": Shak."
"""... was blind but now ___"": ""Amazing Grace"""
"""... was blind, but now ___"" (""Amazing Grace"")"
"""Ah so!"""
"""Ah! Say no more"""
"""Ah, OK"""
"""Ah, gotcha!"""
"""Ah, gotcha"""
"""Ah, gotcha...!"""
"""Ah, so"""
"""Ah, that makes sense"""
"""Ah, that's it"""
"""Ah, that's what you mean"""
"""Ah, yes!"""
"""Ah, yes"""
"""Ah, yes, OK"""
"""Ah, yes..."""
"""Ah... say no more"""
"""Aha, it's clear now!"""
"""Aha, now ___"""
"""Aha, now it's clear"""
"""Ahhh, O.K."""
"""All clear now"""
"""Amazing Grace"" ending"
"""As ___ It,"" Getty autobiography"
"""At last it's clear!"""
"""Bad Moon Rising"" opener"
"""Capeesh?"" reply"
"""Change and decay in all around ___... """
"""Clear as day"""
"""Cool, got it"""
"""Copy that"""
"""Crystal clear"""
"""Get it?"" response"
"""Got it now"""
"""Got it!"""
"""Got it"""
"""Got you"""
"""Gotcha"" equivalent"
"""Hadn't thought of it that way"""
"""Hmm, interesting..."""
"""Hmm, yes..."""
"""Hmm... is that so!"""
"""Hmmm... """
"""How interesting"""
"""How obvious!"""
"""Is it the Lido ___ or only... """
"""Is this a dagger which ___ before me...?"" (Macbeth)"
"""Is this a dagger which ___... """
"""Is this a dagger which ___... ?"""
"""Is this a dagger which ___..."" (Macbeth)"
"""It all comes clear"""
"""It finally all makes sense"""
"""It makes sense to me"""
"""It makes sense"""
"""It's all clear now"""
"""It's all clear now"": 2 wds."
"""It's becoming clear"""
"""It's clear now"""
"""It's clear to me now"""
"""It's crystal clear"""
"""It's crystal-clear"""
"""It's so obvious!"""
"""Light dawns on Marblehead"""
"""Loud and clear"""
"""Makes sense now"""
"""Makes sense now"": 2 wds."
"""Makes sense to me!"""
"""Makes sense to me"""
"""Makes sense!"""
"""Makes sense"""
"""Mm hmm"""
"""Mm-hmm, mm-hmm"""
"""Much clearer!"""
"""No more explanation needed"""
"""No need to elaborate"""
"""Nothing but blue skies do ___"" (Berlin)"
"""Now it all makes sense!"""
"""Now it all makes sense"""
"""Now it makes sense!"""
"""Now it makes sense"""
"""Now it's clear to me!"""
"""Now it's clear!"""
"""Now it's clear"""
"""Now it's clear... """
"""Now that makes sense!"""
"""Now that makes sense"""
"""Now you're making sense"""
"""OK, gotcha!"""
"""OK, you've made it clear"""
"""OK... that clears it up"""
"""Of course!"""
"""Of course"""
"""Oh yeah!"""
"""Oh, O.K."""
"""Oh, OK"""
"""Oh, cool!"""
"""Oh, gotcha"""
"""Oh, hmm..."""
"""Oh, now it's clear"""
"""Oh, now it's clear... """
"""Oh, now it's clear..."""
"""Oh, of course!"""
"""Oh, of course"""
"""Oh, ok..."""
"""Oh, okay"""
"""Oh, right!"""
"""Oh, right"""
"""Oh, so that's what you're talking about"""
"""Oh, that's how it is!"""
"""Oh, that's what you mean!"""
"""Oh, that's what you mean"""
"""Oh, uh-huh"""
"""Oh, yeah!"""
"""Ohhh, O.K."""
"""Okay then"""
"""Okay, gotcha!"""
"""Peek-a-boo, ___ you!"""
"""Peek-a-boo, ___ you"""
"""Peekaboo, ___ you!"""
"""Peekaboo, ___ you"""
"""Point taken"""
"""Read ya loud and clear"""
"""Right you are"""
"""Right, right"""
"""Roger that"""
"""Say no more!"""
"""Say no more"""
"""So ___!"""
"""So it is"""
"""So that's how it is!"""
"""So that's how it is"""
"""So that's how it's going to be"""
"""So that's how things stand"""
"""So that's how!"""
"""So that's it!"""
"""So that's it"""
"""So that's the situation"""
"""So that's what you mean"""
"""Sounds logical!"""
"""Thanks for clarifying"""
"""Thanks for clearing that up!"""
"""Thanks for setting me straight"""
"""That answers my questions"""
"""That clears it up"""
"""That clears things up!"""
"""That explains it!"""
"""That explains it"""
"""That makes it clear"""
"""That makes it crystal clear"""
"""That makes sense now"""
"""That makes sense now"": 2 wds."
"""That makes sense to me now"""
"""That makes sense!"""
"""That makes sense"""
"""That makes sense"": 2 wds."
"""That's clear enough"""
"""That's clear now!"""
"""That's clear now"""
"""That's clear to me"""
"""That's clear!"""
"""That's clear"""
"""That's how it is, eh?"""
"""That's how it's going to be, is it?"""
"""That's interesting"""
"""That's intriguing..."""
"""That's obvious now!"""
"""That's the way it's gonna be then, eh?"""
"""The More ___ You"""
"""The More ___ You"" (1945 song)"
"""The More ___ of You"""
"""The fog has lifted"""
"""The light dawns"""
"""Things are becoming clear"""
"""Things are clear to me now"""
"""Thy joys when shall ___?"""
"""Uh huh"""
"""Uh, huh"""
"""Uh-huh, uh-huh"""
"""Uh-huh... right..."""
"""Very interesting"""
"""Very interesting..."""
"""Video"" translation"
"""We're on the same page now"""
"""Welp, that changes things"""
"""What A Wonderful World"" opening"
"""What a Wonderful World"" opening"
"""When ___ U"" (Fantasia song)"
"""When ___ You Smile"" (#1 hit for Bad English)"
"""When ___ You Smile"" (Bad English hit song)"
"""When ___ You Smile"" (Bad English hit)"
"""Why, of course!"""
"""Yes, it's clear now"""
"""Yes, that's clear"""
"""Yes... uh-huh... okay..."""
"""You can stop talking now, got it"""
"""You don't say"""
"""You showed me"""
"""You're clear!"""
"""You're clear"""
"""___ Your Face Before Me"""
"""___ Your Face Before Me"" (1937 song)"
"""___ Your Face Before Me"" (Frank Sinatra hit)"
"""___ Your Face Before Me,"" 1937 song"
"""___ a bad moon rising..."""
"""___ a voice; now will I to the chink..."": Shakespeare"
"""___ by the papers... """
"""___ dead people"""
"""___ dead people"" (""The Sixth Sense"")"
"""___ it all now!"""
"""___ it!"" (ball-searcher's yell)"
"""___ skies of blue..."" (""What a Wonderful World"")"
"""___ the Light"""
"""___ the Moon,"" 1953 song"
"""___ the Moon,' 1953 song"
"""___ the light!"""
"""___ what I eat"""
"""___ what you did there..."""
"""___ what you mean"""
"""___ you!"" (words in a tot's game)"
"""___ your point"""
"'Ah, OK'"
"'Ah, yes'"
"'Ah, yes...'"
'All clear now'
'Alles klar'
'Got it now'
'Got it!'
'Got it'
"'Hmm, interesting...'"
'Hmm... yes'
'It makes sense now'
'It's all clear now'
'It's all clear'
'It's clear now'
'It's clear to me now'
'It's crystal clear'
'Makes sense now'
'Makes sense'
'No need to elaborate'
'Not if ___ you first!'
'Now it's clear'
"'Oh, now it's clear'"
"'Oh, so that's it'"
"'Oh, uh-huh'"
'Point taken'
'So it is!'
'So it is'
'So that's how it is'
'So that's it'
'That answers that'
'That clarifies it'
'That makes sense now'
'That makes sense'
'That's clear'
"'Yes, it's clear now'"
'Your point is taken'
'___ you!'
"1966 Five Americans hit ""___ the Light"""
"1966 hit ""___ the Light"""
Accommodating comment
Acknowledging words
Acknowledgment phrase
Acknowledgment when you get it
"Ah, yes!"
All-clear indication?
All-clear signal
"Alternative to ""ah"""
Analyst's comment
Analyst's observation
Analyst's phrase
Analyst's reply
Analyst's statement
"Answer to ""Get it?"""
Answer to 'Understand?'
"Bad English #1 hit ""When ___ You Smile"""
Bit of shrink rap?
Blind man's bluff?
But can I boast 'I see'? : Kemp
"Caesar's ""video"""
Chin scratching phrase
"Chin stroker's comment, perhaps"
"Chin stroker's comment, possibly"
Chin stroker's words
Chin-stroker's words
Chin-stroking phrase
Clairvoyant's first two words
Clairvoyant's opener
Clairvoyant's start
Clairvoyant's words
Comment after the fog clears
Comment made with a nod
Comment of comprehension.
"Comment often after ""Hmm..."""
Comment on an explanation
Comment when following someone
Comment with a nod
Common clich
Common response
Comprehending phrase
Comprehending words
Comprehensive statement
Conventional phrase.
Conversation filler
Conversational banality
Conversational cliche.
Conversational clich
Conversational clich
Conversational comment
Conversational comment.
Conversational filler
Conversational phrase
Conversational phrase.
Conversational rejoinder.
Conversational remark.
"Cousin of ""uh-huh"""
"Cousin of ""well, well!"""
Cousin of uh-huh
Cry of epiphany
Crystal ball gazer's phrase
Crystal ball reader's opening
Crystal ball reader's opening words
Crystal gazer's opening
Crystal gazer's words
Crystal gazer's words.
Crystal-ball words
Crystal-gazer's first words
Crystal-gazer's phrase
Crystal-gazer's words
Crystal-gazing words
Dawning phrase
Dawning response
Dawning words
Declaration in a moment of clarity
Discerner's phrase
Divinator's start
Encouraging words from a student
Enlightened response
Enlightenment acknowledgement
Epiphanic shout
Exclamation after an explanation
Explanation follower
Explication follower
Expression of enlightenment.
Expression of understanding
"First two words of ""Bad Moon Rising"""
"First two words of ""What a Wonderful World"""
"First two words of Louis Armstrong's ""What a Wonderful World"""
"First words of ""What a Wonderful World"""
Follower's response
Following words
Forecaster's phrase
Fortune teller's opener
Fortune teller's opening
Fortune teller's opening remark
Fortune teller's opening words
Fortune teller's start
Fortune-teller's phrase
Fortune-teller's words
Fortuneteller's beginning
Fortuneteller's lead-in
Fortuneteller's opening
Fortuneteller's phrase
Fortuneteller's phrase starter
Fortuneteller's start
Fortuneteller's words
Fortuneteller.s start
Frasier's response to a client
Got it!
Grasping words
I like what ___
Illumination indication
Indication of understanding
Indication that the haze has lifted
Indication that you get it
It might be said when the light bulb goes on
It's clear now!
It's clear to me
It's clear to me!
"KT Tunstall's ""Suddenly ___"""
Knowing phrase.
Knowing reply
Listener's acknowledgment
Listener's comment
Listener's phrase
Listener's response
Listener's words
Medium's opening
Nero's video?
Neutral reaction to a revelation
Nod alternative
Nodder's comment
Nodder's phrase
Nodder's words
Nodding words
Noncommital response
Noncommittal response
Of course!
"Oh yeah, right"
"Oh, yeah"
Opener for a crystal ball gazer
Opening words from a tea leaves reader
Oracle's opening
Palm reader's opening words
Palm reader's start
Palm reader's words
Palm-reader's opening words
Palm-reader's words
Palmist's first words
Palmist's opener
Palmist's phrase
Palmist's words
Part of a shrink rap?
Peekaboo words
Perceptive words
Phrase of assent
Phrase of comprehension
Phrase of comprehension.
Phrase of discernment.
Phrase of implementation.
Phrase of understanding
Phrase of understanding.
Phrase said while nodding
Phrase said while stroking one's chin
Phrase showing understanding.
Polite phrase.
Prophet's words
Psychiatrist's comment
Psychiatrist's reply
Psychiatrist's response
Psychiatrist's response?
Psychic's opening
Psychic's phrase
Psychic's start
Psychic's words
Psychoanalyst's catchphrase
Psychoanalyst's response
Psychotherapist's response
"Remark akin to ""Well, well!"""
Remark denoting understanding.
Reply to an explanation
"Response to ""Get it?"""
Response to 'Get it?'
Response to an explanation
Response to revelations
Revelatory cry
"Roman ""video"""
"Rookie's response to a coach, maybe"
Savvy remark
Savvy remark.
Seer's words
Shrink rap?
"Shrink's ""Mm-hmm"""
Shrink's affirmation
Shrink's comment
Shrink's interjection
Shrink's reply
Shrink's saying
Shrink's statement
Shuttle launcher
Sinking-in phrase
So that's it
So that's it!
Solicitous response
Soothsayer's words
Start of a crystal ball user's prediction
Start of a crystal gazer's statement
Start of a fortune teller's report
Start of a fortuneteller's response
Statement of understanding
Sympathetic listener's phrase
Sympathetic response
Tea leaf reader's start
Tea leaves reader's opening words
Term of understanding.
That explains it!
That makes sense
That's clear
That's obvious
That's right
The more ___ you...
Therapist's comment
Therapist's phrase
Therapist's remark
Therapist's reply
Therapist's response
Therapist's words
Thoughtful phrase
Two words of understanding
Understanding comment
Understanding comment.
Understanding phrase
Understanding reply
Understanding response
Understanding words
Understanding words.
Verbal nod
"Video, literally"
Visionary words
Visionary's words
Voyeur's confession?
Watches kids
"Well, well!"
"What ""video"" is Latin for"
"What ""video"" means"
"What ""video"" means literally"
"What ""video"" means."
What 'video' means in Latin
What 'video' means.
What a nod might mean
"What the Latin ""video"" means"
What video means
While briefly
"Words after ""hmmm"""
"Words before London and France, in a schoolyard tease"
Words from a crystal ball gazer
Words from a follower
Words from a fortune teller
Words from a fortuneteller
Words from a psychiatrist
Words from a soothsayer
Words from one following you
Words from one who gets it
Words indicating comprehension
Words indicating understanding
Words of a palmist
Words of acknowledgment
Words of comprehension
Words of comprehension.
Words of enlightenment
Words of ken
Words of realization
Words of the enlightened
Words of understanding
Words of understanding.
Words often said with a nod
"Words often spoken after ""Oh"""
Words over a crystal ball
Words said while nodding
"Words said while nodding, often"
Words said with a nod
Words that are music to a tutor's ears
Words to accompany a nod
Words with a nod
___ it all now
___ the light!
‘Oh now it’s clear’
Cry of apprehension
Sort-of opposite of 16 Across
Sort-of opposite of 16 Across
”Now it’s clear”
"That makes sense"
"Say no more"
"That makes sense"
"Copy that"
"Ahh, OK"
Phrase of understanding
Latin meaning of ''video''
"Of course"
'Ah, right'
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
"Got it"
'Got it'
Got it! (2 wds.)
Words from a therapist
Nodder's words
'Aha!' ... or a hint to 18-, 23-, 37-, 48- and 58-Across
''Now it's clear''
Understood! (2 wds.)
"Now it makes sense"
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
"Got it"
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Clairvoyant's start
Words said with a nod
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
''Yes, that's clear''
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
"So that's how it is"
"What a Wonderful World" starter
''It's obvious now''
"Got it"
"So that's what you mean"
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
''That's it''
"Got it"
"Ah, now it's clear"
"Oh got it!"
''Now it's clear''
Understood! (2 wds.)
''Now it's clear''
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
"That makes sense"
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
"That makes sense"
Got it! (2 wds.)
"Got it"
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
"That's understood"
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Fortune-teller's intro
"That makes sense"
"Got it"
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
"Point taken"
Words of enlightenment
Got it! (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
"So that's how it is"
"Got it"
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Understanding words
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
"So THAT'S what you mean"
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
''That makes sense''
Words of understanding
"Oh, of course!"
"It's crystal clear"
"Oh, gotcha"
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
Last two words of "Amazing Grace"
''Good to know''
Got it! (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
"That's clear"
"__ skies of blue and clouds of white ... ": "What a Wonderful World"
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
"That makes sense now"
"Please, go on"
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
"Got it"
"Oh, of course!"
"Got it"
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
'Makes sense'
"Got it"
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
''Makes sense''
"So it is!"
"Got it"
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
"That makes sense"
"Got it"
"Now it's clear"
''That makes sense''
''Now it's clear''
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Acknowledgment of a sort
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Understood! (2 wds.)
"Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm"
Stereotypical response from a shrink
"So that's it"
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
''Now it's clear''
"That makes sense"
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
"It's so obvious now"
"Got it"
Fortune-teller's phrase
"Got it"
''That's clear''
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
Got it! (2 wds.)
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
"That makes sense"
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Reply to "Catch my drift?"
"Got it"
Understood! (2 wds.)
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
"Got it"
"Now it's clear"
''Got it!''
"Point taken"
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.)
'Interesting ...'
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
''Got it''
Got it! (2 wds.)
"Makes sense"
"That clears it up"
Understood! (2 wds.)
''That's clear''
"Got it"
''That makes sense''

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